Ana Ortiz Admits She's Nervous About Labor, Nursing

06/26/2009 at 09:00 AM ET


Not quite stage fright, more like labor fright! “I’m nervous about labor,” Ana Ortiz, who was due with her first child yesterday, tells Pregnancy magazine. “To me, it is just so unknown.”

While the delivery process is not completely new for the Ugly Betty actress — she has been a birthing coach in the past which has made things “a little less scary” — Ana is hopeful things will run smoothly with the help of her husband Noah Lebenzon, her mom, a close friend and an epidural!

“My girlfriend was really trying for natural and we went as far as she could. I am telling you, I felt like Shirley MacLaine in Terms of Endearment because as soon as she was like, ‘I think I need the epidural,’ I was running in the hallway: ‘Get my daughter the meds! Get her the epidural!’ It’s hard to see someone you love in that kind of state.”

Her nerves don’t stop once baby girl arrives; the expectant mama, who is looking forward to nursing, admits the fear of the unknown matched with a few horror stories has left her uncertain of the future. “I’ve heard so many incredibly difficult stories, and it’s something that I really want to do, but I’m just so nervous about it,” she says of breastfeeding.

Source: Pregnancy

— Anya

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ecl on

I swear that one of the reasons women have such trouble breastfeeding is because they are encouraged to overthink it which then makes them nervous. The books have pages and pages of tips telling you exactly what to do, but it really is more instinctual than that. I was so nervous about breastfeeding and took a class, which made me even more nervous. But breastfeeding got really easy when, a couple days in, I just decided to do what felt right and ignore the tips on positioning and timing and all that stuff.

Sarah on

You can do it Anna!!!! W/ nursing, it’s just getting through the first two weeks, after that it’s cake!

Tabi on

Unfortunately, the people who talk the most are the people who have problems. Most people who found it easy to nurse or who had little difficulties aren’t as vocal. It’s a shame that women are made to feel like it’s going to be such an unnatural thing, which is not true.

Sheila on

I have been checking this site 3-4 times a day for the past week hoping she had her little girl! I can’t wait to see what she names her lil princess…
P.S. Labor=not bad with meds–I did it all natural with my second and swore I was gonna die when push time came. Breastfeeding=not for me…

Ruby on

I agree ecl! I wish women would stop obsessing about it and just go with the flow. That’s what our boobs are designed for so it’s pretty instinctual both for mother and baby!

I had my daughter at home and the midwife put her straight onto me (no cleaning up at my request). Baby latched on almost immediately and 9 months later we’re still breastfeeding happily!

I know there are genuine problems sometimes but I cant help but think some of these problems are caused by women being too worled up about the issue and putting too much pressure on themselves.

Good luck Ana – can’t wait to see your littl’un!

laura on

sorry ruby but it took me hours of help and tons of la leche league and my son could never latch right and i had to pump exclusively, you have no idea what you’re talking about

Michelle on

I had trouble getting my first child to latch on, but fortunately I had an extremely patient nurse who basically wouldn’t leave my room till we got the baby nursing. It is painful for the first couple of weeks, but then it gets better. I would definately recommend lansinoh cream for any new nursing moms out there!

Shannon on

Okay just b/c Ruby had an easy time nursing her child, does not mean you have to tell her she “doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” Jealous, are we?

I hope everything works out great for Ana, and I can’t wait to hear that she has had her little girl!

MZ on

laura, ruby acknowledged that there are women who have legitimate issues, so i don’t get why you’re taking issue with what she said.

i agree that there is too much stress put on breastfeeding, so that women make themselves sick about it. i signed up for a BFing class but had to miss it and was beside myself at the end of my pregnancy, worried that i wouldn’t be able to breastfeed. we’ve had some bumps, but luckily things have worked out. and if they hadn’t, and i’d needed to use formula, it wouldn’t have been the end of the world.

i’ve also seen a lot of misinformation out there, and i don’t think there is always enough help for women who want to BF. it was difficult to find a lactation consultant at my hospital and i actually had a doctor and some nurses give me a hard time about my choice to BF. some of my friends who were pregnant at the same time as me had heard that if you don’t use formula in addition to breastmilk, your child will not get all the nutrients she needs. not true!

i hope ana gets the help she needs and that she is able to enjoy BFing her daugher 🙂

Sarah on

Ruby, I also had a wonderful nursing experience. Both of my sons were brought to my breast and began to nurse immediately after birth.

Rebecca on

Laura, she said some, not all, stop attacking her.

Ruby on

Wow Laura would you like some dip for that chip on your shoulder??

I’ve had a fabulous breastfeeding experience. It has been hard and painful but worth it. I’m damn proud of myself for feeding my daughter for this long and for helping her become the beautiful, healthy little girl she is.

In my original post I acknowledged that some women have real problems. These women have nothing but my sympathy and support.

Obviously you haven’t had a good experience. Do us all a favour and stop taking it out on those of us who have?

