Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick Welcome Twin Daughters Marion and Tabitha

06/23/2009 at 12:20 PM ET
Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

The latest additions to the Parker-Broderick family have arrived! Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick‘s surrogate delivered twin girls — Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick and Tabitha Hodge Broderick — at 3:58 p.m. on Monday, June 22nd in Ohio. Marion weighed in at 5 lbs., 11 oz, while Tabitha was 6 lbs.

Both Hodge and Elwell are family names on Sarah Jessica’s side. “The babies are doing beautifully and the entire family is over the moon,” the couple said in a statement released this afternoon.

Marion and Tabitha, who were due in July, join big brother James Wilkie, 6 ½. Sarah Jessica, 44, and Matthew, 47, have been married 12 years.

The couple announced the pregnancy and sexes of the babies in April, but the news came at a price. Concerned for the safety of the surrogate carrying the babies, Sarah Jessica spoke out in May, imploring the public to respect the woman’s privacy. Still, the family remained excited, with Matthew telling David Letterman, “I’m nervous just even thinking about it, but it’s girls … two little girls.”

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Lola Marie on

Congrats to the family!

Darlene on

Congrats!!! I hope everything went well.

Shannon on

YAY!!!!!!! This is so exciting! I can’t wait to hear thier names!

holden on

congratulations to the happy family! I hope the girls & surrogate are well, can’t wait to hear the names!

Skipsie on

Congratulations Matthew, SJP, and James Wilkie!
These are going to be some pretty fashionable little girls!

Cecilia on

Awww…Congrats to the family! Can’t wait to hear what they named their daughters.

Mel on

I wonder why she choose a surrogate? Has she ever mentioned fertility as a problem?


Yes, click the blue link that says “spoke out” for more. She had issues staying pregnant.

– CBB Staff

missy on

So exciting! Can’t wait to hear the names and hopefully see pictures!

Jenn on

Congrats to them! I can’t wait to hear their names!

Heather on

Congrats! Can’t wait to hear their names and see the little fashionistas 🙂

Erin on

I hope they name on of the girls Natasha! I dont know why, just love that name.

Lissette on

congrats! Cant wait to hear the names!!

Brooke on

Yay! I read that they had them on another site and I immediately came here to see if it was posted yet 🙂
I am so happy for them, and I wonder what their names will be??!!

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them. I can’t wait to hear their names!

Crystal on

Heather! You took my entire post! I was going to say that exact same thing!! lol! Anyways…..CONGRATS Sarah Jessica, Matthew and James Wilkie!!! I can’t wait to hear their names and meet the little ladies!!! I wonder if they’ll do the same thing they did with James and call the papparazzi and let them take pics outside of the hospital! Not only was it great but SJP looked BEAUTIFUL!!!

morgan on

They’re going to be so cute!!! I want to hear their names: Maybe Ella and Claire?? That would be cute with James Wilkie. Sarah is a beautiful woman and I wish the family best of luck!!

Lis on

Oh, this is just SUCH exciting news!!! Like the rest of you, I just cannot wait to hear what they named their new little sweet peas 🙂

I am so happy for them! I cannot even imagine how excited they must be! I wonder if the girls are identical? How precious would that be? 😉

LL65 on

OH YAY! Congratulations to Matthew and Jessica and James.So please for them; its a shame people are so judgemental and cruel about surrogacy. I’m not, I’m thrilled for them.

Allison on

So happy for Sarah, Matthew and James Wilkie! Can’t wait to hear what the girls’ names will be and see a photo!

jashmom on

Congrats to the Parker-Broderick family!!! I’m so happy for them. And I’m sure James will be an awesome big brother. Can’t wait to hear their names and hopefully see a picture. =)

Sarah on

Wow, I was expecting to hear this news in August! Congrats to the whole family. Yay, James Wilkie is a big brother now! 🙂

mama2be on

Congrats to the Parker-Broderick family, cant wait to hear the names. Hopefully the surrogate will get some peace now, I know tabloids have been hounding that poor woman for a while now.

appellationmountain on

How fabulous! Can’t wait to learn their names!

Daisy on

With all the negative press in the recent weeks I hope that the girls we’re delivered healthy and the surrogate is alright as well..
On a lighter note, Congraaaats! Cannot wait to hear the awesome names these little girls are blessed with!

Erin on

So nice to hear this good news! I, too, can’t wait for names and eventually the fashions. Congratulations – and welcome the the world, girls!

CTBmom on

Congrats to the family! I’m glad that everyone is doing well. I can’t wait to hear the names as well….I think they will go with pretty traditional names, like Isabel or Madeline.

Kim on

Congrats to them. But to the poster who suggested the names Ella and Claire, all I can say is please no!! Those are such old lady names! Hopefully they will pick cuter names than that but we’ll see. You never know w/ these celebrities!

snow on

COngrats to the lucky parents and big brother! I didn’t realize the surrogate was in Ohio…. thats my neck of the woods! Can’t wait to hear names and see pics!

kmf on

Oh my gosh, I’m so happy for them! Congrats to the family, and I can’t wait to hear the names they’ve chosen!

