Kendra Wilkinson: Baby's First Bachelorette!

06/20/2009 at 12:00 PM ET

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Kendra Wilkinson, who is happily expecting her first child with fiancé Hank Baskett in December, celebrates her last few days as a single lady with a bachelorette party Thursday night at Guy & Dolls lounge in Hollywood.

The former Girls Next Door star is set to wed on June 27th at the Holmby Hills, Calif., mansion of her former boyfriend, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

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Lisa on

I really feel like she has probably sown her wild oats and didn’t need a bachelorette party…

Hea on

I didn’t know bachelorette parties were thrown to allow the bride to sow her wild oats?

sara on

ok i dont get what this wild oats stuff is but she looks like she had fun! im so excited for her! and her boobs got massive(er) now that she is preggo! lol

Anon on

its supposed to be your last hoorah..she looks happy

Mariel on

i love this girl!!! she is so fun!! but i cant wait to see her with a child, im pretty sure that she is gonna make some changes in her life after baby…

Anne on

She’s not the brightest bulb and curses too much but she is a warm and friendly girl and family oriented and close to her family. I wish her the best and hope the marriage will last.

Sofie on

Tart….that’s all I can say.

brannon on

wow. her boobs did get bigger! thought bachelorette parties were to celebrate with girlfriends?

philippa on

Holy- boobies. I thought I was fairly well “endowed”. This girls is really packing some guns!!LOL She looks great though!!

Ashandra on

@ Sofie- jealous?
I don’t think it’s right for people to name call her like this. She may be wearing a little less than usual, but it is her bachelorette party. If she wasn’t famous, no one would have made a big deal out of it. I think she looks fantastic.

A bachelorette party really isn’t used to sow wild oats. Everyone that gets married seems to have one. Heck, the other day I saw a bunch of girls at a bach party for a woman that had a baby and had lived with her boyfriend for three years.

Sofie on

No not jealous at all, that woman does not have one ounce of class.

Cece on

She looks like she should be jumping out of a giant cake! That said, her husband seems very supportive, kind and more “conservative” and I’m sure the baby will be much loved.

jessicad on

She is so tiny, her boobs look that much bigger haha. I love her! She may curse a lot and say many airheaded things, but you can tell she’s really down to earth and sweet, bet she’s going to be a great mom. She has fun with life, and that’s the most important thing in my opinion!

Gigi on

She had her boobs re-done recently, that is why they are bigger. pregnancy might be helping a little, but most of that is silicone. I don’t love her or hate her. She seems genuine and sweet, although air headed. I wish her the best of luck and believe that motherhood will bring her great happiness.

Daisy on

Yes Sofie, because aiming insults at people you do not know via the internet is so much more classy.

She looks like she is having fun. Here we call these Hen Parties and my sister-in-law’s was so fun, without being as wild as some people go for. Wild oats sown or not every girl should have a pre-wedding girly do.

Ruby on

Wow she’s the epitome of class ain’t she??

I know she’s young but to go out dressed like that when pregnant is really tacky and undignified.

Ashandra on

@ Ruby- why should a woman be required to dress differently if she is pregnant? Should she wear a muu muu?
Granted, this dress is pretty over the top for everyday wear.
But I dislike when people act like pregnant women should go into nunneries, never wear bikinis or tight clothes, and never be able to look sexy or cute. They’re people, too!

Ruby on

No I don’t think that at all Ashandra. I’m a young fashionable mum too and I’m all in favour of women celebrating their bodies. I just don’t believe that has to mean wearing skimpy/tarty clothes.

It’s just this particular look to me is exceptionally tarty and cheap. It just doesn’t sit right with me for a woman to dress like that at all and especially not when pregnant.

But then I much prefer class and style to stripper chic. Kendra obviously doesn’t.

Brianne on

I am really happy for Kendra – I think the baby will bring a major change – in a good way – to how she lives her life.

As for the bachelorette party, everyone has them nowadays. When hubby and I got married we’d already lived together over a year and had bought our first house. It’s just a girls night out to celebrate!

