Meet Stella Monroe Hulse!

07/02/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
John Russo for PEOPLE for use on CBB

Meet Gena Lee Nolin‘s latest addition! Seven-month-old Stella Monroe poses with mom for PEOPLE’s latest BodyWatch column, where she chats about trimming down from her pregnancy high of 195 lbs.

As a Playboy cover girl and also a Baywatch babe, “It was all about, how thin can I be?” says Gena, 37, who for much of her career weighed 125 lbs. on a 5’9″ frame.

“I was barely eating — maybe 600 calories a day. I don’t know how I didn’t pass out! The pressure to stay thin was insane.”

So when Gena and her husband, retired hockey pro Cale Hulse, decided to start a family together in 2005, the actress found herself feeling rebellious.

“Not that I let myself go, but I was normal — I ate what I wanted,” she says. “I didn’t have to stay skinny.”

With the December birth of daughter Stella, however, Gena went “on a mission to get healthy,” she says.

Doing cardio, weights and core work three times a week with a trainer helped her get “in the best shape of my life,” while a diet of egg white omelettes for breakfast, salads with grilled chicken for lunch and grilled fish with veggies for dinner helped her hit her goal weight of 135 lbs. “I was always skinny, but never fit,” she says. “Now I’m strong!”

Gena and Cale are also parents to Hudson Lee, 3, as well as Caia, 8, and Spencer, 12, their children from previous relationships.

Source: PEOPLE, July 13 issue

— Elaine Aradillas and Charlotte Triggs

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heather on

this picture is a little awkward.
it’s like she was posing for a swimsuit cover and they photoshopped a baby over her arm

Mariel on

im agree, i dont like pictures like this one.
i mean i have the body and i would never do what she did with my little girl!!!

Kat on

I think the pic wouldn’t look as weird if she were holding baby differently AND baby was in a swimsuit… like if she held baby facing out on her hip… and baby had a color matching or coordinating 1-piece or even 2-piece (I’m not a fan of babies in bikinis) suit.

Brandi on

She looks great! Nice job Gena. Stella is adorable, she looks like such a happy little girl.

fuzibuni on

folks, keep in mind it was staged by people magazine for their ‘body watch’ column.
it’s not like she took it personally.
plus she is a baywatch babe and former playboy model. kinda goes with the territory.

Cassandra on

I think she looks great and I’m always happy to see women and mothers comfortable with their body, no matter what size they are.

C on

but look at her here:

It’s not as though she really was ever too big.

Patrice on

Seven months?! That picture must be old or something; otherwise, my God, she is a peanut!

Mrs. R. on

These posts are so obnoxious. Celebs who gripe about how thin they used to be before trying to have kids and how they had to starve themselves to stay that way. Then they decide to have a child, gain weight… then as soon as the pregnancy is over, slim down again for the bikini pics. The whole thing is just so ‘Look at me’!

Sorry Gina, but if you were really OK with yourself and were actually ‘normal’… you wouldn’t go out of your way to publish pictures of yourself in a bikini holding your infant daughter. It’s so hypocritical to gripe about the industry’s tough weight standards, then to pull something like this.

elleone on

Gosh, no pressure on us moms to be thin after having a baby is there?

elleone on

Just to add: I’m looking forward to the day when we can celebrate the way our bodies change after pregnancy, rather than feeling pressured to look like we never had a baby in the first place!

Bren on

She looks fantastic and what a beautiful baby.
Looks like jealousy has reared its ugly head. Its sad women are so hard on one another.

Kaelah on

Shall we say beautiful baby much. Gena is one lucky lady to have a baby girl that adorable !❤🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

Brandi on

No kidding Bren. I find it inspirational. I’m not the thinnest of women, but I also took care of myself after my kids were born because I wanted to for me. If you’re allowing the media to make you feel bad about yourself, there’s something else going on.

mama2be on

I am giving that pic the stink eye! Im jealous. I am 8 months pregnant, hot, swollen, achy, have horrible acid reflux, cankels and even my maternity cloths no longer fit right. I would love to be lounging by the pool holding my baby in a teeensy little bikini. (sigh)

Marissa on

Gorgeous baby, gorgeous Mom! They look beautiful!

