David Spade and His Blue-Eyed Babe

06/29/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

Courtesy David Spade

“Me and Harper raging in my hotel room,” is how comedian David Spade captioned this recent photo of himself with his 10-month-old daughter!

Fatherhood “is going well,” David, 44, told Ellen DeGeneres in March. “She’s starting to kind of know… not really who I am yet, but she’s getting it.”

Mom is former Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace.

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Chelsea on

I’m happy to see David being a dad! That little girl is gorgeous!

Chicki on

Wow – he couldn’t deny her if he tried! She has his eyes and mouth I think – she’s really cute and it’s great that he’s in her life after everything that has gone down.

brook on

Cute..she looks like a little old lady!!

Marissa on

Oh, she is just too, too cute! I love her little chubber bubber cheeks! I love her name too!

Tearra on

She is what my mama would call a cute little “chunky monkey” 😀

Oooo I just love chubby babies. More to kiss on and blow raspberries lol

Hey Chick on

Look at those chunky monkey arms! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julia on

what a gorgeous little girl!!

JMO on

What a chunky monkey and she looks just like him!!

CTBmom on

How sweet is that face and those chubby arms?! She makes me ache for another baby! 🙂 She looks a lot liker her daddy for sure!

Kim from Australia on

Baby fat rolls, love em!!! She is adorable!

meghan on

Awww…I just want to squeeze her!

Brooklyn on

Aww. She is too cute!!! She looks a lot like him =)

Heather on

I have a hard time looking at him after he attempted to deny this baby in public, asking for a paternity test. He didn’t have to go public with his doubts, he could have privately handled the matter. It speaks volumes about his charcter, or lack thereof. I NEVER got it with this guy–all the women he has been with. I wish he and his combover would go away. That being said, his daughter is absolutely beautiful.

Gigohead on

Glad to see this has been settled and he stepped up to the plate and be a Dad to his little girl. She’s adorable. Glad he shared this photo.

Sabrina on

she’s sooo adorable!

Still Life in South America on

@ Brook: “Little old lady” is right. She is outrageously adorable with that crazy hair and serious face!

Michelle on

Oh my goodness – she is so cute. What a little chubsy ubsy! 🙂

Christina Bledsoe on

OMG, what a cutie! David probably makes her laugh all the time.

Alex on

I love chuncky babies! Harper is a doll.

Alana on

Look at those chubby arms, can i eat her up !!:) she’s stinking adorable! :-))))
Good for him to step in into his shoes of being a father!

Carol A. on

I agree with Heather. I really don’t see what people in Hollywood saw in David Spade to make him famous. He just doesn’t seem to have it ‘together’, IMO. I’m glad, though, that he’s taking responsibility for his child.

Bella Mama on

oh man this baby is the cutest thing ever!!!

Daisy on

They are twins lol wow!!!!
Happy to see him stepping up to the plate

cali on

Well said Heather!!

Cute little thing she is!!

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clippers on

Ohhh my goodness, she is just too cute!!

ErykaWynter on

OMG, she has the cutest chubby baby arms I have ever seen! She is delicious!

Terri on

Awww…what a sweet little chubby baby, I love it!

Ashley on

Gosh a lot of people on here don’t like David Spade. I do think that it was tacky/rude to discuss his doubts of being Harper’s father but Jillian Grace is a Playboy playmate that he had a short lived fling with so he didn’t think he could have been the dad, but we all know it only takes one time! I am glad that regardless of the past he is trying to be a good dad!

Camilla on

I completely agree with Ashley. Regardless of what happened in the past he’s stepped up and that’s all that matters. David Spade has even been showing his little girl off which shows he’s not ashamed of having had her at all! If he was Eddie Murphy I’d completely understand the criticism but he’s not so zip it.

maribeth on

what a chubby little baby! so cute!

brook on

She also looks like a little Dakota Fanning!!!

Jeannette on

I agree with Ashley. David has stepped up to the plate and is being a father to his little girl, he has accepted responsibility once the child was proven to be his, he’s enjoying his time with her now and that’s what matters.

Eddie Murphy should be the perfect example for Heather’s statement. He may be a talented funnyman, but as a father to Angel? No dice.

Mary-Helen on

I still think it was horrid of him to make those comments in public, but @ least he is being a Dad, which is more than alot of guys do these days.

BTW she is too cute.

Gigohead on

I have to agree with both Heather and Ashley. Both points are valid. David should have not stated publicly that he doubted paternity. He is a public person and most likely he knew it was going to land in the gossip columns somehow. He needed to keep it quiet. As a mother, I was also turned off by him. I found it kind of low of him. That being said, it’s the past and he did get the answer that he wanted and now has stepped up to the plate to be his daughter’s father. It’s old history. She’s a great blessing and I’m sure he’s ecstatic with his little chubby angel.

CelebBabyLover on

She DOES look like a little old lady! 🙂

Seraphina on

I like it that people are assuming he is being a “father” to his child just because he is in a picture with her. He might be the greatest Dad ever, then again, he might have had the photo taken, handed the child to the nanny and left the room. The point is we never really know what goes on in anyone’s life!

CelebBabyLover on

Seraphina- Well, David has spoken quite a bit about spending time with Harper, and he seems to love her a lot judging on how he talks about her. Also, as Harper mostly lives with her mother, it’s very possible that David doesn’t have any nannies for the short amount of time she is with him. No, we don’t know for sure what goes on behind the scenes, but the fact is that he is at least seen with his daughter AND quite clearly wants to be a father to her, unlike some other male celebs (such as Eddie Murphy).

Camilla on

Well Seraphina, if you’re gonna look at that way you could make the same assumption with other celebrities. I guess we “assume” other celebrities are being good parents based off of photos too. I say give him the benefit of the doubt. Harper looks comfortable in his arms. If you don’t like a celebrity you will ALWAYS be able to put a negative spin on anything to do with them. Kind of sad actually. I’ll keep on assuming David’s doing the best he can.

CelebBabyLover on

Something I just thought of…Does anyone know whether Harper’s last name is Spade or Grace?

Simply Bohemian on

Way too cute, I am very happy for him. I admit though I am out of the know. I have no idea who the Mum is lol. Who ever it is they made one beautiful baby girl 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Simply Bohemian- Don’t worry. I don’t really know who Jillian Grace is, either. Prior to Harper’s birth, I had never heard of her!

Tina on

That is the cutest little girl ever…!! Oh dear

cheryl jarman on

Hello David…you’ve got an adorable daughter..she looks alot like you!! Enjoy her…that’s all there is..