That being said, I think she looks fine for a night out – yes, her boobs look huge, but so what. I know they’re not hers, but if mine looked that good now (after marriage, pregnancy, nursing, and gravity) I’d sure as heck flaunt them too!!

halifaxhoney on

A fun dress to wear to a fun party! I’ve never heard any “rules” as to who should get a bachlorette party or not. I’ve been with my fiance for 8 years and besides the wedding the next best part is the party with your girlfriends.

As for her outfit I think it is cute! Just because she is pregnant doesn’t mean she has to hide her body.

kel on

I think that women who have to put other women down to feel better about themselves are the unclassiest! Just my opinion…Kendra looks really happy and glowing from the pregnancy..alot of blessings and change for someone in such a short time period!

Sofie on

FYI: I called her a tart because she’s incredibly irritating and lacks class….not because of jealousy or to make myself feel better, just to clear that up for you😉

Ruby on

I’m with you Sofie. And for everyone praising Kendra I’d just to ask. Would you be happy if your daughter grew up to be like her?

I certainly wouldn’t. I hope my daughter grows into a beautiful, intelligent, educated and confident woman who knows what real beauty is and doesn’t aspire to be like these cheap talentless bimbos who have nothing to offer but the massive bags of silicone shoved under their chest.

Hea on

I’m not seeing any real _praise_ here, Ruby. All I see is people who find it unneccessary to call strangers tarts and unclassy. People who might actually have a friendly comment to offer a young woman who’s happy to get married and have a family. Go figure! The nerve of some..!

Sofie on

I guess Ruby that us UK ladies have another standard of beauty and class! LOL.

Ruby on

Absolutely Sofie. You’d never see Katie Price or Jodie Marsh dressed like that…..oh wait a minute…. :O)

Sofie on

True true, LOL!

Lucy on

I’m surprised Sofie’s “tart” comment was allowed…? In the UK tart means slut and it obviously goes against CBB’s first rule of “comments [that] will not be postd: namecalling”

Sanja on

Ruby and Sofie -ROLF:-)

I’m always baffled by how everyone here seems to ‘adore’ women like Kendra or Jenna Jameson.
Personally, I wish them well with their babies, but their career and life choices certainly don’t make them admirable or good role models in my eyes.

April on

In the states tart means a woman who dresses provocatively, which I would agree Kendra does. It doesn’t mean someone is a slut.

That being said, I actually like her dress, it’s a nice color, and I wish her well with her wedding and upcoming baby.

Cheryl on

what a cute dress🙂 I wore a similar one when I was pregnant with my first baby.It was at my best friend’s bachelorette party and I was 3 months along.In my opinion,Kendra is a beautiful young woman and I can’t understand why pregnant women are supposed not to wear such kind of clothes,especially when they don’t even have tummies.

sil on

I think she looks very pretty, and happy.

Ana on

For starters it takes all sorts to make a world! I dont think kendra should be critisised for her lifestyle, career etc and by no means is she a tart.
I think she has done extremely well for herself, and many may not agree with the choices she has made or her career path but thats not for us to judge.
Having watched her on her reality shows she seems a humble person who isnt afraid to be herself. Im sure shes going to make a wonderful mum and i wish her the best!

Ana on

I agree with KEL…jealously is what causes people to degrade others to make themselves feel better! No way is kendra a tart, she doesnt deserved to be called such things.

J on

LOL w/ Philippa. I’m rather busty and I’m so tempted to try that dress out now. I’m too shy to show that much of the ladies!

I don’t think Kendra’s a “tart” for being irritating. I think she’s a free spirit in her own world a lot of the time, but she seems like a nice fun girl. The person calling her a “tart” merely because she finds Kendra irritating seems to be the one with some issues.

Amanda on

Yeah, I’m going to just ignore the comments as jealousy because I’m due about a week after her and I can definitely say I am JEALOUS! She looks great, and it’s her bachelorette party. I’d want to show it off a little too if I looked that good.

