Expectant Jennifer Hudson Steps Out in Orange

06/23/2009 at 04:00 PM ET

LSFL/Splash News Online

Singer and actress Jennifer Hudson — who is reportedly eight months along with her first child — stepped out for a bite to eat at a Chipotle restaurant in Florida on Monday.

Wearing an orange minidress, Jennifer, 27, grabbed a burrito with fiancé David Otunga and the two enjoyed their meal outside.

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ErykaWynter on

That dress looks more like a shirt! A little too short for my taste, but I’m very happy for her and David.

Daisy on

CBB Why did you pick the worst picture out of the bunch!
Let the comments of the short dress…wrong for her shape..tacky..blah blah blah begin…

I think she looks gorgeous & happier then she has in months considering all that she has been through..Congrats Jen & David may the Lord Bless You & your baby!!


We felt this was the best shot for our purposes. It shows her belly, she’s not making an odd face or behind a barricade as others in the set were. We try to edit our photo selections carefully, and since we haven’t seen much of her during her pregnancy, we thought most readers would like a peek!

— CBB Staff

Brooklyn on

Agreed. It’s a bit short.

Anywhoo, can’t wait to see when she has the baby.

Mary-Helen on

It’s not the most flattering picture of her, but candids rarely are. However, I’m glad to see her getting out and enjoying her life after all that’s happened to her.

Lacey on

I agree, not that great of a picture and the dress…ugh! Oh well! I can’t believe she’s kept her pregnancy hidden.

anna on

I agree that the “mini-dress” looks like a shirt and is very distasteful.

Ailyss on

Regardless of the dress, at least it’s undeniable she’s pregnant. So congratulations to Jennifer and David

Lola Marie on

I’m going to practice what I preach and not get off topic here…

So with that being said, she is ready to have that baby and I hope its a boy…

crimpe on

I like the color. I automatically assumed it was a swim cover-up. Guess it’s not. No, not a flattering photo, but I am so excited for them. I hope it all goes easily for her.

Jen on

Oh, girl! She looks exactly like I felt last summer when I was due in Sept but had an early arrival in August.
Jennifer, know all the Southerners that went through pregnancy in the summer are with you!

mom*of*boys on

Congrats to her! Considering the tragedy she faced not too long ago, this little one is truly a blessing for them and will bring her so much happiness.

Joy on

I like the dress and the color. Good luck to them both!!

Daisy on

My sister is just over 7 months along. Considering how hot and uncomfortable she says she feels most of the time, I’m sure we can forgive Jennifer for keeping cool and comfy.

And distasteful, really? Pretty distatseful to criticise a heavily pregnant woman you don’t know I say.

Shelby on

It’s may a bit short but I think she looks great and really seems to be gearing up for motherhood. Plus, the heat index has been 105+ in Florida; if I were pregnant I would practically be running around naked…that or not going anywhere outside!

SH on

MINI-DRESS!?!? Where’s her pants?

I think it’s a girl.

JMO on

Short, yes! But probably what she’s comfy in! Not a flattering picture but I wish her the best and her new little one. I wonder if she’ll honor him or her with a name of one of her family members.

B on

Has anyone stopped to think that may that is a swimsuit. I think she looks beautiful for being 8 months pregnant in super hot weather. Some people need to be more kind, remember what it was like being pregnant and uncomfortable. Sometimes women can be so mean and hateful.

holden on

I have to agree that the dress is too short and would look better worn with pants. However, she is pregnant and it was probably sweltering in Florida, so we can cut her some slack.

brannon on

well said daisey. hope this baby brightens her life. best wishes.

pinky on

Off topic but I LOVE those shoes

Hilda on

Uhm, at dress is too cute! It’s a little on the uncomfortable short side for my taste. Just the same, congratulations to them. Hope everything turns out ok!

Cynthia on

OMG, she does not look good in that dress at all. So sorry to have said that, but she could have worn something much more flattering. Anyways, I hope she has a smooth pregnancy and childbirth.

evaughn on

usually she dresses so nice, but this dress she has on– um, wow, just about ready to see things that shouldnt be seen. try to remember your pants next time

christina on

My mouth fell open when I saw this!! 😦

But I’m so happy for her and her family for what really matters — a healthy baby coming soon!