Hmmm… maybe two daughters will inspire Sarah to work on a line of clothing for little girls, I would LOVE that… (and can she sell it through Target?) 🙂

Kelly on

Aww I’m so excited for them that the twins are finally here! I can’t wait to hear names and hopefuly pics! Congrats to the whole family!

Annie on

I can’t wait to know the names!

JMO on

Congrats! CAn’t wait to hear the names. I really do hope they go for traditional names like they did with James….something sweet and old fashioned!

celine on

I’m so happy for her and all familly! I never understand all the bad comments about using a surrogate, maybe SJP have some problems to get pregnant that’s all..Can’t wait to know the name!

Mary-Helen on

Aw…congrats to them! Marion & Tabitha sound so nice with James!

Heather on

I live very close to the hospital where the twins were born. Although it’s a nice enough place it isn’t exactly the best or most high tech hospital around. I wonder why a couple with that kind of money wouldn’t send the mother to a larger hospital in the city that can handle any major problems that may arise. If the twins had had any problems they would likely be sent to a hospital in Pittsburgh. I suppose it’s easier to keep the tabloids away in a small town. At any rate, contratultions to the happy family!

Brooklyn on

Oh. I apologize in advance, but both those names are bad. I guess there just not my style at all! And it’s weird because I love the name James.

More over, those seem like pretty healthy weights for twins!

Ellen on

What wonderfully old-fashioned names! I’m not a fan of any of them except Tabitha but they obviously mean a lot to the family. How wonderful they chose sentiment over trend. I don’t know if I could have handled another Braydon, Mason, Max etc etc

T. on

I like Tabitha I think it fits very well with James but for me Marion is just a little too old fashioned…

Nausicaa on

I’m not a fan of the names Marion and Tabitha, but I’m guessing they’ll be better known as Mary and Tabby as they grow. Congrats to them! James must be either very excited or very jealous to be a big brother twice over 🙂

N on

Not a fan of the names… but congrats!

Katrina on

I love the name Tabitha – mainly because I love the t.v show Bewitched.

Ashley on

Congrats to the family!

Not a fan of the names at all. While a name like James has stood the test of time, Marion and Tabitha both seem quite dated.

Emma on

I like that the names are original but not wacky. Mamie is also a nickname for Marion.

mama2be on

I figured they would go with a classic name but those are just, well, awful. Tabitha makes me think of the witch (bewitched and sabrina’s cat). Marion makes me think of Maid Marion from Robin Hood.

Shay on

Everyone complains about “weird” names or over-used “trendy” names, but here you have a perfectly old-fashioned name like Marion (my aunt’s name) and Tabitha (which I think gained some popularity with the TV show “Bewitched” back in the day) and someone has the audacity to call them “bad names”. There’s no such thing as a bad name; it’s all a matter of taste. It’s fine not to be a fan of a name, but to insult the name that someone gave their babies is just ridiculous! Just wish them well and move on!

Ana on

“You couldn’t have handled”? gosh. well, I like Marion but dislike Tabitha a lot. Anyway, each persobn has his/her taste and we have nothing to do with it. Although James is my fav name for a boy.

Happy for them, and I’m sure these girls will be as happy as James has seemed to be for the last 6 1/2 years.

Lacey on

I LOVE the names!! Tabitha was my list.

Moi on

Very well said, Shay.

Eliza on

Fabulous news – I’m so happy for them! Not a massive fan of the names – Tabitha is alright, but I don’t care for Marion at all. Still, I like that they chose traditional but not trendy names.

Mandy on

Lovely names and ones that you won’t hear very often which I love.

I don’t understand how people who do not know the couple in anyway can say such mean things. Those names are beautiful as I’m sure are those precious babies.

Congrats to the whole family!

Ashley on

Maybe they chose the name Marion for a totally different reason? Maybe they wanted to honor the surrogate in a special way; Marion is a city in Ohio. Just an alternative option…

Erica on

Did Sarah Jessica’s surrogate give birth to twin 75 year olds? 🙂 Maybe they collaborated with Charlie Sheen on those names.

On a more serious note, I am very happy for them. James always look happy with both parents and I’m sure everyone is thrilled the new babies are here healthy and whole (the most important thing).

Paige on

Congratulations to them.

Marion and Tabitha are cute names.

Erica on

P.S. I will say that Marion and Tabitha are light years better than the typical Ava, Lola, and Emily. These girls will definitely stand out in a crowd.

Alice on

The names are fine. Not what I’d pick but then they are not my babies! I did notice though that Marion has 3 names while Tabitha only has 2.

Helena on

Not a big fan of the names myself, but I like that they’ve stuck to traditional names and the names seem to totally fit their family.

celebsarah on

OMG, I was skimming and started reading on the sentence that began with “Both Hodge and Elwell are family names…” I thought those were their first names! My jaw dropped open. LOL Good scare.

Michelle on

I’m so happy for them. Congratulations to the whole family.

