The Sutters Share Blakesley's Birth Announcements

06/26/2009 at 02:00 PM ET

They’re Blakesley Grace Sutter‘s photo debut! The Bachelorette‘s Trista and Ryan Sutter welcomed their daughter three months ago and are giving CBB readers a peek at her birth announcement. With images snapped by celebrity photographers Larsen&Talbert and a design by Jessie Preza, owner of Nesting Shoppe, the pink and brown announcements coordinate with baby B’s nursery colors.

Photographs ©Larsen&Talbert 2009

Victoria Recaño and Scott and Kelley Wolf have also chosen Nesting Shoppe for birth announcements, while Charlie and Brooke Sheen worked with the company on their baby shower invitations. Check them out yourself — Nesting Shoppe is offering CBB readers 15% off! Just enter code CELEB15 at checkout.

See the flip side of Blakesley’s announcement below!

Photographs ©Larsen&Talbert 2009

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Steph on

Oh, she’s beautiful! I especially love the picture of Ryan holding his daughter close.

Dazzle on

OMG!!she is so cute.

joanne on

What a lovely family. Both of their children are so precious and such a pretty baby announcement. I love how sweet and girly it is. Blakesley Grace looks like a sleeping doll.

mom2three on

Cute. Cute. And CUTE!

Brooklyn on

Aww! What a beautiful birth announcment for a gorgeous baby girl!

Philippa on

A beautiful baby, and such a gorgeous birth announcement. Absolutely stunning! I’m still not sure about her name though, but my guess is in a few months time everyone will comment saying: the name’s growing on me 😀

karlie on

I love the name, way better than Marion

Alex on

The baby is so beautiful, but I still can’t stand that name!

NYCchica on

“I love the name, way better than Marion”
What is this, elementary school? And nice jab at SJP and Matthew’s name choices.

Anne on

So nice to see that one marriage and children came out of the bachelor/bachelorette show.

Tee on

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful birth announcement! Blakesley is such a precious little doll-baby and I love the picture of her and Max. Congratulations again, Trista, Ryan and Max. Your sweet little girl is the perfect addition to your family!

Andrea_momof2 on

Very pretty announcement card! The pictures are adorable.

Jennifer on

Very pretty birth announcement. Blakesley’s beautiful, and all the photos are precious!

The Writer on

Am I the only one who thinks it’s really tacky that the main photo is of Trista with the baby, and her husband, son and the baby herself are all smaller photos? She preaches that they just want a normal life, don’t want to be in the spotlight, etc., but I think this photo is a pretty good indicator of how she really feels. She wants to be the star.

jenny on

The Writer: I somewhat agree with you. I have always thought of her to be a little snooty and wanting to be in the spotlight. Besides the point, her and Ryan sure do make gorgeous babies together! They are darling!!!

jenny on

Oh yah, she put her name first on the announcement? Doesn’t the husband usually go first?

Holly on

Oh my god, Blaksley is so beautiful. I know Trista is gonna give up on her pregnancies, but you can’t try with a surrogate? Max is so beautiful, and Blakesley is gonna be adorable. Please, try with a surrogate. You have a beautiful family!

christina on

My first impression was to roll my eyes: of course Trista is in the biggest photograph! Ugh. She really needs the spotlight!

Otherwise, it’s well done.

Cindy on

Hey she carried that baby for 9 months she can be in whatever size picture she wants!!

kris on

Why does the husbands name have to go first?

And yes, I’d agree re: the big picture. Probably should have been the whole family. Cute announcement and cute kiddos.

dawna on

What a gorgeous family and such beautiful pictures. So nice to see a reality couple making it and being happy. Many Blessings!

ellen on

What a horrifically pretentious name!! Blakesley??? Absolutely horrendous and trying way too hard to be unique. Let the child be unique, not the awful name you burden it with for life! The OTT birth announcement also says a lot about what these 2 view as important though.

Absolutely adorable baby though. Very cute.

GiantsGal on

What an angel!

rb on

Awful name. The “s” kills it.

nettrice on


Christina on

Blakesley is Trista’s mother’s maiden name. I think it’s sweet that she’s honoring her mom that way.

Ashley on

Blakesley looks just like Ryan in the second picture! I have to admit I really LOVE this name now. When they first announced it I was not fond of it at all. I think the announcements are beautiful and, in my opinion, the big picture should have been a large family photo. But super pretty!