Becky on

That little girl looks just like Madeline Logelin from The little girl who’s mom died the day after she was born and her dad is raising her and blogging about it all. If you haven’t seen the blog (it’s been featured on Oprah, Rachel Ray, etc and he’s created a charity to help widowed parents get on their feet) you have to check it out. It’s great! Anyway…she looks just like Madeline to me. What a doll baby!! And Gena looks smokin! I wish I looked like that but I don’t have the drive to work out like crazy, especially when I had a newborn, I didn’t even have 5 minutes to take a shower, let alone 1+ hour to work out. Good for her though, she looks awesome!

brannon on

cute baby. gorgeous mama. awful photo.

MZ on

I’m kind of with Mrs. R on this one. Gena’s quotes seem just a little hypocritical. I’m still working to lose the baby weight myself, but what’s made me more OK with the knowledge that it might take awhile is all the posters from this site, who are more realistic about weight loss than most of the celebs.

Gena looks fabulous and Stella is very cute. 🙂 I just think it’s weird to go on and on about being “normal” and then rush to lose all the baby weight and pose in a bikini, as if to prove you can be skinny again…

Brooklyn on

Haha. I remember when Cale played! Anywhoo. I agree the picture is a little weird..Stella looks like she’s mad! Gena looks great though.

Tee on

I feel certain I’m going to get ripped apart for saying this, but oh well! I never know what to think when I see pictures like this. I do not understand women who choose to dress so immodestly and I certainly don’t understand women who choose to dress so immodestly on the cover of a magazine! Pictures like this just make me lose respect for the person that is posing. Put some clothes on!

Anna on

Her body looks great but the photo is just ridiculous. The baby looks strange in this photo and out of place.

Pamela on

That bathing suit top looks too small and like its going to burst at any moment in my opinion

ellen on

Yet another article putting pressure on women to be unnaturally thin so soon after chilbirth.

I would have a lot more respect for her if she spoke about her family, her interests rather than squeezing her boobs into a tiny hankerchief, holding her child like she’s a bomb and prattling on about how thin she is. How can she say it WAS about how thin she was in her Baywatch days. What is the bikini shoot about then?

aroundtheywaygirl on

Sanctimommies and their haterade. Gena looks smokin’ hot. I had a baby 12 weeks ago and my butt has spread like butter on bread. By looking at this picture, I don’t feel the least bit of pressure to lose the baby weight. I see a cute mommy and pretty baby.

marla on

please, no more post-partum celebrities in bikinis. seriously. enough. we get it. they lost weight and look great. it’s their job. kind of cliche, don’t you think?

and i’m not jealous at all. it’s just monotonous and i would rather read about something else.

April on

Tee, it’s one page in the back of the magazine where the express purpose is showing off your body and talking about how you got it.

I fail to see how or why people seem to get so personally offended whenever someone looks good after having a baby. They’re not telling you that you need to look like them. A lot of the responses seem to be insecurity and projecting. Yeah the way she’s holding the baby is a little funny, but come on, she looks hot. I’m a bigger lady and would kill to look that good!

Nina on

I am with Maria! Who cares, I really could care less and I don’t think there needs to be posts like this on CBB- we as mothers have enough to worry about and I personally don’t want to see a mom who probably has a nanny, trainer, personal chef, etc… It’s not reality for most of us, so what’s the point??

April on

It would be silly of them not to post it: this is the first picture of a baby no one has seen yet. And I really hope you’re not coming to this site hoping to relate to celebrities or feeling that you need to worry about a photo of one?

Lisa on

Get over it people! Just b/c they r celebrities does not mean have personal trainiers ect…all the things u people are saying. Some people just have good genes and some don’t. Some people are big and some are not. I am not a celeb and I went back to pre-preg weight within days of having both of my kids. I was not on a special diet nor did I have a trainer or excersise. I just thanked my mother for passing on the good genes. I know a few other people the same way and they r not celebs. Don’t hate.

