Gisele Bündchen Is Pregnant

06/19/2009 at 11:00 AM ET
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Gisele Bündchen is expecting and “ecstatic,” sources tell PEOPLE. She is due early next year.

Speculation has grown since pictures showing the supermodel in Brazil this week surfaced showing what seems to be a perceptible bump. Gisele and New England Patriots quarterback husband Tom Brady were married twice this spring – first in a ceremony in Los Angeles Feb. 26, then exchanging vows before friends in early April at Gisele’s Costa Rica home.

“Gisele will be an excellent mother,” a source tells PEOPLE. “She’s always wanted kids.” Reps for Gisele reached by PEOPLE for confirmation refused to comment.

“Family is everything,” Gisele, who turns 29 next month, told PEOPLE two weeks ago. “I think family is the base to everything. I think that is one of the things I’m most grateful for. I have a lot to be grateful for but I think that’s definitely number one.”

Another source close to the couple says, “You know Gisele and Tom are just enjoying themselves, being married and just doing their thing … Gisele has been talking about it with friends. She says she’s ready for a family.”

This is her first child; Tom has a son, 21-month-old John Edward Thomas, with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan.

Source: PEOPLE

— Charlotte Triggs and Peter Mikelbank

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cat on

Wow, I´m very glad for Giselle, Tom and Jack.

J. D. on

Wow, I wasn’t expecting this one! Congrats to Tom and Gisele.

Anon on

Congrats!! They’re gonna have to start really replacing the angels huh?

Me on


Sammy-xx on

WOW All these pregnant supermodels, I can’t handle it.

I wasnt believeing the prengant rumours until last week when I saw a picture of her in another babydoll cami.

Congrats to Gisele and Tom (and John and Vida)

sat on


Patti on

I am so happy for the two of them! If the baby is due early next year, I am surprised that she has a baby bump so soon!

MZ on

Congrats to them both!

Shelly on

Congrats to her and Tom! I personally think she’s due a sooner than early next year. I say December…but that’s my opinion.

Laura on

I’m surprised, too, Patti. I was due in early 2008 and didn’t obviously show until late that July. And I’m certainly not a supermodel with killer abs.🙂

desaudia on

Awesome-I like Giselle and Tom together

sam on

congrats, this is awesome🙂

Amber on

Congrats to them. Hopefully now Giselle will stop claiming John Edward as her own.

Tina on

wow Gisele really get under my skin with this whole Jack situation and how shes his “mother” or w.e, now that shes having her own kid she will back off Bridgets son.

Jessica on

Hopefully she won’t parade this kid around like she does to Bridget’s son. I still can’t get over the comments she made, poor Bridget…

Shelby on

I knew this was coming, congrats to both of them! All of these supermodel babies coming into the world are going to be beautiful!

jenny on

Okay, she’s got one heck of a bump if she’s only about 3 months along. I know everyone is different, but I didn’t have a noticible bump till I was over 4 months along, and I’m only 5’2. I would think she’s farther along than we know? Maybe not though. we will see

kc on

Yay! I love this couple. Congrats to them.😀

Brooke on

Amber – there is nothing wrong with the things that Gisele has said about Jack. A Step-mother is allowed to proclaim her love for a child as her own when she wants. She isn’t fighting for custody, just merely expressing her love to people to let them know that Step-Mothers are also just as invested in a child’s future.

Lacey on

Good, she has her own child now.

Tina on

dont defend her Brooke. gisele crossed the line when she said those things. jack isnt her son and never will be.

Anon on

I didn’t care for her comments either, but really the snide remarks aren’t in good taste.

LL65 on

Congrat to Gisele and Tom! Knew this was coming soon LOL

Mrs. R. on

I do want to believe that Giselle’s comments (although if I were Bridget I would have been REALLY P’d) were well meant.

Clearly she loves children and can’t wait to be a mom, so it’s only natural that she would adore being a step-mom.

I only hope she loves being a step-mom as much once she has her own child… and the whole family’s relationship doesn’t change.

martina on

Congratulations to Gisele & Tom. I hope once she has her own baby she will realize that claiming John as her own was very insensitive. But it’s something that you can only understand as a mother.

Silvana on

Congrats!! First Alessandra, then Adriana, now Giselle…ok, so I suppose Miranda is next!🙂

Lorena on

What’s done is done. Tom and Bridger are over. The fact that Tom and Gisele often take little Jack with them places and it’s photographed means nothing. The fact Gisele claims to love this little boy as her own speaks volumes. Only critical eyes would misconstrue it as something negative or contrived. Both Tom and Gisele obviously care for Jack and include him in their lives. If Tom wouldn’t look for the kid and was never seen with him in public and Gisele said ‘That’s not my kid, that’s another woman’s child’, people would still complain about that too! In my eyes, this poor couple (Tom and Gisele) are damned if they do or damned if they don’t.

Congratulations to Tom and his new bride. I’m sure we’ll be seeing pics of the happy family next year all together–Tom, Gisele and both of Tom’s kids with them.

Sofie on

Congrats!!! BTW:I think Bridget should be grateful that she has such a wonderful and caring step-mother for her son.

J. D. on


That was kind of overboard IMO. People are allowed to have different opinions and can defend whoever they want.

Shannon on

She got under my skin hardcore ever since she started saying that John was “her” son, and going on and on about him in interveiws. There’s nothing wrong with telling someone you love your stepson as your own, but it is NEVER okay to refer to yourself as his mother. He has a mother who clearly does a great job, who seems to want to keep her son’s life private, and I can only imagine how much it must have hurt her to see that Gisele said something like that. Maybe now that she will have a child of her own, she will know how insensitive that was of her, and how much she would never want to hear the same thing out of someone else.

Max'sMom on

I ToTALLY agree with you Lorena.

That being said, I am SO excited for them. Literally made me smile & screech.🙂 I haven’t seen any pictures of them lately so excited to see her growing!!!

missloUiSiAna on

Awwww congrats to them!! I think what she said previously was taken out of context because she is foriegn and mabey didn’t explain herself correctly to the American English liking, anyways she’s been a fantasic stepmother from the pictures I’ve seen and will be a great mother as well.

dee on

I agree Lorena. Now watch all of the “I hope she still treats Jack the same after she has her own baby.” comments multiply.

I was lucky enough that my parents never divorced, but I have some friends who had step-parents from hell who would have killed to be loved the way it seems Gisele loves Jack.

martina on

It’s ok to love the stepchild as your own. It is not ok to talk about it in the media. It is disrespectful on so many levels. Especially in this case, when the situation is super-sensitive, and when the mother made every effort to keep the boy out of the spotlight. It’s not a matter of ill intent. It is simply a matter of respect.

Sarah on

Shannon – ITA … I was someone’s stepmum before I became a mum, and, whereas I used to think (not say out loud) that my husband’s son was like my own – now that I am a mum, I could not DEFINITELY not say it out loud as I would hate for anyone to be so presumptuous as this regarding my own daughter, and second of all, well, he’s not my son, he already has a mum, and I’m not her … I think it’s more like I accept him fully as being part of my life, but he is not my own and never will be and it’s not fair on his mum for me to be that presumptuous to think that a) I am his mum and b) he considers me as his mum.
Sorry if I’m not making sense, english is not my native language!

Shannon on

Dude, she said in the interview that she feels like he is “100% hers”. No one is misconstruing anything there. That was completely uncalled for. How would you feel if your child’s stepmother said that about them?

Jessica on

Why is it the only opinion you can have here is “oh she’s so wonderful, or she’s so beautifu”? It is wonderful that she loves Jack, but it was terribly disrespectful to Bridget for Giselle to say, she loves him like she gave birth to him herself-or something along those lines. Bridget clearly makes an effort to keep HER son out of the spotlight and Giselle keeps dragging him back into it. You rarely ever see Tom holding Jack, so at least when he’s with Tom and Giselle, Giselle is taking care of him. Jack has a mother who loves him very much and Giselle used poor taste, maybe she’ll understand now that she’s a real mother. Bridget can do waaay better than Tom Brady. Tom seems really immature. Maybe she’ll be giving Giselle parenting advice, lord knows she should give her a lesson in class…

MissMissy on

A few comments made by Gisele and we all either defend or vilify her?

Actions are more than comments–and none–and I mean NONE–of us are around her (unless one of he friends is on this website and we don’t know about it).

I understand it’s fun to speculate and make comments about media snippets, but seriously? All the jump-down-their-throat criticism or unabashed defense is getting really old.

What Gisele said may or may not have been appropriate. We may or may not want to take into consideration that though she is very well spoken, English is not her first language, and even the most experienced speakers can slip out of context.

The fact of the matter is, she’s having a baby, and she’s clearly excited about it. The debate here is ridiculous. Who can argue over someone being, “expecting and “ecstatic,””? Apparently, we can.

