Meet Marion and Tabitha Broderick!

06/29/2009 at 10:10 PM ET

It’s the Broderick twins! Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick — along with big brother James Wilkie! — proudly introduce their 7-day-old baby girls, Marion Loretta Elwell (l) and Tabitha Hodge (r), in a photo released Monday evening.

The twins, delivered by surrogate, arrived June 22nd in Ohio.

Robyn Layton

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danigirl on


Mallory on

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! What an adorable picture! You can practically see the love seeping out of SJP and Matthew! 🙂

Jessica on

So beautiful, I love their dark hair. They look like little dolls.

Lily on


Christine on

beautiful photo!
congrats to them and I wish them all the very best!

Mina on

GORGEOUS!!! ❤ I'm so happy for them! =)

Heather on

Simply lovely!!!

Sarah on

Awww, soo cute! They look really happy!

Mary-Helen on

They are sooo cute! Love the natural photo, with James looking intrigued and a little jealous.

Christina Bledsoe on

Wow, I never realized it before I saw this picture, but James looks a lot like mommy Sarah Jessica Parker.

Jane on

What a pretty picture! I wish the Parker-Broderick family all the best with their sweet babies.

Allison on

adorable, They look Identical. but when my twins, Addalyis and Jeweliannada were fraternal but so looked so alike at birth.

they look like a hhappy family.

Kristine on

soo beautiful! does anyone know if they are identical? they look it!

Andrea_momof2 on

I’m extremely happy for them!

JC on


Lori on

How sweet. I have twins, it kicks butt, truly awesome. Especially after the first two months 🙂

lulusass on

They have the same little nose and same little mouth, even seen to have the same little face…maybe Marion’s face is a little longer and Tabitha’s a little more petite but they do look almost identical….how lovely.

marla on

so precious! congrats to them.

Sam on

What a lovely family photo!

Marion and Tabitha are beautiful!

Kelli on

I’m glad James finally becamea big brother. Congratulations!

Chelsea on

What a beautiful family!

ZBP on

I think they r cute. tabitha is a wonderful name and marion liked when i heard it.

Megan on

these babies look like true identicals. it looks as if they copied the baby in MB’s arms and pasted her into SPJ’s arms. their heads, their hair, their face.. precious.

Sarah M. on

They look like identicals to me, also! How precious!! They are a beautiful family. Incidentally, does anyone know if they are biologically both SJP’s and MB’s? (It doesn’t matter either way, really. I’m just trying to picture how they might look when they’re older. They will be beautiful, regardless!)

Catherine on

So gorgeous!!! You’d assume they’re fraternal, not identical. When using IVF they implant multiple embryos (usually) so the twins are most likely due to that instead of splitting.

Ellie on

this is a beautiful picture, and oh my gosh look at all that hair! I wonder if they are identical or not…?

Annie on

Such a beautiful pic. I wish the best to them

Liliana on

Those girls are beautiful and the entire family is beaming with joy. I wish them nothing but the best for years to come.

one_love on

How adorable! And the baby on the left looks like a ginger!! Yay to finally cutting James’s hair!!

Sage on

Beautiful. I am glad they finally were able to have the children they have been wanting for awhile.

megan on

great pic!!

lala on

Awww! That just melts my heart. SJP & MB look so in awe and full of love with their girls.

I always find it hilarious that in pictures of newborn twins (well, okay, the only other one I remember is the Jolie-Pitt’s picture) that they always seem to be looking at one twin and the other is like just there, hello, what about me! 😀 LOL

Congratulations! So happy for them! ♥ ♥ ♥

Alex on

That picture is adorable! And James looks just like his mamma!

Ava on

beautiful! I wish them the best.
And thank goodness they cut James’ hair.

Paige on

What a beautiful family.

Marion and Tabitha are going to grow up to be as beautiful as SJP.

Sarah M. on

lala – I’ve seen that a lot in twin pictures, also. However, it doesn’t seem to be entirely the case here. SJP and James are looking at Marion and it looks like MB is looking at James, not Marion. (At least that’s how it looks to me, looking at MB’s right eye. :)) But you are right. Tabitha is just on her own to the right, snoozing away!!

Alex on

Sweet babies! They look identical to me.

Sarah on

Wow! Soooo cute and truly identical. Love their little button noses! And JB’s face: priceless. I love the look of love and contentment (and possibly relief!) on SJP and MB’s faces. As much as anyone, they are entitled to happiness, and an extended family, no matter what the means or the method (as long as it’s legal of course!)

Jenna on

My fraternal twins looked nothing alike from birth, but I brought the nail polish to the hospital just in case…lol! BUT, let us not forget that MaryKate and Ashley are also fraternal and they could pass for identical (maybe not now but when they were younger). I would assume these little ladies are fraternal as well. The family is so adorable and they just radiate happiness. JamesW has some major big brother duties to deal with in the future! I wish them the very best of luck!