I don’t understand why everyone needs to voice such negative opinions about the names. These aren’t your children, so don’t worry about it. Would you repeat your comments directly to SJP and MB’s faces if they introduced their children to you personally? I hope not. If you can’t say anything nice, just say ‘congratulations’ and leave it at that.

Jen on

LOVE the names! Plus, good for those girls–pretty good sized for twins! Good job surrogate mom!

Anon on

Usually, I hate the names I hear on here, but I like these. Marion Loretta is a weird but nice fitting name. I think these are greeeat.

Mich on

I absolutly LOVE the names. I had a friend when I was a kid named Tabitha and it was fabulous. They are great names and very good size girls. Good job surrogate. Cant wait to hear more about them as they grow. Congrats James. You will have so much fun.

Kym on

Some of you are just never happy are you.geez,their actually names instead of fruit and cities.
Congrats to them I wonder why one has 2 middle names and 1 doesn’t.

Candice on

Congrats to the family.

The names are very sweet — much better than Addison, Madison, Aidan, and Braden, that’s for sure.

K on

OMG Erica, hysterical!!! I thought the same thing.

FC on

Wow, I didn’t know the arrivals would be this soon! But congratulations to Sarah, Matt and little James on the Marion and Tabitha arriving safe, sound, and healthy! 🙂

Fifi on

I’m not at all a fan of the name Marion…but I love the name Tabitha!!

Ellen Smith on

Awful names – Marion is matronly and old-fashioned without having any charm, and all I can think about when I see Tabitha is the TV show Bewitched. I really expected more from SJP on the name front. Very disappointed.

ellen on

Kym posted: “…their actually names instead of fruit and cities”

Tea came out my nose at that one!!

Thanks for the laugh and couldn’t agree with you more.

Daisy on

Marion is my grandmas name so im partial to that, although she is a cute british women its hard to imagine it as a babys name!
Nonetheless they must be so thrilled cant wait to see them, a name is just a name, their personalities will outshine them im sure!

dee on

I love those names, and they seem very fitting for their family.

They’re going to go to school with all the other kids sharing the names Ava, Madison, Emma, for girls and Kaden, Max, or Jackson for boys.

Alice on

I’m amused at how many people dislike the name Marion and think it’s very old-fashioned because here in France it’s a very common name that many teenage girls and kids have. Marion is one of our Lola, Emma and Emily!! 😉

Tabitha however is a name I’ve never heard outside of Bewitched… but it’s quite original and cute.

Congrats to SJP, Matthew and James! And Welcome Marion and Tabitha!

Crystal on

I am not a fan of the names. They are very old for children. That being said I do believe they will fit the Parker/Broderick family because their family seems mature. SJP has said on more than one occasion that James is like the third adult in their household so I think the names fit perfectly!

Tina on

im happy for them, but i dont like their names.

Ana on

Congrats to the whole family, so glad two healthy baby girls were born!
I like the name tabitha, not so keen on marion or hodge..never really thought of hodge as a name! but aslong as their happy and every1 is healthy thats the main thing!

crimpe on

Tabitha does not surprise me for SJP. I think it’s kind of awesome. There is a Marian in my family, and she is under five years old. It was a family name – she was named after two grandmothers. The spelling of “Marion” is primarily for the male form of the name (like Frances vs. Francis), I immediately thought of Marion Barry. It is within the top 1000 male names in the Social Security Administration’s name site. Perhaps they did name her after a city or county (there are loads of US places named Marion.)

stepford dreams on

Congratulations how wonderful for the family! I’m a little bit sad though. My baby is called Tabitha and I chose it because it isn’t a very popular name and I love it. Now it will be really popular again. So bummed!

Natasha on

Marion isn’t too bad but I don’t really like Tabitha. Oh wellll, I’m still extremely happy the babies are healthy!

Mia on

Aw congrats to them. Twins usually come a little early, so its no surprise that they arrived in late June. I’m not a huge fan of the names. I had a friend who had a cat named Tabitha, but I’m sure they will come up with some cute nicknames. I met James Wilkie is ecstatic. Congrats to the safe arrival!

Sheri on

I think Tabitha is sweet and old-fashioned, but Marion sounds like a grandma’s name. Maybe they will go with “Loretta” (the middle name) which sounds like it goes better with Tabitha to me. At any rate, I am thrilled for them and wish them God’s blessings!

Ana on

Marion spelled as in French is too chic. I like it actually. OK, I’ve already expressed that.

Tabitha on

Well my name is Tabitha and I am not a 75 year old woman thank you very much!!

