Tom Brady and Jack: Father's Day Fun!

06/22/2009 at 01:00 PM ET

And he’s off! John ‘Jack’ Edward Thomas Moynahan breaks away from Tom Brady‘s grip and runs away while playing in a Pacific Palisades park on Sunday afternoon.

Jack, 22 months, will become a big brother in the coming months when his Patriots quarterback dad and wife Gisele Bündchen welcome their first child together.

Jack is Tom’s son with actress Bridget Moynahan.


Click below for a second photo of the pair!


Click here for yesterday’s cutie!

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Lucy on

i find it really cute that Jack is wearing a ‘i love baseball’ shirt and his dad is a football player!!

anyway, beautiful pictures!

Sadie on

Jack is SO cute… and daddy Tom is such a hottie!!!

CTBmom on

Aww. Jack is all daddy! He’s adorable! It will be interesting to see if Tom’s genes will be dominate in the baby he’s expecting with Gisele.

Shannon on

Jack’s shirt is from Gymboree’s Valentine’s Day collection…SO CUTE!!!

alice jane on

He’s getting so big! He’s always been such a carbon copy of Tom, but to me at least, some of Bridget is starting to come out in him.

Jae on

Jack is so cute… and I LOVE the fact that he’s wearing a I ♥ Baseball tshirt!!! Funny!!
Tom looks GREAT!!! Can’t wait to see him on the field in the fall! I’ve missed him terribly! lol

Beth on

He’s a cutie for sure!!!

I have a question though…how or why do you get “Jack” out of John Edward Thomas? I wonder the same thing about where “Sasha” comes from. Just name your kid what you wanna call them instead of giving a different name (not even a nickname) all together. Can anyone explain please?

Pamela on

Jack is the shortened name/nickname for John. Like Jim is for James.

Anon on

Sasha is what Russians call boys or girls named Alexander/Alexandra/Alexei. My boyfriends twin is named Alex and they called him Sasha. His sister is named Anastasia they call her Nastia.

I’m not a fan of nicknames for myself, but I think its a preference. I don’t think people go “I wanna name my Barbara, but I’ll call her babs for short”…it just happens. I’m sure when jack is old enough to get in trouble he’ll be called John Thomas Edwards.

Mia on

Beth, I was named “Mary Margaret” after each of my grandmothers, but was called “Mia” since birth – my parents wanted to honor my relatives, but also wanted to call me my own name. I have always loved having all three names 🙂 I have no idea if Jack’s naming has anything to do with something like that, but just thought I’d share!

martina on

My Russian sister-in-law explained to me that Sasha is not a nickname for Alexander / Alexandra. It is the short informal version of the name. Every Alexander is informally called Sasha, every Tatiana (my S-I-L’s name) is Tanya, etc.

meglovestombrady on

These are super cute pics. Jack looks just like his dad! I can’t wait for Tom to come back for the 2009 NFL season. He is an awesome QB and I missed watching him play 🙂

anon on

I know Bridget Moynahan fiercly protects her son’s privacy, but would love to see new pictures of Jack and Bridget.

Anon on

ummmm isn’t a shortened informal name a nickname? I know not every nickname is necessarily the shortened version of the persons real name; but doesn’t the informal fall under a nickname? I spent a summer in Russia doing a language intensive course and met lots of people who considered it a “nickname”.Oh and not every Russian person does it there are some Russian women are just named Tanya. Growing up in Brighton Beach you meet quite a few 😉

Stephanie on

Jack is a nickname for John (JFK Jr. went by Jack, actually). We did this with my son’s name, we named him after his father but did not want two John’s in the house…and I love the name Jack as a nickname, so our son has always been Jack (but his birth certificate says John).

sam on

how jack can be ‘shortened’ version of john if it’s the same length?

bungalowbliss on

Why is it that every time there is a post about this child, the “how do you get Jack from John” discussion comes up? This is not a new practice.

