Sheryl Crow Carries Her Cutie

06/30/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
Michael Buckner/Wireimage

Look at that shy smile! Wyatt Steven Crow cuddles close to mom Sheryl Crow as they arrived at the EB Medical Research Foundation picnic on Sunday in Malibu, Calif.

The 2-year-old may look sweet here, but don’t let him fool you! Sheryl, 47, says her son is just like any other toddler his age!

“[He is] testing his boundaries and throwing mock tantrums. I find it so difficult not to laugh when he does this,” the singer shares. “I do everything I can to show him Iā€™m taking it seriously because he is so dramatic.”

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Laura on

He looks like Lance Armstrong.

aroundtheywaygirl on

What a handsome little man. Of my goodness…he’s beautiful with that cute mouth that wouldn’t melt better.

J on

Laura I was just about to say! As Wyatt ages he looks more and more like Lance to me.

Carrie Montag on

He looks like a little man!

Andrea_momof2 on

He’s a cute kid.

Becky on

He is… far, hands down, 100%, the CUTEST celebrity baby….next to Honor Warren!! What a doll and SUCH a boy. I love him!!!

Emily on

He is such a cutie and I’m actually wondering something. Since he was adopted by Sheryl, a famous person, do you think his birth parents ever see pictures of them and wonder if that is indeed their child that they gave up for adoption? Granted, I don’t know if they have an open adoption but I’m just assuming that his birth mother doesn’t know who adopted him. It would be an interesting thought.

Annabel on

I think he looks like a miniature Matt Damon. He’s a cutie.

Jill on

Wow. What a cutie!!

Angie on

Emily: I believe the adoption is closed, so it’s possible that the biological parents don’t even know that Sheryl was the one who adopted him.

Sammy-xx on

Emily, I often think about that.

He is gorgeous, such a handsome little man.

Jen DC on

That’s a good looking boy she’s got there! You can see a little mischievous personality peeking out.

Daisy on

I really do not get this resemblance to Lance Armstrong people go on about. He looks a lot like the actor Nick Stahl who was in Carnivale.
He is such a gorgeous little boy, and always seems so happy.

Brooke on

Wow he has grown!

So wonderful to see celebs bringing awareness to causes like EB!

Jane on

I agree that he looks like a baby Matt Damon, and kind of like Reese Witherspoon’s son too!

Christina Bledsoe on

He is really handsome and has a great name.

JMO on

omg he got so big and he’s so adorable!

eva on

Lance Armostrong? Matt Damon? Nick Stahl? I see Tom Brady in a smaller version =. Sheryl must be so happy with her little one.Love their smiles.

Stephany on

He is one adorable little boy!

Sarah M. on

Jane – I thought he looked like a younger Deacon Phillippe, too!

He is adorable! And I agree that you can see the deviousness in his eyes. Like he’s up to something!!

J on

Who’s “going on” about Wyatt looking like Lance, has it been mentioned around the web or something before? I didn’t mean to imply anything, he just looks like Lance to me. There’s nothing to “get”, its just a harmless comment or two regarding the way the comments about him looking like other stars are. šŸ™‚

cb on

What a cutie! I love buzz cuts on little boys, they always look adorable.

CelebBabyLover on

J- That poster was referring to the fact that, over the last two months or so, several different people here on CBB have been saying he looks like Lance. I doubt she meant to single you out personally! šŸ™‚

Michele on

He is SO cute! Before I read any comments I also thought that he reminds me of Lance Armstrong. I also agree with Becky that Wyatt is the cutest celebrity baby!

MZ on

Eva I’m with you…he looks like Tom Brady :-p

Jennifer on

What a handsome little guy! šŸ™‚

Alex on

I maintain my long held belief, Matt Damon and Tom Brady have joined forces and perfected and improved the cloning process, and Sheryl Crow is now parenting a hybrid version of the two of them.

Seriously though, Wyatt is adorable, his mum looks so happy and they make a truly stunning pair.

Heather on

It’s just so amazing that, will so many loving couples on several different waiting lists for years, single Sheryl comes out with a blond haired, blue eyed newborn. Gotta love celebrity and all of its fringe benefits.

Lissette on

Wyatt is such a little cutie!