I absolutley hate to be called Tabby, so I hope they don’t do that to her, and now that my name might be more popular…… just maybe I will be able to buy all that stuff that has girls and boys names on it, on the the racks in all the stores, you know ?
keychains, bracelets, toothbrushes, as a kid I never could find my name on those things 🙂

Congrats on their wonderful family, I wish them all the best…


Erin on

I’m just so happy for them that the names are really incidental. They’ll be NYC hippster kids for sure!

stepford dreams on

Tabitha means “little deer” in Aramaic. It is such a beautiful name and in my country not at all common. My little Tabi is a beautiful little girl. So I am worried it will be all popular now. Why couldn’t they have named her Table or some other celebrity type name?! hee hee

Tabatha on

Wow! I absolutly love my name (Tabatha) and am shocked to hear so mnay negative comments about it. I think it’s a perfect blend of being unique, yet familiar and not “made-up” Little Tabitha will grow up receiving many compliments on her name….and a lot of people asking her if she can twitch her nose 🙂

Leila on

Congrats to the family! Not a fan of Marion & Tabitha at all, especially James, Marion, and Tabitha together sounds awful. Very old fashion. I expected something very trendy, hip, new-aged, and unique. I’m disappointed a little bit. I could have seen them naming the girls Sidney, Kinley, Sassy, Lyla, Lena, Jayna, Rosie, Eliza, Millie, Vera, Lacey, Iris, along the lines of those names. I feel somewhat bad for those girls, no offense to anyone with those names, but this day in age most people are not being named those types of names, I could see them being made fun in school.

Robyn on

I can’t believe that someone posted….

” I really expected more from SJP on the name front. Very disappointed.”

Are you kidding me? because you don’t like “her” choice of names…

I’m pretty much speechless here..

Congrats to SJP and family……


Marilyn on

Congratulations to them! Not sure if I like the names but at least they aren’t wierd names like other celebs are giving their kids. I wonder why one twin has three names and the other one has two, though.

bre on

I honestly don’t think, as some of you do, that Tabitha is going to really catch on. It has more than two syllables for starters.

eva on

I adore the names!!!Tabitha is one of my all time favorites.It’s quirky but simple.Their little boy is so cute and seems to be a funny child I can hardly wait to see the twins.

Alice on

My only problem is the names don’t seem to go well together. I don’t think Dolly and Charlie (Rebecca and Jerry O’Connell’s twins) go well together either, not that they need to rhyme or start with the same letter either.

shawna on

#85 – Seriously? You think the list you gave is better than their name choices? Sassy? Rosie? Millie? Those are your ideas of better names than Marion and Tabitha?

Solène on

I thought the same thing Alice! Although it’s a very different pronunciation, Marion is a popular name here, especially for teenagers or young adults, I know several Marions around 20 years old. And Tabitha was Tabatha in the french-dubbed version of Bewitched, so I’m not sure how to pronunce it, especially the “i”. Anyway, I’m glad they chose to be classic AND original with the names, it’s beautiful in my opinion.

Leila on

#91, my ideas are no better, I just expected names along the lines of those, never once did I say my ideas were better for names.

SH on

Yeah, #85, keep your names to yourself. Sarah Jessica’s names are way better for HER children…

alice jane on

Shawna, I thought the same thing when I read that comment….. Sassy??

Congratulations to Sarah, Matthew, and James, and personally I love the names, even though they’re not names that I would choose for my kids! I think they both have a very classic feel.

Leila on

Beautiful family, Congratulations on your new daughters! People, stop bashing “#85 Leila”, she only suggested names that they might us, which is what I saw myself too, the family was possibly going to us some of those names.

Leila on

I like #85’s suggestions, they beat SJP’s names by a mile.

Tabi on

This would be the first time my name has been a celebrity baby name. I hope they call her Tabi (with an I, not like that cat) 🙂 Marion is cute too…I’m glad they gave them names not objects as names.

Leila on

#96, i couldn’t agree more with you.

cheyenne fitzpatrick on

Congratulations on the arrival of two healthy girls but those names really have me stumped. So dated and bland, but no matter, the family is in for lots of love and fun in the future. (Okay okay, even Mary and Tabby would be better…if they were cats. Sorry.)

Shelby on

Wow, how about a congratulations after trying for over 6 years to maintain a pregnancy?! Some of these comments are absurd and irregardless of what your “opinion” is, we should be celebrating what a wondrous occasion this is and a miracle for this family. I suppose I will have to be one of the voices of difference here but I am very happy for this entire family and wish them the best! Furthermore, I think the names are beautiful and unique; I expected nothing less from SJP!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Congrats to the new parents and big brother James! I think of the mum on Happy Days, wasn’t her name Marion?, so think of an older woman for that reason, and Tabitha as on Bewitched, that’s what comes to mind for me, but they’re their kids so if they’re happy, obviously they like it. Wouldn’t use either name myself but that won’t matter to them of course, lol, surprised at their choice, but each to their own. I’m sure they’re just glad their little girls have arrived safe and well. Wasn’t hugely keen on Dolly and Charlie, but think I prefer them to Marion & Tabitha, now. I wonder if these names will name become ‘hip’ because of SJP?! Silly question but as they don’t mention it, I presume they were with the surrogate in Ohio when they were born?

JMO on

Those are great weights for two babies!