Pamela on

Sam-shortened referring to a nickname, not the amount of actual letters in the name…Jack is the informal version of John. Just like..Richard is Dick, James is Jim, Henry Hank, Margaret Peg. etc

Beth on

Thanks everyone for being so nice about this – I guess I would Jack as a version of Jackson, not John. I never did get the Sasha things but it makes sense now.

As for the “name thing” always coming up in every post(bungalowbliss)…if I had seen it explained before I wouldnt have brought it up again.

I know one thing for sure though, he will never be at a shortage for names to go by…poor little guy!!!!

Hea on

I think he is going to be a great big brother. 🙂

Anon on

i never got the margaret/peg thing. I prefer maggie.

Terri on

No prob, Beth. That’s how people learn, asking questions.

Jack is adorable.

sam on

Pamela Says:
June 22nd, 2009 at 4:00 pm

Sam-shortened referring to a nickname, not the amount of actual letters in the name…Jack is the informal version of John. Just like..Richard is Dick, James is Jim, Henry Hank, Margaret Peg. etc

henry – hank and margaret – peg? hmmm… it’s always strange to me than people give kids one name and call him completely different

Annie on

Finally I see Tom and Jack having a moment “daddy and me”, it’s rare to see Tom with his son without Gisele.

leah on

Annie, Gisele was there. She’s just not in the photos posted here.

Annie on

Yeah, now I see that Gisele was there.

sage on

I think these pictures are sooo sweet. Jack is to cute for words and the shirt made me giggle. Also it’s not a bad thing that Gisele is there with Tom and Jack when he does have him. I mean they are together.

Jane on

Tom and Jack are both gorgeous! Can’t wait to see Tom playing football again this season!

eternalcanadian on

So cute! Also funny John is wearing a “love baseball” shirt when his daddy’s a football player. Good to see there’s no pressure there! 🙂

LuLu on

Tom was actually an All American baseball player in high school. He was drafted to play for an MLB team straight out of high school but chose to go to college to play football instead.

L on

Gosh they are like twins!! Gorgeous daddy, gorgeous little boy!
I think he and Gisele will have a little girl :-]

mslewis on

I love these pictures. Jack is such a happy child. It’s nice he got to be with his daddy on Fathers’ Day.

Just a note to Stephanie . . . John F. Kennedy, Jr. did not go by “Jack” he was always John (not JohnJohn as some would have it). President Kennedy was Jack to everybody.

Erica on

One other thing to consider about the name John/Jack: I believe the French version of the name John is Jacques, so looking at it that way it’s easier to say how the nickname Jack is derived.

Jack looks happy!

Natasha on

Alice I agree, I’m starting to see a little of Bridget in him, I used to see like…a complete double of Tom! lol

mel on

Lil Jack is gorgeous!!! He is going to be a hunk!!!

Mia on

Erica, John’s french version is Jean. Sean in irish, João in portuguese and Juan in spanish. hehehe

I don’t get Jack/John either.

Mary Mansour on

I luv Tom and Giselle. Jack is adorable. I’m so happy that Gi is preggers.

mazzie on

jack looks so happy, even being ‘dad-carried’ by tom… he’s just got the biggest face-splitting grin on his face…
dad must be a lot of fun!

Joy on

Such touching pictures. I am so happy that he has decided to be in his son’s life..

Still Life in South America on

Wow–Tom’s son looks like a real mini-me, doesn’t he?

gianna on

Jack looks exactly like tom, and it’s nice to see tom and giesle in his life a lot. I think tom and giesle will have a son together too.

Diane on

hmmm, love seeing any and all pictures of Tom/Gisele and Jack/Bridget…I am thinking that maybe Bridget bought the shirt…No matter what, this little boy is loved by so many….looks like he doesn’t have a care in the world….can’t wait for the newest child in this family…..

Sarah on

Awwww! Baby Jack doesn’t seem like such a baby anymore. He’s growing up fast. I hope he adjusts to big brotherhood well, some children feel cheated when a new baby arrives. I hope Jack doesn’t feel that way and Tom and Gisele keep him deeply involved with the new baby. I use to not be a big fan of Gisele but she’s actually starting to grow on me. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the new Brady baby. It’s sure to be adorable. 🙂