Shannon on

Heather, you have no idea how long Sheryl may have been on a waiting list. She didn’t make any secret of the fact that she wanted kids, and she could have been sitting on a list for 5 years waiting to be chosen. And I’m sure she would have been just as happy with a baby with any color hair or eyes, Wyatt just happened to be the one who was placed with her. She adopted him as a newborn, so how on earth was she supposed to know how he was gonna look? My daughter had black hair at birth and is now a blue eyed blonde also, which I never would have seen coming. Just because these people are celebrities doesn’t mean they all use thier money to get thier way.

Wyatt is absolutely adorable! I love the haircut, and I love how totally happy he and Sheryl always seem to be together. He definitely looks like is a total BOY though. I bet he makes life very interesting for her!

brannon on

Blonde hair, blue eyed children are a fringe benefit? Are they somehow preferable to other orphans? And I also disagree that loving couples should receive favoritism over loving singles? Anyone who goes through the adoption process and wants a child to love is someone I admire. Jealousy is just not pretty. He is an adorable boy and they look so happy together.

nettrice on

Yeah. What’s with all the blond-haired, blue-eye baby comments? When Jessica Alba said she hoped her then unborn child had ‘color’ people on this site jumped all down her throat in the comments section. How sad!

Erika on

Wyatt is beautiful!! They always look so happy together! And even though he is obviously not, Wyatt could pass as Sheryl’s biological child. She seems so down to Earth, and seems like she would make such a great mother!!

Meredith on

He looks almost exactly like my son! What a doll!

Bella Mama on

he is absolutely gorgeous…

Daisy on

J, I wasn’t talking about you personally. If you go back over posts about Sheryl and Wyatt there will always be at least one person saying how much he looks like Lance. I believe there was once even a full blown conspiracy theory hatched that Sheryl had used Lance’s sperm and hired a surrogate. It just seems so ridiculous to me.

Heather on

Say what you will, but money puts you WAY at the top of the list for a white newborn. I’m not really going to entertain the PC comments by everyone, what I say is true. Rosie O’Donnell has been extremely candid about the advantages her celebrity and wealth have given her when it came down to being able to adopt perfectly healthy white newborns. And you can get as PC as you desire with your comments; however, nothing takes away from the fact that healthy, white newborns are extremely difficult to adopt when you are searching for a child. Plain and simple, end of story.

jacquiej on

I would say that it depends on the couple that is looking to adopt (or even the single person). I personally would not prefer to adopt a blond blue eyed baby because it wouldn’t fit in with the rest of the family. I think that is probably true with other families. In my family, I am blond and blue eyed but both of my children are darker complected and dark eyed. So I don’t know if it can be said anymore that blond blue eyed would be preferred…there are a lot of families that are mixed race or just have darker complexsions, etc.

Patricia on

What a handsome little dude! šŸ™‚

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clippers on

Wyatt is such a cute little guy!! He looks like an ornery one too. šŸ™‚

Alex on

What Heather said was harsh, but sadly, she’s probably quite correct. It’s horrible to think of, but money and fame seem to be able to get you anything.

Anon on

Ummm he does look like Tom Brady, a lot.

and when you get a newborn you don’t know what they’re going to come out like. Bjork is Icelandic for example a place where the majority of people have light hair and eyes, but she has dark hair and dark eyes and looks asiatic features. Genetics are really funny thing and when adopting a baby you don’t know what the child will really look like. To imply that Crow sought out a blonde/blue eyed baby and her money helped that cause..just seems so bizarre and out of touch to me.

Yes, healthy white babies are difficult to adopt. Babies period are difficult to adopt. However, I feel safe saying that majority of people adopting in this country are white. I also feel safe saying that the majority of babies put up for adoption in this country are minority either latino, asian, african american or mixed race. So I don’t think its this ‘everyone wants a white baby’ thing its just a matter of the numbers being what they are.

Does anyone know if it was a private adoption? Duh, in a private adoption money is definitely going to help you.

Shannon on

Thank you Anon. How on earth could she have used her money to get a blonde haired blue eyed baby, when she could have no way of knowing, when he was a newborn, what he was going to look like?

That’s all I’m saying. Just b/c these people are celebrities doesn’t mean they ALL use their money to get their way.

Andrea_momof2 on

I see a bit of the Tom Brady in him, but definitely more Matt Damon! A bit of Lance too. LOL either way, he’s beautiful and I’m sure Sheryl would be thrilled no matter who he looked like šŸ™‚

Sarah M. on

I’m almost afraid to read the comments anymore. For just about every single photo/article, a debate has to be started about something. It’s getting rather ridiculous, IMO. Yes, some celebs have used their status to adopt (Angie, Madonna, etc.), but not ALL of them do. This is the first thing I’ve read about Sheryl using her status to adopt her son. And even now, it’s 1 person speculating. It’s not even a known fact. Nothing that I have seen or heard even points to that being the case with this particular adoption. As others have said, also, a babies look changes over time. Just because they start out with one color hair and eyes, they often change later. Unless Sheryl had a magic mirror that let her look into the future, she had no way of knowing what Wyatt would look like as a toddler.

