Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett: Date Night!

06/23/2009 at 01:00 PM ET

Gregg DeGuire/PictureGroup

Kendra Wilkinson cuddles up to fiancé Hank Baskett at the Los Angeles Film Festival’s screening of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on Monday in Westwood, Calif.

“This is my wedding gift to him,” the former Girls Next Door star told PEOPLE about treating Hank to an evening out days before their June 27th nuptials.

Kendra, 24, shares that she is 14 weeks along in her pregnancy, with a due date around Christmas. As for whispers that the couple, who became engaged in November, are moving quickly, Kendra brushes aside the rumors.

“We are so excited for all this. We couldn’t ask for anything better to happen in our lives. It’s time for this to happen,” she explains. “Everybody is like, ‘Are you rushing things?’ I’m like, ‘This is what we want! This is our life.'”

“If we weren’t moving too fast then we would be moving way too slow. This is us. [The wedding] is going on as planned. The only different thing for me is that I won’t be drinking. I’ll be drinking Martinelli’s apple juice!”

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N on

She looks so cute! I really do think they will be great parents!

sara on

she looks good! she was my favorite gnd, and continues to be, lol! i cant wait to see pics of the baby he or she is gonna be gorgeous!

Brooklyn on

Kendra looks gorgeous in the picture. Not a big fan of hers but, that colour on her looks amazing!

skunknuggets on

They look wonderful and very happy!

FC on

She looks really cute in that dress, and she and Hank do make for a beautiful couple. Can’t wait to see the baby. 🙂

Daniela on

Wow, they are a stunning couple! They look great together. Didn’t know Kendra was such a tiny little thing, and violet looks really good on her. 🙂

Stephanie on

Their child will be gorgeous. I’m happy for them. I loved the G’sND. She’s young..but I think she’ll be a great mom.

Daisy on

They look so happy together & her little bump is adorable! I think all those motherly instincts will kick in just fine, cant wait to see the impending bump grow!

Mia on

That is going to be a GORGEOUS baby!!

Veronica on

Wow, I have to echo the other comments: I love that color on Kendra! Her baby will just be such a cutie, can’t wait til Christmastime!! She looks great 🙂

Cheryl on

Wow,Kendra is STUNNING!!!Does anyone know where I can buy a similar dress?Thanks in advance 🙂

Jen on

Kendra looks so pretty in lavender!

scherriea on

I wish that people would leave her alone. Everyone did things in the past. so what if they seem to be moving fast. it’s their life. and let them live it the way they please. kendra looks so beautiful pregnant!

Hea on

Beautiful couple and like I’ve said before; they obviously know what they want with their lives and their relationship. All the best to them!

Amy D on

The look so happy and Kendra looks stunning she wears pregnancy well. Congrats to them both, good luck for the wedding xx

Shannon on

Now *this* is a beautiful, appropriate dress for a pregnant woman. She looks gorgeous in this picture!

Jessica on

You’re right about the dress Shannon, I was wondering if she was going to start dressing more appropriately or be wearing the bunny outfits into the 9th month! They are beautiful together. I hope they have a boy, maybe they can hook him up with Nahla when they get older!

Ailyss on

Kendra and Hank look and sound so happy! How can you not be happy for them and wish them the best?!

JMO on

Move over Brad and Angie, Hot Couple ALERT!!!! 😉

Kelli on

I think Kendra looks great! I am so happy for them!

MissMissy on

Yeah, that is going to be one *cute* baby!

Lacey on

They are such a cute couple! I think they fit together like peas and carrots. I can’t wait for the baby!! I’ve been a GND viewer for a while I just adore Kendra. I don’t think her past lifestyle with have to do anything about her raising a child. Look at Shannon Tweed. Playmate of the Year, Hef’s former girlfriend,multiple Playboy covers,and even a porn. Her kids with Gene Simmons, Nick and Sophie, are mature, smart, well balenced teenage adults. I look forward to see Kendra and Hank, having a wonderful family and marriage.

Sammy-xx on

I wonder if they enjoyed Revenge of The Fallen, it is fantastic. Seen it twice already.
What a great gift to Hank, the premiere of one of the biggest films of the year.

She looks beautiful, cant wait to see her bump grow.

Helena on

Kendra has really grown on me. She seems like a really sweet girl and pregnancy really suits her.

