Trista Sutter Says No More Reality Shows For Her Family

06/21/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
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Speaking via Sykpe to Access Hollywood‘s Billy Bush, former Bachelorette Trista Sutter says she has no regrets about declining numerous offers to turn her life with husband Ryan Sutter into a reality show. “We just felt like there really isn’t a monetary value you can put on the sanctity of your family,” the 36-year-old mom-of-two says. Speaking of family, Trista reveals that Maxwell Alston, 22 months, has taken naturally to his role of big brother to 10-week-old Blakesley Grace.

“Oh my God, he loves her. He is constantly hugging her and kissing her and asking where the baby is.”

Blakesley, for her part, is a “pretty special little baby,” Trista adds. Having forgone a nanny, Trista is relishing every moment spent with both kids for she knows that they will be her last. Of her decision to undergo the Essure permanent birth control procedure, she explains, “I decided to do it because my family is complete.” Also a factor, she admits, are her “really bad pregnancies.”

“[My pregnancy with Max] almost killed me…So I don’t want to have to go through anything scary like that again.”

Source: Access Hollywood

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JustMe on

Good for her, for them, for putting family first and financial gain 2nd (or 3rd or 4th or wherever, but not 1st!) Maybe those Jon & Kate people can pick up a few pointers from these ex-reality tv personalities.

Niko on

Excellent decision, Trista. Turning one’s family into a reality show is a horrible, HORRIBLE idea. Just ask the Gosselins, or Nick and Jessica, or K-Fed and Britney, etc. Such exposure ruins relationships/marriages. Its better just to stay out of the spotlight and live a quiet life, especially for the sake of her kids.

Charlize on

What is essure birth control im sorry im from the uk and have never heard of it

momto3 on

I’m glad Trista has decided not to put her family on a reality tv show. AT times it seems like she is still a reality star. I do have an inquiry though from her own words. If Max almost killed her, why would she get pregnant again? At most there is surrogate or adoption. To each his own. She seems to have the fairy tale.

Di on

While Trista/Ryan have not done a reality show, they certainly have not totally given up the idea of being in the spotlight. I’ve seen Trista on a couple of tabloid magazines regarding her pregnancy and her desire to loose the baby weight. Why is she even doing an interview with Access Hollywood if she has nothing to promote except herself.

First she was on the Bachelor, then the Bachelorette. The wedding was televised and then she continually returns to the Bachelor for the reunion shows she is the only success story. I do not see Trista going away any time soon-her 15 minutes of fame should have ran out a couple years ago.

Gigi on

Her second pregnancy was a surprise.

Brianne on

Di, I think she was talking more in terms of the family being filmed in their home – their day to day lives. Yes, she’s still around, but she goes elsewhere for the bach reunions and those are about her as one person – her children are kept away from the cameras.

Good for her! I’m happy they keep their kids out of the spotlight for the most part (not to say I don’t love looking at those adorable children when there are pictures of them!!)

shling on

Such a beautiful family, and very wise to turn down reality offers. I always make it a point to read their interviews. Would love to see more pics. of their new baby girl. That little boy is so cute!

Natasha on

I know that Trista said they’d only try for another one if this one (Blakesley) was unhealthy or died, that’s where I’m coming from here. Just to throw this out there, what if (God forbid) Blakesley died of SIDS? I’m not disagreeing with her decision to do do the permanent birth control, but based on what she said, I thought she’d wait a little bit after Blakesley was born.

jordyn on

From Wikipedia: Micro-inserts are placed into the fallopian tubes by a catheter passed from the vagina through the cervix and uterus. Once in place, the device is designed to elicit tissue growth (scarring) in and around the micro-insert to form over a period of 3 months an occlusion or blockage in the fallopian tubes; the tissue barrier formed prevents sperm from reaching an egg.
Unlike other forms of tubal ligation, no general anaesthetic nor incision through the abdomen is required. Somewhat similar to male vasectomy procedures, initially additional forms of birth control must be continued to prevent pregnancy until the method’s effectiveness can be confirmed. For the Essure method, 3 months after insertion a physician performs a special type of x-ray test called a hysterosalpingogram to confirm that the fallopian tubes are completely blocked and the patient can rely on the Essure micro-inserts for birth control. Occlusion is observed to have occurred in 96.5% of patients at 3 months with the remainder occluded by 6 months.

lizzielui on

Trista never said anything about giving up her celebrity or about her no longer being in the spotlight. She specifically said she does not want to do a reality show, i.e. having the cameras in her house with her husband and children 24/7 for all the world to see. There is a huge difference between doing occasional interviews and appearances for certain media outlets (which all celebs do) vs. having cameras come into your home 24/7 and document your every move. Like it or not, Trista gained some celebrity status from her appearances on the bachelor/bachelorette and clearly still has a following and numerous fans. If the masses truly want her 15 minutes of fame to be up, then maybe people should ignore her TV appearances on entertainment shows, not buy magazines that include her tabloid interviews, ignore her website and blog, and certainly not look at pics of her and her children on blogs.