Jessica on

Just because she’s pregnant and it’s hot doesn’t make it ok to wear a dress that short, if the wind blew, you’d no doubt see her little jennifer! She should have worn leggings with it or something. With that said, she is heavily pregnant and probably couldn’t see how short that dress actually was, when I was pregnant my shirts and dresses would creep up a bit. LOVE the color though.

montoya on

I’m a big Jennifer fan and I’m happy for all that’s going on in her life now, but I don’t agree with the dress. Just my opinion. I wish her a safe delivery, a beautiful, healthy baby, and a lovely wedding.

Gigohead on

Glad that Jenny is doing well. Her belly looks like my belly, I’m due in October. I however, would not go out with a dress like that. It’s looks horrible.

nettrice on

I bet she had shorts on. I have no problems with what she’s wearing. In her condition she could wear a burlap sack for all I care. I wish her well…people need to stop judging.

Jana on

You guys are acting like she wore the dress to pose for pics! Let’s not forget that the pap took the pic without her knowledge or approval. I’m sure if most of us had paparazzi following our every move, most of our photos would be unflattering to say the least. All she’s doing is showing legs. So what? I’ve seen pics of many stars in Hollywood in dresses shorter than that! Jennifer’s short dress has been mentioned. Why does every poster insist on commenting about it? Let’s just talk about her belly and wish her the best!

Chicki on

I am never surprised by how superficial we women can be! Goodnees gracious everyone – cut the girl some slack. She lost three of her closest family members tragically not even a year ago and in her grief has decided to start her own family, and all we can do is comment on how short her dress is? How about just wishing her luck?

I am a huge fan of hers and I think she looks lovely – nice bold color, too! 🙂

nettrice on

Thank you, Jana.

momto3 on

Living in Florida myself, I can attest to the heat. It is very hot and humid right now. Being pregnant and living in the south is very uncomfortable. I congratulate Jennifer and her husband/fiance (not sure which) but that dress is a tad too mini. Paparazzi SHOULD consider the angle they take pix of people. BUT…… maybe she had no clue it was that short. Maybe she did. I hope for health and happiness for Jen. It’s been a hard year for her.

Sarah on

I think she looks fine, give her a break. So is she due next month then, and I’m thinking girl.

Rosy J on

Congrats to Jen and David. Bless them and all of you ladies (and/or gents) for wishing her the best and not finding fault with her choice of outfits. Hope they have a healthy baby to hold close real soon. Good luck and many blessings to them.

dolphin4711 on

Not feeling the dress at all….But congrats on her impending bundle of joy.

Elle on

Congrats to Jennifer and David!

I don’t think anyone mentioned this but am I the only one noticing that her left leg looks really white below the knee? Could it just be the lighting or is it something else?

Rebecca on

Everyone assumes that she hasn’t put on a pair of shorts underneath them (really short shorts.) The dress isn’t something that I would wear, but far be it from me to say that she shouldn’t wear something that she feels good in.

Anon on

If she were thinner, I don’t think many of you would be complaining about the length. I think she looks fine, not amazing but not disgusting either.

motherless hulagirl on

CBB could of cropped the pic at her thighs maybe, but if she chooses to go out dressed as such, she will be photographed as such. She’s beautiful, and will love being a mommy of a child so beautiful! BEST OF LUCK JENNIFER!

eternalcanadian on

oh, no, no, no, jennifer, you could do so much better fashion-wise. oh dear me.

Hea on

Not really liking the dress but it’s OK. It does, however, look like her legs are a bit dirty to me? Or maybe her skin is a bit dry.

Cheri on

Congrats to her! I feel for her, it’s supposed to be so hot there, so she’s nice and comfy. It appears that the back is a bit longer than the front in that picture, I think it’s just an awkward pose she was in.

Shannon on

I sincerely hope that with a new baby and wonderful fiance, that this year will be filled with much more joy and peace than the last. She has been through an unspeakable tragedy, and she has been so strong getting through it. I wish her and her family all the best, and lots of wishes for a safe, healthy delivery and baby for them!