And the names….*yikes*

I know a women named Marion who was in her 80’s and recently passed on. The only other Marion I hear of is Marion Jones!! Tabitha is cute but it does remind me too much of Bewitched. I only new one Tabitha (much older then me) and she was a Tabby for short which I hate cause it just reminds me of cats lol. But it’s their name choices and none of my business. Guess it’s better then Zuma, Knox, and Bronx!!! 🙂

Ana on

how come person 85, 96, 97 and 99 all have the same name, yet there meant to be having a conversation? doesnt make sense! lol

congrats to SJP and matthew! so glad everyone is healthy and i love the name Tabitha and Loretta for a middle name! Marion may grow on my but as long as their happy thats all that matters!

holden on

The names are very beautiful, and fit well with James Wilkie. I just wonder why Marion has three first names and Tabitha has two :S .

Mary on

My Nana’s name was Marion and I was planning on naming my first daughter after her as either a first or middle name. I am not afraid of a popular name, I just hope the name doesn’t suddenly sky rocket in popularity to that of Emily or Ava. It has already happened for two of my favorite boy names (Aidan and Noah).
I do like the names, though. Very traditional and will grow with them.

Michelle on

Ellen Smith said “I really expected more from SJP on the name front”..
Just because she plays an outrageous character on TV, it does not mean that she’s over the top in real life.
Both SARAH and MATTHEW, are traditional names, so why would you expect any more from them?
Get a grip..

Marion on

My name is Marion and I am a 18 year old college student not a 75 year old grandmother. I do not think that my name is matronly and old-fashioned without having any charm as someone previously posted.

Anyway Congratulations to the family and I am glad that both of the girls are healty

appellationmountain on

Actually, I think the name choices are quite distinctive. It’s nice to see anyone keeping family names alive, and Tabitha and Marion are nice, too – different, but not outlandish. Congrats to the growing family!

brannon on

Love, love, love the names. HUGE fan of names that everyone has heard – but you never hear if that makes sense? Perfect with James and very fitting for this family as they are “classic quirky.” Love. (and i really really hope they don’t shorten them – they are beautiful names as they are!)

Hope they are not too sad that some of you are disappointed. 😉

Carrie on

I won’t say whether I like the names or not, because it really doesn’t matter…what really bothers me is that 1 twin has 3 names while the other twin only has 2. But, I’m anal like that… 🙂

crg on

I went to school with a girl named Tabitha and nobody thought it was weird. I’m 28. And Marion just seems like a classic name to me. So is James. Nobody thought James Wilkie was weird? They’re probably family names. I’d rather see somebody use some nice family names than name their kid Makena or Arianna or something trendy like that. I do think of Marion spelled with an “o” as more of a man’s name. Might feel differently if it was spelled Marian.

Lorelei on

Congratulations to this now family of five! I’m sure big brother will be a great help with his little sisters. Congrats again.

Kym on

I keep thinking of Matthew in the Music Man,singing Marion the Librarian,maybe he loved the name from the musical.

TEDS22 on

I don’t think saying that the parents names are Sarah and Matthew, so why would you expect weird names! This makes no sense at all!!Example-
Victoria and David-Brooklyn,Romeo,Cruz&Gwen and Gavin-Kingston and Zuma. Also Freida-upthread posts #85,96,97,99 are all from the same person telling people to leave her alone and agreeing with herself.
Marion remains me of Marion Cunningham from Happy Days!!!

Melanie on

I’m not going to comment on their names other than to say they’re not MY cup of tea but I’ve definitely heard worse…but I do want to say that I hate it when people have twins and give one of them one middle name and the other one two middle names. It’s ‘ok’ in my opinion if they’re siblings (still a little strange though)…but for some reason when people have twins and they don’t have the same amount of names, it irks me…and don’t ask me why because I have no idea! But, honestly, I wish the best for them and hope they are enjoying their (almost certainly) beautiful little girls!

Emma on

Congratulations to Sarah Jessica & Matthew. I imagine they would be estatic after 6 1/2 years to be parents again. Choosing to use a surrogate was probably not the path they would have chosen if they had any choice.
Wishing them every happiness with their new babies!

christina on

Love the names and more importantly they have two healthy babies!! Congrats!

kerlyn on

The important thing is the names have meaning and significance to Sarah and Matthew. I can see in the near future Marion will be synonymous with beauty and grace because no one has mentioned the exquisite Marion Cotillard (Golden Globe/Oscar winner). She is soon to been seen in the movie Public Enemies (opening day July 1) and with Johnny Depp and Christian Bale it’s a safe bet this movie will be a summer blockbuster and make her a household name in the USA as I’m sure it already is in France.

Ana on

It kinda would annoy me having one twin with two names and the other with three names..dont know why, just one of them things!
Oh well as long as team parker-broderick are happy thats all that matters but personally i dont understand it!
congrats on two beautiful healthy baby girls..wonder if they are identical? not sure if this has been stated or not?

daniela on

Not a fan of the names…especially Marion, Tabitha is okay. But congrats to the Parker-Broderick family! I’m very happy that they were able to complete their family with twin girls! 🙂

Sarah on

I really like the names they chose. SJP and Matthew aren’t the trendy type. Am I the only person who thinks of Marion (the librarian) from ‘The Music Man’? Being that they are Broadway folk and Matthew starred in the remake of ‘The Music Man,’ I think it’s an adorable name.