Crystal on

Congrats to the Bundchen/Brady family! When I read the other posters I just had to comment. Gisele claiming John as her own is WONDERFUL! Now, before you crucify me allow me to explain myself! I think it’s great that she feels that even though she did not physically give birth to John she loves him like her own. It’s great for blended families because this way as she experiences the birth of her biological child she won’t (hopefully) treat John any different. Here’s to a healthy happy pregnancy, birth, and John as a big brother!!! YEA!!! I’m so excited!!🙂

Jessica on

Well said Sarah

martina on

Sarah, I think you explained it best.

missy on

She’s doesn’t look that far along and some people get bigger faster than others. When I was pregnant a girl I work with was due a month before me and she looked 9 months pregnant at 4 months and I didn’t show until I was almost 7 months and we were the same size before getting pregnant.
Also her comments about Jack being her son are sweet. As a single parent you can only hope that you’ll find someone that considers your child as there own. My ex has remarried since we split and his wife constantly calls my daughter her daughter when introducing her. Does that mean that she’s over stepping her boundaries and has no respect for me? No it means she loves my daughter and considers her an important part of her life. And my daughter is extremely lucky to have a, in her words “mommy 2” that feels that way about her.
And as far as parading Jack around, Tom and Gisele(especially Gisele) are more famous than Bridget of course they’re going to be photographed more. There’s so much backlash against them for being photographed with Jack but it’s no different than any celeb that’s featured on this site.
**Off my soapbox now** lol

Shelly on

MissMissy Says:
June 19th, 2009 at 12:41 pm
A few comments made by Gisele and we all either defend or vilify her?

Actions are more than comments–and none–and I mean NONE–of us are around her (unless one of he friends is on this website and we don’t know about it).

I understand it’s fun to speculate and make comments about media snippets, but seriously? All the jump-down-their-throat criticism or unabashed defense is getting really old.

What Gisele said may or may not have been appropriate. We may or may not want to take into consideration that though she is very well spoken, English is not her first language, and even the most experienced speakers can slip out of context.

The fact of the matter is, she’s having a baby, and she’s clearly excited about it. The debate here is ridiculous. Who can argue over someone being, “expecting and “ecstatic,””? Apparently, we can.

Well said. I agree.

Sarah on

I’m sorry Crystal, and I’m only speaking for myself here but … the moment my daughter was born, I knew there was a difference, albeit subtle, between how I loved her and my husband’s son. It is what it is, and you can never tell what your reaction will be before you actually experience having your own child, and by your own, I mean someone who actually is flesh and blood you … I was actually shocked at myself at first for thinking that way, but I have come to think that it’s natural, and I’m wondering whether it’s not “self-preservation” as well. Stepmums or stepdads have no legal right over their stepchildren (where I come from anyway)and I feel very sad thinking that, if ever my husband and myself separated, then his child would no longer be in my life – which is tough when you’ve grown attached to someone over the years … That’s one of the reasons why, deep deep down, I think have not allowed myself to consider myself as anything akin to his mum, if you see what I mean. But that’s getting a bit beside the point. What I’m saying is, how I thought I considerered my stepson shifted when I gave birth, as it might for Gisele, I don’t like him any less, but I’ve discovered what flesh and blood love meant, a love that you would just about do anything for your child, take a bullet, whatever and that the thought of anything happening to them is just too excruciating even to consider …

Hazel on

Congrats to the happy couple! As far as the debate in here, I don’t think Giselle meant any harm by her previous comments, but I could see why some people found issues with it. Coming from a blended family myself, I found it endearing that my late father considered my older siblings his own kids even though he wasn’t their biological father and they considered him their own father. The word “step-children” was not in his vocabulary and “step-father” wasn’t in theirs. All that to say is I hope for John and the new baby’s sake Tom, Bridget, and Giselle have gotten over whatever personal issues they have and come together and be one big happy family.

Alex on

First of all, congratulations, it’s great news. Secondly, I agree with the majority of people here, maybe once Gisele is actually a mum she will understand how hurtful it could’ve been to hear someone else call your child their own. She went way too far.

Also congrats to John, a new sibling is wonderful….you can blame them for everything.

Shannon on

Now that is going to be one beautiful baby!!!

HeatherR on

I agree with the other posters on here that thought Giselle was WAY out of line by calling Jack “100% her son”. First she stole Bridget’s man now she is claiming Bridget’s son too. I was completely disgusted at how Giselle paraded Jack around when it’s apparent that Bridget shields him from the paparazzi. I am amazed at how well Bridget has handled the whole situation because I would have flipped out. Giselle will hopefully learn what parenting is REALLY about now that she is having her own child.

Doreen on

Yes, first Alessandra, then Adriana, Heidi (4th time now) and Giselle! Wahoooo!

sara on

honestly i can see how some people take what she said out of context but i would rather have someone who loves my child(ren) 100% and treat them as their own rather than for them to be the “other child”… know what i mean? everyone has made great points about what she said but its time that we forget about that. they are having a baby and john will be a big brother, thats it..

Lola on

So would it also be disrespectful for Brad Pitt to say that he feels like Z, Mad, or Pax is 100% his?
Why jump all over her for loving her step son like he is 100% hers? What if she said she didn’t love him at all? We would still be jumping all over her wouldnt we?

Congrats to the happy couple, I hope the baby is happy an healthy!

ErykaWynter on

I am due December 29th and I barely have a little teeny bump. But then again I am not a 6 foot tall, size 2 supermodel!

kellirc on

I have seen the outcome for a child who was told that he was not to be close to his father’s family. My sister’s stepson was told by his mother that he was not part of our family. No matter how much my sister tried to be close to him he did not form any attachment. Now at nineteen, he has no close friends and no real ties to anyone. I see nothing wrong with a stepmother caring for a child and proclaiming her love for the child. Any mother who does not want her child to be loved by another person really is just harming the child. Giselle saying these things did not hurt anyone and if the little boy’s mother cares about him she will not be jealous, but happy that her son has someone else who loves him.

martina on

Comparison to Brad Pitt is totally off. His children are orphans. Last time I checked, Bridget was alive, well and raising her child.

Again, there is no problem with loving your step-child. But there is no need to discuss him in the media – and to be so insensitive toward his mother in the process.

Annie on

Tom don’t waste time! Two kids of two different mothers with age difference of 2 years! Wow!

Melanie on

Here’s my two cents…I think a lot of women are getting misunderstood on here…I didn’t lose respect for Gisele because she said she loved Jack…I even would have been ok (not ok…it would have been wonderful!) if she had said “I love Jack 100%” or “I love Jack as though he was mine”…those would have been ok, in my opinion.

What irks me is that she said “Jack is 100% mine” and “just because I didn’t give birth to him doesn’t mean he’s not my child”…ummm…yes, Gisele, that is EXACTLY what it means! And although English is not her native language, I’ve heard her talk enough that she should know the difference between those two things. And I do think it’s incredibly disrespectful to Bridget, who is VERY MUCH in Jack’s life (in fact, most arguably, the center of his life as she has him the majority of the time.) I hope that takes some of the confusion out of it for people who think that Gisele’s comments were okay–it’s not that she shouldn’t love Jack like her own but that she should acknowledge that he does, indeed, have a mother and she is not her. There’s a fine line and Gisele definitely needs to learn how to walk it.

With that said, I need to comment on what Lola said. Brad is LEGALLY Z, Mad, & Pax’s FATHER. Their ONLY father. Adoption is not at all the same thing as having a stepchild (unless, in rare cases, a parent dies and the step-parent adopts the child…and even in that case, the step-parent doesn’t replace the biological parent).

Kristina on

wow! 3 of Victorias Secret angels are currently expecting!!! Maybe they should start selling kids clothing too🙂

Kit on

I’m just surprised because there was a story on this site not three weeks ago where Tom Brady said, about having more kids, “One is enough.” It didn’t sound like the usual coy “Oh, we’re not sure quite yet….” that celebs often reply with when they’re already expecting. He actually sounded like one was, in fact, enough. Surprising news indeed!

Shannon on

Brad’s children are not his stepchildren. They do not have parents out there already taking care of them, who they know as mommy and daddy. Big, big difference. He is their father. Now if he and Angelina were to break up, and he married say, Teri Hatcher (first single celeb mom I could think of), it would be totally inappropriate to tell the media that he thinks of Emerson as 100% his, even though she has a father.

mel on


Alex on

Melanie, you were bang on point. Anyone in any doubt about why there are objections to Gisele’s comments should be referred to your post. It’s not about loving John or not loving him, there is no debate that of course it’s wonderful that she cares, it’s all about sensitivity and recognition that, like you said, the baby has a mother and she is not her.

bigE on

Just so everyone knows ESPN had stuff on about Tom confirming her pregnacy about a month ago.
Also i dont see anything wrong with what she said about Jack, my husband calls my son his and unless you know hes not his you would never be able to tell. He loves my son and considers him his even though he sees his bio. father 3 days a week. Also I hope that his father marries someone that loves him as much as i do.

daniela on

Melanie – very well said! You put what I was thinking into words perfectly!

maizy on

Congrats to them! They seem so happy and no one else’s dislike for them is going to change the fact that they are young, hot, rich and in love! I wish them well and I think that the little boy is lucky to have a stepmom who loves him so much, too bad folks need to project their own insecurities on the situation. But i doesn’t matter, none of that has stopped Giselle from doing and saying what she feels. Good for her! I hope they have a girl!

