Ralphie May Welcomes Son August James May

06/26/2009 at 07:00 AM ET

Chad Buchanan/Getty

It’s a boy for Last Comic Standing star Ralphie May and wife Lahna Turner! The couple — both comedians — welcomed son August James May at 1:09 p.m. on Wednesday, June 24th in Nashville, Tenn. Baby boy weighed in at 8 lbs., 7 oz, and measured 20 ½ inches in length, his rep tells CBB exclusively.

Ralphie, 37, and Lahna will celebrate their fourth anniversary next week; August joins big sister April June, 21 months, at home.

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girlJordan on

I know they’re comedians but naming your Children April and August May is not funny 😦

Kate on

Congratulations to the happy family:) I like the names, I mean, if your surname is ‘May’ you might as well get creative and give your children other months’ names right? April May and August May. Yeah I like it:) Congrats again!

crg on

Wow, look at those names- they really are comedians!

Caroline on

Wow – April June May …. could it be any more confusing for the child !

Lee on

I like the month names and the matching initials. I think it’s very cute.

Solène on

Wow, they like naming their kids with months. As if the May wasn’t enough! Where does the James come from? It should be July ^^

Anon on

April June May? i always wondered if anyone would be named after them three months all in one name!
Congrats to the family

ElenaS on

Congrats. I don’t know who is he but his children have interesting names. Both of them

charlotte on

April and August? Really?

momto3 on

Congratulations! Anybody notice he named his kids after months? August and April? yes, they are names, but his daughter has the middle name of June, which yes, that too is a name. But still………. she’s gonna think she is a calendar! lol.

Lis on


Sandra on

They seriously named their daughter April June May? Wow that’s just cruel. August James May is so-so. He can go by James.

slovenka on

haha, I like those names 🙂
the ‘James’ part doesn’t fit in though, they should’ve at least gone with Jules 😀

Ashley on

I really don’t get people saying that naming your kid something like April June May is cruel. What are kids going to say to her, ‘ha ha, you have month names!’? And if they do, so freakin what, I’m sure her parents will help her to understand that insults don’t matter, and to overcome. It’s attitudes like yours that make children make fun in the first place!

CC on

What is so awful about giving your kids names that also happen to be months of the year? I fail to see what the tragedy is here.

Lacey on

I really like those names! A lot of people use April, May and June in girl names and I don’t recall anyone giving Mariska flack for naming her son, August. It’s not like they named them November and February. It’s crazy that you ladies have a problem with these name but you like the name Banjo..riiight! Congratulations, Lahna, Ralphie and April!

UggaMugga.com on

My 5 year old son’s name is August and when I was pregnant with our daughter Martha, now 3, I liked the name January, but thought to myself, “I can’t use another month name…that’d be too weird!” So she’s Martha…another solid old German name (which is where August came from…my husband is 100% German). And our last name isn’t even May! But, to each their own. And as long as they like it, I suppose…

Congrats to them on their new little one!

Ellen Smith on

August is a very distinguished name when used with the appropriate last name. However, August May and April June May are just ridiculous. The comedic factor will wear thin very soon.

Tabi on

That is awesome. If you don’t *think* about it too much, they are totally normal names. april, June, August, these are all names people give their children. Matching them all up is creative 🙂 Better than Apple.

jessie on

well they can’t help that their last name is may, but the rest of the months?

Sarah on

It is very interesting to see how people on this site will find a negative on every single story/picture. No one flipped out when Mariska Hargitay named her son August, so why is Ralphie naming his kids August and April so cruel. I personally love the names, I think they flow really well. Congratulations to Ralphie and Lahna!

jessicad on

haha That’s hilarious. It will definitely give the kids something to talk about! UggaMugga, I know a January and I think it’s an awesome name!

Freya on

CC, Sarah etc – There is nothing ‘wrong’ about giving your child the name of a month (some are actually rather beautiful IMO), the issue here is that their surname is also a month so it is just too over the top and cheesy, especially in the case of their daughter who got a triple dose of month names!

TV on

I find it rather interesting that people seem to have a problem with the names April, August and June. Those are all completely normal names. Besides it’s not the Mays fault over what their last name happens to be. As a side note too I do believe that April’s middle name pays tribute to a family member along with August’s middle name.
Anyways I would like to congratulate Ralphie, Lahna and April on the arrival of August.

noam on

there’s a christmas movie with mimi rodgers where there is a character named april-may…it has always made me chuckle, i didn’t actually think someone would do that in real life! however, the names are fine, they’re cute, and how many kids use their first and last names all the time? (by the time they are at a stage in life where they do, hopefully everyone around them will be past the teasing stage…)

Jen DC on

i LOVE the kids’ names! Hilarious.