Tracy on

OMG – those names are absolutely awful! But congrats to them!

Amy on

Congratulations to the Parker/Broderick family, I bet the girls are beautiful!
Have any of you bashing their names and saying that they sound thought about the fact that in 50 years Madison and Addison and Lola are all going to be common grandmother names? Just a thought.

idaho beef on

i want to know if sarah and matthew want a day off from parenthood if that would qualify as a ferris bueller sequel.

Brittany on

I love the name Tabitha. When I was little, I named my favorite cat Tabitha, so it’s wonderful to me. Marion isn’t my favorite name in the world, but it’s a nice change from all the unusual names of celebrity babies.

Sara on

Congrats to the Parker-Broderick Family and their new additions. I think the twins names are lovely-and I thought of Marion Cotillard (who won an Oscar for playing Edith Piaf a few years ago)when I heard the name. She can always go by Mari.

JMO on

Amy that’s a good point. However Lola is not really a good choice because I have heard of much older Lola’s…it just happens that some names are trendy again. But I can’t imagine in like 60 years what it would be like to see Grandpop Zuma and Grandmom Finley….LOL! Does make you think a bit 😉

Emily on

Congratulations to SJP & Matthew! That’s such great news, I’m really happy for them.

In relation to the names: I quite like the names Tabitha and Marion. I think Marion is such a strong yet tranquil name. It’s quite timeless. There’s a girl my age (21) who is named Tabitha, and there’s nothing grandmotherly about it! There are many “stranger” celebrity names out there; these are by far some of the lovelier ones.

I’m possibly less a fan of their choice in middle names (particularly Hodge) but then I can understand their motivation in that they’re honouring family names.

So, to each their own: their middle names wouldn’t be my choice, but at the end of the day it was their choice and nothing to do with me!

Courtney on

Very pretty and traditional names. I had the unfortunate experience of witnessing a coworker slam a friend’s daughter’s name (Maeve) in front of him, to the point of utter embarrassment. I mean, what do you gain from slagging off the name the parents choose?
Someone mentioned thinking of whether you’d say it to their face, and from personal experience, I highly discourage that!
One of the lovely things about humankind is that we’re different and distinct, and not everyone will agree on anything – which is great – but there’s nothing to gain by saying these names are horrible! Because to someone else, obviously SJP & Matthew Broderick, they are the loveliest names in the world.

BostonMom on

Oh my goodness, why do people always say “that name is awful, it reminds me of XYZ?” Most names have been used before and thus have certain associations that come with them…it is a matter of personal taste as to whether you like that association or not. Some people won’t use a certain name, for example, because their husband’s ex-girlfriend was named it, or because they knew someone growing up with that name and didn’t like them, etc. But saying “Oh, Tabitha, terrible…reminds me of Bewitched” just is not fair. I have a daughter named Phoebe and no one says “Oh like on Friends?” In fact, her name is a bit unusual and so I sometimes have to say to people “You know, like on Friends?” And I don’t mind that bit of association even though she certainly wasn’t named after the character.

As for those who claim these girls will get “made fun of in school”…um, their mom is Carrie Bradshaw and their dad is Ferris Bueller. I rather suspect that everyone will want to be their friend. Marion & Tabitha Broderick, growing up in Manhattan with two fabulous, talented parents, will get along just fine!

mel on

sorry but these sound like ex roommates of rose, dorothy, blanche, and sophia

Mandy on

And for those saying the names are ‘too old’ for them, ummm they won’t always be newborns. They will grow up.

I’m happy they weren’t named Peach Rainbow Brite and Blossom Cherry Rose or something like that.

The names are what Matthew and Sarah Jessica wanted for THEIR children, I think everyone is forgetting its THEIR babies. THEY decide on names and not anyone else.

Amie on

Courtney Says:
June 23rd, 2009 at 10:37 pm
One of the lovely things about humankind is that we’re different and distinct, and not everyone will agree on anything – which is great – but there’s nothing to gain by saying these names are horrible! Because to someone else, obviously SJP & Matthew Broderick, they are the loveliest names in the world.

Very well said Courtney. 🙂

New Shoes on

Regardless of who their parents are, I don’t think they will have too much trouble with their names in school. I went to school with tons of Heathers, Erins, Amys, Kellys, Nicoles, Sarahs, Kristens, Michelles, Beckys, Jessicas, etc. But I also had several classmates with names that were “dated” or culture-specific (Lao, Egyptian, Russian, etc.). I don’t remember any instances of kids being fun of for not having popular names. Then again, I went to a semi-rural, yet increasingly suburban school district. Maybe it’s a different situation in wealthy private schools.

Or maybe all of the Marions, Bobs, Hals, and Dollys will make fun of the Avas, Emmas, Jacobs, and Maxes who will make fun of the Adysens, Jaedynns, Rhyelees, and Aevereighs who will make fun of the Zumas, Bronxes, Rumers, and Moon Units who will make fun of the Marions, Bobs, Hals, and Dollys.