Becky on

Ellen – it’s not a made up/unique name…it is a family name. I didn’t like it at first but it’s grown on me now and I would never go so far as to call a name that someone has thought long and hard on “horrifically pretentious” and “Absolutely horrendous”. What a horrible thing to say, no matter how much you hate the name! They also are trying to decide if they’re going to call her “Blake”, “Blakesley” or “Grace” but they wanted to give her a family name and I think that’s wonderful.

michelle on

technically, according to etiquette, the woman’s name goes first unless it is preceeded by Mr. and Mrs.
(What a bizarre thing to nitpick though)

and Blakesly is a family name. Not in the least bit pretentious.

Karen on

I thought the same thing about the pictures!! Why is she in the biggest one and then her husband & son are in the little ones? I’m sure she got these announcements free anyways…

Karen on

Awww, I just saw the back picture…adorable 🙂

lelee on

It’s not unnormal here in my country that the wife comes first, then the husband and at last the other siblings! I can’t find something unnormal here.

More, why are u always complaining about little things? That Trista is on the bigger picture isn’t sooo bad. Maybe the family has chosen the picture together and they found this photo the best and should be on the front side?! Who knows?! You are saying that Trista wants the attention. Maybe she doesn’t want this, you don’t know those woman personally. I find such comments always a little bit wrong. They’re showing a lot of prejudice. We don’t know the reason for the choice behind this thing. Only my personal opinion.

Anyway, everyone is included, there are pictures of everyone :). How cute!!

Cute baby! Cute announcement. Blakesley is a very special name, but everybody his own. It’s their choice and i won’t judge their choice.

jenny on

Kris: I never said that the husbands name has to go first, I asked if that’s the way it is supposed to be. Thanks to everyone who clarified the husbands name first point I made. In my experience I’ve always seen the guy’s name first. I’m not knit-picking the announcement they are beautiful, just a point I noticed that goes along with her having to be in the spotlight! Oh, I have to throw my opinion in on the name too: I kind of think it goes well with the baby. They are both beautifully suited!

Alison on

blakesy is a gorgouse child. and i have grown to LOVEE the name. i wish them all the best

kayla p on

Awww…such a cute family. And i love that her name runs in the family. What a sweet gesture to carry on a namesake.

maggie on

aww this is cute but i have to ask,is it neccessary to share this with the world??

brook on

It is interesting to me to have the photographers website promoted on a birth announcement…..i guess they probably got these for free…

Becky on

Maggie – Why not? Of course you think your baby is the cutest in the world and want to share it with the world. If I had the ability to show pictures of my kids and “brag” to the world, I would! JMO..

eva on

I have no opinion on this family.I’m not a fan of reality shows about dating.But in the mother’s defense I must say I went to the birth announcements wabsite and the sample this family chose is the same.The (models) mother and baby are on the large picture and the 3 smaller ones have the (model) infant,a sibling and the father.

maggie on

Becky, i agree with what u are sayin but to be fair IMO this family use any excuse for some publicity…


Maggie……in my opinion you sound JEALOUS… Why can’t they show off their birth announcement? Wow, this is becoming annoying. Yeah, yeah, yeah……’s your opinion……..

Lisa on

Many mothers have mother and child pictures made after birth.For this reason ,I think this card is precious!That is what I thought and besides I think it is cute showcasing the two girls together too!

Heather on

Ugh! Enough with this family! I’m happy that they’re children are healthy and all, but enough!! They met, dated and married on tv, and that’s about it folks. Why they get air timeas opposed to my children or your children is beyond me. They’re the older version of Speidi.

lulumay on

OMG! The things people complain about on this site. I come here b’c I love kids (I’m a teacher) and I love seeing the pix. I always tell myself, “Don’t read the comments”. But I always do. When will I learn. Who CARES how big a photo is or whose name comes first & how dare ANYONE criticize a child’s name. It is their NAME…forever. If my students made comments about one another the way some ADULTS do on these blogs they would be in a time out of a month!

