Meet Donald John Trump III!

06/25/2009 at 12:00 PM ET

Lawrence Schwartzwald/Splash News Online

It’s baby Donnie! Donald Trump Jr., wife Vanessa and kids Kai Madison, 2, and Donald John III, 4 months, pose for a photo after a casual brunch at Serafina on Father’s Day in NYC.

How’s Kai adjusting to being a big sister? Very well, according to Vanessa.

“I’m breastfeeding, but sometimes I pump and put it in a bottle so she can feed him,” she shares. “Kai loves it. She loves to sit there, she puts the pillow around, she copies me with the burp cloth.”

The family tries to stay together as much as possible.

“We try to integrate as much stuff with the children by bringing them to dinners and making them a part of it,” Donald explains. “I think frankly it’s a way to really develop a child well, too.”

Do you ever pump so your older child can give a bottle to your infant?

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Brooklyn on

Aww! What a cute family!
Donald III is such a cutie pie!

ingrid on

that child is way too young to be SITTING in a stroller!

lina on

these two have beautiful kids, dont they?

edlives on

nice to see that even a rich guys son has to change some poopy diapers. Brings things into perspective.

mmh on

ingrid — you can tell he’s reclined in the stroller — you can see how the blue top of the seat is lower than with Kai. you know, I have done my fair share of “where’s Suri’s coat?” but some of you people — man! glad my mom friends are more laid back!!!!

LaKesha on

The Trumps do make beautiful children. Four months too young to be sitting in a stroller, my daughter sat up at 4 months, was in a stroller many times. She’s now walking around tables at 8 months. Some are just ready before others.

Lorelei on

What a beautiful family! I absolutely agree with integrating children into your outings, like meals out. We did the weekly Friday dinner with our children when they were little. They mostly slept when they were little, but as they get bigger we set expectations of behavior in restaurants, etc, watched them like hawks and they were great. They really looked forward to it when they were older. Timing is everything!

Lioness on

Beautiful kids. Did Donald Jr. FINALLY cut that horrid hair?? I certainly hope so, lol.

michelle on

They seem like such a normal family who just happen to have a famous last name.

skunknuggets on

Well, they look great and very happy!

Rach on

Ingrid, I am pretty sure that this is a Graco Ipo stroller.If it is, the seats recline for sleeping or a younger child. Lakesha,same here,my son sat up and the same age and now at 6 months he is trying to stand and walk but he keeps hitting his head off of things. Walkers are illegal in canada so I can’t even put him in one of those to roam around without hitting his head 😦

FC on

Don the III is a cute baby, and I see he has a nice head of hair going for him as well. 🙂 They’re a cute family.

jenny on

Oh for petes sakes, you can clearly tell that he is reclined compared to his sister! 4 months is not too young to sit in a stroller just depends on the baby. They all are different. My son hated to lie down after 3 months he wanted to see what was going on!

Sammy-xx on

It’s so nice to see that some familys with money can raise normal well ajusted kids.
Donald and Ivanka seem so normal and like they have their head screwed on.
Kai is a beautiful little girl, such a beautiful name.
Donnie is adorable, he looks like Barron a little.

Sophie on

This is a MacLaren Twin Techno 2009. I know because I just bought the same one for my kids, also 2 yrs old & 4 mos. This stroller seats kids from birth to 4 yrs. It’s the only twin stroller that holds up to 110 lbs combined but will also accomodate a newborn.

Cate on

What a beautiful family!

Sabrina on

i love this family! such beautiful children, and the parents seem so down-to-earth.

Martha on

Funny how women don’t have the urge to name their daughters after them Martha II, Martha III. Yes I know some will jump on me for criticizing, but I would prefer having my own name. Being named after a relative or a grandparent seems sweet, but after a living parent it seems a little narcacistic (sp). Yes I am entitled to my opinions. However cute kids

Jennifer on

Such cute kids! 🙂

dizz on

baby Donnie is sooo cute! Kai’s cute too.
agree that baby Donnie looks a little bit like Barron when he was a baby

Ali on

I love babies that look like dolls 🙂

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Martha, ITA!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

….beautiful kiddies though, little Donnie’s a real cutie, all that hair…!

Kat on

that stroller is a maclaren twin techno

Mel on

They seem very down to earth.

SH on

ingrid, are you serious!?