You know, Tabitha is not even that old-fashioned. Apparently, Tabitha was most popular in the 1980s, making it into the top 200. All of the Tabithas I know are younger than me. And Marion was more popular than my name in the decade that I was born in (the 80s). This reminds me of when Seraphina Affleck was born. I posted then about the great value of having an old-fashioned and uncommon name. I’ll repost what I said then, just changing the names.

“While Marion and Tabitha are not two of my favorite names, I am just thrilled that they are real, legitimate female names, not ones that were just made up or borrowed from a second-grader’s spelling test. Sure, they’re names that do not conjure up images of infants– they’ll have to grow into their names– but they won’t know that until they’re older (unless someone tells them so).

I have a name like that. I was born in the 80s. My name peaked in popularity in the 1930s, just making it into the top 400. It wasn’t in the top 1000 names in the 1980s or 90s. While it can be annoying because people always spell it wrong, I enjoyed being the only one in my class with my name. And while my name has increased in popularity in the past 8 years (it’s back in the top 700!), I still have only met 7 people and 1 dog who share my name. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I hope Marion and Tabitha enjoy their names. Have fun growing into them. Be thankful that you will never outgrow it.”

Marion and Tabitha, unless your births make these names more popular, you will rarely find your name on keychains, mugs, and other tchotchkes. However, it will make that one time you do find it even more exciting.

gianna on

They are traditional normal names, but not my type, but at least it’s not weird names. None the less congrats to them, and the babies are a good weight.

J on

LOL w/ Mel’s comment. I wasn’t expecting to read something like that. 😀

Mummyoftwo on

Oh what joy for SJP and Matthew to have 2 wonderful little girls to join James Wilkie.

I pray both girls and the surrogate had a safe delivery and are in the very best of health.

I must say, when I first heard the names I was like, oh yeah, okay, they are not my choice but then again, they are not my children. What is wonderful is that they will be strong citizens of the world and contribute to society in a positive way.

My girls have both unusual and exotic names and everyone always has an opinion whichever which way you choose – traditional, mainstream, made up, fashionable, what matters is that the name is theirs and they become who the name represents – themselves.

eternalcanadian on

eh? i thought the babies weren’t due until august? that means the surrogate’s pregnancy started far earlier as those are some pretty good-sized twins and most likely almost full-term.

it is too bad marion didn’t get a pretty name like her sister tabitha. wonder how the dynamics will play out over their years as the name really does make the person.

merce369 on

Congratulation to the happy family!
And very glad that the girls are healthy :)))

Alex on

Whenever I go away from my computer for a day, I always come back to a huge story like this! MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to the couple and James, I adore this family. I like the names, but I prefer Tabitha to Marion (although that said, Marin is on my list of favourite girl names to use one day!). I hope we see pictures, those lovely girls are sure to be cuties!

Emma on

I don’t know if the surrogate’s name is public at all (I live in the UK and we haven’t heard all that much about this pregnancy)but I was wondering if it’s Loretta? Just a thought. The names are not what I would have chosen but then they’re not my babies! I’m not sure why some people expected more modern names from Sarah – after all James is also a “classic old” name?

kai on

I love how, when a celeb gives his kid a ‘weird’ name, people are quick to say ‘naming a child is not a competition’ – you sure as hell act like it is right now. too bad they let you down.

I thought of Marion Cotillard. that’s not the worst association;)

anyway, congrats!

Jill on

Congrats to them, not a fan of the names at all though.

Lena on

Wow. The girls were a nice healthy weight. They should be able to go home quickly. That’s really good.

Congrats to the couple (hope that they don’t split…rumors were flying not so long ago. Maybe the stress of infertility was to blame…)

Not at all wild about the names; but “a rose by any other name would smeall as sweet….” Same goes for two roses.

Sadie on

Congrats to Matthew, Sarah Jessica and James.

I am not particularly fond of the name Marion, but love the name Tabitha. But as Mandy pointed out, it is THEIR children and if they love the names then OK.

Sabina on

Wonderful news, congrats to the Brodericks.

Sarah on

Usually when people say they like old-fashioned names they mean they like the “trendy” ones: Sophia, Violet, Ruby, Evelyn…
Marion and Tabitha are really old-fashioned and not trendy at all. That’s a good thing in my book. They will stand out in a crowd of little Emma, Olivia, Ava and Isabella’s.

dizly on

congrats! so happy for them!
I like the girls’ names.
when I was a child I had a cute porcelain doll named Marion.
and Tabitha is my old friend’s name.
the baby girls’ names reminds me of my beautiful childhood :DDD
once again, congratulations!!!

Renee on

I actually really like the name Marion (although I do associate it with Maid Marion because I just watched the TV series Robin Hood 🙂 I think Marion is a classic name that not many people have. It certainly isn’t “out-there.” I think she’ll like that as she grows up. I know I enjoyed being the only Renee in my classes.

