Ellen DeGeneres Says Kids Are Not In the Cards

06/23/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
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Since tying the knot last August, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have found themselves in the center of the rumor mill, with constant reports that the two will be getting a visit from the stork soon. While Portia set the record straight and denied any speculation that the couple was expanding their family back in March, in a new interview with AOL, Ellen clarifies that children may never be in the cards. “No, I don’t think we’re going to have kids,” she says.

“We have animals and we love them. They don’t talk back, and they don’t explore their vocal chords out in public.”

That said, life for the talk show host and her wife, star of Better Off Ted, is filled with newborn cries! Newly crowned aunts after Portia’s brother welcomed a baby girl, the couple are happy to “be a part of that,” but feel completely fulfilled in their marriage — sans baby. “We definitely thought about it,” she reveals.

“But it’s a huge responsibility and I don’t think that’s something we want to take on.”

Source: AOL Television

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ErykaWynter on

Good for them! I wish more people would be this honest with themselves about whether or not to have children. It is no small undertaking and I’m glad Ellen and Portia have thought about it and decided what’s best for them.

kai on

Good for them, they’re a lovely couple!

Dahlia on

Wouldn’t they just be awesome parents though? It’s nice (and smart) that they just set the record straight, to avoid all the constant speculation and ‘bump watch’ that will take place! LOVE them ๐Ÿ™‚

crimpe on

Dahlia, I agree, I’d love to have them for my moms! ErykaWynter, well said. There is nothing wrong with a couple deciding to not have children, regardless of societal pressures. They seem like a fantastic couple.

maria on

I actually think ellen’s brother had the kid not portia’s brother.

Kris T on

No Maria it was Portia’s brother…Ellen mentioned it several times when the baby was born ๐Ÿ™‚

Michelle on

The sad part? People will STILL ask them when/if they are going to have a family.

It’s refreshing to hear women like Ellen, Portia and Cameron Diaz being honest and saying “I don’t think I want children”. As a mom, I’m not offended by the choices other people make, and I’m glad they feel comfortable being honest.

JMO on

If there was anyone I ever wanted to be parents it would be them! I love Ellen! I love her honesty!! And yes she doesn’t need to adopt children or have them. She has LOTS of pets she adopts and supports animal rescues and abandoned pets which is also very important. And to many who don’t have kids their animals can be very fullfilling so good for them for knowing what they want!! I wish them much happiness!

wowfornoobs on

I agree with you guys–I’d love to have them as my moms! ๐Ÿ™‚ That said, I love their honesty and respect their decision!

Holly on

AMEN! pets are way better than kids any day of the week. I honestly believe I was a mama cat in my past life because I could look at and love kitties all day long but babies make me sick.

Christina on


Why would you post such a ridiculous comment on a website about celebrity babies?

Holly on

i have just as much a right to post my comment as anyone else. just because I said what I did does not give you a right to tell me what not to say. i still like looking at other people’s kids and reading the ridiculous comments. it helps me reaffirm my feelings about babies and children.

nadine7777 on

Haha…I love reading the crazy comments too:) But personally (and this is just my opinion), I would never equate a pet with a human being.

Neelie on

Um…lol. Holly’s 1st post “look at and love kitties all day long but babies make me sick”. Holly’s post after Christina’s comment “i still like looking at other peopleโ€™s kids.”. This is probably the funniest thing I have read on CBB yet. Thanks for the laugh. Seriously, Holly and your inner “mama cat”, there are sites out there for you, like the ASPCA website.
As for me, I applaud Ellen. She is fulfilled by her life, and recognizes it! She also is very aware of the selflessness parenting is. I stand by anyone who makes a well informed, thought out, mature call about what is right for their life.

Kait on

maria it was Portia’s brother, I remember watching the episode on Ellen, because they announced the mum as Portia’s sister-in-law. It’s a little judgmental and absolutely nothing against their sexual orientation, but Ellen really does seem to be the pet lover and not the mama-type – although I know she’d make an amazing mother if she did change her mind in the future. She is so full of energy and delight on her show, any kid would be lucky to have her and Portia as parents.

felicity on

Love Portia’s candor.

sil on

I think Holly’s comment should not be posted in this web site…
“babies make me sick”…you can choose not to have kids and is totally ok, but saying that babies make you sick is very…sad. IMO
CBB says:
Feel free to agree or disagree with each other as long as you do it respectfully, remembering that we all have our own experiences and perspectives. Keep in mind that there are people on the other end reading what you write.


Sammy-xx on

I love Ellen and Portia, like everyone has said I would also love them as parents.

It’s great now that alot more people are coming out and saying that they don’t wont kids, its just sad people still question them.
The media seem to think that the truth is what they want to hear.

They have each other, they have their dogs and their family, what more could they need?

Tricia on

I love the both of them, but if they clearly say they don’t want to take on the responsibility, then how can any of us say “they’d make great parents”? Not wanting to be a parent in the first place would seem to negate that! When people say they don’t want kids, that should be the end of story for the rest of us–it’s their lives, after all.

Anna on

I don’t love the implication that people who have kids have them because they aren’t “fulfilled” in their marriage. My husband and I are very fulfilled in our marriage, we would be still be happy if we never had kids… but we still want kids.

brannon on

love that you are all praising ellen and portia for knowing what they want – and don’t want, but feel Holly should be banned for not wanting kids. do i agree with her – not in any way. but she is entitled to her opinion.

anyway, love this couple and enjoy interviews from them. however, like cameron, i have a bad feeling this won’t be the last time they get asked that question!

daniela on

No one said to ban Holly, just that her comments about babies making her sick should be removed. Personally I don’t care if she wants kids or not, but what she said just seemed a little too inappropriate for a site about babies.

cassie on

Why would a person who doesn’t like babies be on a baby wesite, very strange