Sarah on

my boys are fraternal and nearly one and still only me and my husband can tell them apart!
So happy for them x Beautiful Family x

maggie on

This is so so so cute! What a great way to realese a pic of the twins! Yea,sure we all want the magazine layout with the interview but this is a neat thing to do also!

Erin on

I’m so happy for Sarah Jessica, Matthew and James. I wish them the best with their newest additions. The girls are beautiful!

Bumbles on

Gorgeous, I love their noses and James’ face peeking over!

Alana on

beautiful girls, beautiful family! all the best!

Alex on

It’s difficult to tell much about their looks from this angle, but they sure are cute. This has been a big enough thing now for even the BBC News website to feature the picture, and they never do that!

Sabina on

What a lovely photo.. They look so happy!
I wish them all the best 🙂

CTBmom on

I love this picture! So natural. You can just see how happy and content they all are. Congrats to the whole family!

Amanda on

What a loveley photo. They all looks so enamored and delighted that the twins have finally arrived. And what cuties they are. You can tell by Mum, Dad and big brother’s faces that these girls are going to be dearly loved.

Having said that, my first thought was “Matthew, support Tabitha’s neck!”

NZ Casey on

Oh WOW!! so adorable, i want!!

Kiko on

I wonder if it is difficult for a surrogate to ‘give up’ the children she carried for nine months? I know that there is a contract and an agreement and for lack of a better way to say it, this is a business agreement but I am wondering how a surrogate feels after everything is said and done? It must be a bit difficult to part with the babies that have been kicking you for nine months. Just wondering?

Whitney Sterk on

sooooo cute- I love this fam – SJP has always been a favorite of mine… and Matthew is so cute(especially on stage) The babies sure do look alike from the profile side…… and I love the name Marion.

Lisa on

Beautiful family. 🙂

Hea on


Shannon on

What gorgeous little girls! I am so happy for the entire family, it’s wonderful to see something they have waited for for so long finally happen. I love all 3 kids’ names, and I wish the beautiful family all the love, health and happiness they could ever ask for!

Shelby on

What a sweet family picture!! Congrats to them!

Kiko–I don’t think I could ever be a surrogate because of what you say (too hard to give up the baby/ies you just carried). However, I have a friend who was a surrogate, and she said that she had felt that this was something she could do for someone in need, and never felt that they were “her” children, but that she was just helping someone out, so she was able to give them to the “other” parents without feeling like she was giving part of herself away. hope that makes sense.

Sandra on

How wonderful, they all look so happy!

Ana on

how beautiful! Judging from that picture the babies look identical, especially the nose! Im not sure if they have stated whether they are identical but i guess time will tell!

Beautiful family, and the two girls totally complete the parker-brodericks!

Dickie on

I know its probably too early to tell but – they look identical! did they say twins or did they say fraternal twins when they made the announcement?

Gorgeous picture and I am so happy for them!

fuzibuni on

haha… i can totally relate to that look on james’ face. i was the oldest out of 4 and when my mom brought home twin boys (unexpectedly!) i wasn’t sure what to make of them either. everyone else was so thrilled, but i was wondering how i really felt about it. good luck jamesie!

Kym on

What a beautiful photo,Im surprised they are showing us pictures so soon,and happy they are not selling them to the tabloids or letting the pap’s get the first public photo.James does look like Sarah in that photo as well.

Jas on

Beautiful picture!!

lucy80 on

i also wonder if they are sarah actual eggs, especially at her age.
i guess we may never find out.
sweet babies

Daisy on

This is such a sweet picture im so happy for the family, CONGRATS!!!

Jen on

One word: YAY!

Jackie on

OH! WHAT SWEET LITTLE THINGS!! SJP and Matthew (and James Wilkie too!) are soooo lucky!! They are my third favorite celebrity couple, behind the Watts-Schreibers and Meyer-Maguires. Marion and Tabitha will certainly grow up in a warm and loving home. Welcome to the world, little ones!!

bungalowbliss on

Be still, my ovaries! They are just beautiful. What a lovely family photo!

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clippers on

Awww what a sweet picture!! They look so very happy with their new little ones and those babies are just precious.

N on

So cute! Didn’t they release a photo of James Wilkie on their own time fairly early also? Or am I imagining things (highly likely!)

Anyway… beautiful family and I am so excited for them!

Christina on

What an adorable family! Congrats to them!!!!

Alyssa on

Hmmm…Marion’s hair looks a little longer than her sister’s.

Cute family! I’m having a girl in Oct. Can’t wait to hold my little one!

Deb on

N,they posed on the steps of the hospital the day they took James home.

Terri on

Beautiful family.

maggie on

Congrats Alyssa!! All the best to you and yours

kmf on

What a beautiful family photo. Congrats to them!

