Elisabeth Hasselbeck Dishes On Her Pamperless Pregnancy

06/30/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
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The news that Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her husband Tim were expecting their third child was quite the surprise. No one was quite as shocked, however, as the couple themselves! Two months into the pregnancy when she discovered the real reason behind her sudden tiredness, The View co-host was elated to find out her family would be expanding. “It was shocking, but a good shock,” she tells Entertainment Tonight. “Certainly, you can only plan so much in life.”

Her delayed response to the tell-tale signs of pregnancy is not coincidental, Elisabeth notes. Already mom to 4-year-old Grace Elisabeth and 19-month-old Taylor Thomas, the busy 32-year-old has little time to focus on herself. “‘Oh you’re pregnant and isn’t this special’ — that all happens with pregnancy number one. After that you’re too busy, you don’t even realize you’re actually pregnant,” she laughs.

“It’s not as, shall I say, pampered the third time around.”

While her mind may occasionally forget baby-on-the-way, her cravings indicate otherwise! “I did the cha cha cha diet: chips, chocolate, and cheese straight through, that works for me!” she reveals. Happy to indulge herself now, following the birth of her children, Elisabeth buckles down to regain her body after baby. Her efforts don’t go unnoticed; When she returned to her seat on The View shortly after welcoming Taylor, her fabulous figure had viewers seeking advice on shedding the pounds. “People ask me, ‘How did you lose the weight?'” she shares.

“I did not lose the weight. I know exactly where every pound is in Central Park that I ran off. I can point to a staircase and say, ‘I ran those thirty times … flight after flight.’ They’re not lost, they’re still waiting for me to find them one day, I’m sure.”

With baby due on August 11th and Tim scheduled to work for ESPN as an analyst, Elisabeth is not looking forward to what her postpartum life will entail. Her solution? Call in the troops or, in her case, both her mother and mother-in-law! “I’ve already booked out our moms for August. ‘Hey Mom, you’re coming here [and] Betsy, you’re coming on August whatever,” she says. “I have the moms on call because I honestly could not get through that period after [the baby arrives]. It’s hard for me after. I wish it were easy, I’d have 12!”

Even with the extra set of hands — in addition to support from Tim, an “incredible husband, father, and best friend” — the soon to be mom-of-three frequently suffers from a sense of guilt as a working mother.”I’m still always feeling guilty over something,” Elisabeth shares. Although the pangs of guilt vanish when she is spending quality time with her brood, her responsibilities to her show have her juggling her career with the constant demands of motherhood. One thing that won’t change, she says, is that her family holds the top spot on her list of priorities.

“They always say there’s a ball up in the air. So, make sure that one’s not the kids. They’re my priority, they really are over everything.”

Click below to read about how Elisabeth makes life easier by bringing the kids to work.

Fortunately, to lessen her guilt, bringing her babies to work is an option Elisabeth takes full advantage of. “I bring my kids to work sometimes and it’s really fun,” she explains. Noting that her co-hosts are “great with kids and my kids love them,” there is nothing like life on set with a toddler! “Grace will walk into their offices, even with Barbara [Walters],” she laughs.

“Barbara is on an important call with, like, Sadat. [Grace yells], ‘Barbara!’ and I’m like, ‘Grace! Come back! Maybe later…”

While the pregnancy announcement may have caught her fans off guard, details of the delivery day will be no secret, at least for her dedicated Twitter followers. “I’ll be tweeting probably right through birth,” she giggles.

“Tim asked me, ‘Are you going to tweet through birth?’ I might let people know what’s going on … my screams for help should be heard across the globe!”

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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Dickie on

She knows Sadat is dead, right?

Liv on

Even though I do not agree with a lot of her views, she seems very family oriented. And like a great mother!

