Madonna and Mercy Step Out

06/28/2009 at 12:00 PM ET

Madonna gives her newly adopted daughter Mercy James, 4, a piggyback ride after attending services at London’s Kabbalah center.

The girl, who arrived from Malawi last week, wears a bright African-print sun dress and a red Kabbalah string around her left wrist.

Mercy wears babyGap’s Printed Maxi Dress in Milk ($29.50) and Target’s Circo Leah Rhinestone Sandals in white ($12, no longer available).

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hollie on

what a gorgeuos little girl!!!

whatever the opinion on the whole adoption saga of mercy was, u cant deny this little girl looks so happy and healthy and i wish her and all her family lots of love for the futurexxxx

lily on

She looks cute, I love her dress

Vanessa on

Aww, she’s so adorable!
Congrats to the family!

Alex on

Beautiful little girl. I have no comment about Madonna.

Kim on

Mm, I don’t think I would choose to take my child who has just traveled a far way to a new country to a Kabbalah service right away with so many people attending. I would personally let a young child settle in slowly. But that’s me.
Anyways, the girl looks adorable.

Michelle on

Can anyone tell me if Mercy speaks English fluently? If not, what is her primary language?

kate on


She already has the bracelet on. Poor little thing.

Mary-Helen on

Madonna’s religious choices are hers to make for her family, much like ours are for our family.

I think this is a sweet picture and she looks very comfortable and happy with her mother.

Agree on

Kate, I agree with you. The “sigh” was a good way to put it.

Sofie on

Cute (and lucky) little girl! Love it when people adopt children so much less fortunate…and boy, didn’t she hit it big with Madonna!

Andrea_momof2 on

I may not agree with how Madonna “got” Mercy, I think she’s going to have a happy and healthy life. Their religious choices shouldn’t mean anything. Don’t any of you take your children to church?

Shaun on

I think it’s great that someone as wealthy as Madonna and the Jolie-Pitts are thinking about African children and not just their own race. Who cares about Kabbalah we know she will have great healthcare and she will be fed healthy meals and will be able to attend school. The bottom line is she and her brother David will have BETTER LIVES. Thank you Madonna and Jolie-Pitts

marla on

what a beautiful little girl. i wish them all the best and hope madonna’s intentions are as they should be.

Lisa on

She is a beautiful little girl! I wish them all the best in their new lives together.

Benigna Marko on

How joyous of a picture. Madonna always the fittest mom out there. Never passes up an opportunity to workout. Mercy must be enjoying the hoursy ride. Lovely.
Benigna Marko

J on

I agree with 5, 7, and 9.

Kelly on

Does it matter their religion? I don’t think anyone would comment about it if she were going to a Christian church to be honest. She’s been home for two weeks and seems to be adjusting well. Their kids look happy and this little girl will now have so many opportunities in life. As an older child her odds of ever getting adopted were incredibly slim especially in a country like Malawi were less than a handful of adoptions occur in a year. That’s less than what occurs in my city in a month alone.

Geri on

She is a beautiful little girl. I wish her and her family health,love and happiness. I am glad that she is being exposed to some type of belief and moral value system early. All children should be.

Kelly on

Mercy speaks English and Chichewa.

Jax on

I agree with 5, 7 ,9 and 16. I dont think its fair that Madonna got special treatment. There are plenty of wealthy people out there that would love to adopt, but they dont get the special treatment like Madonna did.

someday mom on

I don’t know if the “sigh” comment and the agreement that followed was a dislike for all religions or just plain religious elitism. If Mercy was wearing a cross around her neck and coming out of a christian church or was wearing the Star of David and leaving a synagogue would anyone bat an eyelash? Doubtful.

Mercy is a beautiful child and I’m glad that she has a forever home.

jessie on

glad to see she’s adjusting

Lee on

I agree with the posters that posted above that if she were Christian or Jewish religion no one would be commenting. Mercy is Madonna’s child and it is her responsibility as well as duty to teach her child some kind of morals which would include religion. I am not happy how Madonna got around the system to adopt Mercy, but I’m glad she’s with her. Madonna loves her kids and takes good care of them. Also in my opinion Mercy looks very healthy so it would seem she had good care while living in her country. She now will have more opportunities education and social wise because she has a mother who can afford to send her to good schools as well as entertain any of her interests as she grows up, such as dance, music, sports , or what have you.