Tina on

w.e J.D, thats my opinion and if you dont like it then thats just too bad:( awwe, i guess your not a parent.

maizy on

lots of bitterness directed towards strangers. sorry for whatever hurt you have suffered.

Amanda on

Congrats to them!!
But, there’s NO way she’s due early next year. I am due January 6 with my THIRD child, and I was not in as good of shape as she was prepregnancy LOL ( I am short, 5’3 and 120lbs) and my bump is WAY smaller than that.

Sarah on

With all due respect, Maizy, I haven’t seen bitterness in those comments. Just people speaking from their heart, and actually putting themselves in Bridget’s shoes and trying to empathise with how she must have felt when she read Giselle’s comment, that’s all … I can only speak for myself, but my comments have not come from hurt. They have just come from my own experience and pondering on a subject Giselle may feel herself confronted to once she has given birth: will she feel the subtle difference between how John is 100% hers, and how her son or daughter will be 100% hers. I know I felt the difference, I’m not bitter about it, or hurt, it just is a fact of life, it is what it is … I’m also putting myself in Bridget’s shoes, and yes, I would be incredibly hurt if I were her, but maybe she is a better person than I am, and is able to raise above it. I wouldn’t be surprised, I have always admired her dignity and poise when she was left all on her own for the rest of her pregnancy.

Tearra on

CONGRATULATIONS! I didn’t like them together at first because I though Tom left Bridget because she was pregnant but now I know the whole story I think they are good together…

I’m totally with Lorena and truth be told Gisele has freedom of speech and she can express her feelings however she wants…even if she’d said she couldn’t stand the kid and she wished he didn’t exist. Now THAT I would be bothered by…

I mean that interview was months ago…how can you still be upset when you have nothing to do with these people? Heck Bridget has probably gotten over it by now…you people were more vocal about it then she was and she is John’s mom?!?!

I could get not liking Gisele if she treated people the way Naomi did…but not because she said she loves a child like her own…people nowadays are just WAY too critical.

dawn on

I have a 13 year old step son and even though i’ve been in his life since he was almost 3, I would never make a comment like that. I think it’s kind of a low blow,if you ask me.

martina on

Maizy –

People are having a discussion, and they have different opinion in a discussion. No one is getting personal. How about we keep it that way keep it that way? Just because someone can related to Bridget’s situation for whatever reason, doesn’t mean they have “suffered a hurt” (translation: if you don’t admire Gisele, you are a bitter person).

And by the way, being young hot & rich aren’t exactly important qualifications for being a good parent. Bringing up Tom’s work ethic or Gisele’s tender side towards John would make a lot more sense.

Crystal on

Sarah-that is your opinion and I appreciate your different views. I do not have biological or step-children so I’m not talking from experience. That being said I do with them all the luck. I have a problem with Tom saying that he and Gisele weren’t expecting a baby. He could have said maybe someday or I would love to have more children. I just hate celebrities who lie. It’s uncalled for and makes me lose respect for them. Either tell the truth or allude to the truth just DON’T LIE!!! Ugh!

maizy on

that’s just your opinion, and in my opinion, i think some folks are bitter. They don’t know Giselle and the woman is in a unique position where anything she says can be taken out of context and used to paint her as a bad person by strangers. I think it’s interesting that the one comment she made is used to villify her and that outweighs all the pics and comments of her showing lots of love to her stepson. If I were to put myself in your shoes I hope that I would find that in the end, the most important thing is how my child is loved by his stepmom, my feelings would be secondary.

Tina on

i agree with sarah, with my comments i did not mean to be rude towards people. i just think that Bridget did not really say alot because she didnt wanna start a huge fight, but were just regular people and they are our opinions. i really hope that when gisele has her baby she will learn to back off Jack. she loves him and thats great, because some step-parents out there could care less, but i have said this and will say it 10000 more times, she is not his mom. she wasnt the one who gave birth to him when his father was getting busy with another woman! annoy me.

maizy on

martina, I am entitled to my opinion just as much as anyone, and everyone has felt free to express their opinion, so let’s keep it that way. And I don’t think I said that being rich, and hot make a good parent, but if I’m mistaken, please point this out. I think in the end that Giselle and tom are lucky for many reasons, that is my point and in the end Giselle will be as loved by the son as the mother, sorry if that wounds some people. But she came into his life when he was a baby, the love is going to have to be shared.

marlee on

Bump is waaay too big for an “early next year” baby — I’d say she looks like she is due in November. Look at Heidi – due in October. Gisele’s bump isn’t that much smaller…

maizy on

also, just like being hot and rich doesn’t make you a good parent, neither does giving birth. There are lots of women who have adopted children (and in some instance adopted their own stepchildren) who love their child just as much as if they were bio. Biology doesn’t determine the level of love.

martina on

When I was pregnant with my son, my husband gave me foot rubs, cooked, and did whatever he could to make my pregnancy wonderful.

When I was having a c-section, my husband held my hand.

When my son was a newborn, my husband woke up twice a night to feed him. And then went to his very stressful job in the morning.

Now that my son is 9 months, things are so much easier. But whatever we need, daddy is always there for us.

My heart bleeds for any woman who has to go through pregnancy, child birth, and newborn care on her own. While the father of her child very publicly hooks up with another woman. Call me bitter – but I would at least expect the other woman to think about the mother’s feelings before she says something to the media.

Sarah on

I agree with Crystal on the lying part … That really winds me up. A simple “we’d love to” or “maybe some day” would suffice! Didn’t Pete Wentz do the same when Ashlee Simpson was pregnant? At the same time, I can only imagine that sometimes, when you are taken by suprise by a question, you just say the first thing that comes through your mind, and, naturally, that could come out as the exact opposite of the truth, lol!

Sarah on

Martina – yep … totally agree with you. Insensitive and thoughtless, but a part of me thinks she really didn’t mean to hurt Bridget, it’s one of those things where you open your heart and it backfires, I guess.

Cath on

I think most of that bump is actually the outfit she’s wearing.

aroundtheywaygirl on

I believe Giselle took a shot at Bridget with that comment and I don’t believe for one second her comment was taken out of context, she mixed words because English isn’t her first language, or that she didn’t mean any harm with that comment.

That said, Bridget is a grown woman and a mom so when it comes to step-mom, (rarely do step-dads behave in such a catty manner) cattiness she’ll simply have to brush her shoulders off.

I wish Tom and Giselle. Now that Giselle is becoming a mom, I hope she chooses her words more carefully. I’m sure she would not like a nanny or another woman (Tom could divorce her in the future) to overstep their bounds with her child.

maizy on

sorry, life doesn’t happen that way. When couples part they move on. Also, the problem with these types of discussions is that we project our experience onto strangers. We don’t know Giselle, to or Bridgette. We don’t what happened. For all we know, Bridgette could have been horrible to Tom in their relationship, so her feeling wouldn’t be more important than Tom’s, would they? She could of trapped him, purposely. Of course, this is speculation, just like assuming Giselle is some cold hearted woman who hooked up with Tom. Tom was single when they met. How long should have waited to be considered “good” by others? When the baby was 1, 10, 18. Should she ask Bridgette’s permission? Only on messageboards do we hold people to standards that real people never live up to in the real world. lol

Carolyn on

I agree with the other posters who comment that Gisele’s bump is a little big if she’s not due until early next year. Who wants to bet the baby is born “early?”😉

Lola Marie on

To be quite honest it doesn’t matter how Bridget or any of you felt about Gisele’s comments. What truly and absolutely matters is how John feels…loved, wanted and valued and I think its safe to say that he gets that from all three adults involved….

My step mom has said that so many times to me, her friends and family, and even my mom. Growing up…I loved it and still do love it when my step mom called me her “daughter” not “step” daughter…I just felt even more loved. My mom didn’t like it at first but it was only because she was being petty and she’ll admit that now. Looking back my mom realizes that all that mattered is that I was treated EXACTLY the same as my step mom’s kids…

aroundtheywaygirl on

Shannon you made a very good point. Can you imagine if Antonio Banderas said his step-children with Melanie Griffith were “100 percent mine” on a talk show. I bet Steven Bauer and Don Johnson would have something to say about that comment.

Sarah on

Maizy – Of course we project, that’s only human I think, it’s called empathy … putting yourself in someone’s shoes, call it whatever you like! I think this topic is especially sensitive because part of it (the “left holding the baby” part) taps into one of my (and I said my, not our!) worst nightmares. I enjoyed my pregnancy and cherish all of the memories as a really happy time for my husband and I, a time where we were building our family. And so to think that, during a time where you should feel secure in your relationship, you find yourself all on your own, well, that’s just really sad to me. Especially when, so publicly, your child’s father is in another relationship, and his new girlfriend proclaims how your child is 100% hers. I’m sorry for projecting, but how else can you react when you read this story? Just shrug it off and say “oh well, I don’t know them” .. yeah you project! I do anyway!

