Josh Holloway and Yessica Stroll with Java

07/01/2009 at 09:00 AM ET

Out for a sunny stroll on Thursday, Josh Holloway pushes baby’s ride while wife Yessica carries 11-week-old daughter Java Kumala through a West Hollywood park.

Baby girl arrived in Oahu, Hawaii on April 9th and is the first child for the couple, who wed in 2004.

Yessica wears Java in a BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Original Spirit in Green Energy ($58). She is wrapped in an aden+anais Sage Muslin Swaddling Blanket ($44 for four). Josh pushes a Bugaboo Cameleon in dark grey ($899) with a Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 infant car seat in Titanio ($260).

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Emily on

He looks REALLY tall…
Nice to see them out and about with babe!

Paige on

Josh is pretty tall and pretty darn good looking too.

What a beautiful family. Bet Java’s already a daddy’s girl.

blackrose on

i love him! hes HOT! i wanna see Java!!

Lis on

Okay, so I know this debate has gone on before, but I’m a bit more interested this time around, so…

From what I recall most readers do NOT seem to like the Bjorn carrier and instead would recommend the Ergo. Do I have this right? And what is the reasoning???

Dolleybot on

Beautiful family! Is it just me or ‘Kumala’ is an Indonesian name?

ingrid on


the Ergo Baby Carrier puts the baby in a correct position (knees 90° angle, on the level of the bellybutton) which is good for the child’s hip-development…. the Baby Björn does not. naturally, the spine of a newborn is round and not formed like the spine of a grown-up… the Baby Björn puts the child’s spine into a straight line, not in a rounded shape like a wrap does.

the ONLY negative thing about the Ergo is that you cannot use it right after birth, you have to wait about 6 months until the baby is tall enough (and the legs are long enough). but that doesn’t mean you have to buy an unergonomic carrier like the BB, you could buy a Marsupi Plus or a wrap or a Mei Tai or a Manduca… fortunately many new and GOOD products have been invented in the last couple of years! if you compare pictures of these different carriers you easily can see what’s a good carrier and which one isn’t…

important points for a good carrier:

.) the child’s hips should be at the level of the child’s bellybutton, the knees are in a 90°-angle
.) the carrier can provide head-support if the child falls asleep
.) good support for the child’s back (only supporting, not shaping/forming the back!)

I hope this helps 🙂

Lis on

Thanks Ingrid 😉

crg on

This is why I didn’t want to use my Bjorn the first time around- especially when my son was little- but with my one month old the Bjorn actually acts like the Ergo does with an older child because it’s not narrow enough to be just in his crotch but it’s not nearly as wide as the Ergo. For right now, he likes it and I feel comfortable having him in it. I also have a sling but I’m having a hard time again getting comfortable with it. I love the Ergo, though. Can’t wait until he can go in that.

momof2 on

there is actually an infant insert you can get for the ergo for newborns (until they are big enough for the reg. carrier) i used it for my daughter when she was just born, she was really comfortable and no strain was put on her spine at all.

J on

Oh my goodness I have such a crush on Josh and this photo did not help it any at all. (swoons) This is such a cute family. 😀

Sarah M. on

I think Josh is tall and Yessica is short. With her height, she makes Josh look even taller!

nosoupforyou on

Stupid name.

Mia on

In regards to the name, I believe its in honor of his wife’s heritage. I think she is Indonesian.

shirly on

His wife is indonesian, kumala is a very common last name in indonesia. Java is the most populated island in indonesia…. but it is not common to name your kids java in indonesia

Carly on

I think Java is a lovely name. Much prettier than other “place” names like Indiana, Georgia, or Brooklyn (imo). And plenty of parents give their child the mother’s last name or maiden name as a middle name so I’m not sure how anyone could have an issue with this name.

kate on

Wow.. I would never put those 2 together as a couple.

I like the babies name though..

Anna on

Wow ! Congrats, didnt even hear she was pregnant. Cute family, soo jealous !

daniela on

ITA with you, nosoupforyou. I prefer Zuma and I don’t like that name either.

Rach on

Kate, I love them as a couple ! They are so adorable.

And as far as the name, yes Java isn’t a very common Indonesian name, but many mixed couples choose to honour their culture like that. Sometimes there isn’t a fitting name, or the name is too “foreign” for some families so they choose the names of places/things etc to honour their culture. Then their are names like Java,India,China,Ireland,Alabama,Alexandria etc.