Tazina on

Mercy looks very happy with her new “mama” a word she has never been able to say before. The main is that a child leaves an orphanage where no relatives of her own ever visited her. She is much better off now although people will still try and find fault with this happy ending.

kate on

I dont believe it is right for a parent to put ANY symbol of religion on a child who has no understanding of it. When a child is old enough, they should decide if they want to make such a statement.

If the parent wants to take the (minor) child to a religous place of worship, fair enough.

I am merely pointing out the fact that Mercy immediately wearing a Kabbalah bracelet makes me uncomfortable.

Plus this whole Kabbalah thing seems like a cult to me.

Deb on

To Kate,while I agree about not putting any symbol of religion on a child who doesn’t understand,Kabbalah is not a cult!!! It’s part of Judaism;although,the fact that Madonna and various other celebrities are accepted without even converting is ridiculous. Kabbalah is a school of thought dealing with Jewish mysticism. In fact,it is customary(if not actual Jewish law),for only men over 40 to be allowed to study Kabbalah. The way these centers that have opened and the celebrities that they have attracted and accepted is not accepted for most religious Jews. They(celebs) are treating Kabbalah like it’s a religion and it’s not!! They wouldn’t be able to just walk into a synagogue and participate in services unless they were Jewish,whether by birth or conversion. Anyway,that’s enough of my soapbox!!

Becky on

My daughter has those sandals! They’re from Target! I can’t believe Madonna would shop at Target! That’s awesome!

adoptedmum on

I don’t understand why people are making such a big deal about Madonna taking HER DAUGHTER to a Kabbalah center or Marcy wearing the red bracelet. One of the first things I did when I adopted my kids was give them a cross necklaces and had them baptized in my church. What’s the difference?

Lula on

I agree with kate. I am personally against the religious indoctrination of innocent children. They should be give the chance to learn about life and then make their own decision about what they do or do not believe. It also makes me uncomfortable that Madonna seems to only want to help the people of malawi if she can make them practice her religion (if you can call it that). She wants to build a school to help under privileged girls, but only if she disregard the religious beliefs they’ve already been taught and fill their heads with her goofy cultish nonsense. The kid has been out of her country for a few days, and she’s now a devoted member of this mess? At four years old? She didn’t decide that herself…

But I’m not against the adoption. She’s better off than in an orphanage and she’ll be told what to believe no matter where she is.

Sarah M. on

Kate – I can kind-of see where you’re coming from with the bracelet. But Mercy may have seen her older siblings wearing one and asked for one, also. (I would assume that if that was the case, that after Madonna gave it to Mercy, she would have explained it significance to her, also.) Children do that all the time. Madonna may have brought the idea to Mercy, too, but we don’t really know.

Mercy is a gorgeous little girl!

Chloe on

I just disagree with the fact she’s taken a girl away from her country where her biological family are. There are plenty of children out there with nobody, yet she chose someone who has a family. She’s used her money and power to get that little girl, and now the indoctrination into Kabbalah just makes me sick. I cannot stand Madonna and this whole thing with Mercy has left a really sour taste in my mouth.

Amum on

I think its a parent job to teach their kids their families religion. It doesn’t necessarily mean the kid will grow up to follow that religion. I mean I was raised Baptized and now I’m Taoist but I respected Christianity and now I have a knowledge of what my family believes. Heck my kids have great take on both religions. They were baptized and they were crosses and they go to church yet they still live by Taoism teaching. Its up to parents to deem what is right for their kids

Lioness on

I think that the best way for people like Madonna and Angelina to help the children of the world who are in need, like Mercy and so many others like her, is to use their vast wealth and power to build institutions to train people to help themselves. Build schools and healthcare facilities, so that people aren’t dying of treatable/preventable diseases. So that people know how to pull themselves up out of poverty on their own. So that we don’t have orphans of parents who died of AIDS because their mothers were impregnated by men who thought AIDS could be cured by sleeping with a virgin. So that the nearest hospital isn’t 300 miles away from ANYone.

