Steal That Style: Ellen Pompeo's Physically Fit Pregnancy

07/01/2009 at 02:00 PM ET
Celebrity Baby Blog – Steal That Style

Back in the day, pregnant women were advised to avoid strenuous activity, let alone exercise, but now doctors recommend moderate exercise for most pregnancies.

In addition to 2 ½ hours a week of low-impact aerobic activity like walking, swimming, biking, golf, yoga, etc., simple stretching exercises done throughout the pregnancy keep muscles limber and warm, while Kegel exercises — strengthening the muscles that support the bladder, uterus and bowels — will aid in the birthing process. Once you have delivered the baby, these exercises not only promote the healing of certain tissues, but also allow women to regain control of their bladder. For specific routines, and information on how to stay safe while pregnant and exercising, check out some tips and tricks from

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We’ve seen quite a few celeb mamas continuing their workout routines while looking adorable in both maternity and non-maternity fitness garb.

The day after announcing she was expecting her first child, Grey’s Anatomy actress Ellen Pompeo was spotted on her way to the gym.

Since her bump debut, we have seen her — more often that not! — in her workout clothes: in April she followed up her normal gym routine with a treat to the spa, later she opted for a pair of black spandex capris for a trip to the gym, and just last week we caught a glimpse of her growing bump hidden under a blue workout tank top and black spandex while out running errands.

Maintaining a workout regimen can be a challenge in and of itself for an expectant mama, so finding comfortable and breathable active wear should be no sweat!

With more stores offering maternity clothes that are suitable for workout sessions, prenatal yoga classes, or even to just run errands, the future of pregnancy-friendly options looks promising.

Steal That Style: Ellen Pompeo’s Physically Fit Pregnancy with the workout combinations below!

lululemon athletica In Motion Crop

Breaking Bank: A favorite among celebrity moms-to-be, A Pea in the Pod does not disappoint with their maternity active wear line. For a look similar to the Isabella Oliver top Alyson Hannigan sported during her pregnancy, check out A Pea in the Pod Elbow Sleeve Hooded Maternity Tunic ($125), which can be matched with A Pea in the Pod Jersey Knit Maternity Crop Yoga Pants ($75). Made from a combination of cotton, modal, and spandex, the breathable fabric offers easy mobility during those tough months.

While not technically a maternity line, lululemon athletica certainly grabbed Tori Spelling‘s attention when she was expecting her daughter Stella. The adorable lululemon athletica In Motion Crop ($84) comes complete with a roll down waistband, which can be pulled up over the belly or worn low, making it a great option for both during and after the pregnancy. The capris can be matched with the lululemon athletica Movement Tank ($42), an extra-long tank top made up of flat seams to prevent sensitive pregnancy skin from chafing.

Fit2BMOM Maternity Active Cami Top

Not Pinching Pennies: FIT2BMOM’s website is full of reasons to stay fit during pregnancy, and their clothes make expectant mothers want to experience each and every one of them! Their Fit2BMOM Maternity Capri Pant ($65), boasting a roll down waistband to accommodate both over and under the belly preferences, guarantees comfort for yoga routines, hiking trails, or even a lazy day on the couch. The look can be paired with FIT2BMOM Maternity Active Cami Top ($57), a great option for busty pregnant mamas with its 360 degree shelf bra. (Look for our upcoming review of the line.)

Having to purchase a new maternity wardrobe can come with a hefty price, but with Doce Vida I-Back Maternity Top ($48), the possibilities both during and after pregnancy are endless. Made up of mostly nylon, with a bit of spandex, the racerback tops are said to keep moisture off the body and will easily expand along with the belly, but will later return to your pre-pregnancy size as you work off the baby weight. Complete the look with BornFit Maternity Capris ($56), which provide a double thick waistband for women who prefer under the belly support.

Motherhood Maternity’s Jersey Knit Maternity Crop Yoga Pants

Bargain Buying: While soft spandex can be the perfect choice during pregnancy, for women who prefer more room to breath or suffer from itchy skin, Motherhood Maternity’s Jersey Knit Maternity Crop Yoga Pants ($20) are a great option. Falling below the knee, the yoga pants are made from a cotton blend and offer a roll waist. To complete the look, try Motherhood Maternity’s Sleeveless Scoop Neck Side Ruched Maternity Tank Top ($22), a stylish tank that offers a longer length with its illusion layered look.

It’s a complete package! The Buddha Belly Maternity Capri Yoga Set ($50) includes both a tank top and capri-style yoga pants. However, if you shy away from belly rubs, then beware! The tank has an image of a Buddha and the saying, “Rub my belly for good luck.” Perfect for a brisk walk, the set is made up of 100% cotton.

We also like Beyond Yoga’s capri pants. The sale styles are available for $31-33.

— Anya

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annabgp on

thanks for this info, this is pretty much what I have encountered in both my pregnancies but I have yet to find the same support and flexibility from non-pregnancy work out clothing in the maternity versions. As a jogger it has been rather frustrating to have to make do with what is available.

Anyone know of any stores that carry real maternity sportware? and not just yoga pants and stretchy tops?

momof3 on

CBB; this is awesome! Ellen looks fantastic and I can honestly say that having a “fit” pregnancy is the way to go. I have had three babies. With my first I gained 70 lbs. and didn’t exercise at all because I thought you “weren’t supposed to”. I also overindulged my “cravings” for potato chips, cake and doughnuts. I felt awful the whole time and had a hard time losing the weight afterwards.
With my second and third babies I maintained my fitness routine (moderate exercise-swimming, low-impact aerobics and walking) and ate a healthy, balanced diet. With those pregnancies I felt fantastic–less morning sickness, weight gain and overall pregnancy niggles and labour and delivery was much easier. Obviously, women should seek their doctors go-ahead before partaking in certain activities but I think that if you’re able, exercising during pregnancy is in both mother and babies’ best interest.

