Sam and Lola Sheen: Flower Power!

06/24/2009 at 01:00 PM ET

“Lots of photogs here, figured I’d post my own picture of my angels,” Denise Richards tweeted before sharing this photo of daughters Sam, 5, and Lola Rose, 4. The trio, along with Denise’s father Irv and friend Kim, are currently vacationing in Maui, Hawaii and enjoying lots of time at the beach and in the pool!

Courtesy Denise Richards

Click below for a photo of Sam getting up close and personal with a macaw!

Will Binns/Pacific Coast News

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Lisa on

Those are gorgeous girls! I just love the little space between their two front teeth! Those leis make me want to go back to hawaii! I saw other pictures and the kids were in the pool having an amazing time. Denise said that they are in Hawaii with Tori, Dean, Liam, and Stella. I am sooo happpy that Charlie and Denise have worked out their differences and came together for the kids! What lucky girls to have a mother who takes them to these wonderful places, and a father who adores them and just welcomed 2 baby boys into their family. Lola and Sam are lucky to have Denise, Charlie, and Brooke to look after them! BTW I love Sam’s facial expression holding the parrot! She doesn’t know if she likes it! Her face is like “okay mommy im holding the parrot, now can i go back to swimming!”

philippa on

They really look alike. Same noses and lil’ gap between their teeth. They are cute, average looking girls.

Michelle on

They are such beautiful little girls!

mmh on

Sam really looks like Charlie in that photo! I’ve never been able to tell before who the girls look like…

Annie on

I hope that they enjoy the vacation. Denise really seems enjoy the motherhood.

jenny on

Mmh: I agree! I have never realized how much Sam looks her daddy until this picture! IMO I don’t think the girls look that much alike. both very pretty though!

Mary-Helen on

They are so cute! Denise is such a doting Mommy.

Alex on

Sam is a Sheen and Lola is a Richards, for sure! Such beautiful girls. I can’t help but love this family, especially with how maturely they are dealing with everything now.

Anon on

These girls are actually very beautiful imo and not average. There faces have character and they look unique(coming from someone who has a hard time telling small children apart).

meghan on

What a great picture! These girls really put a smile on my face. I love the little gap-toothed grins! Too precious.

JMO on

super jealous! I’d kill to be in Hawaii right now or any place sunny and warm. The east coast weather has been so crazy lately I’m ready to get out of here asap!!

Sam def. looks like Charlie!

Hel on

Sam is beautiful, she looks so much like charlie sheen

Nancy on

Cute pictures and cute girls! Thanks CBB!

Elisa on

Charlie has powerful genes!! all his kids look like him!! hehehe Sam and Lola are very beautiful!!


sage on

The girls are beautiful. I’ve always said that Sam looks like Charlie but I never saw him in Lola until now.

Mimi on

I think Lola looks like Denise’s mom and Sam looks like Charlie. Both sweet girls. It’s nice that Denise shared these pics.

Jasmine C. on

Wow! I can’t believe how much they looke alike in this picture!

Jenny on

Wow.. Sam looks just like her dad and Lola looks just like her mom. Very cute!

Sammy-xx on

Sam is a Sheen(Esteves)all the way, Lola looks like Charlie but has a lot of Denise in her.
They are beautiful girls.

Cortney on

And who said Sam never smiles? These girls are so cute! They have the same smile and noses. But Sam totally has Charlie’s eyes.

Ashley on

Sami has looked exactly like Charlie since she was born!!! She looks like Denise in this picture more than I ever thought she has though (this as in the 1st one). Lola looks more like Charlie as well but has Denise in her too, almost equally. Two very sweet little happy girls, I love them!

Kelly on

These are such beautiful little girls! The 1st one is beyond adorable!

jessicad on

I don’t know why, but “average looking girls” sounds like a statement made out of jealousy haha. Looks like a fun trip and the girls are just too cute!

gargoylegurl on

I took the “average” comment to mean “normal” kids having fun, natural looking. Not the usual pap photos of celeb kids. But I could be wrong…=)

Grace on

Sam Sheen is able to smile finally. Yeah, she looks so much like her dad, Charles Sheen. Lola Sheen is definitely cute and she looks just like her mom, Denise Richards. They are definitely beautiful little girls. Denise is such a great mom!!!

m-dot on

These girls look so much like their father…wow.

cali on

gargoyleguri that is just what I meant. They look like typical little girls that just got out from swimming. Not overdone, or dressed to the dimes.

Marie on

OMG.. They look so much alike!!! Cute kids =)

arovelloraenso on

What sweet little snaggletoothed smiles! The macaw picture really caught my attention. I did the same thing when I was that age. My best friend had one as a pet.

sdfsd on

Grace, I think Sam is smiling because her mother took this photo. As far as the papparazzi photos we uually see, it’s completely understandable that she doesn’t smile when they’re around!

emma on

those girls look so pretty and seeing them smile just makes it better. By the way what does the J stand for in Sams name

Terri on

Those are two adorable girls!

Grace on

sdfsd, I agree with you that Sam smiled because of her mom took this beautiful picture.



pat on

Darling kids. Looks like they are at Mama’s Fish House, located on the road to Hana, the most beautiful place on Maui.

gianna on

The girls are beautiful and both favor Denise more. Sam used to be a mini charlie, but now other than her nose, she reminds me so much of denise. Same eyes, hair, and smile. Lola looks just like denise’s mom. I love denise, she is gorgeous and a good mom.

Alesha on

So cute, cute as buttons, my grandmas would say

tash on

NO WAY does Lola look like Charlie. Lola looks like Denise. Same eyes and face shape.

Sam looks like Charlie for sure! I see him in so much of her but Lola is all Denise!

KT on

It’s seems strange to me that people automatically comment that children are “cute” or “beautiful”. It’s always nice to see a kid smile, but pretend they are not smiling…they’re not that cute or beautiful. They are average looking, at best.