Jamie on

I think both Kendra and Hank’s comments lately have shown them to be thoughtful, excited young parents-to-be. Who’s to say Kendra’s not trying to clean up her image just like Nicole Richie?

Also–that pic is a rather unflattering one of the dress. In other photos, her cleavage is less…out there🙂 Though Christina Aguilera wore a similar dress on Ellen after Max was born ( and I don’t remember people chiding her then!

Amy on

It seems remarkable that Ruby and Sophie post the same time comments back to back. I would say that it’s the same person. It’s wrong to judge anyone especially based on what they are wearing or the size of their breasts. Grow up!

Tearra on

Aw look at Kendra’s little baby bump🙂

She is so tiny and I am so jealous. She’ll probably be all stomach…won’t gain a pound anywhere else.

gaia's mommadukes on

I can’t actually see what ruby is saying. Im sure nothing is wrong with Kendra as a person, but she and people like her are a detriment to out society. Hypersexuality, not an ouce of demurity, not particularly talented or over achieving. And we pay these types of people with our time, money and attention.

I personally think her attire was appropriate for the occasion, its not something I would wear but its not extremely tasteless.

Mallory on

I think she’s a beautiful girl, but it’s not like I would ever be okay if my daughter went into the life that Kendra chose.

HOWEVER, look at what Nicole Richie has done with her life since she had Harlow. Maybe this baby will take Kendra away from the party girl scene she’s so used to/known for.

Tearra on

Sofie and Ruby u should watch the episode when Hank and Kendra visits his parents. His mom’s stance on Kendra was very tolerant.

Lena on

I agree with Ruby and Sofie, she is not my cup of tea.

Rebecca on

I would love to ask my ex if I could have my wedding at his house?!

halifaxhoney on

Sofie Says:
June 20th, 2009 at 3:20 pm
I guess Ruby that us UK ladies have another standard of beauty and class! LOL.

I’m surprised that comment was allowed. I guess your “UK standards” don’t include respect for others.

Olivia on

why would someone be jealous of her? i dont think being the “girlfriend” of some man who gave you the lifestyle you want, just because you slept with him, is something most people desire. nor do most women desire to get married at their ex-boyfriends (if you can call him that) house.
and i most definately am not jealous of someone who wears minimal clothing, or has fake boobs. (and i doubt many women are).
seems to me, ruby and sophie are the ones who are not insecure. insecure people need fake boobs, and put themselves out because they are not comfortable with what they are given.
the fact that she is pregnant has nothing to do with the fact that she needs to cover up and have some modesty.

Anon on

Nicole richie, had hardcore drug habit from her early teens. Kendra shows her “tatas” in magazines. I don’t quite think its the same thing.

Ashandra on

Sofie said: insecure people need fake boobs, and put themselves out because they are not comfortable with what they are given. the fact that she is pregnant has nothing to do with the fact that she needs to cover up and have some modesty.
Are you the morality police? Although I agree that this outfit would not be considered appropriate for everyday wear, I see nothing wrong with it due to the occasion- her bachelorette party at a club. If she wasn’t a celebrity, no one would blink an eye at someone wearing this at a club.
I get tired of people pointing their fingers at women who enjoy showing off their bodies. It doesn’t mean that a woman necessarily has low self-esteem because she likes to show a little skin. I work out often, so I am going to show off my legs. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I know lots of women like this. If you got it, flaunt it, as my aunt would say. I think women often are jealous of other women who have good figures. It’s too bad we can’t all just support each other’s choices.

lizzielui on

However, the whole point of this site is to celebrate births and babies and share information and to look at celebs with their kids or ones who are expecting to give birth. Why is it necessary to demean Kendra and call her a bimbo or trashy? How is that in the spirit of this site? This whole thread has turned into a mudslinging fest about who thinks they are classier than whom, or who has morals and who doesn’t. Again, celebrity babies folks.

bren on

I think we can see who the insecure one is here and its not Kendra. I do believe insecurity shows itself best in those who like to put others down Sofie🙂

Katy on

That dress wouldn’t seem so “inappropriate” if her boobs weren’t so big! Lol I don’t see anything wrong with her having a bachelorette party just because she’s pregnant. It’s probably better, actually because she’s not going to have a hangover in the morning😀 I think Kendra’s a sweet girl, even if I don’t agree with her lifestyle. That’s gonna be one CUTE kid, though!

