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06/23/2009 at 12:00 PM ET

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M on

I’m not from USA so this question may be stupid but I’ll ask it anyway… Who are Jon and Kate Gosselin? Lately I’ve been seeing articles about them in many magazine’s websites but since I have absolutely no idea who they are, I haven’t read them. But I’m curious. What are they famous for? Are they just some reality tv-stars?

mary on

I am ashamed that I watched the show “jon & kate plus 8” It was so sad. I have watched the show in the past and felt as if Kate was always hard on jon, however during the last few shows he seemed to be acting like a big child. I hope they can put their anger aside for the kids sake and talk civically to each other and be able to laugh with each other again whether they divorce or stay together. And to anyone one who thinks kids will bounce back from this….. Only if the parents can be friends and support each other. It starts with the parents and how they act and react with each other. Kids learn from their parents.

Aidan on

M, Jon & Kate are famous for their television show Jon & Kate Plus 8, which is a reality show that features them raising their young twins & sextuplets.

I wish they had also announced an ending to the show in addition to the divorce, to work out their family problems, instead of doing it in the public eye and likely ruining all chance of doing things amicably. Putting the kids first, hah! I don’t watch the show but I certainly feel like I do — they have been EVERYWHERE for the past few weeks! Blah.


I think I am the only person on the web that understands and ‘supports’ Kate. Yes she can be difficult and mean (to John) at times, but she is the only PARENT in that relationship, since the begining she was in charge of EVERYTHING and John always acted like a child, I think she is a wonderful mother and even though I dont agree with her sometimes I understand her.

If it werent for the show their children wouldnt have all the wonderful things they have, they travel, dress nicely, have a nice home, toys, food, etc. but most important they seem HAPPY kids. Is not like they have to memorize lines or work 12-14 hours a day, plus I think the crew is only at their house a couple of days a week. I dont know much, but in my opinion people are being to hard on Kate.

Last nights episode broke my heart, she seemed so hurt and he seemed like ‘whatever, cool’ What pissed me off was when he said he was excited for his new life(or something like that) he said ‘I am young only 32’ as he sat there with his ears pierced.

I know I will get ‘killed’ for supporting Kate. lol

dcmom on

I agree with 100%! When Jon said, “I’m excited!” I thought….oh here we go…he wants a new fun life!

N on

XOXO- not killing you! I 100% agree. Yes, she is harsh… but I can’t say that I wouldn’t be the exact same if I were in her situation. Jon was very childish on last night’s show and has been here recently. It was pretty obvious that Kate was the one wanting to work on things, judging by the tissue box sitting next to her on the couch and the earings in his ears.

Di on

My opinion on Jon and Kate plus 8 is based on whether you think it is okay for parents to make money off of their children. I have a problem with that others do not. Nobody told these people to have 8 children in such a short amount of time if they could not afford it on their current salaries.

I’m sure that the tv show has allowed the family to live a more affluent lifestyle than they otherwise would have but no one has a right to have all the great extras like first class travel and a million dollar home. Jon does not have a job and Kate does not have a job. This show- a form of exploitation- is their job. Jon was seen looking at some NYC apartments in a building owned by Trump. I hope it is big enough for his eight children, but it seems more like a bachelor pad.

What is crazy is that the original appeal of this show was that it showcased a normal married Christian family with multiples and now the marriage has disintegrated but the show is not over because TLC wants to make as much money as possible.

Jane on

XOXO, I agree with you. When Jon said he was “excited about this new chapter” it was crystal clear to me that he can’t get out of there fast enough. I always felt that he was pretty much uninterested in his role as a father. His expressions were always so dull, he lacked emotion, and didn’t seem to enjoy fatherhood. I get the sense that if he could just walk away from his life, he would. I actually wonder if he will gradually fade away. I don’t care for Kate much either though- she can be extremely harsh with the children, and that is even while being on camera. I think it actually helps in this case that the children have many other caretakers who may be a positive influence on them.

Dahlia on

Last night’s episode of Jon & Kate was heartbreaking. In my opinion people have been too harsh on this couple, especially on Kate. I’ve heard all sorts of things barely stopping short of calling her a monster, but all I see is a mother trying to do the best for her family. If I had the opportunity to earn money and be able to stay at home more than work, in a fun and legal way (such as a reality TV show), why wouldn’t I? The kids seem extremely happy and very well-loved. Because of the revenue from the show, they will be able to live without having to worry about where their next meal will come from, and how things are going to be paid for (college, first cars, etc.) Growing up as somebody who didn’t have these opportunities, these kids are extremely fortunate to be given these chances. I believe that the only negative to have come from the show, is the paparazzi occurrences, but that is dealt with by most public personalities.

Kait on

XOXO, I agree with you wholeheartedly about Kate having to act like a parent to nine children. But they’ve mentioned it before and even Kate admitted she wanted ‘one more’ while Jon was content with the twins. When they got sextuplets I think Jon just kind of gave up on standing up for himself and his own decisions… I really do think Kate should’ve listened. Also when Jon mentioned he wanted to stop airing the TV show, I’m guessing Kate made the final decision to keep going. I know they’d never say “I regret making the decision to have the sextuplets” but I think Kate may’ve regretted not listening to Jon when he said he only wanted twins… Maybe that’s what pushed their marriage too far. I do feel horrible for them both in their own ways, no one should have to go through with that. The best of luck and happiness to both Jon and Kate, and the Gosselin children.

Anon on

I feel for both jon and kate. With Jon, I get the impression that he’s felt very emasculated by Kate and frankly I would too. I don’t care how bossy your personality is, one should never talk to their husband the way she did. However, with 8 kids at 32 years old I might have a mid-life crisis too. I was really surprised by what he said about being excited and considering he lives in PA and doesn’t have a job; I wonder why he’s moving to NYC. Wouldn’t Philadelphia or Pittsburgh be a better option.

I think that Kate and Jon started the show humbly, but now they’ve grown accustom to living off their children. I think Kate is trying to brand herself, and I do think the kids are suffering. Neither parent is always home, they have cameras shoved in their face(I don’t care if its 7 days a week or 3) and if they were in California it wouldn’t be legal. Kate and Jon NEVER seemed like a loving couple and I am not shocked at the news at all.

sdfsd on

I thought I read somewhere that the cameras are there about 10 hours a day 5 days a week, but I may be wrong.

noam on

i hate to admit that i watched almost all the episodes of jon and kate, in the beginning, but stopped with the episode in which mady (one of the twins) put her hand over the camera lens and tells them to go away. there were other instances in which the camera zoomed in on one of the kids crying or having a temper tantrum–usual kid stuff–and even though they aren’t learning lines or working on a set, they ARE being exploited…neither parent had jobs, choosing to live off the income from the show, but neither parent was (until recently) the reason anyone tuned in. they were riding on their childrens’ cute factor…i just feel like neither parent really stayed true to who they were when the show first came out, and though i’m sorry to hear of their divorce, i’m sorrier to hear the show must go on.