Sound Off! How Did You Prepare for Parenthood?

06/30/2009 at 08:00 AM ET
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Parenting is a lot of work. From the day your first child is born — and even before — you’re taking in advice from others, preparing yourself and your home for parenthood and hoping that you’ll know what to do once your little one arrives. But how do you prepare?

Liev Schreiber recently said parenting “came naturally” to him, and while many would agree, others would probably say the advice of their parents, books and Web sites helped immensely, too.

So here’s your chance to Sound Off! Tell us how you prepared for parenthood.


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Kelli on

I asked my mom for a lot of advice. I’m a single mom and I didn’t want to be a typical “baby mama” and keep my son away from his dad when he did something I didn’t like. I understand why women do it but I also know that it’s wrong and hurts your child.

Therefore, I asked my mom for lots of advice to prepare for my life changing arrival. I’m glad I did because my son is a well balanced 3-year old who knows both sides of his family and loves his mommy and daddy.

Amy D. on

Our daughter arriving 5 weeks early is what prepared us for parenthood! 😀 We learned very quickly to always be on your toes, things don’t always go as you planned or as you expected and to just roll with it. Don’t worry about the little stuff like laundry and dishes. It will still be there. Take care of all the baby’s needs first and the rest falls into place.

Annistyn on

When I gave birth to twins (both girls) Autumn Marie and Kyler Rae 3 months ago it was easier then I thought especially since my husband died 1 week before they were born. (They came 5 weeks early.) I had to prepare all by myself which was very hard

Jennifer on

How did I prepare? 1) Grew up with a sister who was born when I was 12 and 2) waited until I was 30 to have my first child. My parents had a late-in-life baby, my sister, when I was in middle school. While the experience meant quite a bit of babysitting for me as well as a tightly stretched budget for us all (I have a brother as well), it was great because I got to see all that is involved in having a baby and more as I was growing up. When it came time for my husband and I to start a family, I had no illusions about what I was in for. Additionally, we decided to wait a couple of years after we were married to have children. I was 30 and my husband was 35 when my son was born. He had previously been in a relationship with a woman who had a child of her own so he did not have any illusions about the experience either. After seeing my younger brother and his wife struggle with early parenthood, I am glad that we waited. It was the best decision we could have made for us. Now, let’s hope I can get the second one in before I turn 35!

Lila on

It took us 3 years to get pregnant with our daughter, in that time I think I read every book and article on parenting. But really, nothing can prepare you for the real thing- not just the hard parts, but the love you feel. It’s the greatest experience…

gaia's mommadukes on

I have one daughter Gaia Raphael and I didn’t try to learn anything. I actually avoided babies and specifically family. All that attention would have made me extremely uncomfortable.

So my husband and I decided to go on a 6month hiatus and we traveled. We went to South America, Europe and Austrailia. I wanted to enjoy my last bit of life before the baby. My daughter was actually born in Sydney. Anyway it really gave us a chance to clear our heads.Raphi is definitely better off for it.

nicole in paris on

@Annystyn – I am sorry for your loss. It must have been such a turbulant time to lose your husband and be about to give birth! Wow! seriously, I admire your strength. Congrats on the new babies though!

Anon on

What Nicole said!!