Allie on

Sure are some JUDGEMENTAL people up in here today. She’s been called a tart, uneducated, not beautiful, an airhead, a gold digger, inappropriately dressed for a pregnant lady, irritating, insecure, and an unintelligent female based on her career moves and a character you’ve seen on TV. WOW. And @ Ruby’s would I want my daughter to grow up and be like Kendra? If it meant she were HAPPY and not a BITTER SHREW, then ABSOLUTELY. Be happy & live free! Don’t let prejudice people (like those on this board!) bring you down.

CTBmom on

She looks happy…that’s what is important. It’s up to her how she dresses, it’s not anyone else’s business. Nobody on here knows Kendra personally, so I think calling her a tart and saying she doesn’t have any class…isn’t fair.

JMO on

I always say:

If you got it, flaunt it!

Di on

I do not have a problem with Kendra but I have a problem with what she represents-women who take their clothes off to get money and attention do not earn my respect; anybody off the street can exploit themselves. Instead of injecting silicone implants into their chests, women should aspire to be educated and independent instead of living off a rich boyfriend. What kind of example is Kendra setting for her future son or daughter? Good looks and a great body will only take you so far and then what do you have to fall back on.

I think it is really sad to see a young woman distort her body for fame and money let’s hope her children do not follow in her footsteps and instead find a more respectable way to earn a living.

Chris on

She comes across as quite ditzy, but that could just be part of her act. Anyway she does seem very excited about the baby and wedding so I am happy for her. Plus I’m sure she will mature a lot in the upcoming years.

Anon on

Nothing is wrong with insecurity, so to say “women with fake boobs are insecure”, theres nothing wrong with being insecure. They did something about it make themselves more confident…what is wrong with that?


oh and I don’t have fake breasts.

Mommyof3 on

To answer your question ” Would you be happy if your daughter grew up to be like her?” My answer is YES, simply because I would love my daughter(s) regardless of the life path they will choose. This doesn’t make Kendra any “less” of a woman, it just makes her a differnet type. To some I suppose that is not allowed!?!?!!?

Allie on

@Di, because someone has implants means they CAN’T be educated & independent? I disagree with her situation with Hef, but that was how she chose to live her life. I’ll admit, I watched the show & loved it. A lot of the girls of Playboy ARE educated (college degrees here!) and ARE independent. Some are even married with children (and yes, I’m talking Playmates). I’m sure she’ll teach her child a different lifestyle. Hank seems to have matured her, because she said she’s done with the naked photos and the wild partying. I don’t think many (there are some, believe it or not) parents want their child aspiring to be a nude model who lives with her rich, great-grandpa aged boyfriend and his two other girlfriends (which, btw, one has REAL boobs and a COLLEGE DEGREE! woo-wee!). But, if your child did decide to live Kendra’s past lifestyle, would you be so negative towards her?

Erin on

Ruby, it really ticked me off that you asked if any one of us would be happy to have a daughter like her. Do you think that her looks and persona on a “reality” show tells you everything you need to know about her character? Perhaps she’s playing up the ditzy angle because that’s what the American people tend to be eating up these days! It doesn’t make be particularly proud, but I can’t criticize her as a daughter as I do not actually know her! As Dolly Parton likes to say, it takes a lot of smarts to act this dumb! I’d say that you seem like a snooty, judgemental lady but I don’t actually pretend to know you merely through your posts, so I wont.