Anon on

Dickie – Probably not.

ellen on

Dickie, I would hope she’s talking about Jehan Sedat. The blonde bimbo image can only be Elizabeth’s excuse for so long…
Not sure why she called her “Sedat”. It’s rather disrespectful. Either she doesn’t know her first name or thinks there would be nothing wrong with people refering to her as “Hassleback”.

I have never liked it when parents admit so publicly that a pregnancy was not planned. This new baby will be reading in several years time that his older siblings were planned but he was not. We all know the “oopsie” babies are usually loved just as much as the planned ones but when you’re a kid you don’t always see things like that.

Not sure what she meant by “it’s hard for me after”. It’s hard for everyone dear. You’re not the first person to have babies. I do believe women have been doing it for centuries but correct me if I’m wrong.

Caitie on

I think she means that it’s harder for some women than others which, you know, is true. I have a friend who was bed ridden for two weeks after her daughter was born because her 40 hour natural labor coupled with nursing a brand new baby every hour on the hour drained her so much that she barely had the energy to get up and go to the bathroom by herself. Now, I’m SURE there are women out there who had longer labors and nursed constantly for the first few days and were fine. For whatever reason, it hit my friend harder and she took WEEKS to recuperate. Just because women have been doing it for centuries doesn’t mean it’s the same for everyone.

Jane on

Ellen- I didn’t think she meant Jehan Sedat- I think she said Sadat by mistake.

I don’t think that when she said ““it’s hard for me after” that she meant she has it harder than for other people. She was just describing the state of affairs and why she needs help after… I’m sure she would agree that it’s hard for everyone afterwards and most people would want help!

I don’t care for her political opinions, but I’ll defend her here- that she was fine here in what she said about it being hard afterwards!

Mary on

First of all, Her last name is HasselbEck. And don’t be so rough on her. Interviews take things out of context so often. Displaced anger, much?
I love her daughter’s name, but not so crazy about Taylor Thomas.
I also think it’s a load of doody that she’s the only conservative on “The View”. Not much of a view, with 4 dems and 1 republican, if you ask me.

Angie on

“Displaced anger, much?”

I don’t see anything in Ellen’s comment that would indicate anger. Your comment was very rude.

Kirsten on

I don’t agree with Elisabeth on all her political views, but delivering a child is hard and recovering is hard! People jump all over her all the time which I don’t think is warranted! I don’t blame her for wanting help, her husband will probably be out of state and she will have two small children to take care of plus a newborn. Yes people do it all the time, but why bash someone for admitting they need help? Women are too critical and should be more supportive of each other!

danigirl on

Ellen, way to sound condescendng. I’m not a fan of Hasselbeck but nowhere did she say she was the first woman to ever have a baby or act like she was some special snowflake due to her experiences. And just because “women have been doing it for centuries” doesen’t mean that we don’t struggle with birth or motherhood sometimes. Its all part of being HUMAN – celebrity or not.

chloe on

Ellen “dear” Why so ugly about EH? She seems perfectly nice. She’s just giving an interview. Cut her some slack.

Amandamay on

Whoa. Yet again a light-hearted piece gets people up in arms. I’m not a fan of Elisabeth but I found this piece sweet and silly. This woman can’t catch a break. It seems that no matter what she says, people will find fault. I feel sorry for her (And I agree with the poster who thinks the odds are very against her on “The View” – Even though I’m more of a liberal and tend to agree with the majority on The View, you get a VERY skewed perspective on that show. The viewpoints should be more equally represented – As it is, it’s almost unbearably uncomfortable to watch as they all gang up against Elisabeth) Like I said, I’m no fan, but I choose to respect people even if they have beliefs very different than mine. Who am I to say my beliefs are the correct beliefs? True liberals are open-minded, not just “open-minded as long as you agree with me” Cut Elisabeth some slack. This was a light-hearted piece about her family life. To me she comes off as self-deprecating and very normal. She seems like a happy, kind woman who loves her family. How horrible.

