Travis Barker and His Little Rockers!

06/23/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

Janet Gough/Celebrity Photo

Travis Barker has his hands full! The Blink-182 drummer gave kids Alabama Luella, 3 ½, and Landon Asher, 5 ½, a lift at Monday evening’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen premiere.

Both kids wore shades and Landon sported a mohawk and fake tattoos to match dad’s real ones!

Mom is Shanna Moakler.

See Travis and Alabama in our latest gallery, Daddy’s Girls!

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lily alexa on

alabama is a pretty little girl landon is a adorable little boy.

Christina Bledsoe on

I am always so touched to see him with his kids because I think its amazing that he lived through the plane crash.

Ryo on

Now THAT is a mohawk!

Skipsie on

I think Travis Barker is the most amazing Daddy. He dotes on his children.

ashley_anne on

love this family! beautiful children.

Lisa on

Cute Kids. So happy Travis has recovered and is with his babies! I’m not a fan of the many tatoos the kids are sporting .one on the hand okay but they are so young and beautiful for tatoos! (dont bash me just my opinion!) However, he is a musician and a lot of musicians are unique and have unique looks so i guess his kids look up to him and try to be like him! Kind of like a baseball player buying their kid a glove and playing baseball with them wearing baseball jerseys, his kids are like the musicians kids with the mohawk and fake tattoos! (in case it sounds confusing im complimenting them!)

Annie on

His kids are lovely.

momto3 on

is it me or does Travis’ head look small compared to his neck?

who cares if the kids have tattoos? my kids sport tattoos too. What kid doesn’t adore mommy/daddy? Girls want to wear make up like mom, boys want to have tattoos like dad. It’s all healthy. To each his own.

Lorus on

momto3 – I agree. I think it has to do with his full neck tattoo. It looks like his head is sitting on top of something rather than his neck!

I love this man. He is always so involved with his kids. He’s such a good role model for younger Fathers.

ang on

i know travis is a great dad and all, but aren’t they a bit young for this movie???

lori on

Transformers isnt a bad movie…. i know alot of young children who have seen it and have over-protective parents…its not “barney” but who cares.

Bianca on

Great picture, love the kids’ pokerfaces. However, I agree with ang, imo their just too young to see the movie, especially Alabama. Over here in Germany, the movie is rated 12, which means kids aged 12 or older can go alone, kids aged 6 to 11 have to be accompanied by one of their parents. My daughter turns 3 in July and she hasn’t been once to the movies yet. Can’t still for more than 30 minutes, not to mention 90.

Anon on

I haven’t seen the movie, but I wouldnt want to make my kids suffer through megan fox’s acting.

kate on

please tell me the kids didn’t watch the movie!

MZ on

ang, a lot of celebs walk the red carpet but don’t actually go in to see the movie, so maybe that’s what travis was doing.

my dad never let me wear the fake tatoos as a kid but i don’t see the harm in them myself.

he seems like a really sweet dad and i love pics of him with his kids. their cheeks are adorably chubby!

Kelly on

I think the movie is rated PG-13.

Hea on

Beautiful kids, hot dad. 🙂

Sanne on

Frame this picture Travis! I think you are a (rock)star in being a dad… I wouldn’t mind at all if you were mine!

Sammy-xx on

Ang, I would say Alabama would be a little young for Transformers but not sure about Landon. It’s alot darker than the first but theres alot of humour and it’s pretty easy to follow. If Travis and Shanna are happy for them to see it then I see no problem with it.

Alabama is Travis’ double, Landon is starting to look alot like Shanna now. They are beautiful children, Travis always looks so happy and proud to be with them.

Sarah on

I LOVE Alabama’s sunglasses!!! Cutest thing ever. As far as the tattoos go, I’m all for them. They make an AMAZING potty training reward for 2 yr olds.

Shannon on

Sarah, thanks for the tip! I’ll have to try that one on my little boy!!! LOL!

I love Travis Barker. Such an wonderful, involved father, who clearly adores his kids!

Emily on

He seems like a really great Dad. Alabama is adorable she looks just like her mommy.

JMO on

My neighbors son is 5 and has been obsessed with transformers. He owns everything that has to do with that movie. His mom says it’s not a bad film although I have never seen it (but tried out for the second one when it was shooting here). But the kid has two much older brothers so it’s hard to protect him from everything that the older two see.

As far as the tattoo’s its very common for kids to sport them. My brother is covered in tattoo’s therefore his kids love having them too.

dawn on

oh my! the kids have gotten big!

Mary on

Those are some beautiful children and they have an amazing father. I’m so happy Travis survived the crash, what would those two angels do without him?
My husband will probably bring our 5 yo son to see the Transformers, no big deal.

crimpe on

LOL Momto3 and Lorus! I thought the same thing! Anyone remember Jeffrey from Project Runway, with the neck tattoo? His neck looked ENORMOUS compared to his head and body. I still think there was something up with that dude’s neck. As for Travis, I think his neck is normal, but perhaps his head is small. Either that or the angle of the photo, since his kids’ heads appear to be almost the same size as his! For the record, I, too, see so much joy in photos with him and all of the children. It is miraculous he survived that crash. The children are adorable. Sarah, I am going to try your potty training approach!

Alex on

Cute kids. I think Travis does have a small head anyway, perhaps more so that he has a narrow and bony face, but the neck tattoos make it look more pronounced. I think both kids tend to favour their mum, and she’s beautiful so it’s not a bad thing. Travis seems like a great dad.

Lioness on

That smile looks so unnatural on Travis, lol!!! I know I’m bad >-P Cute kids, love the mohawk.