Gisele Bündchen: Two For the Road

06/29/2009 at 11:00 AM ET


With her baby bump peeking out of her purple dress, expectant mom Gisele Bündchen gets ready to hit the road Thursday after having lunch at Mexican eatery Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The model, 28, is reportedly due December 14th with her first child with husband Tom Brady.

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Gisele is so beautiful,I love her.That baby,boy or girl it doesn’t matter, is going to be gorgeous,there is no doubt.

Alyssa on

What a cute bump! I’m so happy for them.

Brooklyn on

So Tom nor Gisele has confirmed it? Weird. In any case she looks pretty there. I think she’s having a girl.

Courtney on

pregnancy is deffinately agreeing with Gisele can’t wait to see what the baby looks like especially with it’s birthday being reported as being 12/14 six days before my brothers

Melissa on


honestly I don’t get all the lying and secrecy surrounding this couple.
Bigger stars than her and Brady say no comment and her and Brady for some reason lie to the media and drag things out. Personally I think if they r pass the 3 months mark it best to confirm and let the papa stop chasing u for an answer. Dragging it out comes off as a publicity stunt and I know that her and Tom has gotten some bad press over the last few months.

Ava on

I love the baby bump…On a sidenote I know she is a fashion model but that scarf with that dress doesn’t mesh well together.It looks like a scarf that should be worn with a sweater imo…

Amanda on

I’m inclined to think that she is further along than reported. I know she’s a think girl, but she’s so tall. You wouldn’t think that she would be showing at all, and she looks fairly big here. If her due date is indeed Dec. 14, that would make her what…Fourteen weeks? Forgive me if my math is a little off, as I was doing it in my head.

Linda on

Well, I wouldn’t believe ANYTHING Life & STyle report! All anyone knows for sure is she is probably past the 12 week mark, because they “let” People report it without a denial.

Chris on

Given her height and the fact it’s her first baby, she looks well into her second trimester but maybe they don’t want people to know the exact due date. I’m hoping they have a girl!

Julie on

I love her dress – such a pretty color!

Grace on

Good on them for not confirming a darn thing about the pregnancy. The public has absolutely no right to any of that information, and a pregnant woman should be allowed to go through it without being stalked by photographers and press at the end of it.

She clearly adores children, and this is going to be a very lucky baby.

Amanda on

If she’s due Dec. 14 then she’s 16 weeks. It’s so hard to tell what is baby and what is maybe wind blowing up her dress though. She definitely looks a lot ‘fuller’ than what I’d expect on someone so tall and thin with their first child but every woman is different.

Nicole Feliciano on

good scoop. I didn’t know this one.

jackie on

I agree with some of the other comments. Given her height-she is prob about 4 mos. She is showing a lot to be so early in the pregnancy. Since they have never officially announced the pregnancy, who knows if the Dec due date is accurate. I’m 5’10 and didn’t show much at all under far into my 2nd trimester. I remember my OB telling me taller women usually don’t show as early b/c they tend to have more space in the pelvis. Either way, hope she has a healthy pregnancy. They really don’t owe anyone confirmation or a due date, it’s a private thing.

Mia on

I think it will be a boy.

Sage on

Gisele is looking amazing!

Kim on

Mia, I have a feeling it is a boy as well. :))

Auntie on

maybe she’s having twins. She is a twin after all.

Tiffany on

Either the EDD is wrong *or* CBB is due (haha) for it’s next set of celebritwins 😀

gigi on

I forgot she’s a twin…who knows maybe???

brannon on

Twins would be fun – Love her outfit!

m-dot on

I love Giselle and can’t wait to see her baby. She’ll be a great mother!

Anon on

Actually being tall increases you rate of twins also. I’m like Giselle, I’m 5’11 and I’m a twin…so i’m screwed. 😛

Alana on

I’m glad she was able to keep it till it started showing. It’s absolutely private thing and nobody owes anyone explanation.

I’m not tall at all and i’m a twin, my pregnancy wasn’t noticable until i was far into my 2nd trimster, even when i announced at work to my boss, he stood up from him table and was like are you sure(looking at my belly)? I’m just saying pregnancies are all different and you don’t have to be tall for it not to show.

Alice on

That’s what I don’t understand. Adriana and Gisele both due in December (and Kendra if you want to go there)? Adriana looks way bigger than her and they’re about the same height. Maybe she is further along in her pregnancy. I don’t think more than 20 weeks though. However, I do think Adriana is a little more than 20 weeks.

Melissa on

I’m still not buying into the due date. A little over 3 months pregnant with her first baby and she’s already showing????? I feel she is in to good of shape to be showing like this with her first baby. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are throwing out fictious due dates to avoid be hounded when delivery time comes. I’d rather they not even comment on a due date then to think we aren’t the wiser.

Bancie1031 on

WOW her bump is really showing if the December 14th due date is to be believed …. love the dress 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Alana- I agree! All women are different, and thus all pregnancies are different. For example, Naomi Watts (with both of her pregnancies!), Salma Hayek, and Isla Fisher all were HUGE during their pregnancies. Naomia and Isla got so big so fast in their pregnancies that a lot of people thought they were having twins (again, BOTH times in Naomi’s case!)!

Nicole Kidman, on the otherhand, barely showed at all until literally the last month or so of her pregnancy. Personally, Giselle looks about right for a December due date to me. I also saw another fairly recent picture of her, and in that one she really isn’t showing that much. I think the dress is making her look bigger in this picture than she really is. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and for the record, I certainly don’t completely believe Life and Style. However, I think it’s very possible that Giselle is due sometime in the very early part of December.

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I also want to pointed out that, when Jennifer Garner was pregnant with Seraphina, quite a few people were convinced she was going to give birth in early December…and Sera wasn’t born until Janaury 6th! Again, all pregnancies are different!

Q on

Melissa was bad PR? Her & Tom haven’t done anything. How is not confirming your pregnancy going to give you good PR? Plus they have ZERO obligation to tell anyone. It’s not our business.