PS I think it’s a boy!

Cici on

Sorry, but that dress is not flattering at all. She should have worn a pair of pants or leggings to compliment it. Not a good look at all.

mel on

I luv J-Hud and wish her the best and we as women or any woman who has been pregnant knows that the last month is probably the worst month of being pregnant. We’re swollen, uncomforable and just plain miserable!!! Being in Florida where’s it’s hot and humid probably doesnt help either.

Danna on

LOL! I think she forgot her pants!!

Shanique on

I love Jennifer, but she looks a hot mess! Even if she wasn’t pregnant, that dress is too short for her.

Lauren on

Pregnant or not, family history or not, Florida or not-that dress is tacky and trashy. Period. Not understanding why people are using completely irrelevant talking points to justify an all-around poor choice of outfit when the two are totally unrelated to one another.

Almighty on

Seriously folks, cut the criticism. For those who felt she should have wore leggings or pants… the heat index in Tampa, Fl is over 100+. For those who can’t understand why her dress is shorter in the front than back… I guess the obvious is over your head. Anyway as someone above mentioned… there were multiple pics including one of Jen smiling. She’s happy, so lets just wish her and David well and a safe birth of a healthy baby.

Alex on

Yes, it’s a pretty hideous dress and not the best photo, but it’s hard to feel anything but happiness when you see a picture of Jennifer Hudson right now. This beautiful lady has been through such a tough time lately and now she’s about to become a mummy, the biggest joy imaginable. I can’t wait to see her new arrival (although I have a feeling there will be a certain amount of controlled privacy given how little we have seen of her during the pregnancy and how late it was revealed) and wish her all the best.

g-girl on

You all are so funny! You celebs walking around with their bellies hanging out but you trip out over a little leg – get over it. Jennifer looks amazing and good for her that she is doing it her way not caring what any of you think. This is a woman who lost her mom and her nephew all at once and God has given her the opportunity to be a mom. I am sure she is thrilled and excited and putting what matters first – L-O-V-E. I hope she stays blessed.

pelin on

I hope she will have a easy delivery and congrats to them.but ı dont like the dress, yes maybe she can be comfortable in it but she can find something else comfortable too,not that short perhaps

Anon on

“For those who can’t understand why her dress is shorter in the front than back… I guess the obvious is over your head. ”

This is made me LOL. Sidebar, David Otunga is quite a big guy.

daniela on

I completely agree with Lauren – what does all that have to do with how short the dress is? And why wouldn’t she know how short it is? Doesn’t she have a mirror? If I was going to wear something like that, especially in her condition, I would check myself out in the mirror first before walking out the door. I don’t mind showing off some leg, but a little puff of wind would show way more than needs to be on display.

And I AM extremely happy that she’s happy – she deserves it after all that’s happened to her. But that doesn’t excuse her choice of clothing. JMHO.

dawn on

I love you jennifer! but that dress is not to flattering. pregnancy clothes now a days are so stylish and unique. but that should have been worn with some cute tights,jeans,or something….

Ashley on

From the looks of the dress it might not be a maternity dress since it is so long in the back but short in the front. She looks like she is very pregnant and just wants to go for comfort over trendy-ness and style. Give her a break!

Erin on

Geez, people. I’d like to see pictures of all of YOU when you were close to your due dates. That dress is at or below her knees in the back. It’s probably a non-maternity dress that looked just fine a week or two ago, and her shape has changed suddenly as she nears the end of her pregnancy. Personally, I am all for her being comfortable, and there’s nothing obscene about LEGS. Good grief.

gaia's mommadukes on

Daniela I think its just that. She does have to excuse her clothing she can wear whatever she wishes. yes you guys can comment on it but I think there is something sad about a bunch of anonymous women judging someone who didn’t ask or give permission to be photographed. Her legs look fine. Seriously it just bewilders me what people will say when they aren’t facing judgement back.

