Britney and Her Boys: Made in the Shade!

07/02/2009 at 01:00 PM ET

Fun in the sun! A newly-brunette Britney Spears and sons Sean Preston, 3 ½, and Jayden James, 2 ½, stay shaded in Marina del Rey, Calif., on Tuesday. The pop singer and her boys reportedly enjoyed a day of fun, going for a boat ride and doing some shopping with a bodyguard in tow.

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N on

Those are the most amazing sunglasses ever! Love ’em! Brit’s necklace is cute, too!

Laura on

Seriously they are two of my fav celeb boys ever! (I have a few) but they are right up there. They are so hip hehe.

Does anyone else think Brit has twin boys half the time. Seriously they look so much alike, im not saying identical here but they look so gosh darn similar I love it!. Brit’s boys 100%. Love this pic.

daze on

hello little rockstars! i can’t decide which one is the cutest. one day it will be jayden and his angel face and the other it will be preston and his funny faces! i love the sunglasses, amazing one. and i’m amazed to see the boys keep it on them!

TV on

This picture would have been a lot better if Jayden didn’t have a pacifier in his mouth. I’m a bit surprised to see that he still uses a pacifier and he’s almost three years old. Thought the standard age to do away with pacifiers was between 18 months to 2 years. That’s how it has been done in my family for such a long time.

daze on

i used pacifiers until my mom take them away when i was 4 or 5. and my teeth are perfectly fine. i’m not telling it’s good but don’t worry jayden will not be a 14 years-old with pacifier!

meghan on

We had the pacifier debate a few weeks ago, the last time Britney and her boys were featured


OMG!!! Jayden has a pacifier and it is clearly obvious that Brit loves him more because she only carries him and not SP😮 let the debate begin! LOL LOL

I think those boys are just so so so cute!! I love Brit and I am so happy to see her happy and with her adorable boys!

aroundtheywaygirl on

Those sunglasses are a hoot! Very cute boys.

Alice on

My mother said the nurses in the hospital when we 6 were born tried to give all of us pacifiers and she told them not to. None of us every were given a pacifier and learned to fall asleep without them.

jenny on

XOXO: That’s hilarious!! My thoughts exactly! They all look happy and healthy!!

Macrisvc on

Am guessing Brit always carries Jayden because he is less heavy than Sean!!!

Ryo on

It’s really sad that half the time Britney posts turn into just posts criticing her as a parent. I’m not even a Britney fan and it gets a bit ridiculous. Everyone has the pacifier debate every time and the same things get said “It’s not healthy!” and “I never even learned to use them” and “I used one until I was 4/5/6 and my teeth and speech are fine.” Seriously, you are not these boys’ parents and they are not being abused. Preston used a pacifier just like Jayden – and he’s almost 4 and isn’t using one anymore. She’ll probably wean Jayden off his soon and even if she doesn’t it’s none of your business.

It’s especially sad considering most people commenting on the pacifier probably wouldn’t have bothered to drop a positive comment if he hadn’t had one.

Erinn Ashley on

I agree with Alice completely. I’m sorry but Jayden is way too old for a pacifier and that has nothing to do with his teeth. He should learn and be taught that he doesn’t need a physical “stopper” to plug his mouth. He needs to learn on his own when he should stop crying. Cute kids, though and I love Brit’s hair dark.

JMO on

Sean and Jayden are cute…. but that bodyguard is yummy!!! LOL

Brandi on

Why can’t people just enjoy the photos? It really gets old. Anyway, I love Britney as a brunette!

Delaina on

Just popped in to see how long it would take someone to criticize Britney for Jayden’s pacifier! Four posts in….never freakin’ fails!
I love the boys’ sunglasses and agree with an above poster – the boys really could pass as twins – they look so much alike! It really seems like she is finding her way out of her “darkness” and I’m happy for her and her precious boys.

Shea on

Both my kids had paci’s till they were close to 5…both have perfect teeth, both could talk in full sentences by the time they were 18 months old, both are now completely well adjusted, happy, healthy young women (ages 24 and 13). All of you that have issues with Jayden and his Paci, I have a question….do you smoke? Do you eat when you are stressed? What do you do to self-sooth? Most people that smoke, over eat, etc have oral fixations and I totally believe it’s due to having the paci/bottle/breast ripped away as a baby/toddler before they were ready. I didn’t wean my kids, I didn’t take away their paci’s or their lovies until they were ready to give them up. I’m not inside of my child’s head, I don’t know what they need or don’t need to give them total comfort. I think it’s cruel to assume that a child doesn’t need something any longer just because you feel they don’t need it or because you feel that it doesn’t look ok for them to have it anymore. I don’t care what people think, I’d rather have a happy, healthy, well adjusted and content kid.