MammaDucky on

Too cute! They look more alike than my identical twins did at birth (although that was due to a weight difference). Doesn’t matter either way, cute picture.

celine on

Congrats to the Parker-Broderick famuly!

Ashley on

I do love this picture, very beautiful. It has irked me from the moment I saw it though that not only is Matthew not supporting Tabitha’s neck, but they are all looking at Marion… Just my view of this picture, although it is cute. Tabitha needs some attention too! lol

Ashleigh on

Ashley. Matthew is looking at his son, not the other twin!

I love this image so sweet

Shannon on

UH, her neck is supported. Can you not see his arm under her? It’s not like her head is flopping all over the place here. Everyone carries their baby on the crook of their arm like that at some point or another. Why, oh why, must there always be that one or two people are so darn determined to find fault with EVERYTHING? It’s a lovely picture of a beautiful family celebrating their 2 new babies, and anyone finding fault is just being deliberately over-critical.

liza on

great photo. happy family.xx

Elizabeth on

What a sweet family photo

Shelby on

I have a 10-week-old baby (my third) and I’ve noticed it often appears as if someone is not supporting the baby’s head/neck, but when I’m holding him (and know that I’m supporting it), it looks the same way. So, Matthew probably is supporting her just fine–it just doesn’t look like it. just my 2 cents . . . .

maggie on

they are sooooooo cute and they’re gonna be more stylish than suri. they seem so happy and i wish them the best of luck.

Patrice on

What a couple of beauties! I wondered if and when we would see them : )

jashmom on

What a beautiful family photo!!! Congrats!!

JMO on

So adorable!

FC on

They’re cute, and right now they do look like identicals. Well, they have identical side profiles, anyway…lol. But they’re beautiful from what I see, and I’m happy for Sarah, Matthew and James. They look like such a happy little family with two new additions to love. 🙂

CPayne on

Beautiful girls. I know that they were carried by a surrogate but are they biologically SJ and MB? Just curious. Those are two very lucky little girls.

pyjammy on

so sweet! i doubt they’re ID but who knows? their hairlines definitely look different. my triplets are identical so i’m an expert. ha ha! 😛

Jules on

What a beautiful photo. Three gorgeous kids. lucky them

Kelly on

What a beautiful picture! I’m so happy for the family. James sure looks proud to be a big brother. Wish them all the best!

lolita on

It is just me or they are looking a lot like James??? 🙂

cas on


Alice on

pyjammy, I’m an identical twin, so I spotted the difference in hairlines also. It sounds strange, but another easy thing to spot on fraternals are the differences in the shape of ears.

I was hoping we’d get to see a photo of the babies with their mommy, daddy and big brother. Now I want to see a closeup of their faces though!

Mia on

So cute. James Wilkie definitely has Matthew’s face shape, but he looks mostly like his mother. The twins are adorable. It’ll be fun to see how they look as they are a bit older. They are so new 🙂

Nika on

Gorgeous babies! Beautiful picture! Sweet sweet family!!!!

I wish you all the best!

Amanda on

Matthew is supporting Tabitha’s neck just fine, so calm down people. You can clearly see his arm is right under her neck, her head is resting on the crook of his arm. Chill out.

Gigohead on

Beautiful babies! Congrats to the Brodericks!

dolleybots on

beautiful babies! 😀

Bancie1031 on

WOW they look identical …. wonder if they are? They are beautiful …. congratulations once again to this family 😀

Sarah M. on

Does anyone know if mirror-image twins can be identical? With mirror-image twins, everything is (like the name) like they are looking into a mirror. 1 is right-handed, the other left-handed. 1 the hair parts on the left, the other on the right. Etc. I think they can be identical, though. Maybe we’ll find out, maybe not. 🙂

Sarah M. on

So, I found the answer to my question. Mirror-image twins are identical.

twisted on

What a wonderful and beautiful family. May all the negativity that has surrounded this couple in recent years be washed away finally. They are in love with each other and their family. Hopefully they will be left alone to raise these children surrounded by that love. Best wishes to the Brodericks!!

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah M- Actually, I think mirror-image twins are virtually ALWAYS identical. The mirror-imaging has something to do with how long after fertilization the egg split.

Anyway, they’re adorable! I hope they call them Tabby and Mary. That’d be so cute! 🙂

Deb on

I love pictures where it isnt posed, its more candid, just showing the love! GREAT FAMILY PICTURE!

diana on

It’s very early, but I think they both look like daddy. What a blessing to have them! Congratulations!

pyjammy on

Alice – that’s one of the ways we knew our boys were identical right away – their ears all had the same quirks! 🙂

jackie on


Laura on

I wonder if all the rumors of Matthew cheating on Sarah were really them interviewing surrogate mothers??? Just a thought. We will probably never know if Sarah used her own eggs other than if the children look like them, that would be the only way to know. And isn’t Sarah from Ohio?? Kind of neat the surrogate was from Ohio too

Stella on

How sweet! It’s lovely to see Sarah with that new mom glow even though she wasn’t pregnant.
On a side note, the name Tabitha Broderick is growing on me.

ericka on


are they biologically theirs?