Don’t get me wrong, Mercy most likely WILL have a better life, and I admire Madonna and Angelina for trying to better SOMEone’s life. But much more could be done. I’m happy for Mercy, and I very much hope that she is happy. Okay, I’m off my soapbox 🙂

noam on

the little girl is beautiful…nothing to say about madonna.
and as a jew, i find madonna, gwyneth paltrow, demi moore, and other celeberities and non-celeberties alike disrespecting judaism as a religion by claiming to practice kabbalah. by tradition, kabbalah is for men over the age of forty who have dedicated their lives to studying the mysticisms of the torah. it’s a really big deal to become a kabbalah-ist, and the way some people act, you’d think it was like a book club…i’m sure some catholics wouldn’t be too excited if madonna showed up to a meeting of cardinals, claiming to be like them…

Suzanne on

Looks like a well-planned phot-op!
Why don’t we ever see Madonna with ALL of her children at once? Oh yeah, I forgot…NANNIES! What’s the point of having children if other people (nannies) raise them? I just don’t get it…Mercy is a beautiful child though…

Sanja on

I never understood that. Why do they have to call themselves the Kabbalists when they’re in fact Jewish (Kabbalah being just a teaching in Judaism). I’ve never heard Madonna say that she converted to Judaism (correct me if I’m wrong).

brannon on

wow. and i thought this was just a sweet picture of a little girl and her new mama. guess it is too much to just be happy she is no longer living in an orphanage..if religion is the worst thing to happen to her, i say she is doing all right…

mom*of*boys on

Congrats to Madonna, Lourdes, Rocco, and David welcoming a new little one into their lives. I wish her joy and happiness!

mom*of*boys on

I agree Brannon 🙂

Cece on

There’s so much suspicion about Madonna’s affiliation with the Kaballah center in Los Angeles. Firstly, Kabbalah was popular among Christian intellectuals during the Renaissance and Enlightenment periods, who used its doctrines to fit their Christian dogma.Recently, many have used kabbalistic symbolism out of contex. Today, many well-known celebrities have popularized a new age pop-psychology of kabbalah. In any case, anyone who has really read about Kabbalah will know that it is fascinating and a beautiful part of Judaism. Re her child – if she can give her a good and happy life, that is what is important.

Andrea_momof2 on

Suzanne, many MANY celebrities have nannies. Why are you not complaining about Heidi Klum having a 4th child when she has nannies? I’m not even a fan of Madonna but I think it’s obvious she loves kids or she wouldn’t have 4. Somehow I don’t think she just adopted Mercy (and David) for the fun of it or to prove something.

Anna on

I remember the post about Nia Vardalous (sp) taking her adopted child to church right away and I don’t think anyone commented negatively on that, only positive.
Personally I wouldn’t take my child to anything religious but the double standard some people hold is quite obvious here.

Mercy looks very healthy and although I don’t agree with people going outside the law now that she is with Madonna they should be left alone on that issue.

I’m just wondering if Guy will play a role in her life. It will be so strange for her if all the kids go too visit their father and she stays behind.

taegan on

pretty little girl, am very happy for her.

Andrea_momof2 on

Well Anna, Guy isn’t her father, stepfather or anything like that so I can’t see why she would. Guy and Madonna adopted David together but as far we know Madonna adopted Mercy on her own.

Plus, I don’t think Lourdes goes with Guy either, so it’s not like Mercy would be left out.

Becky on

Amum – What is Taoism? I have never heard of it and am curious…

CrystalDex on

IMHO anyone that wants to adopt should try in OUR country first. Then if that doesn’t work out for them, then seek other means.

Everyone is always griping about “buying American made”, does that aspect not pertain to the living and breathing future of our country? It is sad that the kids that will be our future in this country are overlooked so fast, just because the adoption process might be easier to get around in a third world country.

It also annoys me that there are a lot that only want babies! I know it is their choice, however, the children already in the system are the ones suffering and they already know how cruel life can truly be, giving them a future is what matters!

Amandamay on

I have a 6 year old son who comes to church with me – BUT I have told him (From the first time he came) that not everyone believes what I choose to believe and that he can choose to believe in (Or not) whatever he wants. I am very much against indoctrinating children when it comes to religion and especially politics (Drives me NUTS to see little kids at political rallies wearing shirts/carrying signs for a particular candidate when they have no real understanding of politics or the candidates – They are just regurgitating what their parents tell them to think) Kids should be told about all religious and political options and then be given the freedom to choose their own beliefs. I’m a devout Christian, but I personally feel that unless a person comes to religion on their own (After much thought, education, contemplation) then it’s just being pushed into something.

Mina on


ALL the children were there and so was Guy. The photographers climbed over a huge wall that covers the private back exit of the London Kabbalah Centre in order to take the picture. From the other pictures you can tell that none of the children or the adults spotted the photographers.

So if she doesn’t take her children along with her she’s a bad mum, then she takes them all with her and she’s a bad mum. Nearly everyone with a certain amount of wealth or fame has nannies. The woman can’t win no matter what she does and the double standards are quite hypocritical, I must say.