I actually prefer Marion to Tabitha. I have a young cousin named Tabitha. Although it was never my favorite name for a little girl, I certainly don’t think it’s a horrible or “old-fashioned” name. I’ve actually known several Tabitha’s, all of whom were younger than myself.

Margaret on

Congrats to the family…and what’s wrong with their names. I was born in 1980 among a throng of Stephanie’s, Michelle’s, Ashley’s, and Amber’s. My mom chose to name me after my Grandmother who passed away before I was born. I never met another Margaret who was not at least 85 until I became older. No one made fun of my old-fashioned name. In fact I was complimented on it all of the time. And I didn’t have a cutesie nickname either…no Maggie here! I am Margaret Anne and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lis on

Oh, I am disappointed with the names also 😦 I know, I know – it’s their choice, not mine; but still………eek.

Maybe they’ll grown on me? Anyway, I am thrilled for this family and cannot wait to see a pic of the baby girls!

Shanique on

I agree with you Lis, not feeling the names at all.

courtney on

Thanks Amie!

I love the anecdotes that have come from this detailing how people grew up with old-fashioned names, like Margaret. My name used to be old-fashioned, and it was a family surname, but became popular for ditzy cheerleader-types. Eeek.
I sincerely doubt anyone will make fun of them for their names, but the truth is, children will find humour in anything (Courtney Wartney, Corky!) and as long as they like them, that’s all that matters.

Shelly on

Uhhh, see I have to strongly disagree with someone saying they’re gonna be made fun of with those names. Its names like Zuma, Bronx, Banjo, Pilot…etc that will get the name calling. These names are absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations to Sarah, Matthew and James!

yearzerowriters on

A little Ferris Bueller…or Ferista Bueller?

Y’know, when they’re older, i wonder what films the parents will show them?

From Matthew…Election? Inspector Gadget?

Parker…hmmm? Striking Distance?

Ana Maria on

Congratulations! I was so happy for Sarah Jessica and Matthew when I heard that they expected twin girls. They really seemed to want more children and they seem like great parents to James Wilkie. Now they have the perfect little family with one boy and two girls. I am sure that James will be a great big brother. Marion and Tabitha will be very cute and fashionable girls!

Tulip on

Im really happy for this couple, when I heard about the pregnancy it was the first time I was excited about an expectant celebrity couple. The name Tabitha really did not surprise me one little bit, I think its very SJP – classic, chic but also rather brave for this day and age. Marion shocked me a little bit but her second name relly justifies it, Marion Loretta is rather pretty! 🙂 Despite the names the fact that this couple went as far as a surrogate to be parents again means that these little girls will be loved and doted upon by their parents and brother for the rest of their lives and that is the most important thing. Congrats, and I wish them health and happiness 🙂

Diane on

Welcome babies! Reminds me of a story, years ago I had a friend who named her newborn daughter Kenna…I worked in a hospital and found out one of my co-workers also had a daughter Kenna..When I told my friend this, she was so upset, because she had never heard of this name before..Then I told her that my co-workers daughter was 13 yrs old at the time, which really depressed her..As parents, we all chose the names that we want for our child, for our own reasons..Congratulations to all!

Allegra on


Everyone is entitled to their opinion!! It doesn’t matter that they are not my children, I can express my opinion of the names!! (As can anyone else!!)

Marion is HIDEOUS in English! (The way it’s pronounced)
En francais it’s lovely (comme Marion Cotillard) & quite popular.
But they won’t be raised en France! (…”happy days” comes to mind!) It is an old-fashioned, traditional, biblical name as many have already commented.

Tabitha is a biblical name, it’s lovely & sweet. To all of you looking for things with “Tabitha” on them- come to the UK!!

Tabitha is quite popular among the upper classes; along with: Imogen, Hermione, Tamsin, Tasmina, Georgina, Georgiana, Frederica, Gabriella, Octavia, Ophelia, Olivia, Tallulah, Allegra, Saskia, Annabella, Arabella, Beatrice, Eugenie, Eugenia, Helena, Rowena, Seraphina, Phillippa, Florence, Alice, Flora, Fleur, Frances, Charlotte, Cecelia, Thomasina, Theodora, Venetia, Virginia, Willow, Verity, Unity, Rosalind, Rosalie, Antonia, Sybilla, Heloise, Henrietta, Clementine, Madeleine, Isabella, Augusta, Delphine/Delphina, Delilah, Francesca, Alexia, Alexandrina, Allegra…etc

So they are in good company in England amongst the aristocracy! Let’s face it: Sarah, Matthew & James are extremely traditional (boring) biblical names so their choices of Marion et Tabitha are not that surprising et conform with the rest of the family!

Congratulations! Felicitations! To the whole family…

meghan on

Yikes. Guess I won’t be sharing all this dislike to my 3 year old daughter, Marion. Sheesh.

Emmaleigh on

Seems like they just told everyone they were expecting and now the babies are here. I just had twin girls that day too (Kyler and Karleigh). Congratulations on Marion and Tabitha !
Love Emmaleigh, Kyler, Karleigh and Matt ❤