Chris on

She looks like a blonde Alyssa Milano. The photo is awkward but cute at the same time.

eternalcanadian on

Whoa, she was 195 pounds in this picture ( )? I’m gobsmacked. I guess it helped she is 5’9″, eh?

I can understand her way of thinking. She was on Baywatch, and had to be a certain size to fit in those skimpy swimsuits. The pressure really was on to be thin, thin, thin. Then she got pregnant three times and I guess her body went into “must feed the baby” mode so she gained 70 pounds when pregnant with Stella.

As for losing the weight so quickly (10 pounds a month is actually pretty good) seven months after Stella’s birth, have you seen her husband? Gotta keep his eyes from wandering, ya know? So good on Gena for acknowledging it wasn’t healthy nor attractive to be 195 pounds on a 5′9″ frane and making the decision to do whatever she could to get back to what looks like a very sexy body.

Terri on

Gina looks great! I’m always motivated by these type of stories even though I know I’ll never look like her, it makes me want to be healthier and eat better.

Jane on

Why the pose? It seems strange to be holding a baby and posing like that at the same time. Especially being so near the edge of the pool, I would probably hold the baby with both arms without doing a pose! Just hold and enjoy the baby!

Jane on

The baby is cute and nice to ahve a healthy little girl after two boys. What’s the issue that her is weight and body are back to normal, did she not have that baby over half a year ago?

Christine on

Trista Sutter, Poppy Montgomery and now her?
Enough of these obnoxious stars holding their babies while wearing a bikini for a photo.
It’s like they want to scream out:
“I’m Skinny! And I just had a baby! Look at me! LOOK AT ME!”

CelebBabyLover on

Lisa- I agree! Obviously a lot of celebs have nannies, and some have personal chefs, trainers, etc. However, that doesn’t mean that ALL of them do. I hate it when people automatically assume that a celeb has a million and one people on staff!

CelebBabyLover on

Tee- Are you saying people should never wear swimsuits?

aroundtheywaygirl on

eternalcanadian — I didn’t not know she gained that much weight. Her weight loss IS pretty impressive. Oh, well. I guess I’ll put this chocolate chip cookie down and pick up a dumbbell.

Abby on

that is the cutest little kid!

care on

both mamma and baby look teeny tiny😉

Tracie on

She is posing as if the baby isn’t actually hers (I hope that makes sense). Such an unrealistic expectation to think new mothers can get back into shape that fast. I had 2 daughters within 14 months of one another and I’m still trying to lose my baby weight! Doesn’t do anything for my confidence when I see pictures like this. Clearly she has a nanny who can take care of the baby while she hops off to the gym – we should all be so lucky!

bubbs on


she looks silly and, to my eye, very unattractive.

and, no, i am not remotely jealous…. well, i think her daughter is a little cupcake and would quite like a cuddle, but other than that… nope, nothing.

Mira on

On top of the awkward pose, the baby looks like it’s fussing and she doesn’t care. She has a really fake smile on…

April on

You guys are unbelievable. The baby is SMILING, not fussing. Who says she has a nanny? The article says she only works out three days a week and she has a husband and a 12 year old. Either one could watch the baby while she goes for a workout. The woman lost 60 lbs in seven months in a healthy way and yet instead of being congratulated she deserves to be torn down? Only on CBB.

Also, I’m glad that I take time for myself a number of days a week-it keeps me sane. I’m sure I’d be ripped apart on here for not be a slave to my children if anyone saw me going to the gym, getting coffee by myself or going grocery shopping alone-all things that I do, and I think a number of you should try as well, because some sound very bitter.

Mrs. S on

The photo does look a bit awkward, but I’m having a difficult time understanding the anger-like comments about it.

I’ve had three children in the last 5 years and lost the weight each time. All of my children are home with me full time and never with a baby sitter or at day care…I don’t have a personal trainer not do I have anyone to make meals for me or my family. On top of it, I homeschool my oldest, we do daily art projects, and are involved in our community. What I’m saying is time is limited.