Amanda on

Wow, some of you are just so tacky. Kendra is a young woman marrying a man she loves, and having a child with him. She’s not having her third or fourth baby while living on welfare, who’s abusing drugs, has a criminal record,no father figure, and beats/neglects their child.

She seems like she will be a fun loving young mom, and has a supportive soon-to-be husband beside her. A past is just that, a past. Let it go. I wish them all the best! She’s always dressed showing cleavage, it’s just who she is! But her belly is so tiny! I wish her the best!

HeatherR on

I don’t understand why Kendra gets under so many peoples’ skin on this website!?! She may not come across as the brightest person on the planet, but I don’t think she should be picked on quite so much. Other than a few Playboy pictorials, what has she done wrong? I can think of many other celebrity moms who deserve the criticism much worse. Kendra loves the father of this baby and is marrying him next week. They are excited about the baby and seem to be taking the steps to educate themselves about parenthood. They also have the money to provide for the baby. So what is the problem here?

Doreen on

I’m happy for Kendra & Hank! One thing that does bother me is how extremely immature she is. If one thing will make her grow up fast…and I HOPE it does…is this pregnancy!! I sure HOPE that she turns her life around and will be example to her child like Nicole Richie has been to Harlow!! Looking forward to seeing a transformation from Kendra!

gaia's mommadukes on

Why has nicole richie become the poster child for good parenting? she’s got a one year old for cyring out loud. And considering none of you know her or kendra its stupid to judge what kind of parents they are or will be. We don’t know them.

Silvermouse on

I agree with you, Ana. And if I were Kendra’s mom then I would be proud of her because she has done well for herself, despite the unconventional means🙂 Not many people can do Playboy (which to me is a classy mag. compared to some other mags. out there) The only thing that I’m shocked by is that Kendra to me doesn’t look pregnant at all. (Not meant to be a critically aimed remark) Maybe her breasts got bigger?

Liliana on

It’s refreshing to see so many people who know what kind of a mother Kendra will be months before her child even enters the world. She’s not partying every night, drinking, smoking, or doing drugs. To my knowledge, she’s not putting the life of her unborn child at risk and that’s what matters most.

I will never see how her profession or past relationship is relevant to her potential as a parent. No woman becomes a mother knowing exactly what to expect. A person can plan for months and still be lost when it’s time to bring the baby home. It’s normal. There is no such thing as a perfect parent. People can learn, though. Do I make mistakes? Absolutely. Will I make more? Absolutely, but at the end of the day, I try doing what’s best for my children and I’m sure Kendra and Hank will do the same for their child.

Congrats to the both of them!

vahalla on

I am really sad to hear all the comments, who are we to judge people? We are all on different life paths, that are always changing.


Emily……You don’t know what this woman is capable of. Yeah, it’s your opinion…… and this is my opinion……

Tee on

I might regret posting a comment, but oh well! She does come across as very immature, but who knows what this pregnancy will do for her. Nicole Richie is a really good example of how a baby can change a person for the better. As for her dress, I don’t find it appropriate at all, but that has nothing to do with her pregnancy. Pregnant or not, modesty matters and that is not a modest dress!

mlk on

When did it make someone a “hater” to say they don’t like the way a celebrity dresses or the way they conduct themselves? It’s scary to read some of the comments so visciously defending this woman. Never saying some things are wrong because one might be seen as “judgemental” is sad. Sorry, but as much as everyone would like it all to be gray there is still right and wrong in this world and calling attention to the wrongs isn’t hateful.

Sofie on


Get your facts straight please. You really need to learn how to read and not put words in one’s mouth. I have not written anything about the woman’s breasts in any of my posts.

Sofie on

Oh yes and Amy, No, Ruby and I are NOT the same person. Just two women from the same part of the world (assuming by the way she writes) who share the same opinions. Not really that “remarkable”.

Katty on

I’m going to echo what many others have already said on here in response to a question. YES I would be EXTREMELY happy if my daughter turned out to be like Kendra because it’s really obvious that Kendra is an extremely happy person who enjoys life to the fullest and is happy being herself. There are many women out there who are working as secretary’s or any other ‘respectable’ jobs that are severely depressed and unhappy with life. I would HATE it if my daughter turned out like that.

