Leah Remini and Sofia Celebrate Birthdays at Disneyland

07/01/2009 at 01:00 PM ET

Happy Birthday! Actress Leah Remini and daughter Sofia Bella celebrated their birthdays — mom’s 39th, daughter’s 5th — with a trip to Disneyland!

Here, Sofia and Leah pose with dad Angelo Pagan on the Dumbo flying elephants ride at the Anaheim, Calif., park on June 20th.

Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland

Click below for a photo on the carousel!

Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland

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Beth on

I absolutely love Leah!! Sofia is beautiful. She looks like daddy 🙂 I so wish they would have another!!

Kristi on

I can’t believe she is already 5! I feel like Leah was just pregnant with her. What a gorgeous family!!!

Deb on

Great pictures! Sofia is cute!! I hate to nitpick but…my daughter and I both saw the text that says merry-go-round and said,in unison,”It’s a carousel!!” Even on Disneyland’s own site it says carousel;at Disney World,for some reason,Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel is spelled with 2 Rs,which I think is a nod to the fact that carousels started in France and that’s how they’ve spelled it. Anyway,there IS a difference between carousels and merry-go-rounds and that is: carousels always turn counter-clockwise and merry-go-rounds turn clockwise. Anyway…that’s enough of mine and my daughter’s “obsession” with carousels,I guess!!

Thanks! We’ll change.

– CBB Staff

julie on

wow! she looks really big for a 5 year old!!

Jody on

What a cute, cute, cute little girl!

MissMissy on

Adorable! Her features look *exactly* like daddy’s, but it seems like she has her mom’s coloring. What a little cutie!

Brooklyn on

Sofia looks so different than the last time I saw a picture of her! She’s adorable.

tan on

I still remember when she had her.she’s absolutely a cutie pie.HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the both of them.

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clippers on

Sofia is so adorable and looks older than 5yo to me!! She looks so much like her daddy IMO.

Jenn on

Sofia’s gorgeous! She looks older than five.

Sage on

I love this family so much. I remember watching Sofia getting born on her VH1 show. Sofia is such a pretty girl and looks like her father, I hope they had a blast on their birthday’s.

FC on

I love her smile!

Sofia definitely looks a lot like Angelo, matching features and all. I can’t believe how big she’s gotten. I remember when she was just a new baby, to her being a toddler, and now she’s a 5 year old little girl. I’m feeling old, lmao. 😉

Jaclyn on

How fun! I’m so jealous, I need a Disney fix 🙂

Summer on

Sofia is so cute!!!

JMO on

She got so big! Love Leah!

Christina on

What a gorgeous family!

L on

Wow she looks SO much older then 5 thats for sure…really cute little girl though!

christina on

She’s 5?!! Wow….not only did that happen fast (!!) but she looks like an 8-yr-old to me!

I hope Leah has gotten more confident in her parenting skills — I remember a couple of cringe-inducing articles from a few years ago where she talked candidly about feeling unable to discipline her daughter. yikes.

sarah on

Wonder if she ever got her of the bottle she was having a real hard time with it. anyone see the story on oprah about that too?

maggie on

hey all. was leah in friends at one point? just for one episode? it was the one where Ross son ben was born?

Mina on

Her daughter was still in diapers and using bottles not that long ago, hope that’s in the past and she’s improve her parenting skills.

gianna on

She’s a big 5 yr old. She has something of leah, but is mainly looks like her dad, and her 3 older half brothers.

Jennifer on

Sofia is such a pretty little girl!

Happy Birthday to both Leah and Sofia! 🙂 Hope their special day was wonderful!

thfire on

Sofia Bella looks really cute, Happy Birthday!

cali on

I was just thinking the other day I have not seen a picture of this little girl in a long time. I love Leah Remini, her family is gorgeous!

Jae on

Love Leah!!!!! And her daughter is beautiful!
Love her gorgeous smile!

momto3 on

WHAT? that girl was in diapers and on a bottle not long ago! are you serious? I’m not going to say what I want because this isn’t the place. But I hope that was a typo. Not sure if she was on Friends, but I believe she was in Saved by the Bell for a few episodes.

Monique7 on

What a beautiful family. Love Leah, she is really so funny 🙂 Her daughter is gorgeous!!!

Kelly A. on

Beautiful family..I hope they had a blast, disney is so much fun.

To answer the “Friends” question..YES..she was on one episode of friends “The one with the birth” where Ross’s son was born. Her character was in labor and “Joey” helped her through it.

Also, YES she was on “SAVED BY THE BELL” for 6 episodes.

Lioness on

Momto3, not a typo- Leah blogged about it, I believe. I think she got her mother’s help, though, and they got Sofia off the bottle/diapers. Sofia’s a beautiful little lady- agree with everyone, there’s something about her that’s Leah, but she’s practically Daddy all the way, lol.

Sarah on

I miss Leah on TV; my favorite being “King of Queens”.

Sofia looks 9 instead of 5!! She looks just like her Daddy.

missn on

I think they are such a beautiful family. I really think Leah is
is so funny and talented, they should do another reality type show
the last one,(VH1) I LMAO.

Jaye on

Hey Maggie I am not sure if she was in friends but I remember her in Saved By The Bell.

Anywho… I think the family is gorgeous! I remember Leah and Angelo on a VH1 show about their up coming nuptials at that time and then her trying to conceive. I loved that show and I have always liked the two of them.

Sophia is a gorgeous child just like her parents.

Joy on

I can’t believe how she has grown..!! It seems like just yesterday I heard she was born.. She’s very pretty!

Renee on

Beautiful family,!! Sofia is GORGEOUS!!! Truly a little princess 🙂

Cassie on

To the bottle/diapers thing, yeah, Leah was on RR show last year defending her decision to keep her on the bottle at night. It was pretty lame! Still on a bottle at four? Come on, now.

Dan Di Caterino on

I’m a 70 year old grandfather of 17 and what I see in these pictures is a family with a lot of love. Fantastic.