Delaina on

I totally agree with Sarah when she said that Gisele probably just opened up her heart and said something (about John) and it totally backfired. I seriously doubt she meant anything hurtful (to Bridget)at all. I doubt there’s even one of us who can honestly, truly say they haven’t said something that sounded so good in their head and was meant with the BEST of intentions but was taken TOTALLY wrong. And just think-we don’t have people shoving tape recorders in our face and no one is asking us for interviews where we might say something even slightly inappropriate. Nobody’s perfect!
I’m happy for her and Tom and excited for sweet little John that he’s going to be a big brother! I hope all parties involved can forge their way into having a wonderful family environment for the kiddos!!

Sage on

CONGRATUALATIONS!!!! I love Gisele, Tom, Jack and their family. I know that Jack is going to be a wonderful big brother.I am really excited to see who this baby will look like either way the baby will be beautiful. People can criticize Gisele or put her down but Gisele has proven that she loves children , she loves her step-son, and she is going to love this new addition to this little famliy. That’s all that matters to me.I know she is going to be a Fabulous mother.

Having an amazing step-mother who has one son with my father, when asked how many children she has it’s always one daughter and one son. Not one son and a step-daughter, although she claimed me as her own in her “heart” she knew that she wasn’tmy mother and she could never replace her. So I can never understand the “disrespect” that many are talking about because I don’t see in anyway shape or form where Gisele was disrespecting Bridget. All I know is that my mother was confident and comfortable in our relationship,our bond, and her own parenting. That when she heard that, she wasn’t losing her mind or crying in a corner thinking she was being replaced.

maizy on

Sara, projecting doesn’t make your opinion correct, it’s still your opinion. Stepfamilies don’t have it easy, even in the best of circumstances. I think the fact that Giselle’s infamouse comment is the only thing some people can use to show how “bad” she is is proof that she is doing a pretty good job overall as a stepmom. If Bridgette was made aware of the comment, it would be in her best interest and her baby’s best interest to let it go. In the end, what you and I think don’t matter, I just wish them well and can’t wait to see their new baby!

Jessica on

Maizy, you are really making this much bigger than it is, and frankly it’s annoying. No one said Gisele is a bad stepmom, no one said she shouldn’t love Jack, all people are saying is that her comment that “Jack is 100% mine” was a little insensitive to Bridget. No one is claiming to know them personally or trying to analyze their family dynamics. Sarah was in a similar situation and just told us all how she felt going through it. You’re missing the big picture here because you’re trying to “outsmart” everyone. And Bridget did come out after Gisele’s comments and said she was hurt.

maizy on

no I’m not making anything bigger than it is. maybe your projecting your own feelings onto me, If you don’t think it’s that big, then no need to respond, imo. And actually, people have allude to her being a bad stepson and a bad person, if that’s not you then ok, but others have. I’m not trying to outsmart anyone, I have an opinion and I’m sorry that the fact it differs from yours makes yu feel threatened. Also, if someone tells their personal story then they are the ones making it bigger than it is by making the thread about them. And if Bridgette came out and publicly said she was hurt then she is playing into the public and media that cares more about tabloid gossip than her hurt feeling, so in the future, it’s best to keep silent. And you’re missing the big picture: this is a messageboard where people give opionions.

Di on

I am happy that Gisele is pregnant so maybe now she can focus on her OWN child instead of trying to be a mother to a child who already has a mother who is very present and active in his life. Like many others have said, I found Gisele’s comments to be hurtful to Bridget and very disrespectful. We will never really know how Bridget feels about what Gisele says because she has never released a statement and has stayed silent but if I were her I would be upset.

Some people want to give Gisele the benefit of the doubt but I chose not to. I think the fact that she has not in two years taken the opportunity to introduce herself to Bridget speaks volume. I mean, their paths will cross eventually because of John wil put off the inevitable.

Biology is not everything obviously hence adoption but I would not compare a step-parent/step child relationship to having your own child. Gisele’s future son or daughter will be hers in every way: physically, legally and morally. John is Bridget’s son. Bridget has been there from a day 1 and will always be there for HER son. If Gisele and Tom ever break up, her relationship with John will be over that cannot be said for her own biological child.

Lastly, it just came out that the Vanity Fair magazine with Gisele on the cover which included the remarks about being a mother to John had the lowest sales in 2 years. I wonder if the public was turned off by her comments.

Jessica on

Yes Maizy, people are giving their opinions, and you’re more than happy to tell them they’re wrong. Please stop with the “projecting” garbage. Trust me you do not make me feel threatened. You are giving your opinion on the situation, you’re only telling others what’s wrong with their opinions. If you want other people to respect you, than I urge you to respect them. How was Sarah making the thread about her by telling her personal story? She gave her opinion and backed it up with why she felt that way i.e. her personal story. You gave your opinion-fine, now back off of others who are giving theirs. Is it really necessary to analyze everything everyone is saying-and then tell them why they’re wrong? I’ll say it again I’m not “projecting” anything, enough with the psychology lessons, it’s not impressing anyone.

Patrice on

Congrats to these two! I am ecstatic for them : ) I have always been on “Team Gisele” from day 1 and I wish them, and their new family (if the rumors are true) nothing but the best! I’m from Boston and met Tom three years ago, and he certainly seems much happier now than he did back then.

maizy on

Actually, everyone can take them opportunity to tell someone they are wrong, by disagreeing with them. Funny, how you make it seem like I have the market on that. I’m not going to stop with anything, once again, MY OPINION, and I have as much right to it as you do. I’m sorry that you are so angry…really.

Felicia on

Good God! I was just going to scroll through the comments and see if anyone else had already coined the ‘that baby just won the looks lottery’ phrase and there’s all that…junk. I have a stepdad and a stepmom, most of my friends come from blended families, and several of my aunts and uncles have married and then remarried. What happens is, kids are kids. That ‘yours, mine and ours’ thing comes into play. My other Dad has never once called me his ‘stepchild’ and I’d feel awkward if he did. Especially since he’s been around since I was a very small child. A parent is a parent. If I were Bridget I’d feel so lucky to have this other woman in my son’s life, someone who completely and sincerely loves my child. Love is love, people. That’s all that counts. Anyway THAT BABY JUST WON THE LOOKS LOTTERY!!!! Gisele is going to be a fantastic mom, I can’t wait to see this kid.

Felicia on

PS @ Di

My father has re-married twice and I’m still very close with his first wife. She never had any children and as far as we’re concerned, I’m her daughter. If there is a relationship there, most GOOD parents wouldn’t be like ‘ok, I’m divorcing her, so you have to as well.’ It’s a question of maturity and who really can do what is best for their children versus what works out better for his or her own situation.

Jane on

Congratulations to Gisele and Tom.

The baby is going to be gorgeous!

Jessica on

Actually you do seem to have the market on that. The thread was actually interesting until you showed up. We were able to see both sides of the issue without anyone being offended. Something about your responses to everyone has a condescending way about it, we’re all adults here, we don’t need you to teach us what’s right and wrong in a family. Anyways, I’m out, my 2 babies are up from their naps, Hopefully you can find a better way to spend the rest of your afternoon rather than lurking here, trying to stir things up. By the way, I have a bachelors in psychology and a master’s in healthcare administration, and in my professional opinion, you don’t make much sense in your argument. According to you we are all entitled to our opinions, but you seem to think it’s your duty to devalue everyone else’s. I was really starting to like that this site was letting more heated discussions, instead of just the “oh, look how wonderful” posts.

maizy on

once again, I’m sorry that you are so angry. Life is good be blessed. All the degrees in the world don’t make up for unhappiness. let it go, it’s FRIDAY! And in about 5 months, Tom and Giselle are going to have cute lil baby!

Jane on

Tom Brady is a fantastic guy. So happy for him! Go Pats!

martina on

Maizy – what is your point? Nobody here knows what happened between Tom & Bridget, what kind of a person Gisele is, or how these people feel. The only thing discussed are the public comments made by Gisele. Some consider them insensitive and thoughtless. Some see nothing wrong with them. Some think they were wonderful. You are not going to change anybody’s mind by going on and on with this “bitter” and “projecting” thing.

Jessica on

Maizy I agree with some of the other posters, you are a bit condescending, let it go already. Why do you assume others are angry or hurting? Pretty lame. Congrats Jack, having a sibling is so much fun!

maizy on

I’m not trying to change anyones’s opinion anymore than anyone else. I’m giving my opinion and that is not going to change. I don’t have to let anything go, if you don’t agree, then you let it go. I have way more people directly addressing me and I haven’t felt the need to try to chase them off in order to “win” my argument. If you disagree, then ok, but the fact that you don’t like someone’s opinion is not my fault.

Di on

A little off topic but I do not get the whole Bridget should be grateful or thankful that Gisele loves her son like her own. I’m sure Bridget would like Gisele to treat her son well while he is in her and Tom’s care but that would be it for me. If anything if I were Bridget I would be annoyed. Why does this woman who only sees my son one week out of four or every other week in LA “playing mommy” to my son when he already has a mother.

A step parent will never be on the same level as a biological parent if the bio parent is present. Legally a step parent has no rights whatsover so that is a major distinction so if John is in the hospital, the doctors will be looking to Bridget and Tom to make decisions. Secondly, in Bridget’s case, she has primary physical custody so that fact makes Gisele’s comments seem even more absurd. You can’t compare Gisele’s child who will be with her 24/7 to a child she only sees when Tom has the opportunity to visit with his son.