Karyl on

I want thin arms and a thin face like that. I’m pregnant with baby 2 and my arms and face look huge to me. Should I work out everyday and eat carbs just once a day? Do 100 modified push ups and tricep dips a day? Any suggestions from fit mommies? Seems like no matter how big I get, my legs are thin and muscular though–weird body type?!

Katie on

I have worked out nearly every day of my pregnancy and have gained little weight (the baby is fine). I think the trick is to be fit before you get pregnant. I started working out heavily before I got pregnant and then have maintained it. I am in my ninth month and still do an hour of cardio every day (stationary bike, treadmill incline walks at a fast pace, and tennis). I also do resistance bands and light weights three times a week. While the doctor says the workouts will not have much impact during labor, it will help me bounce back much quicker.

MZ on

karyl, some of that is genetic. i got a really fat face and skinny arms lol. but, you should definitely talk to your doctor about any exercise routine and diet. pregnancy is NOT the time to start cutting carbs and dieting. my OB told me to eat how i normally did and not go crazy on the mcdonalds and i would be fine. my son is 5 months old and i’m almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight, no diet needed. i think i gained about 50 pounds. 🙂

Geomom on

I hardly think that Ellen Pompeo should be held up as an example of a healthy pregnancy. She has long been rumored to suffer from an eating disorder, and her constant exercise in pregnancy could be a symptom that she hasn’t recovered from it. It is very important for women to gain weight during pregnancy, and I think it is irresponsible for the media to portray a terribly underweight pregnant woman (Ellen is 5’7″ and an estimated 100 lbs) as “physically fit.”

shalay on

Geomom, you don’t know how much Ellen weighs or if she has an eating disorder. She is a naturally thin woman. Sorry to tell you, but not all skinny people suffer from eating disorders.

I think she’s a great example of having a fit pregnancy. Just because the photos we normally see of her are in workout clothes doesn’t mean that’s all she does. I think some women who gain excess weight during pregnancy and don’t workout might be inclined to bash those who stay slender and athletic. The truth is, only she and her doctor know what’s best for her body, not those of us who see snippets of her life in photos.

Julia on

GeoMom…chill…k? I think Ellen is more tired of people attacking her over her weight than she has been this whole pregnancy! my goodness!

Anyways…thank you for this special segment on Ellen CBB….I was definitely interested! Keep the Ellen coming!

Amanda on

I think it’s wonderful that the medical community has finally accepted that pregnant woman are able to continue working out and being active.

However, I also want say that every woman and pregnancy is different. Some women are able to continue running until they run right into the delivery room. Other women are NOT as lucky. I was unable to work-out during any of my pregnancies. Any kind of strenuous or even moderate exertion would cause me to have contractions. I took easy walks when I could, but I also spent a great deal of time on modified bed rest.

I’m sharing this because I think women can get stuck on how their pregnancies “should” go. It’s important to remember that we’re not in control and that we should focus on enjoying the time for what it is-not what we think it should be like!

RunningThroughIt on

I’m fairly certain that the blue top that Ellen is wearing is a non-maternity Nike top. When I was pregnant, I just went up a size (or a couple of sizes in some cases) in sportswear.

Danielle on

I started doing 3 very mild workouts a few months before getting pregnant but was totally knocked out with exhaustion and morning sickness during the first trimester. My friend/workout partner kept trying to get me back to the gym promising it would make me feel better but just THINKING about climbing on the treadmill made me want to take a nap.

Now that I’m into the second trimester and have some more energy, I am planning to head back to the gym with her and to go swimming once or twice a week, which is extremely low-impact.

Julie on

I’m glad CCB highlighted exercise during pregnancy and posted some clothing options. I mostly wore my stuff until it didn’t fit then went up a size (I agree with previous poster that the maternity stuff didn’t offer enough support, plus it is expensive!! I went to Marshalls to find Nike, Jog Bra, and Prana on sale)

I gained 50 lbs but was in excellent shape when I delivered. I slept through most of early labor, and popped out our son in two in a half hours naturally (labor was roughly 7 hours, but he was born a half hour after we arrived at the hospital). While some of that was genetic luck I truly believe that being in good shape helped speed things up, and I know it helped me get through the pain, as well as relax, and take direction. I was also with in 8 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight by 9 weeks (course 3 years later I’m still there – uhg.).

I strongly suggest a heart rate monitor if you do any exercise that is more than easy walking or yoga. Also know at least a little what you are capable before pregnancy. I *think* the general recommendation is to not get your hr above 140, but that was too low for me in bursts.

amanda on

It is VERY important to be in good shape before your pregnancy. I had very small hips (size 0) and was VERY concerned that I wouldn’t be able to push out my 8 lb. daughter. I am the smallest woman in my family, yet somehow I had the largest baby. But I was able to get my daughter out in about 45 min. of pushing and was feeling pretty good in about 3-4 days. Some of my friends who were taller and bigger boned had trouble getting their babies out, even though they had 6 lb. babies. These friends were in good weight, but they seldom worked out and were exhausted pretty quickly. For sure…if you want to have a little one, work out and get into kick butt shape. It might make your labor and delivery go smoother.

I do wonder how normal Ellen is, though. Did anyone see her on that episode of Punk’d where she was talking about killing her waitress for flirting with her husband? Lol…

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