Delaina on

BRAVO SHEA!!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO!!!! Before becoming a mother, I remember thinking I would NEVER let my child sleep in my bed….guess what – she sometimes does. I said I would NEVER let my child have a pacifier after age 2. MY child would be potty trained as soon as humanly possible! Well, we haven’t reached humanly possible yet apparently. It is so incredibly easy to criticize someone else’s choice when it’s not your child.

I absolutely refuse to criticize another parent’s choice on something so incredibly, completely, utterly, INSIGNIFICANT!

Anna on

Britney and her boys are such a beautiful family🙂

christina on

great picture!

Shea – i’ll pass on your parenting advice. No thanks. And for the record, I don’t smoke, eat, shop, drink, etc. to deal with stress.

crimpe on

I have those sunglasses! There was some hollywood loot auction on ebay in november and I won the mommy/baby (child) sunglasses! I just looked and found no label😦 but they are hysterical! On one side it says “hand polished” and the other just that they are made in China. They are not so cute on me, but it’s fun to match the little ones.

Marissa on

Oh how cute this family is! Everbody looks happy and healthy, and that is what matters most. Love you Brittney!

Stephany on

Those sunglasses are too cute!

stevie on

So cute! I’m really thinking this new guy is good for her and the boys. Does anyone know where those sunglasses are from? I’d love to get a pair for my son! * It’s so ridiculous to comment on the pacifier every time and the fact that she always carries Jayden.So the little guy likes his paci, so what?! he’s barely 3 and has a pretty rough go of it for the first part of his life, don’t judge other people or their parenting, every kid I’ve had is different and I’ve done many things I swore I’d never do. If his teeth are messed up from it (not sure how that would happen)I’m sure his mom will have enough money to fix them, hell I never had one and my teeth cost my parents thousands!!! plus since SP is the same exact age as my son I’m betting that Britney can barely lift him, he’s almost 4 people! my son is over 40 pounds I’m strong but after a few minutes-ouch!

Angela on

Gosh, you guys are so mean to each other! I don’t understand people being so passionate about Jayden having a pacifier! I work in child abuse and see TERRIBLE things every day…having a pacifier is the least of my worries. Anyway, Britney’s boys are very handsome and she appears to be very happy.

Michelle on

I don’t understand what the big deal is about his pacifier. No one but her and her family knows why he has a pacifier. My son is almost three and he still uses one but he is also Autistic. People are so quick to judge her instead of giving her credit for getting her life back together. She has cute kids and they are a cute and adorable family.

Jax on

love Brit- way to go!!! her kids are cute!! to everyone else that is criticizing her parenting skills– leave her alone! how would you like it if people did that to you?– just back off and leave the poor woman and kids alone, if you can’t say anything nice.

Joy on

Couldn’t Britney give Jayden a blanket, instead of using the pacifier? The pacifier is going to ruin his teeth. Just my two cents..

sara on

Hey, what about that bodyguard? He’s some eye candy!

Sarah M. on

Delaina – The only reason I even came into here for this pic was to see how soon the ‘pacifier debate’ would start! Sad, really.😦

I would just like to know why everything, everywhere needs to be turned into a debate. Can’t anyone just say, or type, something nice about something, or not do so at all?

I, too, agree that they can almost pass as twins. They are precious!

sat on

lol, I’m here for the who’s mom holding debate😉

halifaxhoney on

They are so cute! Some people can be incredibly negative when it comes to things like pacifiers etc. You do what you need to do with your kids and Brit will continue to do what she does. Britney looks great! I love the dark hair on her!

melinda on

I’m not a fan of Britney myself, but I think that some of you find any reason to put her down and further “confirm” for yourself that she is an unfit mother… Jayden is using a pacifier, she must be be a bad mom. I wonder if your criticism would be so harsh if it were any other celebrity mom who you aren’t so ready to hate… such as Jennifer Garner. She is always so highly praised as a mom (and I agree she seems to be a wonderful loving mom) so would you be so critical if it were her 3 1/2 yr old daughter with a pacifier?
I personally don’t take bother with either child using a pacifier at either of their ages and I think to each their own. I personally think Jennifer is a wonderful mom doing the best for her children, and it would seem that these days Brit is doing that too. Isn’t that what REALLY matters.

madison on

I’m going with Melinda on this one – very well said. And it’s too great that you found that pic/link. Hilarious, and so true!!

jill on

Well said Melinda. I wish people would enjoy the pictures and not complain. Nobody knows these children. They seem happy and healthy to me.

chrissy on

You ladies should mind your own business. No one is asking you for your thoughts on the pacifier. I’m sure your kids are perfectly wonderful, so why don’t you stop negative comments and go play with them. Its none of your business what she does with her kids anyway.

Sarah on

Britney looks great! Good for her spending tons of time with her sons. They are super cute!