Jackie on

when i had my son noah, i had lots of trouble bf. he wouldnt latch on, and my milk hadnt come in for a while. afterwards, it came it, but he wasnt getting enough, and developed problems from it! i think BF is a good idea, but formula doesnt hurt either. women take it too seriously. it really is not the end of the world if you have to switch!

wow..laura…she really sounds like she knows what shes talking about. some people have problems, some dont. get over yourself.

Joy on

I think if she buys the book about Breastfeeding by La Leche League, that would be good. With my 3rd child, I breast fed for 2-1/2 years. As far as labor, just learn the La Maze method of child birth. That helps a lot!! Good luck, Ana!! All new moms have been through what you are going to go through!! Just think— the ‘reward’— a beautiful baby!!

Dee on

The anticipation of these things are always worse than the reality. Labor was painful, but not undo-able. Breastfeeding was a piece of cake for me. I didnt nurse my first child because i was terrified because of all the hoopla. I did with my second and it was the easiest thing i ever did. Motherhood is kinda just instinctual.

janet on

Breastfeeding was hard for me and was not instinctual for me or my son. Women should not feel guilty if it does not come natural. Even if you are bound and determined you may still have difficulty. If it does not go well for you or your baby then that should be ok, you tried and you shouldn’t feel like a failure. what is best for one mother may differ with the next.

Angie on

I think some knowledge is power when it comes to nursing, but it is easy to overthink it and be too worried. I didn’t nurse my first because I had major major supply issues and NOBODY would tell me what to do about it. So I gave up and went to formula. With my second I also had supply issues but this time I knew what to do, what herbs or medications to take, etc and the first 8 weeks were rough getting my supply up, but I had a great LC who helped a lot and we are still nursing 1 year and 1 week later. AND I am 5 months pregnant! 🙂 I fully plan on nursing baby #3 when she arrives in October. (and maybe even tandem with my toddler)

I think with determination and LOTS of support most people can successfully breastfeed. (but if you don’t want to… that’s fine too!)

Wow! on

Angie! I’m impressed! Way to go!

Alicia on

My first time I was so determined. In the hosp she latched immediately, but she would not stay on. I had to hold my breast at all times in order to put it back in every time she swallowed. I tried, I really did, my nipples bled for weeks because she never stayed latched. She also started projectile vomiting. She would eat, throw up, then 10 minutes later want a full feeding again. Breast are many things but not magical, they could not produce an entire feeding immediately. We ended up finding out she had a very strong gag reflex, even some bottle nipples were too long, that was the latch problem. And the vomiting was due to lacotse intolerance (call me selfish but I cant live 100% dairy free, its my big food-love), she was also soy intolerant (is fine with both now though, at 3 y.o.). Need hypoallergenic formula. Bottom line? IT WAS A MESS!

When the second one came along I was game to try again. This one latched great but she wanted to drink 4-6oz the day she was born. I have ample milk, colostrum too, but I couldnt do that for her. So we did both, then she started throwing up, lactose thing again. I threw in the towel by 1 week old.

I envy women who can do it. I wish I could have, I knew all the health benefits for both of us. But guess what? Happy ending- they are both perfectly healthy, strong, smart, happy kids. Thank God and all that is holy for formula.

Sorry to go so long!

Alicia on

Oh and #1 also had another digestive problem that accounted for the projectile vomiting, medication fixed it but wasnt diagnosed properly until she was several months old.

lulumay on

I don’t have kids but it has been such a learning experience for me to see all my friends go thru all these issues. It was only a few years ago that I learned that nursing can be so difficult for some women. I had NO idea. I thought you just put baby to boob & that was it. LOL. As someone who has never gone thru it I can’t imagine all the issues you moms face but I hope everyone supports one another no matter what. xox

Andy on

Breastfeeding does not come naturally and instinctual to every woman…no matter what the books say.

I watched my wife weep for weeks trying to breastfeed our son. He wasn’t nursing correctly, and it was causing my wife a great deal of pain.
The one visit we paid to a lactation consultant, my wife was made to feel terrible., but my wife did not want her ‘help’. She was adamant it was supposed to be natural and felt ashamed to admit defeat. And with the words the lactation consultant was spitting out, it’s no wonder women who stop breastfeeding feel awful.

I personally think it’s a shame that women are made to feel so guilty that breastfeeding does not work.

Breast or bottles, who cares?

In my personal opinion , and based on our families experience with failed breastfeeding, people who negatively question others as to why they are not breastfeeding are not actually caring about the health of your child, they just want a chance to gloat about the fact they were able to do ‘what was natural’, thus thinking they are a better parent.

Andy on

P.S most babies nurse after birth, it is not a sign that your baby is a brilliant nurser, it is an innate sucking reflex.
Babies can later develop issues with breastfeeding, even after nursing at birth.

annie on

when will this beautiful little girl come?! I’ve been waiting and waiting. Haha. Heres to a healthy and happy baby girl.
PS, she mentioned something about the name Ramona before. I hope she names her Ramona. So beautiful.

sdfsd on

What about moms who just don’t WANT to breast feed? Many mothers get breast pumps so that the fathers can take turns feeding the baby.