I’m in no way saying I’ve got it all together (my messy house is a testament to that), but I think we all make time for what is important to us. To me, having a heart condition, health is extremely important…and hanging on to baby weight is not healthy! I eat healthy and exercise. There is no losing baby weight without work…it won’t go away on it’s own.

If you feel you don’t have time to exercise, it’s because you’re making time for something else. It’s no big deal, it’s just priorities. And everyone’s are different. If you’re feeling pressured to lose the weight, it’s coming from yourself, not this or any other photo!

Kate on

Put the sandwich down, get off of the computer, put the baby on the blanket, and do crunches! It’s funny that people are so angry about somebody losing weight and looking good, great for her.

martina on

Gina looks fantastic, but I really don’t like the photo. The baby doesn’t look comfortable at all.

jessicad on

Wow. She looks amazing, and her daughter is adorable! You guys have to remember that it’s part of her job to be beautiful and in shape!

Amber on

This is one of the most tacky pictures I’ve seen in a long time.

Anon on

I don’t see how 7months is an unrealistic amount of time to lose 70lbs. Given ten lbs a month is excellent but that’s like 2lbs a week. Which is healthy. Everyone bitches about celebrity trainers and all that, but they need to give it a rest. Women were getting back into shape around the world before trainers ever existed. It maybe unrealistic for you because you simply aren’t willing to put in the work at a rate she’s had too, but thats fine assuming you aren’t an actress/model/singer. Like someone said “Put the sandwich down, get off of the computer, put the baby on the blanket, and do crunches!”

and people nitpicking at her baby? A photo is one second in time, I’m pretty sure all of us have photos that tell a very odd looking story.

Tee on

CelebBabyLover- No, that’s not what I said or meant. There are modest swimsuits out there but the bikini she has on is certainly not one of them. For that matter, I don’t think she should be posing in a swimsuit at all. I don’t understand the need to show off so much of your body in a photo shoot.

MZ on

Actually, we have no idea how much she lost. She talks about being 125 for her career, but that wasn’t her pre-pregnancy weight.

Why do people automatically assume that it’s jealousy motivating any negative comments about weight loss?

Bren on

How does this put pressure on “regular” mom’s to lose weight? Go fora run with your baby and do some crunches if you are feeling insecure but don’t put your insecurities on someone else by being negative. It is so sad to me that people who are overweight always blame everyone else for their negative thoughts. That is usually the reason people can’t lose the weight. There is always an exscuse or a negative thought blocking that next healthy step. Eat right, go for a walk, run, swim, and if you don’t look like her then who cares at least you are healthy. Stop comparing yourselves because you are the ones making yourselves feel like you need to look like this not Gena or other Celebs! They are proud of themselves and if they do have nannies and chefs or trainers then good for them, they earned it. They work hard and earn their money. Better to “waste” money on that then junk food and garbage that you will have for a short period of time. I am so sick of the negativity just because someone looks better or has more resources. Get over it!

April on

Tee: She’s posing for the bodywatch column. It’s all about showing off your body and telling how you lost the weight. She’s obviously not going to be wearing a full outfit or else you wouldn’t be able to see the results.

MZ: It says she was at a high of 195 when she was pregnant with Stella, and is now at her goal weight of 135 after being 125 for most of her career. So that means she lost 60 lbs in the last seven months.

aroundtheywaygirl on

I agree with you Bren. This is Celebrity Babies. I expect to see beautiful babies and slim celebrity moms and baby clothes and gear with out of this world price tags. This is not the Busted Chick blog. I don’t come here to see everyday mommies with spare-tire guts or babies with cradle cap and baby acne. I can go over to the babycenter for that mess. If you can’t, don’t, won’t lose your extra weight, well that isn’t Gena’s problem or any other celebrity mom who slims down right after having a baby and shows off their post-baby body. I’m so tired of overweight and obese people blaming everybody and their momma for being unfit and unhealthy.