I think the word step parent is totally appropriate because it correctly defines the relationship just like the terms aunt, uncle, sister in law and grandparent or god parent do and no one objects to those terms. It would seem odd if a grandparent referred to the grandson and their son.

maizy on

Now, back to the initial point of the thread. It’s going to be interesting to see how her body changes during and after pregnancy. I can’t wait to see what she wears as she grows.

Beth on

Maybe she is having twins… Isn’t she a twin herself?? I’m not a big fan of either of them, but this seems to be what Giselle has always wanted!! Congrats to them!!!

Jane on

Di, are you a step parent? Well I am.

I do more for my stepson than his own mother does!

Jessica on

Wouldn’t it be interesting if this was like CBB Survivor and we could vote out troublesome posters who make no sense? Congrats Tom and Gisele! By the way, Maizy where do you get from anything Jessica said that she’s angry? No all the degrees in the world don’t buy happiness, but it sure shows hard work and dedication. She seems perfectly happy to me! She has her right to her opinion, a right you so staunchly defend. I’ve read through your posts, and I don’t really understand what you’re trying to get at but whatever. Happy Friday, Happy Father’s Day Weekend!

Kelly on

I am SO happy for them!!!!!

JMO on

I agree with everything Melanie said.

It’s not about what she said, it’s the way she said it that irked me.

I am not a Tom fan. The fact that he left Bridget when she was pregnant and then the fact that he’s a Patriot puts him on my crap list😉

But uh, congrats!

maizy on

Jessica, you don’t have to get me just like I don’t have to get you, If you disagree that’s fine. People disagree all the time, especially on line. It’s fine to me, to have different opinions…wa right I so staunchly defend. Happy Friday!

Amanda on

Big congrats to Giselle and Tom. Read through most of the comments and must say~ cut Giselle some slack with the comments about Jack. I’m sure she meant well. I’m sure she wanted to convey her love for her step son. She probably didn’t realize her comments could strike a nerve. MANY of us said and did things before we were parents that I am sure we look back on and cringe about. She will realize. Having a baby changes you in sooo many ways. In the mean time it seems slly to argue over it. Live and learn. We all do.

sassenach on

How long are you people going to go on and on about Giselle’s comments? Every time there is a new thread or pics of them? I am sure that Bridget is over it so you people need to get over it as well. It’s silly to keep bringing up the same topic over and over every time there are new pics of them.

Jo on

Not going to scroll through all the comments…so I don’t know if someone has already said this.
I wish so much that my little girl’s stepmother loved her the way Gisele loves her stepson. My daughter’s stepmother barely tolerates her. She has the attitude that she wishes my daughter would just go away. Gisele might not have expressed herself very well but I understand what she was trying to say and I wish that my daughter had a stepmother who lover her like her own.

Jane on

Tom Brady did not leave Bridget when she was pregnant. Their relationship was over already!

Go Pats!

Alex on

I’m not going to get in the middle of this insanity, but Maizy, sorry, you rubbed people up the wrong way from your first post. Just because people have taken issue with something a person says, doesn’t mean it reflects their own life. Passion about a subject comes from all areas, not just personal experience. If you hadn’t taken such an agressive and judgemental tone from the start, I doubt you would be getting such reactions. You pretty much totalled on people for having opinions against what Gisele said, and then spent the next several posts defending the right to have an opinion….consistency and respect are a good thing around here. Anyway….peace out.

maizy on

but no, actually people were “rubbed the wrong way because their opinion was not accepted as fact. Lots of people disagreed with me, didn’t ruffle my feathers to the point of being bitter. Passion is too be expected on all sides, any side where people have difference of opinion, that the nature of the net. You’re right consistency and respect are good things. Opinions don’t change because people get upset and try to take the moral high ground. I stand by my opinion and it was no more aggressive and judgemental than anyone else’s, it just happened to be on the other side of the witchhunt. But that ok, I am happy to state my opinion, I still feel great. Anyway…peace out.

Haylo on

Congrats to the happy couple.

As for some of you commentators, Gisele should take some of y’alls advice. Now that she’s having her own baby, she should completely back away from John. She should stop giving him attention. Stop loving him as much as she does. Stop taking him out, in fact, hire a nanny to stay with him when he’s visiting Tom. Then take the new baby and go out with Tom. I mean why bother even seeing the kid anymore. Contact Bridget and tell her she can have her kid back.

Maybe that will make you all very happy.

Eve on

Congratulations to them.

I read that Vanity Fair piece and, according to Gisele, Tom and Bridget had already broken in October/November ’06. It was shortly after that they she and Tom got together.

Tom did not know about the pregnancy when they broke up and it seems that Bridget was understandably upset that he moved on so quickly and told him she was pregnant shortly before she confirmed it with the NY Post in February ’07.

I, too, am glad that she’s having her own child so she can give that boy back to his mother and all this riff raff can die down.

momto3 on

120 comments so far, wow! and from what I scrolled threw, most are sarcastic and bitter. Gisele looks radiant!

Mary-Helen on

Congrats to them! I’m sure this child will be beautiful. While I don’t think her comments about Jack were the most tactful, I think she means well and Jack will be just as big a part of the family.

Daisy on

Oh come on, give her a break. Before she was pregnant John was the only child she had experience of parenting. For her she feels that he is like her own child. A step-mother who loves her stepchild like he is her own is something to be criticised then?

Here’s hoping Gisele doesn’t comment in the future about her love for her natural child, because then she’ll be the worst step-mother ever.

Congratulations to the couple. Although I had a sneaky feeling this announcement was coming.

Alex on

Maizy, you’re totally entitled to your opinion, I’m not trying to say that you’re not, and this isn’t about you being on the other side of anything at all, it’s just the way you went about it. You were agressive and this is why many people have focused on you here. Whether or not you intended it, the way you tried to make your point made it seem as though you set out to promote Gisele rather than just comment on the situation, as if any opinion that wasn’t pro Gisele was bad (which is again why I mentioned the swtich in your telling people off for their opinions and then alternatively defending the right to have an opinion). If you read back over the posts where people have replied to you, it largely hasn’t been to disagree with your opinion, just the route you took to get to it.

You’ve also taken an extremely defensive tone to what I’ve said to you which leads me to wonder if you wanted to cause controversy. I think this whole thing just needs to calm down. I haven’t meant to upset you and I’m sorry if I need, I just wanted to try to help you understand why people were taking issue with you. Finally, repeating my words like you did didn’t particularly help you on the maturity level by the way!

Helena on

I’m really happy for Gisele and Tom. I think she’ll make a great mum.
I think that her comments about her stepson were definitely well meant and I understood what she was trying to say.
We don’t know whether her and Bridget have a problem with each other or whatever, in which case maybe there was a veiled insult behind her words but I just think her comments weren’t meant as they came across. I just think that maybe her comments were misconstrued and taken out of context.

maizy on

Lots of people here have been aggressive. Some only get out of shape when their aggressiveness backfire and is turned on them. lol! I think we can all agree that children being loved by all family members whether bio, step, etc. is a child who is truly loved and blessed. And their new baby is going to be blessed as well! i can’t wait! I so happy for them!!

Karen on

Congrats to Tom and Gisele!!

As for the comments she made about Jack, surely it’s better that she loves him rather than ignoring him and refusing to spend time with him just because he’s not her child? It’s important to Tom to spend time with his son so it’s an added bonus that Jack and Gisele get on so well.

JMO on

My mistake, they were already broken up when Bridget was pregnant…still doesn’t change the fact that he’s a Patriot….therefore still not a fan😉

Jessica on

Alex, don’t even bother trying to get through to Maizy, you don’t owe her an explanation, she seems to be here only to stir up trouble. I do agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but she was too forceful about it. Very condescending repeating your words and insinuating that others aren’t happy in their lives because they don’t share the same opinion. She should take her own advice, and respect that others have a different opinion. There’s no witchhunt, Maisy you did it to yourself with your rude treatment of others, of course people are going to defend themselves!No one insulted you, but you went right for the throat telling others they aren’t happy, and they are hurting, and angry. You know as little about the other posters as you know about Gisele and Tom. All in all there are many intersting perspectives above, Jack is very lucky to have so many parents that love him, I do think that Gisele crossed a line, just because Jack does have a mother who is probably more involved in his life than Gisele. With that perhaps Gisele didn’t mean for it to sound like it did, it would have been nicer of her to say something like “Bridget is doing a wonderful job raising Jack, and I love him like he were my own.”

cb on

Congratulations, they are going to have a beautiful baby. Jack will love being a big brother!

maizy on

You’re right, I don’t need an explanation and never asked for one. And I don’t believe disagreeing is trying to start trouble. But I do believe that saying that I am a trouble maker is just a red herring…if you can’t “win” your argument accuse the person of trying to start trouble. Witchhunt or not, Giselle seems to be a really interest and lovely person and lots of good things have come her way and I hope they continue.