Every person is different, too. My whole family is Caucasian (not that I’m trying to be prejudice, just stating a fact!). My cousin and her husband have 4 boys. They all tan fairly well, and practically live outdoors. The oldest is ALWAYS shades darker than the younger 3. He sees his younger brothers with much fairer skin and sees his darker skin, and figures that he must be black because he’s so much darker. (He has been corrected about this multiple times, but doesn’t really seem to believe us sometimes!) My cousin had no way of knowing that 1 of her 4 would tan better than the others. That’s life. šŸ™‚

Illinoisan on

Sheryl Crow is one of my favorite singers of all time. I have seen her twice in concert and she is amazing. Sheryl always has so much energy and spark. I also love the lyrics in her music. I have all her albums and will keep buying them, because she is way awesome. It is amazing that Sheryl has adopted a boy from the USA who needed a good home. Many people like SJP went the surrogate route, as they wanted a baby instead of adopting but to me, there is nothing more honorable than adopting a child who doesn’t have a home. There are also several stars who have adopted babies and children from other countries, which is a good thing. However, they seem to have ignored the children back home. The world would be a better place, if we had more people like Sheryl. šŸ™‚

Mimi_MomOf4 on

Oh… this pic of Sheryl & her son makes me smile too! I haven’t seen a really great pic of Wyatt in a while, and this is a wonderful one. As always, Sheryl is helping out a great cause and also enjoying time with her son. They look so adorable and happy here. I wish them this joy today, tomorrow, and always!

chloe on

Heather It’s refreshing to read comments like yours. Not PC, just the truth.

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah M.- Angie does NOT use her status to adopt her children. I don’t know about when she adopted Maddox, as I didn’t follow her back then, but with Z and Pax, the adoption agencies she used (Wide Horizions and Adoptions from the Heart respectifully) said that she was given NO special treatment during her adoptions, had to follow the same rules as everyone else, and that the adoptions followed the countries’ rules.

With Pax, the reason she was able to adopt him as quickly as she did was because, as he was older, virtually all of his paperwork was already complete. Also, it has been said by either Angie or Adoptions from the Heart that the process to adopt Pax took nearly a year (and I’m assuming they mean from first choosing an adoption agency to work with to actually bringing Pax home, rather than just the amount of time it took from when Angie submitted paperwork in Vietnam to when she adopted Pax).

As for her adopting as a single parent…Legally, Angie IS single, and it’s the legal aspect that the adoption agency and the country you are adopting from is concerned with. For example, in Vietnam, legally married couples can adopt, and so can legally single parents.

To sum it all up, nobody can deny that Angie definently did not do what Madonna did (and I DO personally disagree with how Madonna went about her adoptions, but I’m happy that David and Mercy will have a better life than they probably would have in the orphanges)!

Anyway, I completely agree with the rest of your comment! Babies often look very different from what they end up looking like as adults or even older children. For example, my mom had white-blonde hair when she was a baby and a young child…But as she got older her hair darkened….and now she has very dark hair!

I, too, had much lighter hair as a kid than I do now. Also, just because a couple is, say, blonde-haired and blue-eyed is no guarantee their children will be, too! For example, my eye color is different from both of my parents’!

CelebBabyLover on

Anon- If I’m remembring correctly, it was indeed a private adoption.

CelebBabyLover on

Heather- I’m not sure Rosie is the best example to use, as, if I’m remembering correctly, she was adopting the kids as the second parent after her wife Kelly gave birth to them (I know Kelly at least gave birth to Vivienne, as I read somewhere that she had to have a C-section to have Vivienne)?

Christy on

He is the CUTEST celeb baby by far! Love his smile!

Sarah M. on

CelebBabyLover – According to, the only child that Kelli gave birth to herself was Vivienne. I don’t know if she adopted the other 3 first, and Rosie later. Or if Rosie adopted the others first, and then Kelli followed suit. Don’t quote me on this, it’s just what imdb says.

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah M.- Thanks for the explanation. I didn’t realize that. šŸ™‚