April on

haha I’m an April also and so happy my parents didn’t give me my grandmother’s middle name of May like this little girl has three months! It’s cute that the new little guy also has a month name but so good that they didn’t go with their apparent family tradition and gave him a nonmonth middle name!

JMO on

April June May and August. That’s clever and fitting for Ralphie!! Congrats!

JMO on

btw it’s not so unusual my granmother was May and my aunt was June and I have a cousin named April….it could be worse. April and August are far from humerous imo.

Becky on

I see absolutly nothing wrong…or “cruel” with these names. I think they’re great. Most people won’t know their middle names either and August and April are great names. People need to chill out.

meghan on

I can’t help it, I really like these names!

MomtoB on

I have never seen Last Comic Standing, but based on his kids names I would not guess this guy is very creative or funny. How is naming your child April June May creative? A string of month names? August James is a nice name if it wasn’t supposed to be “funny”.

No one is saying that the names April or August are bad or cruel names, just ridiculous to use your child as the canvas for a joke.

And Ashley, I don’t think it’s so much that kids are cruel (which they definitey can be), but kids are very sensitive. I am a teacher. I once saw a child sobbing at recess. I ran over to him and asked what happened. His name was Graham. Someone had called him Graham Cracker. That was it.

I would much rather be called “Apple”, who was named because her parents thought it sounded pretty, than April June May because my parents were using me as a cheap joke.

Philippa on

Both August and April are quite cool names, and August May sounds alright. But April June May, seriously? That’s taking it a bit too far in my opinion, but they are normal names still so it doesn’t fall in the category really embarrasing names. To each their own I guess.

marlee on

I think the names are fine – April for a girl; August for a boy. However, the convention of naming in a jokey way is offensive. To me it’s the parents saying – look at how clever we are – not a focus on the baby. Just my two cents.

Anne on

I’m reminded of the episode of MTV’s True Life: I Have Embarrassing Parents where mom and dad are clowns and they have triplet daughters. Their last name is Graham and the girls names are Candi, Millie, and Holly (Holly-Graham, Candy-Graham, Millie-Graham, get it?!–slapping my knee–).

Ralphie and his wife are going along those lines, I guess. Must be a comedian thing.

It’s not too out-there, though. Congrats to them!!

Grace on

Oh, come on. Most kids won’t even notice the month names, they’ll just think of them as April and August. And the names aren’t even puns, like the Candie Graham example above — they’re just three names that also happen to be months. Try to think up a joke about those, other than “you sound like a calendar”, which isn’t a very effective taunt.

They’ll be fine. The kids with hippie names from the 70s generally turned out okay.

I’ll take April June May over a made-up blended name or some obscure throwback like “Blakesley” any day of the week.

french gigi on

clever and cute!
i see no big deal here.

RalphieMay on

Thank you everyone for your kind wishes and happy energy.
We named April June cause they are beautiful months. August is also a great month and was named for one of the greatest Roman Ceasars of all time. We gave him the middle name of James after my cousin that died in a car crash years ago he was one of the smartest, charismatic men I have ever known.

My wife and I love our children and don’t consider them a joke or another outlet for our creativity. These are the greatest children any parent could hope for with parents that spend all their time with them.

We gave our children names that are memorable and pair well with my last name. I had Ralph I hated my name Ralph Malph. But I because I was teased learned an amazing lesson very early in life, empathy for others and pride in myself.

Also, trust me my daughter is smart and strong willed. She will be able to verbally handle herself against any of her peers. My wife and I also designed our children’s names to be shortened to A. J. if the discrimination of women persists when our daughter reaches an age when she will seek employment.

Both April and August are wonderful children who must be special cause all of you are taking time out of your day to comment on their names. I think we did our job making a memorable, unique name.

Thank you again from a very proud, happy, humbled and tired father and mother.

Ralphie May and Lahna Turner

Grace on

Enjoy your kids, Ralphie and Lahna! If you’re using the same even temperament in raising them that you show in dealing with random internet drivel, they’re in good hands.


I love the names I think if Aprils middle name wasn’t June most people wouldn’t think twice about it being a “cruel joke”. If you put all those names down they are actual names not just calender months. I have a cousin named April but we don’t think of her name as a calender month.