As far as Guy, I hope he along with Lourdes’ father Carlos become father figures in her life. They seem to be attentive with their children, so I hope that extends to Mercy as time goes on.

Anon on


Adoption is a personal issue that each family should decide on whether it’s the right thing for them. If it is, then the country, gender, ethnicity, and age are choices for them to make, and not for you or me to dictate. The whole mentality of “let’s just focus on our own kind” or “let’s help ourselves first” are not always the best way to approach things and not everyone agrees with that way of functioning or thinking.

Anon on

I am not a follower of Kabbalah, but I am not going to fault Madonna or anyone else for being one. In fact, I find some of these comments regarding her beliefs to be offensive. It’s her life, her choice. Those are her children and if she wants to teach them about it, so be it. It’s obviously not a trend for as she has followed that school of thought for nearly fourteen years. And if it has brought positivity and some balance into her life (up until the divorce), then who am I to tell her she is wrong for practicing something that I don’t believe in?

LP on

Amandamay– Great post! I really wish you were my mom growing up. Your post embodies what I think Christianity should be.

aroundtheywaygirl on

What a cute picture. I love to see mommies giving piggy back rides. Sanctimommies are always out in full force on Celebrity Babies.

jessica on

its nice that they’re both looking quite comfortable!
She is a cutie and i LOVE that dress.

I havnt gone through all the comments yet just incase I say something already said or discussed/argued but I think its too early to enforce religion, thats probably because I dont believe children should be subjected to their parents religious/political views and more objectively shown the wide range of them which we are lucky enough to choose for ourselves.
All the best to them- It would be an enormous transition for Mercy.

anon on

Ugh, Kabbalah is jewish. My only issue with kabbalah is that its hogwash if you aren’t fluent in the jewish religion. Before it became popular it was something that only experiences rabbis and mystics could afford to study not the average joe or jane. The whole kabbalah scene celebs dabble in just seem to want to get money from you.

My curious to know what religion Mercy was before her adoption a week ago. Developing nations tend to be pretty preachy with the christianity or islam thing.

Anyway, whatever shes seeing there isn’t gonna hurt her so I dont see the big deal.

Sarah M. on

Amandamay – Very well put!

Sage on

It is so lovely to see Mercy is doing well and she is a adorable little girl.

I personally don’t see what the big deal with Madonna put the Kabbalah. I mean you may say its to soon but eventually she was going to be introduced to her mother’s religion.

I mean some of you may knock teaching your kids about religion at an early age or at all that’s fine. But don’t knock those of us that want to teach our kids about a big part of our daily lives. We want to educate our children about the morals, tradition, and history of that religion so they can learn. Yes as they get older they may have doubts, or choose to ignore what you taught them completely, but just in case they don’t they will already have a foundation. Which is what Madonna is doing for her daughter building that foundation.

Galia on

that girl is seriously CUTE!!!

Tazina on

Mercy’s “biological” family are a joke. She was totally alone in that orphanage with no contact from any of them, not until Madonna came on the scene that is. Now she has a family, and will be much better off. A child in need does not have to always be adopted from America. This is still a child who needed a home and who cares where she came from. It also was not a “photo op”….if there’s money to be had, the paps will scale walls and trespass just to get a picture.

Heather on

Why doesn’t Madonna just bite the bullet and move on over to Scientology already? She has always been a fad following type of personality, whether it be fashion, her accents, men, and now her adoption kick. I’m ALL for adopting, and I just get so sick when I look at her using her money to buy her whims when SO many stable, loving couples have exhausted every penny they have to make their dreams of family come true.

Tiff on

Madonna is many things but she certainly does not deserve to be attacked for what she is doing with her children. So many other celebs take their kids to film premieres and expose them and nobody really makes a stink. She took her daughter to her church. The rest of the images show the entire family going in a BACK entrance of their church and a huge wall where paparazzi climbed to take photos and stuck their cameras through cracks to get photos.

The red string is put on loved ones to protect them from the evil eye.. hardly shoving it down Mercy’s throat. She is Madonna’s daughter and it’s her choice what she puts on the child. It’s a string.. big deal, it’s not like it’s something abusive.
A simple piece of string.