Karla on

Britney looks great these days and her boys are just beautiful. They always look so well looked after and I don’t doubt for a second that she doesn’t love them with all of her being and does her best to look after them and protect them. As for pacifiers, it’s not hurting Jayden or anyone else by him still using one Maybe he just uses it when out and about as a comfort because they’re always hounded by so many paparrazzi. Gwen Stefani’s boy Kingston is 3 and he often is seen with a pacifier. It’s no ones place to criticize, as a parent you do what works for you and your children. I’m sure none of you would care too much what others thought of your own parenting choices. Leave her alone, give her a break. I think she’s doing a good job and seems to have a good support system around her now. Go Brit!

Terri on

LOL, I was wondering about the pacifier myself. I was wondering what age kids usually stop using them. I like the boys’ sunglasses!

CelebBabyLover on

Karla has a very good point. It is very possible that Jayden ONLY uses his paci when having to deal with the paps (and stevie, he’s TWO not three. He won’t be three until September).

TV on

Shea, I don’t smoke and most definitely do not eat when I am stressed out. Instead, that is when I either go out for a drive since I live in the desert or go outside and play with my dogs. Also, I really doubt that my comment has anything to do with “being ripped from the breast/pacifier/bottle before ready” as you nicely put it. According to my mother I wasn’t breastfed for very long because I was lactose intolerant, never used a pacifier and didn’t even notice the bottle was gone when she threw them out after my first birthday.

My comment wasn’t meant to pass judgment on her like everybody seems to have taken it. I never knew there were previous discussion over Jayden still using a pacifier on here. I guess people raise their children differently in Las Vegas because I’ve never seen a toddler over the age of two walking around with one in their mouth still. I have five friends with children that are between 2 and 3 years and I haven’t seen any of their kids with a pacifier anymore. That’s why I thought it was strange Jayden still had one.

Minka on

Since everyone else picked something to discuss… Why aren’t they wearing life jackets if they are on a boat?

Yeah, I have nothing else.

Jase on

Some of you people should go for custody of Jayden since you clearly know so much about him, you deserve an award! Celebrity Baby Blog is the only place in the world where people know what is best for other peoples children without even meeting them, ya’ll are soooooooo smart!!!

Zinzi on

Forget about the pacifier, what about SP still wearing a diaper? Check the pics on Popsugar…

Sadia on

Oh my gosh! they are so cute!
And I am loving those shades…very hip!

23 on

Britney’s kids are beautiful!!

And hey! What about that bodyguard! woaw! HOTT!

He is really yummy looking.

Glad to see her looking well again………

Wonder will she ever get back with Justin, one day, I hope🙂

Jamie on

Brit looks fantastic and as for the boys ADORABLE!!!!! Nuff Said!!!!

Mariel on



1stboybandfan on

Britney is so awesome, I think she is so cute and I am glad she is feeling happier and has herself together. I hoep it works out for them, and I hope someday she can keep herself together to raise her children more and to teach them more about art, music, etc. Good luck Britney. Also, they all look so sweet, happy, and like one big family.

jj on

I really like Brit Brit and I am so glad that she is finally in a place where she appears to be happy with her life. As a social worker, I am especially happy to see that she is spending more time with her children and she is making a greater effort to be a part of their lives. But I have to ask – Do you think that she may be showing favoratism towards her youngest child? I’m asking because EVERY time I see pictures of her in the tabloids (which is quite frequently), she is always holding her youngest child or pushing him in his stroller or pushing him on a swing, etc. I always see the nannies or her dad or (in the case of this recent picture posted)her bodyguard(s) holding Sean Preston. Now I understand that Jayden is the youngest but both kids are old enough to walk on their own (which in my opinion, they need to start doing – celebrity kids or not). Conversely, Sean is not too heavy where he looks like he cannot be held by his mother(but all of that is niether here nor there). If she is showing favoratism towards her Jayden, I wonder how Sean feels? What I can say definitively is that if she is doing this, and it does not stop, he will realize this as he gets older and he will resent her (and most likely, Jayden too).

stevie on

CelebBabyLover-That’s what I said, Jayden is barely 3 as in he won’t be 3 until september, I know how old they are. As I stated SP is exactly the same age as my son (born the same week)not sure what you’re getting at…

I totally agree with everyone saying because she’s Britney Spears she gets all the flack, Kingston Rossdale and Violet Afleck are older than Jayden by quit a bit and not one person comments on them having paci’s.

stevie on

jj- I wasn’t making a comment that SP was overweight if that’s what you’re getting at-geesh! I was meerly stating that kids gets pretty heavy as they get older and just try to pick up a kid who’s almost 4, they’re heavy!

Eleri on

Oh so cute! Cute little matching trio. I love how Britney took control of her life, what a beautiful change she is making.

