Kendra Wilkinson Says She's Still the 'Same Girl'

06/26/2009 at 12:00 PM ET
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Other than her beginning belly, pregnancy has changed very little in Kendra Wilkinson‘s life. Famous for installing a stripper pole in her living room, the former Girls Next Door star can still perform with the best of them despite recently announcing she is expecting her first child on Christmas Day! “I can still do some dancing moves,” she jokes. “And next, I’m going to come out with a pregnancy stripper-pole workout.”

Reiterating that her pregnancy has not slowed her down in the least — “I’m still out there being the same girl” — Kendra admits that her fiancé Hank Baskett is determined that the couple focus on baby’s arrival. “Hank is so involved in this,” she shares.

“He’s the one who’s like, ‘Babe, we got to go to pregnancy yoga. We have to do this. We have to do that.’ He’s just so hands-on.”

All the extra attention given to both Kendra and baby-on-the-way leaves the expectant mama with little doubt that the future father is more than ready for the big day. “That just makes me know he’s going to be a wonderful dad,” she notes.

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Mallory on

I never thought I’d see the words “pregnancy” and “stripper-pole” used in the same sentence. *shakes head*

Mariel on

Kendra Wilkinson Says She’s Still the ‘Same Girl’… UNTIL NOW!!!!

Tiffany on

Good for them! For as wild as she was on Girls Next Door, I do believe once the baby is here they will be great parents.

marlee on

I wish she would go away.

Bb on

Love her

crimpe on

What a nightmare. She sure is in for a wake-up call. Good luck, girl.


Some of you negative people are so sad. I wish you all would go away…..

Tee on

I’m honestly not sure what to think about Kendra having a baby. She comes across as being immature and I don’t approve of the life that she has chosen to lead whatsoever. However, she and Hank seem so excited about being pregnant. I hope that they are going to change some of the things about the way that they have chosen to live in the past. I’m sure that they will make great parents if they pull it together.

Samantha on

A pregnancy stripper pole!! You have got to be kidding me right? I can’t believe this girl. She is just so naive about everything she is saying in the tabloids. Does she think that everything is going to go perfectly for her and nothing will ever go wrong? Let’s give our head a shake here girl. This is reality and things happen to go wrong in the real world. She is so plastic to me and probably for alot of other people too. Does she think this baby is going to sleep all night and be up for a while in the daytime and then nap again for however long she wants them to nap? There’s something about her that makes me cringe! Hope her life goes as good and simple as she thinks it will go!

Sar on

There a strip pole class by my house in a very suburban area and the classes are always full with many types of women. It’s honestly supposed to be a really good workout. Besides you could tell she was joking about the pregnancy strip pole. Lay off a little people and have a little sense of humor.

shalay on

“Does she think that everything is going to go perfectly for her and nothing will ever go wrong? Let’s give our head a shake here girl. This is reality and things happen to go wrong in the real world.”

I’m a little confused by this comment. Kendra comes across to me as being hopeful and full of joy by her pregnancy and engagement. I don’t recall any statements implying that her life is perfect and will always remain that way. I think what she’s saying is that she, as an individual, is going to remain true to herself despite all the changes in her life. I don’t think she’s living in a dream world. What expectant parent would talk to the press about all the negative possibilities that they could eventually face? Every other celebrity seems full of joy when they’re having a baby, so I don’t see why Kendra gets criticized for it.

As for the stripper pole, hey whatever floats your boat. People can still have sex while pregnant, so why not exercise on a pole? As long as it isn’t dangerous for the fetus, I don’t see the big deal. It’s not like she said she’ll be practicing a striptease routine in front of the baby.