Alex on

Amandamay – I think your POV is very similar to mine, you put it very well. While I am personally largely against organised religion, as my children grow up I will teach them tolerance and respect for other people and their beliefs. I will also make sure they know that if they choose a different religious path than I have, that’s absolutely okay. Essentially, I think my view can be summed up by saying that everyone has the right to choose their own path, my children included.

As far as Madonna is concerned, while I still have no comment on my personal view of her, I think you guys have summed up the general feeling quite well, in that it’s the nature of her ‘religion’ (mainly that Kabbalah is a branch of Judaism rather than technically a standalone religion) that causes the controversy.

LL65 on

What pretty little girl. Congratulations to Madonna. I like that the dress was from Gapkids.

JMO on

AmandaMay I think you brought up a great post and it would be nice if more parents were like you.

Madonna and Mercy look very happy and content. I think we should drop the whole “she got special treatment” talk bc it is what it is. The little girl is Madonna’s now – end of story.

blackrose on

Mercy is beautiful! Zahara has competition now!! haha

As for Madonna taking her daughter to the Kabbalah center i see nothing wrong. isn’t the parents job to choose what they see as the best thing for their children from schools , food ,clothes and i think religion is one of them. and this was Madonnas choice its her life her daughter.

Alyssa on

I hope Madonna raises her right and doesn’t throw a ton of material posessions at her. To go from nothing to living with Madonna would be quite a shock.

Me on

We teach our children what we feel is important in life. I believe in God and an afterlife. Why in the world, would I not teach my child this?

Kerri on

Amandamay — I COMPLETELY agree with your philosophy on religion for kids. It’s exactly how I plan to raise my children, and it’s refreshing to find someone else with the same attitude!

Inoa on

That comment is out of line. You have no idea the circumstances surrounding Mercy’s biological family and if you did, such name-calling would be inappropriate just the same. We may not know the reasons behind the decisions this family has made, but giving up a child, no matter what such reasons are, is an extremely painful choice. Having experienced an orphanage setting for several years in an impoverished country (one that borders Malawi), I can say that there are cultural, socioeconomic, and political considerations that many of the extended families of children in orphanages have to take into account when making such decisions; decisions that an outsider may find illogical or even infuriating, but are in reality coming from a place of exceptional devotion in an environment of unimaginable hardships. This is not to sugarcoat or romanticize the issues that are certainly brought to the front by this case (and I’m not referring to Madonna and Mercy, but rather the conditions that have created the orphan crisis in the first place). But whatever the facts, to call them “a joke” is insensitive and demeaning, and unfortunately displays not only a lack of understanding but also complete unwillingness at even an attempt to.

Mary-Helen on

I still don’t get the problem with this photo. Madonna took her children to the church she chooses to attend, that is her right.

How would any of you like it if Madonna criticized your parenting for taking your children to the house of worship you choose to take your children to? My kids do not attend church, as my husband is very much opposed to “forcing” religion on a child (he feels they can decide when they are old enough) but many of my friends take their kids to whichever church they choose and I would never DARE comment, as it is a highly personal choice.

She didn’t have them @ a drug house, she didn’t have them @ a fast food restaurant feeding Mercy three double Big Macs, they weren’t in a car with no booster seats: They were @ a CHURCH, attending a service. There are alot worse that could be going on.

sdfsd on

“I’m ALL for adopting, and I just get so sick when I look at her using her money to buy her whims when SO many stable, loving couples have exhausted every penny they have to make their dreams of family come true.”

Blame the adoption officials for that, not Madonna. It’s not Madonna’s fault if her fame/money put her at the top of the adoption “waiting” list. I’m sure all the non-famous couples wanting to adopt would do whatever they could to cut in line if it were possible as well.

CrystalDex on

49. Anon Says:
June 29th, 2009 at 12:03 am

Adoption is a personal issue that each family should decide on whether it’s the right thing for them. If it is, then the country, gender, ethnicity, and age are choices for them to make, and not for you or me to dictate. The whole mentality of “let’s just focus on our own kind” or “let’s help ourselves first” are not always the best way to approach things and not everyone agrees with that way of functioning or thinking.

US citizens should be adopting US citizens first, we need to focus on the future of this country! Trying to get the children out of the system and keep them from going back in should be our sole focus when those that want to adopt do.

Also, it seems like you are trying to make it sound like I am a biggot or whatever, I am not. My grandparents raised many different ethnicities, gender, ect. of foster kids. Fact of the matter is they could only adopt two of them. I have been around the foster system all my life (not me personally I have two parents) and I have seen how life can truly be for these kids.