Katie on

Congratulations to them! That baby will be beautiful…I just read a Tom Brady quote where he said “One kid is enough.”

maizy on

I read that quote from Tom too and I got quite the chuckle from it. I suspected she was pregnant when he said that because she has always said that family is so important. I knew he was playing with the press and tabloid sites. I never thought he had much sense of humor, guess I was wrong. lol!

EMO on

This one has been going around for a while here in Boston. I thought this was already a known fact.

french gigi on

133 comments on giselle being pregnant! holy crap! i dont think i ever realized how popular she really is, i guess…..or is it tom brady that’s the popular one?
my 2 cents….i bet thats going to be a beautiful baby and i see her having a girl for some reason.

Jessica on

Maizy I am not going to entertain you, and how am I a red herring because I didn’t win my argument. I didn’t argue with anyone. You are just reaching now my dear, I just find it a bit ironic how you keep saying everyone is entitled to their opinion-which they are-yet you blatantly disregard all the other opinions, and have spent too much time trying to convince others they are wrong. What’s wrong with you? You keep talking in circles and at this point it’s difficult to understand where you are even trying to go with this. No one is trying to win an argument but you. You are trying very hard to make others look stupid, and it’s not working. I’ve read many of the threads here on this site and I’ve never seen anything like this before, it just seems that you are the common link. I hope in the future you’re more respectful of other posters, and quit trying to play the victim because you threw the first punch. And no I’m not unhappy or angry in my life, because that seems to be your only argument. At this point just quit while you’re ahead, there’s no point in trying to change others minds. Maybe you are the sad hurt, angry one, seems like you’ve been here doing this all day, I only hope that you can find a more productive way to spend your time than trying to upset strangers

Natasha on

Haylo, I agree. She should completely ignore him, ONLY Tom should love him. His step mother means absolutely nothing to him either, right? I mean, having people in a child’s life that love them is just SO SAD. What is WRONG with humanity?

maizy on

Actually, I’m not reaching. If anything, you and your really long paragraphs are reaching. Whatever you need to write to feel good about yourself, good for you, At the end, your opinion and my opinion doesn’t change the fact that Giselle, Tom and John are very blessed and privileged and in about 5-6 months will be even more so!

Sarah K. on

Firstly, congrats to Tom, Gisele, and Jack!!

Secondly, I can’t believe people won’t let this go.

Thirdly, how convenient that people only want to pay attention to little parts of the interview instead of the whole thing. Gisele also clearly said that she “respects Bridget’s” role as Jack’s mom. She also said that it FEELS like Jack is hers even though she didn’t give birth to him, not that he actually is hers. Big difference. She called herself the step-mother. She has never referred to herself as the mom.

I was a little shocked when I first read it, but I think it was fairly obvious in context what she was trying to say. It’s better she loves him as much as her bio-child than not.

Kashton's mama on

Yay for Tom and Gisele. What a blessing.

To poster 138-

Lol! I have never in my life heard people get upset because a woman felt another womans child was like her own??? If my 4 year old’s stepmom EVER said that to me I would give her a hug and a kiss. I want ANY woman around my kid to feel that way about him because my little prince deserves it! It takes a real strong woman to be able to share her child with another woman. He isn’t my property placed on this earth solely for me to love and dote on??? He deserves ALL the love he can get from as many people as possible. Especially from the other woman he spends 50% of his time with🙂

maizy on

Happy Friday! My weekend has officially started…gotta go spend time with my family. Have a fun weekend guys! Congrats Giselle and Tom!!!

Sanja on

Haylo (#120) and Natasha (#138) -ROLF!!!!

I can’t believe people are attacking someone for loving their step-child too much!? I sincerely hope that those of you who feel this way aren’t or will ever be step-parents:-(

(And this is from someone who dislikes both Gisele and Tom).

Mommyof3 on

I’m sorry but if my husband and I were split and his new “woman” claimed MY children were HER children you darn well bet I would be LIVID!!!!! That little boy is in no way her son 100%, he is her step son and I am sorry but I think she stepped over a major mother line here!!!!
Anyways beck to the original topic, congrats to them both! I hope they enjoy parenthood together:)

Sarah K. on

Kashton’s mama and Sanja, I think Natasha was being sarcastic lol

jen on

is everyone just going by the tabloid articles, i actually read the rolling stone article and it seems like it was 2 sentences taken out of a great article about a wonderful person.
it didn’t read in the article as it did in the tabloids.
i would be glad my child had one more person in his life that loves him.
congrats giselle, tom and john.

SH on

146 comments!?!?! Get over it already!

Kashton's mama on

Hi Sarah K. Yea I think they were being just a little sarcastic. I see their point and agree 100%…🙂

Natasha on

LOL. Yes, I was being sarcastic. I think Gisele comments were harmless as english is not her second language and trust me, if/when you work with people who have english as their second language, you’ll understand.

I think it’s great that John/Jack has a lot of people in his life that love him. There’s never too much love.

CC on

ok, maybe I have a different take on what she said, because I’ve had step-parents…. I love my step-mom just like I love my mom, I even called her mom, but that doesn’t mean I love my mom any less… I’ve always just considered myself lucky to have 2 people who loved me and cared for me…. when my uncle remarried he and my new aunt both had kids from another relationship, and they call everyone mom and dad, and neither parent has a problem with that…

Also we have no idea what the relationship is like between Gisele and Bridget (and i don’t think we ever will) so she might feel completely different about it……

Sanja on

Sarah K. -we were got it:-) That’s what the ROLF was about:-)

The rest of my message just re-affirms their sarcasm.

Tearra on

CC I agree with u too! Me and my stepmom are thick as thieves and I love her like my real mother. They aren’t exactly on the same level but I love her nonetheless. We don’t know how Bridgette feels about Gisele now or how she felt about what G said. All we read in the newspaper was “a friend of Bridgette’s said this” or a “close source said that”. We are all making assumptions here.

Sarah M. on

Beth – That was my first thought, too! Gisele is a twin. I think I read somewhere that twins run in Tom’s side, too. So they have a higher probability of having twins, just based on that alone!

Congrats to the whole family. Not really a fan of Gisele and Tom, but a baby is a blessing regardless!

brannon on

i am probably repeating things because i can’t stand to read any more of these comments but wow – a lot of insecure people on here!!! my “step” father has always called me his own – and my father has always loved that my mother found someone who loved me as much as he did! why would you want jack being part of a family where his stepmother felt he was “90%” hers. what if she said, “now that i am having my own baby, i hope jack doesn’t come around as much.” seriously people, i am sure bridget is secure enough as a mother to be grateful her ex married someone willing to think of jack as her own, rather than marrying someone who didn’t want him around. what’s wrong with some of you? (and yes i am a mother – and i went through pregnancy alone) i give giselle a lot of credit – she was in the middle of a very awkward situation and she embraced jack, rather than shun him. kudos to her. {on a side note – can’t believe i came on here and actually found myself feeling sorry for the most beautiful, wealthiest supermodel on the planet – who married tom brady. you guys really had to work for that.}

eva on

Many people here are incredibly aggressive towards stepmothers and feel the urge to put everyone on their place from a high,high spot above silly stepmoms who are expected to care and sacrifice but know their lowly and unwanted place. I started out as my child’s stepmother, then I lost her and gained her back as my daughter.Do tell me why I was wrong to love a little girl as my own.

Devon on

Yikes! Some people have way too much time! lol I wish I had the time to argue over a blog…it’s the internet people! Take a step back, grab a latte and chill! As much as we all love gossip, innuendo, and ragging on others to make ourselves feel better, we don’t know the particulars so to say that someone should be upset, someone should be sorry and someone should have kept it in his pants, is moot. Be happy a new precious life is coming in to the world.

Congratulations to Tom & Gisele. Gisele has wanted to settle down and have a family for a long time (that is what was rumoured when she and Leo broke up) so I am happy for her. John will make a cute big brother. There might be something to the twin thing, since she has a fraternal twin sister and twins are passed down on the mother’s side. Cheers to a safe and happy pregnancy, birth and child(ren).

sinclair on

“I am happy that Gisele is pregnant so maybe now she can focus on her OWN child instead of trying to be a mother to a child who already has a mother who is very present and active in his life.”–Di
wow, why so much vitriol on this site about this announcement? (not just this comment, but others as well)

I guess it’s true: some people hate to see other people happy. Perhaps because Giselle is HOT HOT HOT. 🙂

Giselle has a heart of gold, I’m sure, and meant no ill will when she made that infamous comment. I don’t think Bridget is still smarting from it; if she is, hopefully she’ll build and a bridge and get over it. We all know life is too short for harboring hard feelings–but I think Bridget is aware that English is not Giselle’s mother tongue. So what, another woman is taking care of and LOVING your son. She will NEVAH replace you, nor is she trying to.

Would you prefer a Joan Crawfordesque stepmom??!!! (j/k!!!)

momto3 on

CBB – you should close this thread, it’s getting WAY bitter!

Amber on

The “bump” is really just her clothes. If you visit then you can see bigger pics where her shirt was big. You can see through the mesh to see that a lot of the fabric is hanging off her back. There are also pics of her wearing cargo pants (or so they looked) and a white shirt tucked in, and she doesn’t look pregnant at all. This picture on here is very misleading.