Anon on

She looks lovely here! Love the color. Question tho, why do a lot of blondes leave the under layer brown? IT sticks out soo much.

Kimber Christian on

What a goregous couple. I think Kendra will be the hottest pregnant celeb this year!

Courtney on

the brown underneath is probably just her roots showing through which is normal if you dye your hair but it shows more on a blonde that lavender dress looks fabulous on her and shows off the begginings of her bump so beautifully almost a throwback to old hollywood days

Fifi on

Kendra looks absolutely gorgeous! I love her dress do much!

Lola Marie on

Wow so pretty! She is going to have the cutest outfits that show off her bump you watch and see 🙂

Julissa on

She looks absolutely beautiful!!

Crystal on

Jessica-why did you say that the Wilkinson/Baskett baby can hook up with Nahla if it’s a boy? Is it because they will both be multi-racial?? lol! Kendra does look so sweet and innocent in that dress. She and Hank seem very happy. I wish them all the ♥ and happiness having a family brings them! 🙂

Mia on

She looks so cute pregnant. Congrats to them, they look happy and just very down to earth 🙂

Joy on

Kendra is just glowing! I am very happy for them. Love her new tv show!!

Jacq on

I want that dress!!!

Leila on

What a beautiful family! The family is beautiful! I am so excited for their new addition coming this Christmas! I heard if it is a boy his name will be Hank Jr. and if it is girl her name will be Kayleigh or Adrianna, after each parent. Kendra if you have a girl Kenleigh would be so cute too! I have a feeling it’s going to be a boy 🙂

brannon on

I like Kenlee. Cute idea. And yes, she looks gorgeous here. They seem very happy.

Heather on

My husband and I started dating in December, bought a house together in January, moved in together in February, found out I was pregnant in March. We got married in September and our daughter was born in November. We’ve now been together 15 years and we’re still absolutely crazy about each other. 🙂 Our daughter tells people she’s a lucky girl because her parents are still happily married and love each other.

A lot of people doubted our relationship would last and friends even walked away from us saying we were selfish and irresponsible for moving too fast. Hubby and I knew what we wanted, and knew what was right for us and didn’t let anyone convince us otherwise.

I hope Kendra and Hank have the same success that hubby and I do.

Jessica on

Crystal, I think Nahla is so gorgeous- I’d kill to have her skin color, I’m whiter than milk lol! Hank and Kendra’s baby will be beautiful too. They’s be a beautiful little multi(?)racial couple!

Lorus on

I drank Martinelli’s at my wedding as well! We planned the date, told our family, then 6 weeks later I found out I was expecting on December 25th too!
I wish them all the best. They seem really happy with each other.

nadine7777 on

I love her dress! The color is fantastic!

Crystal on

Jessica-You’re right! Nahla is GORGEOUS!!!! They would make a cute little couple!!! Time will tell…… lol!

Stefanie on

I really love Kendra. She has a great attitude and she looks gorgeous! I think married life will suite her well.

Shanique on

She looks so cute!

dasha on

Does anyone know where you can Buy
Kendra’s Dress It is Gorgeous

mmh on

I agree with Kendra here. Some people’s relationships move faster than others (and some move slower)! My hubby and I dated for five years before we got married, then waited another five (almost six) years before we had our son. When we announced the pregnancy, everyone said “Finally!!”, but it was what was right for us! You have to do what’s right for your relationship and not judge! Every relationship is different. We have plenty of friends/family who got pregnant not a moment after the wedding. I’d never tell them it was “too soon” for them, but for us, it would have been…

I’ve peeked at Kendra’s show and, I have to say, her enthusiasm and excitement for life are incredibly refreshing and contagious. What’s not to like?

Desiree on

They’re so cute together – I saw her show once and I’ve read a couple of articles about them and I’m struck at how devoted Hank is to her. You can clearly tell that she’s the light of his life. It’s refreshing and I agree, the lanvender looks beautiful on her!

Alesha on

She was/is my fave GND too-live that she is so sporty, honest, knows what she wants!! They are too cute;) She is soooo darn adorable pg..can’t wait to see wedding & baby pics, so want them to last, love her show!!!! Hope they show her in labor, so fun;)

Bailey on

I canNOT wait for this baby. I’m due February 5th, and it’s apparently true what they say about following celebrities who are pregnant at the same time as yourself, hah. Kendra was always my favorite GND, and I am so happy for her and Hank.