Alex on

Tart doesn’t mean slut in the UK, tart is all about dress and not sex, although the two can often be connected lol. I don’t really see anything wrong with Kendra dressing like that for a one-off, it was a hen night after all.

marlee on

She’s ridiculous.

Ana on from the UK and i have to say ruby and sofie’s comments dont represent us all. I think what they are saying is totally out of order and shouldnt be tolerated too!

I think kendra is a great character who is true to herself, and shes going to make a wonderful wife and mother. I wish her the best!

Anon on

Some people are talking sooo badly about her its as if they know her. Making assumptions about her character and talking about fake breasts as if they’re the devil. As if anyone who has them couldn’t possibly be a good mom or person. If that’s not being a hater, I don’t really know what is. I’m not vehemently defending Kendra, not at all. I don’t care for her, but I think the people who are really really against her are taking it too far. I don’t think a persons career should be held against them, or what they decided to do with their body.

Erin on

mlk (#72), please spare us the faux outrage. Nobody is viciously attacking you or Ruby or anyone else. Sheesh. It’s pathetic to be complaining about how you’ve been attacked when there are actual people being attacked on the other side of the world for standing up for their rights as human beings. Become more judgemental about, you know, worthwhile issues.

Mimi on

I love women like Amanda. On one hand, a woman can use her body for money or, on the other, she can be a welfare mom. No in between, eh? And all you regular posters who I see slamming other celebrities, now turn around and freak when a celebrity you like is attacked! You scream HATERS in this instance, but when you do it, you’re just expressing yourself. I also know a few of you regulars hate the way Tori Spelling “exploits” her kids on tv. Will you hate Kendra when she does the same? You don’t really think she’ll stop the show when the baby is born, do you?

For all those posters who were bothered by how Kendra is dressed, well, she did make her name in pornography so what did you think she’d wear to a party? I’d be shocked to see a respectable actress dress this way (preggo or not), but Kendra’s bread and butter is her body (wouldn’t have had Hugh or the show or Hank without it) so to expect her to wear lots of clothes seems silly. This is how she gets attention and makes money and I can’t imagine that’ll change once she’s changing diapers and wearing a ring.

Bb on

I quite like Kendra’s dress, i think it only looks a bit “much” because of her cleavage, if she didn’t have those boobs i reckon no one would think twice about it, i’d wear it!
I can’t wait for them to hav their baby!

Moore on

To answer the question: No I wouldn’t be happy if my child chose that lifestyle or grew up to be like her. Why should I be happy with that? From what she has publicized that is not what I would condone. Even though I would love my child unconditionally, be happy that she is happy that doesn’t mean I have be happy with her lifestyle. So no I don’t want that for my child.

I really hope Kendra becomes a good mother but from what I’ve seen on tv I’m hesitant to believe that. She’s always seemed immature to me among other things but I’m hoping thats all a big “reality” act.

Jamie,thanks for bringing that dress back. Now that I look at it I do remember thinking of how unflattering it is.

Maddie on

Good grief people – it’s not the end of the world and none too surprising that a few posters would express distaste for the Playboy bunny lifestyle. We’re not all of us such “free spirits” that we find it something to admire and encourage (or worth defending).

Ivey on

Hello people get a grip on reality, she is a playmate, since when is that a respectable career choice–and your fighting about it!!

Thank God I can always come here and get a good chuckle.

Hea on

Olivia said: “why would someone be jealous of her? i dont think being the “girlfriend” of some man who gave you the lifestyle you want, just because you slept with him, is something most people desire”

I guess housewife or a stay at home mom is something to be desirable anymore either then. Hubby pays…

How many women have married or started relationships with a rich man in order to live a comfortable life? It used to be all that a womans life was about.