JC on

Doing an interview or two for magazines is extremely different then allowing a film crew in their home. People still seems interested in the pair which is why they do the interviews, it helps them control that interest level.

Karen on

Good for her!!! I’m glad she’s placing family first and not showing the world her home.

dawn on

good for her! finally, some one refuses to do it!

and as far as her doing that procedure. good for her. atleast she got to have her boy and girl. my hubby had the vasectomy and it works! don’t have to worry about anything. my last baby did a number on my body so it was our decision. we have 5 children altogether anyway.

Erica on

I’ve got a lot of respect for this family’s decision. I can’t stand when other celebrities (or more accurately, “faux-celebrities”) with reality shows complain about invasion of privacy and paparrazzi…hello, you literally sell your right to privacy away once you accept television cameras into your home. So, good for the Sutters for keeping their priorities straight.

martina on

So what if she was on a reality show? She is not turning her children into a “show” – that’s the most important thing. Giving a few interviews and posing for magazines is absolutely nothing compared to having camera crews in your home on a daily basis. She could have made millions if she agreed to do so. But she didn’t. Good for her.

jacquiej on

Thanks for the info on Essure thing. From someone who has a lot of scar tissue from years of endometriosis, PCOS, and the surgeries to help those, I can’t believe someone would purposely have something put inside you to cause it but…whatever works. I am not slamming her decision or anyone else’s with that. I just find it interesting. I am currently battling with the affects of the aforementioned scar tissue and it is not fun.

Anon on

I kinda feel like jon and kate picked the better of two evils. If they had to raise 8 kids san reality show they’d probably be on welfare.

Kait on

I’m with you jacquiej, hearing about the Ensure procedure made me cringe. I am 21 years old and have stage four endometriosis and have been told it will be very difficult for me to concieve because my tubes are so scarred. Not posting to be nasty about Trista or anyone else who chooses to have this procedure, just kind of makes me feel sick to hear about someone choosing to scar up their tubes.

I do wish them the best.

Kait on

sorry, Essure procedure.

mp on

As someone who got pregnant all too easily, I can see why Essure appeals to moms who don’t want any further pregnancies. My tubal ligation 14 years ago was VERY painful; had Essure been available, I’d have done it.

Angie on

“kinda feel like jon and kate picked the better of two evils. If they had to raise 8 kids san reality show they’d probably be on welfare.”

Kate has a nursing degree, and Jon had a steady job before he got fired for soliciting freebies on company time. So I think without the show they would have been okay financially, maybe not wealthy like they are now. But I doubt they would have been on welfare. Nurses make a good income. The Dilley’s raised 6 without a show, The McCaugheys (sp?) are raising 8 without a show. I don’t buy for a second Jon and Kate’s excuse that they have to do the show to support their family.

lola on

hell, no! scar your tubes!??! you really don’t know what this will do to your body, this is sick!!!!

kait, please look into excision surgery for endo, it can help! there are some experts out there that can help you, also diet and progesterone (natural, not the pill)

Charlize on

thanks jordyn oh gosh that wouldnt be first choice of birth control but each to their own and all that

jacquiej on

Kait, I am currently doing acupuncture for the pain of endo. It is helping tremendously! I am not trying to get pregnant – just get rid of the pain so I can have a productive life. (I didn’t mention that I have two children so it can happen!)

Lis on

Lizzielui – I agree. And I really commend Trista and Ryan for turning down those offers…I’m sure it wasn’t chump change they were turning away…

And Anon – I agree with you to some extent. Jon and Kate were given a great opportunity to earn some financial stability. I understand why they did it. However, they should have saved the money and ended the show a YEAR ago – right as they were becoming more recogonizable, and BEFORE all the chaos began. Now they are just being selfish and greedy.

Anon on

Just because they don’t have a show doesn’t mean they aren’t receiving freebies or payments for doing interviews and the occasional special. I mean true, neither of us knows what their financial situation was or what it would have been, but I don’t think its that far fetched that on just kates salary or even a combination that they could qualify for food stamps(Even if they’re making 100,000 a year before taxes, they’re still a 10 person household). It was just my opinion.

and Lis, I completely agree they should have gotten out of it years ago. Kate is clearly trying to turn herself into a brand and its definitely not about the kids or surviving anymore. With her books, and the amount they get per episode and the free stuff I’m sure they’ve made millions of dollars of the charade already.

felicity on

Well, thank goodness for THAT! As far as I’m concerned, this family is everywhere as it is. Be it television interviews, Trista going on about “The Bachelorette” and photo montages in magazines… They’re a tad annoying. But that’s just me.

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