If I have one tiny criticism of the photo, I think Gena’s top is a tad too small for her. But I love the color. It’s a great color on her.

JMO on

This is a site dedicated to celeb babies so the image is fine to be on here. If you are upset over the photo just don’t look at it! Simple as that!

Valerie on

MZ- I agree and have this question myself a lot- “Why do people automatically assume that it’s jealousy motivating any negative comments about weight loss?”

Actually, I think it’s an accusation that comes up a lot about many issues. I wish people would not fall back on this shallow, clichéd, old-fashioned reason for one woman disagreeing with another. It’s much more likely to just be that people have thought carefully about their views on a subject and may disagree with one another.

Anon on

“Why do people automatically assume that it’s jealousy motivating any negative comments about weight loss?”

I honestly don’t see what is negative about a woman shedding her baby weight in a period of over half a year. My mind does not go to a negative place at all. And its very easy to be jealous of someone who also has had a baby and looks really good. And on top of it say something like “well she has trainers and time yadada” making excuses for why she’s been able to do it. I’m not saying everyones jealous but being a woman myself its easy to try and knock someone down…Especially online.

LB on

This is so cheesy. I wish he could have done that pose without her baby and then a normal one with her baby….but I am sure that was not what the mag wanted. She looks good and has a darling baby girl but I just couldn’t help but agree that this photo is awkward.

Christine on

“Why do people automatically assume that it’s jealousy motivating any negative comments about weight loss?”

It sure didn’t motivate mine. I am 5’2” and about 110lbs. I’ve had 3 babies and I look great.
I just think these pictures of celebs in bikini’s purely “posing” with their babies is incredibly narcissistic (sp?).

Maddie on

All I can say is “YAWN” – a life of eating puny little eggwhite stuff & chicken & veggies & grilled fish? Gee, what fun for her family. I wish people would just advocate eating a range of good foods in moderation instead, with fun stuff thrown in to reflect real life.

The exercise regime sounds realistic. But the food comments get to me.

Amy on

I had no problem at all losing my baby weight. Within 3 months I was 25 pounds below my PRE-pregnancy weight. (Not that I tried, I was one of the lucky ones that breastfeeding worked magic for.) That said, these pictures make me so sad. She says she worked hard to get “healthy” again? She was probably at her healthiest at 9 months pregnant and 195 pounds–at least then she was letting her body do what it is supposed to do. That photo is so unnatural. That is not what human bodies are supposed to look like to be strong and healthy. I try very hard to not expose my daughter to images like that; I certainly don’t want her growing up thinking a body like that is normal or at all desirable.

JMO, you are right. Photos like this do bother me, but I’m foolish enough to come here and see them. I guess I come here to see cute babies, but I don’t really need to subject myself to attention whores for that.

Janie on

Christine– I agree- it does seem narcissistic…
as in, look at me and all I have- my body, my baby, and don’t forget my big ring too (make sure to show that!)

This isn’t jealousy, just an observation about some celebrities being prone sometimes to a bit of narcissism.

CelebBabyLover on

Mrs S.- Very well said! My father had a heart attack last year, and one of the things he did to get healthy was lose weight.

Maddie- How do we know her family eats the same diet she does? It’s very possible that her family eats a “regular” diet while she eats her special one.

Rebecca on

I can’t believe someone suggested that she lost the weight to keep her husband from cheating… just WOW.

Cece on

I do think that standing in the pool it would be nice if the photographer said, “OK, be natural and cradle your baby”, instead of her posing like it would be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated magazine.

Maddie on

CelebBabyLover – a special diet for mom & the family eats something else? Even less realistic!! ugh. I have enough trouble coming home after working a full day and having a toddler hanging off my leg and two others clamoring for attention while trying to throw together a quick healthy meal without worrying about making myself special meals so that I can wear a bikini…

But i guess it is a question of priorities.

bubbs on

i am NOT jealous of this woman (no idea who she is).

… post a photo of michelle obama or that woman who wrote harry potter and then you’ll see jealous: smart, attractive, accomplished mothers!

