Courtney Thorne-Smith Carries Her Stripey Son

06/24/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

London Entertainment/Splash News Online

Actress Courtney Thorne-Smith steps out with her son — still wearing his pajamas! — for a morning walk in Santa Monica, Calif. on Monday.

Jacob ‘Jake’ Emerson, 17 months, is the first child for the former According to Jim star and husband Roger Fishman.

Courtney wears Jake in an Ergo Baby Carrier in Black/Green ($105). Jake wears a babyGap footed sleeper ($22 for similar styles).

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Selena on

Jake is soooo cute! Love the striped sleeper and the ERGO is the best. The ERGO carrier and the Beco carrier have been our best baby investments by far. I couldn’t live without mine, and my husband uses his frequently, too. We have this black/green color combo that Courtney uses, and I also have the all green organic version.

Brooklyn on

Aww! Jake is adorable!

sara on

it may just be me, but he seems kind of old to be in a carrier that faces in and not out. He seems content enough though. I love those pjs!

Selena on

When you wear the ERGO on your back, baby is facing forward, so (s)he is seeing the world in the same direction as you do. My son is almost three, but once in a while when he wants to be cuddled he still asks to move from the back to the front carry. On the other hand, my 9 month old ONLY wants to be on my back so she can see everything.

Cathey on

To cute for words. Would like to see pictures of Huck and Jasper Paisley! I miss Kim on According to Jim!

Ruby on

What a cutie!! He’s just adorable!

I’m a bit obsessed with stripes! My baby girl has sooooo many stripy jammies and tops!

philippa on

He looks like he would get heavy on the front. I always preferred the front. We all have different preferences I guess.

Giedra on

So glad to see her with the appropriate carrier for how big her son is. I was wishing I could tell her that the bjorn is way wrong and to get an Ergo. Also as far as facing in vs facing out, it’s actually better for them to face toward the parent rather than away (for tons of reasons I’m not going to get into). Back carriers are fantastic once they are around 6 months. We love our Ergo!

Forever Moore on

I recall a few other posts featuring little Jake still in his pj’s! Cute!

JMO on

Are they catching her in like early morning walks cause it seems like this kids ALWAYS has PJ’s on in every picture!!

Lacey on

Every picture i’ve seen him in, he’s wearing pajamas. I wonder why.

Sarah M. on

We haven’t seen him in awhile. He is getting so big!

M on

I LOVE this carrier. The nice thing about it is that it doesn’t break your back. I could honestly wear it all day. I could only wear the Baby Bjorn for about 30 minutes before I couldnt take it. It’s supposed to hold up to 40lbs, but I didn’t carry my peanuts around until then. It’s nice to see celeb’s wearing practical baby gear.

alligator on

Woohoo! So happy to see a celeb wearing their baby in an Ergo! I love my Ergo and Beco Butterfly! They are too cute!

vitoria on

i am soo glad that she finally got a decent carrier- itA WITH pp – and they say babies facing in are actually happier becasue they can control the amount of stimulation they take in ( too much turn away) – I dont know if it is true or not – but somehting to think about anyway!

MZ on

I love the Ergo and we have the exact colors on ours. My husband is short so it’s a little awkward on him but he likes it better than wearing a sling. There are sites that sell Ergos used. It took us a little while to find one used but we did and it’s been great!

bubbs on

all babies are different. NONE of mine would take a sling (and i tried, i really really tried) OR any carrier that faced inwards (ergo or bjorn) but they loved anything that let them face out (ergo on the hip or back in particular)… even fell asleep more happily facing out. I don’t think over-stimulation was their issue – they wanted more more more!

soooo little jake and his mummy have probably just found the position that works best for them.

Max'sMom on

Two of my favorite things the Ergo & Gap footed PJ’s

Alzaetia on

We love the Ergo so much. My husband wears the baby while playing video games most nights.
I’ve walked around nursing him in it and even the people who are with me can’t tell.

Allie on

I love it- my son is always in his pjs at 2.5 and fights me when I try to dress him . He also still loves the ergo and since he is 30 lbs I do too.