Hea on

Ivey – It pays the bills, it gives you money in the bank and it doesn’t hurt anybody except for jealous women with low confidence which is hardly Kendras problem. I’d say I can respect that. I respect people who can provide for themselves and who are caring and loving.

Amie on

I’ve been watching Kendra on the “Girls Next Door” for years and now watch her new show. In all that time I’ve never heard Kendra utter a bad word about anyone and she comes off as having a really good heart. Maybe some of you can actually learn something from this woman but I doubt it. *sigh*

aroundtheywaygirl on

I think Kendra looks pretty here. I have no problem with Playboy Playmates. I don’t watch the show but she seems harmless when I see out-takes with her. I’ll take a woman posing naked for Playboy and having Hugh Hefner as a former boyfriend over a drug-addict with DUIs who spent time in jail, hint, hint. At least she didn’t cheat on Hef or had an affair with a married man or a man with a pregnant girlfriend.

Meredith on

I have no problem with Kendra or any other woman who choses to show their body. And for those of you who question breast implants, for a woman whose body is her work it is an investment just like further education for any academic job. There are tons of jobs that need to be filled and there is nothing wrong with doing what you love or want. And, with Jenna Jameson, she may have chosen porn as her route, but she was brilliant in the way she marketed herself, building an empire that many people in “conservative” fields are unable to do. Keep this in mind when you rush to judge others. Everyone has their niche, and these women capitalized on theirs.
Congratulations to Kendra and her fiance on their impending nuptials and baby. All the best.

Maddie on

LOL, Meredith – you’re equating boobs with education?! thanks, but I don’t think there’s a need to explain WHY women in the sex industry get breast implants – we’re all pretty clear on that. For me, issue is more that I just can’t take such “work” too seriously. Nor respect it. Not that they care! 🙂

wowfornoobs on

Meredith, I love your answer and I absolutely agree with you!

Best wishes to Kendra and Hank🙂

mlk on

Erin I’m not outraged, faux or otherwise. I’m saying that when people speak out to say that they think something is wrong they don’t need to be called a “hater”. And I’m well aware of people standing up for their rights around the world. Maybe this blog isn’t the most important agenda in the world but freedom of speech is very important and trying to silence people by name calling and ridicule is fascism. Remember, those people on the other side of the world are trying to be silenced.

Sanja on

aroundtheywaygirl(#90)- actually she did have an affair with a married man.
Hef never divorced his last wife Kimberley Conrad, so technically all of his ‘girlfriends’ are having affairs with a married man and he is cheating on his wife (even if they are separated).

Erin on

mlk (#94), I was ticked because you said people were “visciously defending” Kendra. I think it’s silly to blow your stack over her outfit, behavior, etc. but really silly to think that my saying so is a viscious defense of her. I get that this is a place to spend a couple of mindless minutes. (Hello! I’m on here a lot, too!) Just because I disagreed with you doesn’t make me a facist. If my words scared anyone to the point that they silenced themself that’s not my issue – it’s theirs! Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you’re not going to be challenged, even on ridiculous subjects. But you did give me the bigest laugh of my day so far…decrying being called a hater (not by me!) and then suggesting I’m a facist! I have to go tell my husband that one as he does sometimes answer with a “yes Benito!” when I ask him to take out the trash. Very facist-like!

Anon on

She’s not in the sex industry. She is not a porn star.

mlk on

Erin Why are you so defensive? I wasn’t even referring to you in my original post. You seem to have issues. BTW, do you work for Ms. Wilkinson?

LindaLou on

She looks like she’s wearing a nightgown and her fake assets are about to fall out of it. I still don’t undertsand how sleeping with someone in exchange for gifts and money qualifies you as a “celebrity.”

Shannon on

I don’t watch her show, so I don’t know the kind of person she is or what kind of mother she’ll make. However, based on inerviews I’ve read about her she seems to be very happy with her fiance, and very excited about her new baby, so I wish them the best.