Marla on

I love Elisabeth! I didn’t see anything negative about her comments and was suprised to see so many post bashing her. I cannot wait to hear what they name baby #3. Like Mary, I am not a fan of the name Taylor Thomas, but think Grace is a cute name.

Sarah M. on

Amen, Kirsten, amen! A family that I sit for have a 2 1/2 year old and now have a newborn, as well. The dad travels during the week for work often. I offered before they even had the new baby to come and sit with her periodically so the mom can have some 1-on-1 time with the toddler. Or to watch both girls so that she can catch a nap or some time for herself. There’s nothing wrong with needing help sometimes, no matter what your profession happens to be!

Erin on

I assumed she meant Anwar Sadat, the Egyptian president who was murdered some three decades ago. Walters has mentioned she interviewed him many times – before he died.

Lisa on

And she is calling in the kids grandmothers, not a few nanny’s or hiring temporary help. not that there is anything wrong with that, but grandma’s will spoil not only the kids but her too.

Lorelei on

I agree that it’s a lighthearted piece with her opinion and feelings. Put another celebrities name on it and I wonder if it would receive the same negative comments. My youngest was not planned for that time and as a child he really doesn’t care-he’s here, loved and part of our family. He wasn’t a mistake, he was a bonus!
The “dear” and the “blonde bimbo image” do make it sound condescending to me. Agree or disagree with her ideas on parenting and otherwise she is entitled to express her opinions.

fay on

a) the first thing i thought abt when i read this was “isn’t sadat dead?”

b) i don’t think it’s so much that elisabeth is the only republican, because i don’t see mary matalin having the same problems as she does and i consider myself to be very right leaning… it’s like, when u KNOW ur kids are trying to b.s. u because they don’t realize u pulled the same “schemes” when u were a kid… she just always seems like the parent who BELIEVES her daughters hickey is from making purple nurples, or because she ran into a door… she’s “drinking the kool-aid” at a table w/ whoopi goldberg and barbara walters one of the most notable social commentators and one of the BEST reporter/ interviewer of all time… she doesn’t really stand a chance to keep peddling the crock of b.s. she should read more and think more critically and she’d probably get further in the debates…

c) i dont like her or taylor thomas’ name, but DANG if those aren’t some beautiful children…

Daisy on

Guess we can tell what kind of site this is….love Elisabeth I think she will be having another boy!

Jaclyn on

It was a fun piece with a little humour and should be taken as such! Anyone who follows The View or Elisabeth, knows how much much she loves her kids and how hard it was to have the first two (especially Taylor) and that the fact that number three came so easily was the big shock.

Lighten up girls, do we honestly think Barbara would allow Grace to interrupt her 😉

Me on

I hope you people aren’t as hard on the people actually in your lives as you are this woman! Talk about judgmental. As several said earlier, Elizabeth just can’t catch a break.

Lily on

I was thrown by the Sadat reference, too. Although Barbara has said many times (most recently in her memoir) that Jehan Sadat is a dear friend of hers. But in that case “Mrs. Sadat” would be more appropriate.

Anna on

Why is it that whenever Elisabeth Hasselbeck shows up, people always say “I don’t agree with her political views, but congrats to her” or something along those lines.

But when the vast majority of celebrities are liberal, you don’t see Republicans posting “While I don’t agree with Christina Agulera/Gwen Stefani/Brooke Sheilds/etc political views…”

I don’t know if this makes sense, but it just really annoys me how being Republican is treated as this unusual, controversial thing.

Nicole on

So you disagree with the woman’s political views…so what? I have so much more respect for people who disagree on the issues and do not need to resort to playground insults like “blonde bimbo” in order to get their point across.

I think she was just trying to be real and honest. As you can see Ellen, it really stinks when people dissect every comment you make. Maybe you won’t be so critical next time.

Steph on

I love when women or even men say that a pregnancy was not planned. If you are engaged in certain activites and not utilizing any form of birth control…it can lead to a baby. Most people know this. Just because you didn’t say “let’s go make a baby” right before, does not mean it wasn’t planned….or an accident.

