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06/25/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

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Anon on

I never fault celebrities for buying their children expensive clothing, my mom was known for buying my brother and I upscale pieces when we were young. However, I think its just practicality, why would you put your daughter is a $120 dress(expensive for childs clothing) to go to the sandbox? Its commendable to see multi-millionaires dressing their kids in moderately priced clothes. It shows they haven’t entirely lost their minds or perspective.

Also I don’t have kids yet, but I DO plan on banking their chord blood if i ever do. Its just a good idea.

On the ugly baby article, I don’t understand why people waste time doing studies that are common sense. Its not just babies, its people period. Theres this documentary called the Human face with John Cleese(its quite good) and it discusses this subject in detail(in a humorous way).

sdfsd on

Why do people think that because we’re in a recession that celebrities/rich people shouldn’t be frivolous with their money? We should WANT them to spend frivolously. Spending money HELPS the economy.

MZ on

We looked at the cord blood banking really closely during my pregnancy, and decided that we’d just do the public bank. But, last minute we used the cord blood to run some tests on the baby when he was born. The cost for the private bank is just astronomical!

blackrose on

i think the cord banking is pretty important, i dont have kids yet but when i do i think o would do it. a friend of my cousins had a son and when he was 2 he was diagnosed with leukemia, the mother immediately got pregnant so they could use his sisters blood cord to save him.u know its like a miracle.