However, I think it is incredibly tacky for a pregnant woman to be dressed like this. She looks great, and I have no problem with someone dressing to show off assets, as long as it’s discreet. There is way too much boob showing here, too much leg, everything. There is a way to enhance what you have while still being classy. I don’t know a single woman in real life who would ever wear something like this normally, much less when expecting. And I’m going to stop there b/c anything else I have to say about this would probably realy offend some people and open up a big can of worms that I don’t want to be involved in. Have a nice day!

Lis on

I think it all just comes down to morals. Do I hate Kendra? Not at all. But would I want my daughter to grow up like her? Never.

I think some posters just have higher morals than others.

Mary-Helen on

I think the dress is cute and alot of women have posed nude or been nude on film and we praise them for being good mothers. Angelina Jolie has made out with her brother, taken some questionable pictures with a horse and is nude on film in almost every movie and we praise her for being a Saintess. Kate Winslet has been nude on film many times. Brooke Burke, Gabrielle Reece, Denise Richards, Lisa Rinna, Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, etc have all posed for Playboy and we praise them. Kendra is just a young woman who lived the Playboy Bunny life for a little while, then found a nice young man and chose to settle down. I’m sure we have all done things in our past we’re not 100% proud of, but I’m sure those of us who have children have moved on and become good parents. Let’s let Kendra alone.

Lola Marie on

I cannot count the number of A list celebrities that have posed for Playboy which is as far as I know all that Kendra has done…and she’s admitted that she and Hef did not have a sexual relationship only he and Holly.

Leave Kendra alone. At least she was engaged and had set a wedding date by the time she got pregnant.

Moore on

Amie, with a comment like this (Maybe some of you can actually learn something from this woman but I doubt it) I doubt you are learning anything from her either.

Liliana on

I agree, Lola Marie. I just don’t see what there is to get up in arms about, regarding her having a baby.

lola on

”I don’t think Kendra’s a “tart” for being irritating. I think she’s a free spirit in her own world a lot of the time, but she seems like a nice fun girl. ”

when did showing off ur boobs on tv for ur family, ur friends, little brother and ur little brothers’ friends to see, became being a simple ‘free spirit’? When did it become something so ‘simple’? when did something like wat Kendra does became something as simple as ‘just being open-minded, free spirit in her own world’?. Where did this world’s sanity go? When did tat change tat i didnt notice? Come on ppl get serious! Because of excuses like that, so irresponsible, this world is going through all the madness it is right now

Hea on

Is this world going through all this madness because of boobs being flashed? Please. Is that why Iran is bleeding right now? Get real.

lola on

Hea if ur only idea of madness is blood being spread in the wars then ur are not seeing quite everything tats mad around us. Sex sells, girls selling their bodies for money, every year even younger girls, denigrating us other women in the world, looking at things like wat Kendra did ( no matter how much u like her, lets be serious and admit wat she has done before, its not judging, is simply saying something tats true like if i say im fat and short and black…) makes it looks like its ok to leave home at 17 and go fake ur a 80 year old man gf just for money and then u might get pregnant too! isnt tat crazy enough for u?! geez tats wat im talking about! now only the most catastrophic things are considered madness…but wat about tat? is tat ok then? is tat sane!? get real first…

lola on

and something more..i was not talking about this photos’ boobs in particular Hea…it looks like tats wat u mean..i was talking about the way she appeared in the Show completely naked and stuff….of course a nice cleavange wouldnt make me comment like tat! come on ppl..

nadine7777 on

Hmmm…I don’t think that the dress is that bad given the occasion. But maybe that’s because I don’t have DDs (the breast implants make a HUGE difference)!!!

Hea on

Lola – All I’m saying is that there is madness and then there’s _madness_. I just don’t care as much as you what others do. If a woman wants to streak down the street, I don’t take that personally based on the fact that I too am a woman. It has nothing to do with me what she decides to do. It’s up to her. There are bigger fish to fry in this world and people dying because of injustice is way more important than discussions like this one we’re having about a free woman who can do and live as she pleases.

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