Brooke on

Maizy is totally on point – leave her alone.

Obviously too many women in this thread have had some bad things happen in their relationships. And to Tina – I will defend Gisele’s statement and anyone else who expressed what she did to the end. She loves that little boy. Bridget got pregnant to to trap Tom Brady – I will believe that 4-eva. Didn’t work, obviously.

Karen on

How nice to have the kids somewhat close in age!

Tiffany on

Did I log on to the wrong site?I thought i went to CBB, but this thread is more typical of Perez’s site, with people attacking others(sorry Maizy,but you were VERY aggressive)I was enjoying the thread, interested in Sarah’s comment, then ONE person turns it into a hatefest, while others try in vain to communicate sensibly!!As you said over and over(maisy)every-one has a right to there opinion, so, next time, calm it down just a little!!

cas on


Tiffany on

#66″Lots of bitterness towards strangers. sorry for whatever hurt you have suffered”
Maizie-You posted this and now you are wondering why others are upset with this comment. People were speaking from the heart and expressing whatever they where feeling and you felt the need to post this? CBB-This comment should not of got through moderation!!

J on

I agree with momto3 post 158 and a few others. Just when you think you’ve seen bitter arguments, there’s always another that comes along even more ridiculous, geez.

someday mom on

Congratulations to great couple.

Grace on

Guh. The Tom and Gisele postings bring all the tools out of the toolbox.

The lady said she loved the boy like he was her own. Yes, she mangled it. Yes, she’s foreign. Yes she’s the stepmother, shock, horror. But she loves that little boy and he clearly loves her back, and that’s far more important than the online witterings of outsiders.

Rach on

I always knew that I would never ever get together with a single person with kids,especially if the other parent was still in the picture. Reason ? Look at the debate above. You profess your love and adoration for the child = you get burned and mama bear and her suporters bash you and jump on the claim that you are “trying to steal their child” or somehow you are involving yourself in a situation and a life that you a clearly not invited to.

Bridget and Tom broke up, sure it was bad terms, but seriously she needs to get over it. I was always completely impartial to their situation and she always came off as bitter.I mean, can you guys imagine what it is like to BE the “other woman” or the “new woman in his life”.Get over it.A person is not some post you can piss on and stake your claim. Things happen, people fall out of love,drift apart,cheat etc. At the end of the day he is still the child’s father,like it or not. She and her “friends and close sources” seriously needs to stp bashing Tom publicly like that (and I imagine privately).Does she not realize that she is making a very difficult situation for John as he grows ? What will she do, say pick a side and stick on it. Or will she just fill him with venom about how his dad abandoned him before he was born. These women seriously need to grow up and mature. She needs to step into the real world and see that things are not always so peachy for those out here.She should be happy that he and Giselle acknowledge John and want to be an active part of his life..can’t say that much about a lot of people in the real world.

I don’t understand what the world expects people like Giselle to do. Love him and accept him like she does, or shun him like how it is said that Gwen Stefani is with Gavin’s daughter ? I should think the more people that are there to love the child is an asset.I always find it funny the double standard. The woman remarries etc and it is nothing,everyone has to learn to accept him.The man does and everyone hates his new evil stepmotherish wife.then it becomes a Gladiator type affair that

All that said, congrats to Tom and Giselle.

*My opinion is formed because I grew up with a stepmother that everyone hated. I think everyone was actually pleased that she could not ever have kids. It is not until years later when I grew up and removed the wool that was over my eyes ,that I realized all the lies that had been told to me as a child and made me hold such contempt for that poor woman all throughout my childhood and years leading up. People really need to realize how damaging these situations can be to children.

gargoylegurl on

I’m really happy for them – such a cute couple. How nice for John to have a new brother or sister. =)

I try not to worry about the circumstances of how they got together, since I don’t know them personally and have no idea what the truth is. I would imagine they’ve all made some mistakes, but they all seem to be moving on, which is healthy and best for the John and the new baby.

Krysti on

I am a stepchild, and I have both a stepmom and a stepfather, and my relationships fall on both sides of the spectrum. I have a stepfather who I am not close to and don’t have a relationship with, and it puts such a strain on my relationship with my mom; and on the other hand, I have a fantastic relationship with my stepmom, and she always refers to me as “her” child, and not her stepchild. that being said, I believe that Giselle’s comments came from a very true and well-meaning place, even if they could have been better stated. I think it’s great that she has such an affection for her husbands child, and considering him hers as well should only be a positive thing, it can only help the relationship he’ll have with not only his father, but also his soon to be sibling. When you feel like you have a stepparent who doesn’t consider you theirs in any way, things can be quite awkward and difficult to deal with. And I don’t think in any way that Giselle would even try to replace his mother, who is obviously a fantastic woman in her own right.

I don’t have children, so I can’t say for sure, but speaking from experience as a stepchild, but if I were ever in that situation, I would much rather have another woman love my children as I do than I would some woman who looks down on my kids and doesn’t view them as theirs. I think that if there is another person that wants to love and protect your child, and treat them as they would their children, then bring it on. The more people looking out for a child the better.

Josie on

“I mean, can you guys imagine what it is like to BE the “other woman” or the “new woman in his life”.

Actually no, Rach, I can’t. I have too much respect for myself to ever be or identify with the other woman. Are you really expecting people to have sympathy for the proverbial ‘other woman’? Anyone who puts herself in a situation like that deserves whatever misfortune comes her way as a result.

At any rate, I don’t know the circumstances surrounding how these two got together and it really isn’t any of my business, but I will say this: IF what people say is true and 1) Giselle and Tom got involved before things with Bridget were over and 2) Giselle intentionally added injury to insult by saying what she said with the intent to be disrespectful, then I don’t know what people are getting so heated about. Life has a way of repaying people for their deeds in SPADES. You reap what you sow. So if this is all true then the universe has something magical in store for these two, lol. You all and Bridget will be able to sit back and enjoy the show.

You can never escape your karma. Never.

Jill on

Don’t you remember ladies, if you can’t say anything nice… don’t say anything at all!?!?


CONGRATS TO THEM!!! What a beautiful child to be coming.

People are so judgemental on this site sometimes it amazes me. I doubt Gisele means ANY harm when she makes comments in regards to Brady. She loves him like he is her own…whats the harm in that? If she treatd him as if he was just the stepkid people would have issues also. Get over it.

Lisa on

Congrats! I think they make a great couple.🙂

M on

I don’t know whats wrong with a step parent calling their spouses child thier own, in my culture we don’t even have the word for step anything.She is married to his father and whether we like it or not she is his mum, besides it’s in the childs best intrests for the parties involved to love him unconditionally…it doesn’t make Bridget any less of a mum to Jack, I hope she is not as insecure as some people on this site

fuzibuni on

i would bet money that if gisele was not a supermodel there wouldn’t be this much bitchiness directed towards her.

M on

I actually have a friend who was being brought up by her stepmum and stepdad because her mum had died and her father remarried but later died then his wife remarried and you wouldn’t know any different unless someone told you. So should we tell this friend of mine that these people aren’t her mum and dad?

Rach on

“Actually no, Rach, I can’t. I have too much respect for myself to ever be or identify with the other woman. Are you really expecting people to have sympathy for the proverbial ‘other woman’? Anyone who puts herself in a situation like that deserves whatever misfortune comes her way as a result”

Actually Josie,I put myself in other peoples shoes all the time. It has gifted me with COMPASSION.And this thing with respect ? If you truly are comfortable with yourself and you truly respect yourself and love yourself as you are,whatever an ex does should not even phase you.I am still good friends with many of my ex boyfriends.We weren’t right for each other,we understood that, but we wanted the best for each other.My first love has met an amazing girl and I am so very happy for him.

My compassion has made me who I am and it made me be one of those people that all throughout life was allowed in all cliques, and has helped me to know so many wonderful people of all different walks of life.

I think,as an adult all of your emotions and b.s. should take bake seat priority when there are children involved.Honestly,I find it really immature when people can’t move on for the sake of the children.My mother did.She is a strong woman and I am proud of the things she taught me.My father badly abused my mother for years, and for her to keep things civil with him just so that he could be in our lives,shows strength to me.After all the things I saw my mother go through and the impartiality she shows to my father,Bridget’s situation seems so childish and miniscule.

Also, I think wishing misfortune on others is unfortunate on anybody’s part.

Jane on

Congratulation to Tom, Gisele and Jack.

All of you haters really need to find something positive to do with your lives.

Gisele’s comment about Jack was obviously harmless. She loves this little boy.

You don’t even know these people or their past history so please stop being so judgemental!

Larissa on

omg josie, you sound so
deep and prophetic!
get over it already!

It just makes me sick to see people rooting for something bad to happen just so they can prove a point! Especially when there is children invoveld. Shame on you!