Ok, I got a little worked up. I just HATE reading anything that is critical of a child, even their name, which is in a sense a criticism of the parents, but either way…everyone go sit on the naughty chair for 5 minutes. LOL

Lorena on

Love the announcement. Great pictures and I like the font/handwriting style. Trista’s baby is so cute. I can’t decide who she looks like yet. I do have to say, however, that I do absolutely think the baby’s name is ugly. Whomever said the name is horrendous and sounds made up is 100% correct.

maggie on

LALA….no not jelous.Jealousy is a sin. What im trying to say is that there are far more famous families than this family who do not show off the birth announcement. These are families who let their work and talent speak for itself. AND if you take the time to read my comment you will see that i in face complemented this picture. And Heather,couldnt agree more with you!

lizzielui on

As I have said before, Trista and Ryan have thousands of fans from the Bachelorette who have followed them since day one. While one may not like that fact that they gained celebrity status based on a reality show, the fact of the matter is that they have. Sure it’s fine if they are not your cup of tea, but they do a farely decent sized fan base and tons of people who follow them. So why is it a big deal if she posts her baby announcements for her fans to enjoy? If you are not a fan you can always feel free to pass over the link. I really don’t get what the big deal is here.

Sarah M. on

As far as why someone is famous, it depends on their fans. Some people don’t like reality shows and thereby don’t see why people who do them are famous. Some people don’t think race car drivers are famous, so they are considered so. Same with golfers, soccer players, etc., etc. etc. Everyone is different, with different likes and dislikes. People will think another person famous based on that alone. So, just because you don’t view a specif person as famous, doesn’t mean other people won’t think they are. As far as posting the birth announcement, the did it so that their fans could share with their joy at their new daughter. I don’t see anything wrong with that. It is part of why the people that do like them, like them so much!

I have liked the name Blakesley since it was first announced! At least there won’t be 4 other Blakesley’s in her class when she’s older!!

Sarah M. on

Sorry for the grammar mistakes. 😛 Bad keyboard.

Elle on

What a beautiful birth announce for such a beautiful, healthy, baby girl. I love this family, and I’m so happy one successful marriage and family came out of The Bachelor. I can tell straight from this announcement that little miss Blakesley will be one little girly girl with her parents wrapped right around her tiny finger 😉

I do agree with a few of you about Trista and the lime light thing, but what to you expect, I would be over the moon too if I just had a healthy, beautiful, baby girl. But yes, she does love that lime light!

Blakesley’s name is definitely growing on me. Not crazy about it, but it fits in nicely with the family. I love the whole family meaning about it. Do you think she’ll go by her full first name Blakesley or a nickname such as Blake, Grace, or Gracie, just wondering? I know older brother Max uses a nickname for his real name Maxwell. Blakesley is such a long, mouthfull, hefty name to pull off, but I beat whatever name the Sutter’s choose to call their daughter will be wonderful.

Again congrats to the family, Daddy Ryan, Mommy Trista, Big Brother Max, and little Blakesley Grace Sutter!

Maxwell & Blakesley arn’t half bad together.

sinclair on

“Oh yah, she put her name first on the announcement? Doesn’t the husband usually go first?”

the wife goes first, so what? there’s nothing wrong with going against the grain. It’s what keeps the world changing.

I think a woman deserves to be listed first on her own child’s birth announcement after she carried her for 9months and brought her into this world–regardless of whether the mother is well-known or not.

IT’S 2009!!

maggie on

There is no big deal people. I simply expressed MY opinion. Thats all. Isnt that what this board is for?

lizzielui on

Yes Maggie the board is about expressing opinions. And my opinion is, I don’t know why this issue of the announcement is such a big deal, and I gave my reasons why. Nothing more, nothing less.

jenny on

Sinclair: We already addressed and explained my comment, so please read up before you comment again!!!!!

brenda on

How could this baby not be beautiful with 2 beautiful parents like trista and ryan

sinclair on

wow, someone’s sensitive! And I ‘read up’, thank you very much.

Jenny, i was offering my opinion–which i’m allowed to do. it’ s not that serious.

If you’re done with it, cool. No read to read other comments that rub you the wrong way. Life’s too short.

Alesha on

She is a lil doll….CONGRATS!!!!

Benigna Marko on

OMG she is absolutely gorgeous. So nice of them to share photos and the announcement with us. I love the pink and the hand kissing. It is just priceless.
Benigna Marko

FC on

I love the small inset photos: Max staring at his little sister, her smiling, and then daddy and daughter cuddling. Lovely! 🙂

Joy on

She looks more like a Grace, than a Blakesley. I hope she doesn’t get teased at school..