Darn straight we should be helping OUR kids first!

gg on

I see the sanctimommys are out in full force.

Mercy wearing that bracelet is no different than me putting a cross on my child. Religion is highly personal. While I completely understand the belief that you wait until a child is older to introduce them to religion, that is not the belief of all. Just like you have made the personal choice to wait, Madonna has made the choice to have her children involved. If she were hurting her child, I could understand the outcry, but the complaining for no reason other than she doesn’t share your beliefs is utterly ridiculous.

N on

What exactly makes you think that only the chidren of this country are going to be our future. HELLO! If they grow up here and are raised here, whether or not they were born here, will be our future! And for that matter… that picture isn’t even taken here! They are in London, granted her main home is in NYC right now, but they are definitely not US kids… they are wordly kids.

Minka on

What is this US vs. the world kind of thing? A child in need, no matter where they are from deserves an opportunity at a better life. Nobody has the right to dictate how families choose to makeup their families, end of story. Some of the comments do seem a bit xenophobic.

Nobody was ‘waiting in line’ to adopt from Malawi, unfortunately. From the documents of the adoption, it clearly states that this adoption was the very first of the year. With nearly 2 million orphans waiting for a home, how is that even possible? Instead of attacking Madonna, why don’t people point their fingers at the Malawian government. They are the ones in charge of approving or rejecting adoptions. When a law no longer helps the society (ex: blacks & whites were forbidden to marry or eat or sit in the same areas, women could not vote, blacks could not vote, etc), they must be changed or adjusted to better serve the needs of the population. Malawi needs to step up and address the needs of all those children because they certainly are not doing so at this point.

Anon on

It must be very strange to be taught one religion for the first years of your life, and in a week be taught something which may not coincide. I wonder if the other children, or Madonna herself read hebrew or participate in anything Judaic.

Also, Minka there were actually people waiting in line. I recall a poster on here, talking about how they were waiting for a child in Malawi! I think that other people wanting to adopt are just made to wait that 18months, that is their law.

sdfsd on

“Darn straight we should be helping OUR kids first!”

CrystalDex, are you aware that not everyone is ABLE to adopt a child from US foster care? Have YOU ever adopted from US foster care?

Terri on

I love that dress, so cute! Glad to see that Mercy seems to have formed a bond with Madonna already.

FC on

I think Mercy’s going to be a tall girl. She already is, seeing as how she’s almost half of Madonna’s height now. And she’s adorable in that little dress. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

sdfsd- I couldn’t agree more! I also want to point out that kids in third world countries are, for the most part, far worse off than those in the U.S. A large number of children in third world countries do not have access to clean water, good (or, in a lot of cases, any at all) health care, or enough food to eat. Zahara, for example, literally would have died had Angie not adopted her (even the doctor who basically saved her life said so!).

She was malnourished, dehydrated, and suffering from E. Coli posioning.

Lioness- I don’t know about Madonna, but Angelina actually HAS done some of those things. For example, she and Brad, through their Jolie-Pitt project, recently opened an HIV/AIDS clinic in Ethiophia, Zahara’s birth country (the clinic is also named after Zee, just as the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Project in Camobodia is named after him). She has also given money to many different humantarian causes (most of them releated to children).

In addition, Brad has his Make It Right project in New Orleans.

SO on

@ CrystalDex

“US citizens should be adopting US citizens first, we need to focus on the future of this country! Trying to get the children out of the system and keep them from going back in should be our sole focus when those that want to adopt do.

Also, it seems like you are trying to make it sound like I am a biggot or whatever, I am not. My grandparents raised many different ethnicities, gender, ect. of foster kids. Fact of the matter is they could only adopt two of them. I have been around the foster system all my life (not me personally I have two parents) and I have seen how life can truly be for these kids.

Darn straight we should be helping OUR kids first!”

1. No such thing as “our” kids. children are children, wherever they are from, they deserve love, from whoever, wherever, whenever.

2. You may have known children in “the system”, but you have no idea what it can be like for any child in foster care in the US, or in foreign countries.

3. It is DIFFICULT to adopt a child within the US. My parents, who are perfectly wonderful people, went through multiple adoption lists, trying to be considered, multiple home visits by social workers trying to figure out if you’re good enough. And this took 10 years before being able to adopt me. 10 years.

The ethnicities, countries, languages do not matter. Family is family, it overcomes all of these barriers and is fused in love.

I’ve always loved what Meg Ryan says about her family. See the article below.