Mimi on

I know many women think Giselle stole Tom away and therefore those two are trash, but plenty of celebrites on this site have been involved in cheating and they get cooed over. What about Julia Roberts who “stole” Danny from his pregnant wife who miscarried? Now Julia and Danny have three kids and people love posts about them. How many men did Jennifer Garner jump from until she got to Ben? Do we pity those men she cheated on? Do we hate Jenn for wanting the next guy more? No, we think she and Ben are adorable and we love pics of their kids. Trisha Yearwood was on here recently talking about being a stepmom and she didn’t get a hundred posts about what a witch she is for stealing Garth then talking publicly about his kids. I hate how some celebrities get kid gloves and others like Giselle or Tori Spelling get slammed. Consistancy is the thing. People will now say their anger is because Giselle made those comments about John but seriously if you didn’t hate her to begin with, you’d be indifferent to what a model (not the brightest bunch) said in an interview.

I wish Giselle and Tom well, just like I wish all the other celebrities above well. I don’t have to agree with people’s life choices to hope they find happiness. I also hope Bridget finds a man who really wants her and will be a good stepdad to John.

Rach on

LOL Ditto Larissa. I don’t know if it is sick or just sad that people are so quick to bash people when they didn’t know the whole situation. My mother is still bashed by so many for “leaving such a great guy” and Josie’s comments about reaping what you sow,sitting bak and waiting for the bad show to play out has all been said to my mom by people who didn’t know why she left my dad. Even a few that would see what he would do to her would tell her to “get over it”.Even after seeing him drunkenly dangle me as a baby over the balcony and threaten to drop me if she didn’t do what he said.

Larissa, I think people like you and me don’t live in the world as it is, we live in the world as it should be. It gives us hope that perhaps people and life may be more kind to our children.~

Josie on

LMAO! It’s really not that serious, people. All I said was that IF these two had deliberately hurt somebody then, just like everyone else, at some point in their lives they would be forced to take stock of it. I didn’t wish bad on anyone, all I did was remind the folks who seemed to get all up in arms about these two people they don’t know, that karma exists. I’m pretty sure I said I didn’t know the whole story, and unlike some folks here I’m actually AWARE that it’s none of my business and I’m not going to get all personally offended and involved in defending or bashing them. Just stating what everyone knows to be true, that people tend to get out of life what they put into it. I’m not sure why talk of karma seems to make folks so nervous, lol. If they didn’t do anything wrong, then they have great stuff in store for them, because that’s what they deserve. Karma works that way too.

Congrats to them! I’m sure they’re great folks. This board is so funny sometimes😉

katie on

WoW!!! where has people been??? I heard this on ESPN of all channels about a month ago.

GiannaG on

OMG! Are people really here giving their life stories and getting all ‘noble’ in an effort to identify with celebrities?😀 I LOVE CBB!

Lorena on

Well, all I can say is that I admire people (both men and women) who can accept and love someone else’s child as their own because being a step-parent is not easy. I had an awesome step-dad who treated us well and he married my mom when we were teenagers. Now that I’m a step-mother myself, I have no idea how he did it, because it’s HARD. I truly believe that 90% of people don’t usually care for their step-kids as they should and definitely show favoritism towards their own blood children. If Gisele loves Tom’s infant son as her own, my hats off to her. Maybe it’s easier because Jack’s a baby and it’s easier accept him as opposed to meeting him when he was older and maybe biased towards her, but either way, she has to be a phenomonal woman to profess so much affection for him. Like Jada Pinkett Smith said about her own step-son (Will Smith’s older son from a previous relationship) “He is not of my body, but he’s in my heart and he’s of my soul. We are a family and I love him as my own”. That’s amazing. Jada always speaks positively and lovingly about the boy and I don’t think that’s an insult to HIS biological mother. On the contrary, it’s probably an honor to the woman that she’s raised a good boy that another woman can accept so wholeheartedly. That’s how Bridget Moynahan should see it also…that Gisele loves the boy because he’s innocent and deserves to be in an loving environment when he’s with BOTH his parents.

Ashandra on

Better to have too many people to love John, then so few. I know quite a few fathers who have taken off and the child only has their mother. No matter what arguments you might all have, I think this is something that is more than true.

Jax on

Amber YOU ARE AWESOME!! HAHA– You read my mind!!!— Maybe she will lay off the other child.

Tanya on

I think there is nothing wrong in Gisele saying that her husbands child is 100 persent hers. Think about it: Tom Brady and Giesele have been together for more than 2 years and this child is under 2 years of age, wich means that Giesele has known this little boy Jack since he was a newborn baby. She has been there for him since the very beginnig,so offcourse they has a strong bond and she loves him like he was her own! And she has every right to tell us how much she loves him. Would it be better if she didn`t care about him because he was not hers? And think about it: Her new baby will be little Jacks brother,they will have the same father so soon there will be blood relations between Gisele and Jack through the baby. I work in a Kindergarten, so I know how you can love a certain child to pieces even though he or she is not your own.

Lola on

Wow, so she said she felt as though Jack were her own son. Would all of you complaing about her comment prefer she not feel anything for this child stuck between two homes. I personally found her comments to be loving and truthful and that’s the way you would want anyone spending that much time with your child to feel. She didn’t say she wants to take his mother’s place or in any way threaten the relationship between mother and child. There’s just one more person to love this little boy. A child does not have to be born to you from your flesh for you to feel as though it is yours for goodness sakes. I think she is showing great maturity in this whole situation. I don’t beleieve I would have been able to look past my new boyfriend’s ex being pregnant with his kid and still love him enogh to stay. So, congrats to the 3 of them on the new baby to be.

Q on

Josie Tom & Bridget were OVER!! Giselle isn’t “the other women”, she’s his WIFE! people really need to stop acting like bitter scorned women & get over it.

To wish something bad to happen to Tom, Giselle & their baby is disgusting. Ever think Bridget isn’t so innocent, maybe she’s the one who should be looking out for karma, because guess what we don’t know the entire story.

So this is how it’s gonna be in every post about Giselle’s pregnancy? People whining & attacking her about old comments she made about Tom’s son? Can people ever stay on topic at CBB.

eternalcanadian on

omg, i can’t believe all the rather insensitive comments people made saying things like good, now giselle will stop calling john her kid or now she has her own kid she’ll leave john alone. omg, i mean those are the most horrible thing anyone can say about step-children and step-parents!

i am guessing the people that made those kind of comments have had bad experiences with the fathers of their children going off and marrying someone else and having more children? i just don’t see any other reason(s) for such catty remarks about someone who very clearly loves the little boy that happens to be her husband’s son.

just coz she’s having “her own kid” doesn’t mean she’ll love john any less. this kid is going to be john’s half-sibling. they will grow up together. it is a life-long relationship between giselle and john now.

get over it. giselle can call john her son just as much as bridget does. it takes a village to raise a child, not just the kid’s biological parents, and john is incredibly lucky his father’s wife welcomes and loves him as if he were her own child.

Hea on

Congratulations to them all!

Mary on

I think her comments were a little off putting. She has every right to say that Tom’s son is 100% hers. However, she should have mentioned his mother and the great job she is doing raising him. If she had said that the baby has a mother, a father and a step mother who love him 100%, then it wouldn’t have offended so many people. No one can know but Gisele herself how she intended the words, but yes, they seemed a little sharp and catty. It is wonderful that she loves him like he were her own, but he isn’t. He has a mother who is his flesh and blood and she obviously did not feel “relieved” at Gisele’s comments.

Sarah K. on

Mary, actually she did acknowledge Bridget. She said that she respects Bridget’s role as the mother and that she would never want to take away from that. She even referred to herself as a step-mother. I’m pretty sure Gisele knows her role in Jack’s life. I think it’s great he has so many people who love him.

Essi on

Great news!

Give Gisele a break! No one knows her personally…or her motives. Plus, although she is fluent in English, it is not her first language! Maybe Gisele meant the comments about Jack to come across a certain way, but nasty human nature has to turn those comments into “poor Bridget” another woman loving HER child as her own!

Why is everyone so bloody critical? It’s a culture of ‘shame shame’ for adopting internationally instead of at home…and don’t even think of loving another woman’s child as you would your own…so righteous from behind the computer in our perfect homes!

babyboopie on

I like Gisele. Her only crime was to fall in love with Tom, stick by him during the whole bridget thing and accepted/loved john. He is her son. Not in that sense but in a family sense. I’m glad she adores him.

Terri on

That was quick! Congratulations to them!

CrystalDex on

Gisele stated that she had a crush on Tom when he was still with Bridget, right around that same time he dumped a “unknowing” pregnant to him Bridget to be with Gisele after she was swooning over him, the same Gisele that said there were too many fish in the sea to worry about getting involved with someone else’s guy. *rollseyes*

Anywho, I bet that baby will be gorgeous. His older brother is a doll. I also don’t think she meant that Jack was her’s and not Bridget’s. She knows very well who that baby’s momma is. I doubt Bridget would sit idly by and let Gisele think for a second that Gisele was his mom.

TB on

Congrats to them!

Gisele’s comment about John being her son bothered me at first. But I really don’t think she meant it in the way that it was received. That little boy is blessed to have so many loving adults/parents in his life.

I have a “bonus” mom and I love her just as much as my birth mom, she helped raise me too. I feel proud and honored that I have two wonderful, amazing, supportive women in my life that I can call Mom.

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