CeCe on

There is no way that she isn’t pregnant. I think she looks so gorgeous. That is so pretty. I am so happy for her, and I bet that baby likeded that burrito. LOL! I am so happy for her. The saftey and health of that child and it’s gorgeous mama are in my prayers for always. May God bless and keep y’all forever more!

daniela on

gaia’s mommadukes, you are right – she can wear whatever she wants, can’t deny that. But when you become a celebrity you know that you may have candid, unflattering, and possibly inappropriate pics taken of you – them’s the breaks, it’s the cost of fame. That said, I have no problems showing some leg, heck I show quite a bit of mine, however a little more than leg will show with one wrong move in that dress – that’s all I’m saying. If I walked out of the house with a dress too short that may easily show some private body parts I would hope a friend or family member would let me know before I walked out the door. So I don’t think the women here that don’t like the dress are being mean and spiteful (well some may be) but just voicing how she could’ve worn something just an inch or two longer to ensure that she didn’t end up in a situation that my cause her much embarrassment.

Kimberly on

We as when are very judgemental sometimes.. Whatever it takes for this woman to be happy God Bless her. She has been through a tremendous tragedy! All we can do is wish her happiness and all the best life has to offer her.

Jenny on

Not loving the dress but she can wear whatever she wants. I’m happy for her and hope she has a healthy and happy baby.

Jana on

Come on people! We all have different tastes in what we would and would not wear. If Jennifer feels comfortable with what she’s wearing, so be it! Some of your comments are so judgmental it’s disgusting! I’m sure Jennifer wouldn’t dare wear some of the things in your closets so why judge? This is a baby website not a fashion website! The dress is mid thigh which really isn’t too short to begin with since most styles nowadays are made shorter. I agree with a previous poster that if Jennifer was much smaller, her dress length would not be such a huge issue.

Kendra on

Good luck! I’m seven months and I can’t wait until it’s over. My prayers go out to you and your soon to be hubby

norma on

The tunic Jennifer is wearing is not a dress. I bet she has on shorts under. The outfit is just fine for the Florida heat. David loves Jennifer regardless. When Jennifer is not in hollywood, are if she is not on stage. She likes to be very comfortable. She carries herself as a regular girl. Jenny knows she is a beautiful dark skin talented sister, with a lot of class to go with it.

Jaye on

Why, seriously why.I am one for comfort dressing but her husband or friend or someone could have told “Jenney put on some long pants, you can still be comfortable but honey it looks like you have nothing on underneath.” Now if she still went ahead with it then that I guess it is what it is. Sometimes people have the confidence of concrete but sometimes they honestly thought they were looking good and don’t realize they did’t until they saw a pic and either don’t wear the outfit again or wear it differenlty (better).

Anywho….I can’t wait to see this baby. I think it will look adorable.

Trisha on

I agree the dress is not flattering but who cares. Jennifer seems to be such a geniune person, unlike many celebrities. She seems to be so deserving of er blessings and her opportunities. I don’t know how I would handle most of my immediate family being murdered. I hope God continues to bless and keep Jennifer!!!

Sabrina on

People please!!!! She could have on shorts under there for all we know, at eight months pregnant you want to be as comfortable as possible. Leave her alone, already!

chyril G on

May God continue to Bless you Jen, congrats – enjoy motherhood.

Terri on

Jennifer looks so cute. I wish her much happiness. She certainly deserves it.

Keda on

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW……. She so cute girl I feel ya it’s hot….. Best wishes to you and yours…. Kisses……

Cali on

What?! Since when did she become pregnant? I had absolutely no idea she was expecting. That’s craxy! I’m sure she will make a great mother though. Good luck to her.

Kat on

Us women complain about all the pressures placed on our looks and our weight-but we need to realize that fellow women are our worst critics! Lets be happy for Jenn! Celebrate her pregnant body and what it is accomplishing instead of focusing on her choice of dress.

MiB on

I agree with you Kat!

So what if the dress is outside your comfort zone (it’s outside of mine too, but I am not her), I think Jennifer looks gorgeous in that colour, it’s so lively and vibrant!

Besides, has anyone noticed, that the photo seems to be taken slightly from belov? That would mean that the dress looks shorter than it is.

nene on

She looks like an orange pumpkin. Pregnant or not, hot or not – look in the mirror before you leave your house. Unless this is a swim cover up, it is way too short. I dont think having shorts on would add too much fabric to be too hot.