Liam and Stella McDermott Get the Giggles!

06/30/2009 at 03:00 PM ET

Gotcha! Stella Doreen McDermott swings in — with a little help from dad Dean — to surprise brother Liam Aaron, 2, on Sunday in Malibu.

After getting their giggles out, the family, including mom Tori Spelling, headed over to the Malibu Lumber Yard to attend the EB Medical Research Foundation picnic, hosted by Courteney Cox-Arquette.


Check out a posed family shot at the event below!

Jason Merritt/Getty

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Mary on

The top picture should be framed in their house!
It’s so funny because yesterday Tori posted pictures from their trip to the park on her Twitter!

alexa mackenzie on

beyond adorable picture

Heather on

Liam looks JUST like Aaron & Tori and Stella looks exactly like Dean. Such strong genes in that family!!

Amie on

Liam looks so grown up in the first pic; I had to do a double take.

Lyndsey on

I LOVE this family!!!

ang on

on this day, they had 2 separate strollers-those who’ve read mommywood would know what happened to the double stroller they had LOL but i would’ve thought they’d gotten another one. just an observation….and yep,tori goes nuts on her twitter with pics. there was 1 of jack and dean blowing in liam’s hair trying to make a wind tunnel he loved it LOL. stella is so precious ya could just cuddle her all day long =)

Becky on

Love love LOVE this family! Tori’s shirt in the first picture looks like a dress and not flattering but once you see the whole outfit in the second picture, I love the outfit and LOVE her shirt. I just love them.

Ashley on

There must be a weird angle or the wind was blowing in the first picture because Tori looks like she has a big baby bump. Is is just me or did anyone else notice that too?

Tee on

Ashley, at first glance I thought the same thing! I think it’s just the way that she’s bending over. I would love to see Tori and Dean have another child. They really seem to adore Jack, Liam and Stella.

Erin on

I would seriously not be surprised by a pregnancy announcement from them again soon, not because of the picture either..

Brooklyn on

Cute family shot!
I can’t get over how adorable Stella is!

Christina Bledsoe on

Tori and Dean are a really hands on family. I love that about them.

Kait on

Erin, just curious, if you don’t think a future pregnancy announcement will be because of these pictures and the loose shirt… what are you going on?

This is such a cute family, I just wish Tori would gain a few pounds. She’s so frail and it would suit her well!

Bancie1031 on

what is twitters? I have heard a lot of peeps talking about it but Idk what it is?????

Bancie1031 on

love the first photo ….. Liam and Stella are such beautiful children 😀 I wonder if Tori and Dean are going to have anymore

ang on

bancie it’s a networking site. go to if you sign up you create a profile for yourself and you can search and follow anyone you want(unless they block you!).it’s a way of updating what you’re up to with family,friends (& celebs!)you can message them, comment on their photos etc.

CelebBabyLover on

I have to chuckle at some of these comments. People have been going on and on for ages about how skinny Tori is (and, I admit, she HAS been very skinny lately!)…and now some people are claiming she’s pregnant (the same scenario seems to happen in regards to Angelina Jolie…although in that case it’s more the tabs than the general public making those comments)!

In anycase…Is it just me, or does it look like Tori has gained a couple of pounds?

Jane on

Take a look in the In Touch magazine and you’ll know she is not pregnant…she is very skinny in a bikini.

lovelyariq on

adorable, nice picture

allison on

I have a question- I started watching tori and dean home sweet hollywood after I started looking at this site and i must be watching a different show than some of you. Why is it that Tori only holds stella? And I do not see them being VERY hands on parents-not any more than the rest of the moms and dads out there- Tori acts like she cant take care of both of her kids on her own-What gives?

Anna on

They are such a sweet family. I love their show, but they both REALLY seem to favor Liam. 😦

jenny on

Allison: I have watched their show since it started, and Tori held Liam just as much as she does Stella when he was a baby. Liam is a very big daddy’s boy. He wants daddy if he is available. Their nanny Patsy holds Stella as much as Tori does. yeah, I am so over the too skinny thing. She was stick thin all through 90210, so don’t see the big deal. I can totally see them prego in the near future too!

Chicki on

Allison: I have been wondering the same thing about Gwen Stefani and how I ONLY see her carrying little Zuma these days! I haven’t seen her photographed with Kingston in quite awhile – what’s up with that?! He seems to have been dropped like a hot potato! 🙂

ericka on

i totally thought she was pregnant again in that first photo.

Emily on

I love the longer hair on Liam!! He is still my favorite celeb baby, hands down! (And I can’t wait to see Little Maven in stores!)

felicity on

Boy, those kids are all Dean.

CelebBabyLover on

Um- Didn’t Tori recently say that she and Dean don’t plan to have any more kids for awhile?

CelebBabyLover on

jenny- I may disagree about them being pregnant again in the near future (based on Tori’s comments), but I love how you worded it (“I can totally see THEM pregnant again in the future”.). It may be the woman who is phyiscially pregnant, but it takes two to make a baby, and most couples go through most of the experiences of pregnancy (minus the phyiscal ones, of course) together (attending doctor’s visits together, going to childbirth classes, etc.)

cowboymama06 on

sweet family, love their show on oxygen!

Bancie1031 on

Thanks ang …. I have been wondering about that for a lil while now lol …. will definitely have to check it out