Why is people so angry with her? Samantha, what did she say to piss you off? She was making a joke about a pregnacy stripper pole. People really want to make her out to be this bad person. Could people be angry at the fact that she is happy (married/expecting a baby)?

hayley on

grrrrrrrrrrrr what is wrong with you people! hang you heads in shame how dare you…how dare you have a go at this girl…we all think everything is going to be wonderful when we find ourselves pregnant…we will have PERFECT babies…who sleep all the time….breast feeding will be easy we will lose all our baby weight and do others judge us the way you have all judged kendra…no they didn’t…they all nod along tell us what we want to hear because who in there right mind is sooooo crul as to try and shatter somes dream….

for god sake how do you no she won’t have a prefect sleeping baby…..and that she won’t shock you nasty evil small minded woman who dare to say you no better….

get a life. you make me so angry!

sorry about the spelling am to mad to care.

good luck kendra with people like this who are going to have a go no matter what you do xxx you are going to need it xxxx

christina on


Trina on

Kendra has always been a fun loving good hearted person. Why does anyone care about what she chooses to do with her life. Its not like your her husband or her friend. Let her be happy and be herself. Like the famous saying ” who are we to judge” I am only 24 and have 2 kids and am more mature than many on this site. What a shame.

L on

Who cares…I know PLENTY of women/ladies/girls whatever you want to call them that have their moral compass fully intact..with children…married…and they go to stripper-pole workouts weekly…feel free to speak your mind..but goodness..shes a free-spirit..let her enjoy her pregnancy without all the *cringes* & *i wish she would go away*…YOU go away!!!!!!

Becky on

LALA – I totally agree! Wow! People are getting more and more rude on this site. If you don’t like her, skip the post.

She is a sweet girl and everyone picks on her like crazy and love to hate her. It’s not like she’s a porn star. She’s showed her boobs in playboy. Big deal! If you were offered $100,000 or however much to pose nude and if you looked good enough to be on Playboy, chances are you’d do it. There are sooo many women on this site that get great comments and they’ve posed in Playboy, many celebrities have.

She is excited to find the love of her life and is expecting a baby. This is the happiest time of her life and people should be happy for her. I think they make an adorable couple and while I think she has a lot to learn about living on her own, let alone raising a baby but her hubby (as of tomorrow) seems like he’ll take right to fatherhood and the two of them together will learn how to raise this baby and give this baby a wonderful life and love the baby very much. I am so happy for them and am excited to watch this new adventure on their show.

gina on

Well….I have a stripper pole in my bedroom…and I swung around a bit on it while pregnant!!! *gasp*!!!! I was only able to do to do that for so long before my belly got in the way though, lol.

Please people….the pregnancy pole workout was a joke. I honestly think some of you *want* her to fail.

And she doesn’t need anyones approval for the life that she leads. That is the beauty of being in America…free choice. She doesn’t need to live her life by your or anyone elses moral compass, just her own (and I say this as an agnostic, non married, young, stay at home mother to 4 kids who is used to others trying to shove their ideals down my throat).

lulumay on

I didn’t care for her on GND but on her show I like her more & her hubby is a DOLL. He is so sweet & I think that he will help her grow & mature & will be an amazing dad. And I think that becoming a mama will do the same. She IS a trip but she is at heart a sweet girl it seems.

Truth is that NONE of us knows the celebrities on this site. We THINK we do but we don’t so…grain of salt.

Hea on

Some of you nasty people really make me sick and I’m ashamed of you. Really. How anyone can judge a stranger this much, based on how she looks and what she’s done for a living is beyond me… She has never hurt anybody. Leave the girl alone! Nobody was this upset when Lisa Rinna, Teri Hatcher and Kate Hudson told the world that they go to striptease workouts.

kmaldonado6 on

I really like Kendra and I do believe she is very happy. Everyone has a picture of a perfect life when they are about to get married and when they are about to have a baby. I hope they will make, unfortunatly there isn’t much hope for couples who go to reality tv. I am happy for her and I hope her happiness continues and she beats the odds. Good luck Kendra

April on

I think she has a great attitude and has shown nothing but gratefulness for the life she is enjoying. I watched her and Hank for the first time the other night and he is great for her. She is still herself around him and that is so important. Plus she has a wonderful support system in her family-all the best!

Joy on

Love Kendra. Getting to love Hank; don’t ‘know’ him that much. I am so happy for Kendra. I can’t wait to see their baby. So touching, how they are so involved in their child… And he is not even here yet!!