Valerie on


Elisabeth is different from the other celebrities you mention (Christina Agulera/Gwen Stefani/Brooke Sheilds) because she, unlike many other celebrities, is often discussing/debating politics, so there are just more instances in which her views are made public and thus more instances for the public to argree or disagree with her. Also, I think she attracts more scrutiny than others because she is a pretty extreme Republcian unlike more moderate Republicans such as Megan McCain or others. Anyway, I don’t think comparing Christina Agulera/Gwen Stefani/Brooke Sheilds or even other celebrities in general to Elisabeth is a good comparison, considering the panel/forum from which she expresses her views daily.

Lisa on

Great point Anna!!!!

Anon on

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa..

Some of you LOVE to hate. She could have been talking about Jehan Sadat who is actually quite famous and is known for public speaking. Secondly I don’t see how call her by her last name is disrespectful, thats her NAME, turn on CNN or BBC these people are always referred to by their last names.

I’m not a fan of Elsabeths but shes never come across as a Blonde Bimbo..Not because shes is republican, I just think she whiny. However, I don’t recall her ever being on the arm of Hugh Hefner, I’ve never seen her in FHM, I’m pretty sure she went to college and is making her own money. AND shes been married for the the majority of the time shes been famous..so where is this bimbo stuff coming from?

michelle on

I hate all the rudeness towards Elisabeth (or anyone). Where have our manners gone? Would your mothers be proud of the way you are speaking about another human being?

I love her comments about losing the baby weight. She worked her butt off to get her body back and isn’t trying to pass it off like she lost it breastfeeding.

Anon on

“What do you think of Obamas healthcare plan?”

“Turns out Jackson indeed has a will….”

“Palin Criticized the medias….”

Thats after switching to 3 different stations, calling someone by their last name only is nothing new. And MOST babies aren’t planned, and I think most people realize that..I don’t see how that would have any consequence on a childs self-esteem.

Stacy on

I love how she says she will call in the troops, but fails to mention the nannies. Typical.

Aaron on

Good, I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who thinks that some of this negativity may stem from the fact that Elisabeth is a Republican. I have to wonder that if a well-known “radical” democrat had made the same comments as in the interview, if they would be met with the same sort of petty scrutiny? It’s just sad that some people cannot get past what party a person is affiliated with in order to comprehend what they are saying. It’s almost as if these people need a couple of translators: One for the Republicans and one for the Democrats. Not that there’s really much difference between the Republicans and Democrats anymore, but I digress.

Anyway, Elisabeth seems like any normal, completely worn-out mom. It’ll be a challenge at first for her to juggle three children after the big day arrives, but she’ll figure it all out. Best of luck to Elisabeth and her family.

Helena on

Regardless of whether you agree with her opinions/political views, this woman actually has opinions and isn’t afraid to express them: she seems intelligent unlike, let’s face it, a lot of young women on TV, but she just gets criticism because people disagree with what she believes. She definitely isn’t a bimbo.
I think she’s a good role model for going against the typical trend by actually not being afraid to say what she believes. I admire her very much for that.
She seems like a great mother and I think there’s something very relatable about her.
I also think people read too much in to things sometimes.

Erin on

I didn’t know that she may have be referring to a living Sadat., (Anwar’s widow?) If so, I back off my first post. With the exception of Ellen’s comment, I can’t say that any of the posts have attacked her for being an outspoken Republican. That certainly wasn’t my intention. I totally disagree with her politics, but I agree that she has the right to her opinions and good for her for expressing them. But she was hired to air them, right? I don’t give kudos to Joy Behar for being an outspoken liberal. The whole point of the show is to share your view. No need to congratulate someone for doing their job.

