Solange Knowles Brings Julez to Work!

06/24/2009 at 03:00 PM ET

Courtesy OP

Mom may be working hard, but her son is right by her side! Solange Knowles recently shot OP’s new “OPen Campus” campaign alongside AnnaLynne McCord, Sophia Bush, Joel Madden, Brody Jenner and Cody Linley, and brought 4 ½-year-old Daniel Julez along.

Posing at University High School in Los Angeles, the cast gathered on a OP bus created by West Coast Customs that has everything from a performance stage on the roof to recycled cork floors to a built-in gaming system.

OP is exclusively available at Walmart.

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Click below for a second photo of Solange and Julez!

Courtesy OP

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Anon on

Her son looks a little bit like Nahla Aubry. Not so much in this set of photos, but they could definitely be related.

Amber on

He looks just like his maternal grandmother, IMO.

Anon on

and none of those people listed appeal to me or would make me want to buy anything. Ever.

gaia's mommadukes on

He looks like Nahla a bit in the eyebrow area. They both have feline-esque faces. The thing about julez is he looks so grown up but that strikes me with a lot of these celeb babies. I don’t care for solange knowles at all, I find her to be rather crass but she and her ex sure did produce a beautiful boy.

Lacey on

I’ve never heard of half those people listed. He does look a little like Nahla.

Jenny on

I don’t really know much about her but she’s very pretty and looks like she is in really good shape. Her son is gorgeous.

J-Lin on

Great picutures of Solange.

I can guarantee you Solange could care less if you like her or not. She keeps her head held high and takes care of business. The Knowles’ girls get the job done.

alice jane on

With the exception of Solange(maybe?) and Joel Madden, all the people listed are on shows geared at younger audiences like One Tree Hill, The Hills, 90210, Hannah Montana, etc. They’re all fairly famous though.

Back to the point…. I had no idea Julez was so big already! He’s a cutie though, and like someone already said I think he looks a lot like Solange’s mom.

Lola Marie on

Wow he looks like his grandma. More so than Beyonce or Solange?!?!? Genetics are so crazy 🙂

amerie on

how do you say his name?

jessie on

he’s so cute i didn’t realize he’s gotten so big, although i don’t see any resemblence to nahla

gaia's mommadukes on


Im pretty sure she wouldn’t care, I mean if if any of us walked around concerned about people who disliked us we’d get nothing done. I just find her to be rude, having been at a show where she berated(sp) the audience has left a bad taste in my mouth( I wasn’t there to see her, she was the opening act). She doesn’t seem to have the class or composure that Beyonce has. Not an ounce.

Anon on

You guys don’t think so? Eh, guess its just me.

Aniah on

Actually I think that Juelz looks like Beyonce did when she was younger, especially as a baby.

Jessica on

I wonder how often he sees his father?

Amber on

Look at him and then look at this.
Grandma Knowles

Mina on

Awww! he’s so tall & cute! He looks 6 to me, but I think it’s because of his height.

christina on

Amber — thanks for the link! Craziness — they are twins!!! Wow.

sage on

Solange looks so pretty I love the darker hair and that boy looks like Tina its cute.

m-dot on

He is looking more like his granny everyday. I love that he is always with his mother, and not shipped off to some nanny.

L on

His dad is really tall, basketball player so maybe thats where Juelz gets his height from! He is such a cute little boy, love Solange!

Tee on

His dad, Daniel Smith plays football and is now a free agent. Juelz’ name is pronounced like Jewels..I think he favors his maternal grandmother and aunt B. Nice Pics!

J-Lin on

Gaia – I don’t understand why folks feel the need to let everyone know whether not you like a person before commenting on the issue at hand. I have always enjoyed reading others comments because other have expressed good times and advice, but folks are becoming so petty and snarky.

Help Danielle!

Lioness on

I don’t think Nahla Aubry looks anything Juelz- outside of the highly arched eyebrows and light complexion, they have nothing else in common. Completely different features. Now a resemblance to his grandmother- yeeeessss deeeeeefinitely, lol. He looks very much like his grandmother.

rachelsun on

Agree. He looks nothing like Nahla Aubrey. He looks like his father actually. cute big boy!

L.J. on

gaia, you’re right. the girl’s got some insecurity issues. . .but who doesn’t

Terri on

The only time I’ve heard of her getting upset with an audience is when they booed her sister or something like that.

Solange and Juelz are both beautiful.

Nika on

Gaia, i can belive that…

Whenever i’ve seen her in interviews, she seems to have this bad attitude. She’s very defensive but often for no reason.

I understand that it must be irritating to constantly have your sister bought up in your interviews. But if her sister wasn’t who she is, it’s unlikely that solange would have gotten such a step up into the industry.
Plus she must have known that this is how it would be.

As the saying goes, don’t bite the hand that feeds you…

Tweety on

The funny thing about a lot of the comments on here is where you are saying you don’t like her or you don’t know her, then why choose to comment on her picture? out of all the pictures on this website you could have commented on someone you know or you like why be rude and ignorant. and futhermore those that say they don’t like her have you spent an actual moment with this girl on a personal basis? dont judge her by what someone tells you or a bad moment she might have had, how would you like if someone did that to you? Think about it, I mean really the fact that your probably no a though in her mind should have stoped you from making an ignorant statement like that.