Laura on

She does get alot of negative press. I mean Violet Affleck will be 4 yrs old in Dec and she still uses a pacifier but no one gives negative comments on her. And i think her teeth already look messed up.

CelebBabyLover on

Zinzi- I looked at those pictures, and what Preston is wearing is clearly a Pull-Up, not a diaper. That’s not all that unusual for a boy his age. It’s also very possible that he only wears Pull-Ups when out and about (due to not being fully potty-trained yet, and thus it being a lot easier to put him in Pull-Ups then try to find a bathroom in a hurry in a crowded public place). Jayden IS wearing a diaper, but for boys, the average age for beginning potty training is around 3, and he’s not 3 yet.

Q on

AWWWW! The boys look so cute in their shades. Like little rockstars!

Zinzi- Preston had a pull up on that day. but he is usually seen in diapers. At nearly 4 years old, I think that’s of more concern than JJ’s binky. But maybe Preston only wears his diaper when they go outside.

JMO on

Someone keeps mentioning that Violet Affleck still uses a pacifier and I have yet to see her with on in over a year. Do you have photos cause I don’t really believe it to be true.

Secondly not sure if SP is pottytrained but it has been a rough year for both boys getting back into a stable situation with their mother perhaps he was pottytrained then digressed alittle. Suri doesn’t seem to be potty trained either. I find it a hard one bc some kids are just so dang stubborn about it. So what can you really do? I don’t think kids will go off to school in them.

And as I always say about the paci – I hate them only cause they make your children look hideous at a certain age but once again SP and JJ have been through a rough year so it will take time.

JMO on

nevermind. I found a picture of Violet a few weeks ago with a paci! Yikes!! Okay well I guess it’s only JJ who gets picked on for the paci (and Kingston)…..btw Violet’s not potty trained either………looks like all celeb parents are really lazy parents!!!

That was a joke of course😉

JJ on

Hey Stevie, I wasn’t attacking your comment(s) at all (so if you thought that I was, please don’t take it that way) – In fact, I haven’t even read everyone’s comments (I just decided to chime in and add my “opinion”🙂 because I never see Britney interacting with her oldest child and it concerns me). However, I didn’t take into consideration that she probably does not hold Sean Preston because he is simply too heavy – If that’s the case, then I definitely stand corrected :)! JJ

CelebBabyLover on

JMO- Violet IS potty-trained. Jennifer has talked about what it was like potty-training her, and Vi has also inadverently showed the paps her undies a time or two! It could be that she regressed a little after the birth of Seraphina.

That said, I personally wouldn’t see a problem if Violet and Jayden weren’t yet trained. Why? Well, my brother wasn’t potty trained until he was just over three, and I was nearly four before I was fully trained! In my case, I think waiting until I was basically ready was a good thing. I actually remember a few bits and pieces of being potty-trained (since I was, as I said, nearly 4), and one of them is that I absolutly HATED sitting in wet or messy diapers.

Therefore, I was very willing to train and did so fairly easily, and it wasn’t long before I was doing the entire process (including emptying the little pot under the potty chair!) all by myself (I did the same thing at pre-school fairly early on in the process- the one I went to accepted kids who weren’t yet toliet-trained- which gave my teachers quite a shock, considering it takes quite awhile to get most pre-schoolers to use the bathroom independantely!).

Basically, I think the best time to train is when the child is ready!

CelebBabyLover on

stevie- Very good point! Granted, we see plenty of celebs carrying their 3, 4, and sometimes even 5 year olds. However, Britney is not that big of a girl, so Preston may very well be too heavy for her to carry.

I also want to point out that she carried him plenty when he was younger!🙂

Karen on

Those sunglasses are adorable!!

Honney on

My son is 2 and a half. Although I love him dearly, he is too darn heavy to carry for over 2 minutes. He is also potty training-which is a process that can take time. Some days he cares, some days he does not. A parent does what is best for their child based on readiness cues from that child. No chld is the same. I am like a previous poster who said “I will never…” until my child got here. Part of parenting is knowing they are children and whatever makes them comfortable to make it through that issue, you do it. Also, as a parent, half of the worries we or other’s put on the child are not that serious, and I could really be focusing on something else. Example, if I am trying to feed my child and he is refusing what I am giving him, try something else or give him what he wants. It is not the end of the world, he will learn as time goes on. This is is not every day, every meal. You choose your battles-the majority of them are not going to be detrimental to the child.

Honney on

Oh, and my son is not overweight, has always been in the 95 percentile for height (people think he is 4 yrs old), and has sucked his 2 middle fingers since he was 4 months old. He was breastfed until 14th months and bottlefed until he was 1 yr old.

Laura on

To TMO-There are recent pictures of Violet with a pacifier. Since Seraphina was born, so this year. Go to and you will see them.🙂

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