CelebBabyLover on

Maddie- Um, read the post, please. Gena said that she lost the weight in order to get healthy, not just so she could look good in a bikini. If that IS indeed the reason she did it, I applaud her for doing so!

Rebecca- I agree! That comment crossed the line, IMO.

Lisa Johnson on

I think she looks amazing! I have 4 kids and I know how hard it is to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. The pix is great, she’s beautiful we already know that and her baby is precious.. So why all the fuss? If I looked that good in a bikini 6 months after giving birth I’d proudly pose too! Thanks Gena for inspiring women to get healthy!

Lisa Johnson on

I think she looks amazing! I have 4 kids and I know how hard it is to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. The pix is great, she’s beautiful we already know that and her baby is precious.. So why all the fuss? If I looked that good in a bikini 6 months after giving birth I’d proudly pose too! Thanks Gena for inspiring women to get healthy!

Lisa Johnson on

I think she looks amazing! I have 4 kids and I know how hard it is to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. The pix is great, she’s beautiful we already know that and her baby is precious.. So why all the fuss? If I looked that good in a bikini 6 months after giving birth I’d proudly pose too! Thanks Gena for inspiring women to get healthy!

Lisa Johnson on

I think she looks amazing! I have 4 kids and I know how hard it is to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. The pix is great, she’s beautiful we already know that and her baby is precious.. So why all the fuss? If I looked that good in a bikini 6 months after giving birth I’d proudly pose too! Thanks Gena for inspiring women to get healthy!

Lisa Johnson on

I think she looks amazing! I have 4 kids and I know how hard it is to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. The pix is great, she’s beautiful we already know that and her baby is precious.. So why all the fuss? If I looked that good in a bikini 6 months after giving birth I’d proudly pose too! Thanks Gena for inspiring women to get healthy!

Kelli Morgan on

Gena and baby Stella are beautiful! I have 2 boys 6 & 4yrs old and I’m still trying to get the baby weight off. I’m inspired after this “body after baby” article because she lost the weight right, by being healthy! If you got it, flaunt it! Peace out, Kelli

Beth Goldstein on

Beautiful mom and baby! I love the fact that she’s had three kids and looks the same as the baywatch photo from forever ago! Living in Ohio is a far cry from Hollywood, I can’t imagine the pressure to stay thin for these women. This story is a great motivation to be healthy and fit! Time to hit the gym and stop complaining mama’s.

Thanks People magazine and Gena for getting real!

CelebBabyLover on

Beth- Actually, she’s only had two kids. Caia, the older girl, is actually her husband’s child from a previous marriage.🙂

Bryn on

I think its a great story (anything to get off the Michael Jackson news). People magazine needs stories like this in make us think twice about being healthy, not just skinny like lindsey lohan!

CelebBabyLover on

Beth- Whoops! I forget that they already had one child together before Stella!

Bryn- In Lindsey’s defense (and I’m not even a Lindsey fan), I think she is actually starting to gain a few pounds.🙂

StoryBook on

i think most of you guys are missing the point to what she is saying. she’s saying she hated not being healthy. that it was more important to be skinny. she said she felt normal because she wasn’t starving herself anymore. and what woman doesn’t want to look good? especially after having a baby? she wanted to be thin AND healthy and be able to eat more than 600 calories a day. the swim suit shot is to show that she looks beautiful, she was dedicated, and that she is a mother. and we can all look like her if we all put a little effort into our days. the photo is supposed to look like that.

gianna on

the baby is so cute and gene is gorgeous. She looks awesome after 3 kids, that’s what healthy eating and working out does to the body. i’m a personal trainer and my client has 3 yr old twins and a 5 month old baby, she has no plastic surgery and has a great body. So it’s not just celebrities who look good, usually people who are fit to begin with, bounce back quickly.

Julia on

Stella is adorable🙂, but, I too find the way she’s holding the baby a little awkward, I agree with Heather, it does look like she’s posing for a swimsuit magazine and the baby was photoshopped into her arms.

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