Julie on

Kiko, I gave birth to surrogate twins a week before SJP and Matthew Broderick’s surrogate gave birth. And, honestly, the entire time I was pregnant I didn’t feel like I was pregnant at all. I had to constantly remind myself that I was, had to think when people asked when I was due and what I was carrying. The minute the babies were born the mom was in the delivery room and she held them. 16 days later and I feel like an aunt, not the surrogate. I don’t remember the time they were in me and it wasn’t that long ago. I hold them almost every day helping the mom and I just feel like my good friend gave birth, not me.

I knew for a long time that I could do it, just needed to get the chance. And, I’m proud that I did. The childless couple I helped couldn’t be happier. I wouldn’t regret what I did and want to do it again in the future after giving my body a much needed break!

I’m sure for some the post partum might be difficult. But, with most of my surro-sisters as well as with me we didn’t have a hard time at all. From conception to delivery we were just baby sitting. The best part is seeing the happiness that one can bring to another couple, seeing them go from a couple to a family.

Sarah M. on

CelebBabyLover – That’s what the article I read said. That they are indeed ALWAYS identical. That mirror-image twins occur when the egg splits at 9-12 days. That if the egg splits any later than that, it results in conjoined twins. Learn somethin’ new every day, huh…

Those babies will sure be brought up with a ton of love! So happy for all of them!!

CelebBabyLover on

In regards to the twins being biologicaly theirs…I believe they used fertility treatments to concieve James, and tried fertility treatments again before turning to surrogacy (speaking of which, I’ve read that Sarah’s probably was being able to STAY pregnant rather than her eggs not being viable and her not being able to get pregnant in the first place.). Therefore, it’s very possible that they impregnated the surrogate with some of the embryos left over from the IVF attempts (which likely were from Sarah’s eggs and Matthew’s sperm). Just wanted to throw that out there!

Anyway, I really don’t think it matters whether or not Tabby and Mary (that’s what I’m calling them, at least until if/when Sarah and Matthew say what their “offical” nicknames are, as those nicknames are just too cute! Plus, Tabitha and Marion is kind of a mouthful to say/write!) are Sarah and Matthew’s biological children. What matters is that, despite being a bit premature, they are healthy and loved. 🙂

Even if they DID use donor eggs, I’m sure Sarah and Matthew will love them every bit as much as they love James! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I wonder why Mary has two middle names and Tabby has only one (not criticzing Sarah and Matthew at all, just geniuinely curious!)?

Laura on

Did Sarah and Matthew use their own sperm and egg for these babies?

CelebBabyLover on

Laura- Please read my comment above. It isn’t anybody’s business if the twins are biologically Sarah and Matthew’s (and BTW, I’m guessing that at least Matthew’s sperm was used. I don’t know why they would have gone with a sperm donor, as it was Sarah, not Matthew, who was having the fertility issues), and it doesn’t matter, either. All that matters is that Tabby and Mary are healthy and loved. 🙂

Sorry for getting defensive. I just can’t stand it when people are constantly saying, “Are those kids biologically theirs?”. If I had kids and some asked me that question, I’d have to bite my tongue to keep myself from responding, “None of your darned business!”

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I also hope that we won’t hear the “are they biologically theirs?” comment every single time we see a picture of these cutie pies.

CelebBabyLover on

Also, I just want to add, for anyone who might not know exactly how surrgocy works, that usually the surrogate carries babies concieved with the couple’s own egg and sperm. 🙂

Sarah M. on

CelebBabyLover – I hadn’t thought of that first point. I had heard the same things, though. Perhaps that is what they did do. My reason for wanting to know if they are both the biological parents is just curiosity. Trying to picture who they might take after later. (If they look like them later at all. Some kids don’t look anything like either of their parents, but are still theirs biologically.) They will still have sooooo much love, regardless, if the picture is anything to go by!

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah M.- Thanks for explaining. I understand a lot better now, and I apologize for being so critical (Laura, I also apologize to you for the same thing)!

Aimee on

Awwwwww adorable!!! Congratulations you two have three beautiful children!! Are the twins identical?

Bancie1031 on

you know I just noticed but James doesn’t look tooo happy in this picture 😦 I wonder what’s wrong or maybe he was just thinking

Daisy on

How lucky can you get, what a beautiful present, Congratulations!

veronica on

what a beautiful family!!i am so happy for them.i think sarah is very happy 🙂 james is adorable and matthew look so sweet holding his little girl wrapped in pink!! 😀