Cat on

She is a republican… and that is why people attack her. If she was a liberal and not a conservative, none of what she says or does would be a problem. People can say that they aren’t judgmental based on someone’s political views, but they are wrong. It happens every time she is mentioned in the media people are on attack mode for things she says about her kids, pregnancy, etc.
Being a conservative myself I love her and respect her immensely. Back off people. Don’t worry so much about her and worry more about how our President in going to run this country into the ground.

Mary-Helen on

Elisabeth is so cute, I love her lighthearted take on things. I am having my third and am due around the same time as Elisabeth and can really relate to alot of her comments.

However, it seems like so many people hate her for the silliest reasons. She’s a Republican and doesn’t kowtow to the rest of the View’s panel. Personally, while I don’t agree with some of her opinions, I give her alot of mad props for going out on TV every day and expressing her “Views” on life, religion, and politics.

Jane on

Cat- you say “If she was a liberal and not a conservative, none of what she says or does would be a problem.” No way! This is really not true and such an extreme statement.

Just because I’m a Democrat does not mean that I would automtically agree with everything another Democrat does or says!

Plus, not everyone here is attacking Elisabeth..most people seemed to enjoy the story!

Anna on

I would never call Elisabeth’s views “extreme.” The people who think Elisabeth is an extreme Republican are probably the same type of people who think Obama is moderate.

ellen on

Erin posted:

“With the exception of Ellen’s comment, I can’t say that any of the posts have attacked her for being an outspoken Republican”

Excuse me. Can you point out where I “attacked” her for being a Republican? As someone who doesn’t even live in the US her political point of views mean very little to me. Elizabeth in general means absolutely nothing to me. I would want no harm to come to her but I don’t care that she’s sprewing out No. 3 and I certainly don’t care for her holier than thou attitude.

Erin on

Ellen, I again stand corrected. You didn’t attack her for being a Republican. You attacked her as being a blonde bimbo. She may be blonde (unnaturally!) but she’s no bimbo. And that’s coming from someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy Elisabeth. Can you tell me in what way she’s ever behaved like the unflattering portrayal you described. Yeah, didn’t think so.

Heather on


“Elizabeth in general means absolutely nothing to me. I would want no harm to come to her but I don’t care that she’s sprewing out No. 3 and I certainly don’t care for her holier than thou attitude.”

Wow, you were certainly interested in Elizabeth enough to

A) Read the story and
B) leave a comment

Thanks for the laugh! 🙂

Missy on


“I don’t care that she’s sprewing out No. 3”

Then why come to a site that is all about celebrities having babies? And it’s “spewing”, not “sprewing”. Lighten up.

Katie on

Elisabeth posts can get so controversial! It’s kind of sad- she always has cute, light-hearted stories and seems like a great mom, a nice and down-to-earth woman! I usually don’t agree with her, but I always give her props on not caving into others’ beliefs and sticking to what she thinks is right.

Kasee on

It’s kind of sad that when someone doesn’t agree with Elisabeth’s political opinions, they view her children as merely spawn. Nice. At least when you watch the View, you get to agree with 4 people. I like watching because I generally like the show (format, guests, etc.) but try thinking about what it’s like to have more conservative viewpoints and watch. It’s nice to have someone stick up for what we’re thinking at home too. It just stinks that people have this hatred of Elisabeth and her family because she respectfully holds different viewpoints.

TV on

Stacy- That’s because the only time Elisabeth uses nannies is when she is at work on The View. Considering that she will be on maternity leave and the show will be on hiatus at the time this baby is due that makes her statement correct. Any other time when you see Elisabeth or Tim with their children there aren’t any nannies around. It was like that when they were in AZ for the birth of Taylor and up to their relocating back to NYC.

Alicia on

Lordy people this is suppose to be a comment section regarding Elizabeth & not for you to go back & forth about yourselves. Go to Twitter or Facebook.
What bothered me was the chips, chocolate, cheese pregnancy diet but she buckles down afterward to get her body back. Chips & chocolate are great for a growing baby but not her daily life????