Jada Pinkett Smith Says Willow is a 'Wild Child'

06/22/2009 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Redbook

In the July issue of Redbook magazine, Jada Pinkett Smith reveals that daughter Willow Camille Reign, 8 ½, is “a wild child” — just like her mom. Jada, 37,  recalled that, as someone who has “always loved snakes,” she nonetheless was afraid of them; Willow changed all that, though, with her pet snake Beauty. “She’d go into the pet store and pick it up and wrap it around her,” Jada recalled.

“I’d never touched a snake before, and I put out my hand, and Beauty [mimics the snake slithering up her arm]. I’ve been in love with her ever since. I said to Willow, ‘You did Mommy a big favor. You helped me overcome a fear.'”

When asked by the magazine whether any of her personality traits are evident in Willow’s big brothers Jaden Christopher Syre, 11 next month, and Willard ‘Trey’ Christopher, 16, she answered in the affirmative. “Oh, yes. I see myself in Willow and Jaden — and in Trey, and he’s not even my biological child!” Jada adds,

“It’s amazing because you can see the most beautiful parts of yourself in your children. That’s what I love most. When I look at my kids, I go, I hope to God they don’t get my ugly parts. Get your own ugly stuff, not mine!”

Willow and Jaden are Jada’s children with husband Will Smith. Trey is Will’s child from a previous marriage.

Source: Redbook

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Anon on

Jada is a very photogenic woman, what an awful choice for a cover. Wayy unflattering.

alice jane on

I really respect her. She has some of the sweetest stories about Trey, and you can tell how much she loves him, while still being really respectful of his mother and his relationship with his mother.

brannon on

Beautiful sentiment about Trey. (hope the people on Giselles post don’t read them)

Brooklyn on

Is it just a coincidence that both Willard & Willow have Will in them and Jaden is similar to Jada?

Lola Marie on

I think this cover of Jada’s gorgeous as always🙂

She is one beautiful woman and she looks like she was chiseled out of stone😀

lelee on

Brooklyn, No it’s not… Will Smiths full name is Willard Christopher Smith Jr, from his father and Trey has the name of his father Willard Christopher Smith III…. so on and on… You’re also absolutely right!

And I think the Smith kids have gorgeous names, very normal names… I like it! And they’re very cute!

Jada is very beautiful and her relationship with her kids (and with Trey) sounds very good!

Mary-Helen on

What a lovely sentiment from Jada about all of her and Will’s children.

I think the difference between Gisele and Jada’s comments about their stepchildren is that Jada has always made it a point to respect that Trey has a mom whom loves him and he loves and she doesn’t try to take away from that relationship and in interviews will say she loves Trey like her own, but she also knows his Mom loves him too. Gisele basically went off like Bridget was dead or a non-issue. It wasn’t the sentiment, which was sweet, it was the haughtiness she displayed.

Di on

I’m one of those of people who did not like Gisele’s comments but I have no problem with Jada’s statement because the relationship that Will/Jada have with Will’s ex-wife is not comparable to Tom/Gisele and Bridget.

From what I have read, Will, Jada and Sheree, Will’s ex-wife all get along and have even spent some holidays together. In fact, according to Jada, she played an integral in repairing Will’s relationship with Sheree in terms of building a better friendship for their son’s sake.

When Tom and Gisele got together, Bridget was pregnant with Tom’s baby and of course the situation was quite awkward. John is almost two years old and according to Gisele, she has never met Bridget. I would think that a good step mother would take the time to introduce themselves to the child’s mother; shake hands and get to know one another and establish boundaries and since Gisele has not done that I question her motives when it relates to John.
To me it is all about respect and I get the feeling that Jada respects Trey’s mother very much and has taken the time to meet her and get along something Gisele has not done yet.

Sarah K. on

This again? Everyone seems to be forgetting parts of Gisele’s interview. Here you go:

“I understand that he has a mom, and I respect that…I want him to have a great relationship with his mom, because that’s important” – Gisele (in the same Vanity Fair interview people keep harping on)

Anyways, the Smiths seem like a very close and loving family!

Sarah K. on

Also Di, did you think that maybe it was Bridget who doesn’t want to meet Gisele? Just a thought…

Di on

I do not want to stray too off topic but if it was Bridget who declined to meet Gisele, then I take back my statements. All I know for sure is that Gisele said that she had never met Bridget and no explanation was given as to why that has not happened yet. To use as an example, even Tori Spelling has met Dean’s ex Mary Jo and Tori had an affair with Dean while he was still married to Mary Jo.It is not as if Gisele said I extended an olive branch to Bridget and she rebuffed me for no reason.

Also Sarah K, you have conviently chosen to omit the two controversial statements. No one takes issue with the part you quoted but it is what came afterward which caused the controversy-the part about how she feels like John is her son (100% mine) and it does not matter that somone else gave birth to him and that she has felt this way from the beginning.

Going back to the main topic, I think it is great that Will/Jada and Sheree have forged a great relationship but I look at their situation as the exception to the rule. A lot of divorced couples can’t stand each other i.e., Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin.

Natasha on

Will, Jada & Trey’s mom & stepdad’s relationship has always been awesome. The whole family went to Trey’s mom’s wedding and I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure Willow was in the wedding party!

lizzielui on

Neither Bridget nor Gisele need to offer any explanations or make public statements regarding the nature of their relationship. It is quite possible that Bridget wants nothing to do with Gisele and vice versa. Regardless, it is a private matter. The fact that this issue keeps coming up in every thread about Gisele, Tom, or other blended families is rather tiresome. You cannot be on the outside looking in with only snippets of these people’s lives from magazine articles and then try to compare how one family situation is handled compared to another. All families and circumstances are different, and again we do not know the dynamics of what is happening with these folks behind closed doors.

Dach on

@Lizzielui…..Thank You!!! couldn’t have stated it better

Diane on

I am from Boston, so very interested in any story that has to do with Tom Brady…so, my thought is that as a parent, I would want to meet anyone that would have a major impact on my child’s life, whether I like it or not..So Bridget should be the one extending the olive branch out to Gisele…Seems to me that Bridget is holding a grudge against Gisele because she is now “Mrs. Tom Brady”, a title that obviously Bridget wanted. Not pointing any fingers, because there are always two sides to any story and in the lives of celebrities, you don’t always know the whole story. The tabloids only print what is going to make a great storyline, which may not always be the truth….

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