It’s their choice what they name their children and what kid runs around saying their middle name anyway!? I don’t think I ever said my middle name in class while growing up.

Congrats to Ralphie and his wife!

Macy on

Give me a break people. These are babies and little children you are critisizing. Who cares what their names are. Maybe people don’t like the names of your kids, would you like them to tell you how stupid the names are? The kids are obviously loved by their parents…isn’t that whats important? Congrats on the kiddo guys, I’m sure he’s beautiful. And I must say that the names sound just fine to me!!

christina on

yuck yuck yuck

Michelle on

#36 took me a while to work that one out! We pronounce “Graham” as Gray-em.

fergette on

Way to go Ralphie. I wish your family all the best. Extra applause to your foresight regarding gender descrimination in the workplace. Congrats on your new addition!

Sarah M. on

Ralphie and Lahna, very well said! You seem to truly see your children as blessings and I wish your entire family the very best that life has to offer!!

Alex on

Wow why would anyone do that to their kids??? April & August are great names, but not with that last name. I predict the kids will change their names.

BTW that is a terrible picture of Ralphie May.

RalphieMay on

I agree that is a horrible picture of me, I was growing my hair for a movie and I kinda look like a nice happy lesbian.

Maybe our children will want to change their names, but of course so could yours.

Have a great day, we need a nap. Thank you again for all the nice thoughts and well wishes. Mother and child are resting and recovering. Last night, August pooped twice and nursed but still hasn’t cried.

Ralphie May.

Mandy on

Why does everyone feel they have the right to bash celebrities (or anybody for that matter) for what they choose to name their children? It’s the privilege of the parents to pick a name that means something to them. So, they gave their children names that happen to be months, that’s not an uncommon practice. Not everyone liked the names I chose for my boys, it never made me second guess my decision! I understand that since celebrities are in the public eye, the public will form an opinion of them. But I don’t think it gives us the right to call them cruel parents for giving their children names we don’t like. Why don’t you think of the other side of the situation and how much it would hurt if there was a blog dedicated to how much people hated your child’s name.

Sarah M. on

MomtoB – The child named Graham that you mentioned could just be a sensitive child. Graham is actually a pretty common name. I have a 4 year old cousin with that name. He is always called by 1 of 3 names (unless he’s in trouble, then it’s his whole name): Grahamy (spelled however you so choose), Graham Cracker, or just Cracker. He has never had a problem being called Graham Cracker or Cracker. He answers to both without a problem. Each kid reacts in their own way to being teased. Some cry, some fight, some brush it off, etc.

apple on

I don’t think anyone is criticizing the children. One is not denigrating a child by expressing surprise that their parents made controversial choices in names.

The name combinations are silly in my opinion – the parents have set the kids up for teasing their whole lives. Congratulations to them though and I’m very pleased little August is here safe and sound. August is a stunning first name.

Mia on

I really like the names. And I also think January is a really cool name. The actress (I think she’s on Mad Men) is named January Jones, and I think that is just the coolest name. It’s also very common for women of an older generation to be named “June” or “May” (sometimes spelled Maye), and April has been used for a while, I can most notably think of the news caster in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Sarah M. on

Apple – Even with a common name, kids get made fun of. Saying that naming a child a certain name will get them made fun of is like saying that by passing on the gene of red hair, you are causing your child to be made fun of. Kids will find ANYTHING to make fun of another child. Name, hair color, clothes worn, height, weight, etc., etc. etc. The list is endless.

Charlie on

Congrats, sure, but the naming scheme is completely ridiculous. They probably didn’t think about how embarrassing (not to mention confusing) it would be for their son and daughter…
Anyway, congrats nonetheless.

G Mom on

I think it’s cute. Within the celeb world of names we see they aren’t out there at all. I didn’t know who is wife was. I Googled. She’s beautiful. Congrats to them both on lovely healthy children.

The Graham comments are funny to me. My son is Graham and he HATES it. He already told me when he’s 18 he is changing his name to Max. I thought I was giving him something worldly and distinguished. Not so much for him.

Shannon on

I think to each their own first and foremost, but I personally love the names. I think it is great when people are creative about naming their children and add a remembrance to someone special. My childrens middle names are after legendary singers, Lynn (Loretta) and Tyler (Steven). I lost a child; to me the long lasting career of these two performers is a symbol of longevity and success in life.

Any ways… congrats on the new baby Ralphie and Lahna. I wish you peace, happiness, and sleep!!