Tori Spelling on Her Kids: Sibling Love is Strong

06/20/2009 at 08:00 AM ET
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Nothing but sibling love for the Spelling-McDermott kids! In a new interview with iVillage, Tori Spelling admits that while the relationship between son Liam Aaron and daughter Stella Doreen took a bit of work, the pair now delight in each other’s company. “He actually went from ignoring her to kissing her and trying to tickle her,” she says, citing their bond as a result of the toddler being included in what the family dubbed “the Stella process” — introducing baby girl to their household.

The children’s apparent love for each other shines through during their favorite time of the day: bath time! While 1-year-old Stella enjoys making a big splash in the tub, 2-year-old Liam turns to his toys for some added fun. “He has a rubber shark he swims around the tub,” Tori shares. However, at the end of the day, nothing quite compares to having a water buddy.

“Sometimes we bathe them together and they love that. Liam says, ‘Bathe buggy’ and tries to wash Stella with his washcloth.”

Once the two are settled in their beds and fast asleep — Liam opts for Goodnight Moon and his sound machine, while Stella prefers her bottle and a song from mom — Tori and her husband Dean McDermott finally have time for themselves. That said, according to the 36-year-old actress, despite their busy schedules, the two manage to keep the romance alive during the day as well! “We keep the romance going by always physically and romantically checking in with each other,” she explains.

“We make eye contact throughout the day and give each other kisses and hugs in between baby wrangling.”

Source: iVillage

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jen on

she sounds so down to earth and has such cute kiddos.

Angi on

That sounds like a nice, normal life. I am glad she has that.

robinepowell on

While it’s nice that the kids have a “bath buddy” a few more years and Tori can’t put them in the bath together. I hope she realizes that. 😉

Anne on

Common sense tells you that down the road the two kids will be bathed separately.

wowfornoobs on

Why can’t she bathe them together for a good bit longer? Obviously they’re not going to be bathing together when they’re 10 or 11 years old, but I think it’s fine for them to bathe together until either Liam or Stella wants more privacy.

Marissa on

@robinepowell…I am pretty darn sure that Tori won’t bathe her children together when they are too old to do so. I think she still has some years to go before the “privacy” issue comes up. Heck, Liam is only two and Stella just turned one!

felicity on

Looks like she’s carrying a very small man in this photo

maman on

Ugh, a bottle in bed. Why do parents do this?? Does she whip her out of bed to brush her teeth when the bottle’s finished?? Imagine as an adult having a big cup of warm milk in bed and then going to sleep without brushing your teeth. Rank!!

Anna on

Liam and Stella are just precious and I love Tori and Dean together. Great family!

Lorus on

I agree with maman. Poor Stella is going to have some major dental surgery in her future unless that bottle is filled with water.

Sarah on

RobinePowell, I find your comment on the sick side. Liam is 2 and Stella is 1, and they have many, many happy bath days ahead before it becomes inappropriate. For God’s sake, let kids be kids and have some fun without the insinuation.

marlee on

I love how much Tori enjoys being a mom.



I guess there is nothing to pick at…… Oops, I see you and Maman found something……LOL

Angi on

Tori probably means that she feeds Stella a bottle and sings to her, then put her down for the night. That is how I read it.

wowfornoobs on

Angi, that’s how I read it too. She probably rocks her with a bottle, singing, and then transfers her to the crib.

gargoylegurl on

Amen, Sarah!

Andy on

Why is this cutting edge news?

‘Tori Spelling bathes kids together, kids like each other, sings and reads to her children’

Well done Tori, have a medal, but I’m pretty sure parents have been doing and saying these things for thousands of years now.

kim on

maman – are you serious?? Stella is one and drinks a bottle before bed, WTF is wrong with that? Unreal.