Christina and Max: Color Him Hers!

06/19/2009 at 07:00 PM ET


Splattered in paint, Christina Aguilera and her 17-month-old son Max Liron leave a Color Me Mine pottery studio in Los Angeles, where they created a Father’s Day masterpiece for the singer’s husband, Jordan Bratman.

If you missed it, be sure to check out our article and photoshoot with the pair for PEOPLE’s Beauty After Baby spread!

Max is wearing Splendid Little’s striped t-shirt.

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Rayan on

He is a really cute little boy!! Has Christina ever mentioned if max has any special needs? Not being mean at all, just asking a question because he seems to have a similar look to down syndrome but not quite all the features or has this like blank look on his face (maybe autistic?). Just wanted to know if she mentioned anything at all.

Anyways, he is really cute! I love his little dough eyes!

lissa on

mom*of*boys on

I don’t think he looks like a special needs child….He looks like a perfect blend of both parents, IMO.

By the way I love his L.A.M.B. shoes too!

Erika on

Hmm….Rayan, you’re right, he does seem to always have a blank stare on his face. Also not being mean or picking on him, but Harlow (Nicole Richie’s baby) is the same age, and it always seems like she is so alert about the photogs and everything, but he doesn’t seem to be. Maybe (hopefully) it’s nothing.

Lisa on

Haha I love how both Christina and Max have arts and crafts all over their bodies! Im happy the above posters were very mature and inquistive about special needs but i really do not think he is. I was watching an interview where Max and Christina were doing a photoshoot and he was soo alert and funny… he is still really young and is only 17 months old! I love Max’s eyes I think he is an adorable little boy! and there is speculation that Christina is expecting again… i heard it as a rumor but there has been rumors that every celebrity is pregnant so we will seee!

Stef on

Max looks fine and there pix of him smiling from that day.

Here’s one:

Anon on

Rayan, have you seen picks of his dad? He tends to have that same expression.

cluckingmum on

I think he’s fine she just looks like his dad and I think he’s adorable

Sammy-xx on

He looks so much bigger than Harlow.

I think maybe the reason why he’s not as alert around photogs as Harlow is because Max is hardly around them(which is a good thing), he’s probably a little startled from going to having fun being creative and calm to then walking out to what I imagine to be a very chaotic scary environment.
Just my view on it.

He is such a cutie, he is very much a mix of both Jordan and Christina.

Colleen on

Max is adorable and looks a lot like his Daddy! My son is 18 months old and looks “blank” in a lot of pictures I take too and he’s perfect.

Chelsie on

I love those pics at that Xtina site. The one with him painting her face is adorable!
I really don’t think there is anything wrong with him. If there were, wouldn’t she be a little more open about it? I don’t know, I just assume she would be.
I just scanned this pic of the pair with Mickey and Minnie at Disneyland. It’s from June 9, but it just came out in the newest Life & Style..

mamabear on

ANON – thanks for saying that, I was just about too!
He and his father have that same unblinking look about them – like nothing can faze them.

I guess they’re just two laid back guys!

Meg on

Max is SO cute! I love his chubby little cheeks!

Billie on

He’s a cute kid.

Jj on

what l.a.m.b. shoes are that??????

Alex on

I’ve noticed the blank looks on Max sometimes, but honestly, I think it is just a quirk. I’m sure if you look back over my childhood photos, I look as gormless as anything, because I was a spacey and dreamy child (haven’t changed much lol). Also, like others have pointed out, Jordan has a similar look as well, and Max definitely looks more like him than his mum. I think perhaps as he’s older, we’ll see something different from him, but I really don’t think it’s likely to be special needs. Maybe I’m wrong though, I don’t know.

bubbs on

it is so weird how nicole richie has become this almost professional earth-mother (as in the fact that she is a mother seems to be the absolute core of her public image)…. whereas christina has kept her personal life very private.

just interesting to me how different mothers have chosen to deal with motherhood in the spotlight.

the whole special needs thing is HIGHLY unlikely … poor kid is just zoning out pre-nap.

Mimi on

I don’t know if Max is special needs, but as a mom of two autistic boys, I can tell you that seeing a child laugh or talk or being animated doesn’t mean they DON’T have autism. Autistic kids aren’t robots or personality deprived shells. My older son is higher functioning and it can take awhile for people to notice anything different about him. Even my lower functioning middle son who is nonverbal laughs like crazy, has a wonderful sense of humor, and is affectionate.

I’m not being critical of any of the other posters’ comments, I’m just letting people know that the stuff they see on TV where kids are robotic isn’t realistic. Autistic people feel everything we do; they just process those feelings and express them differently. As such, it’d be pretty impossible to tell if a child is autistic based on photos or even video unless they had some obvious signs like hand flapping or fascination with objects. Plus there’s so many degrees of autism that some people aren’t diagnosed into their teens, sometimes even later. A blank stare in a picture or an animated child in a picture don’t prove anything. It could be the happy, chatty child with autism and the quiet, blank staring kid could just be pensive.

penny on

he is all his mommy. Beautiful like a doll. Too beautiful for a boy. Prescious.

Laura on

My son was born the same day as Max, so it’s been fun for me to see pictures and compare the two. And FWIW, my son often has that spacey look in pictures and he’s perfectly fine. I just don’t think they get “posing” for the camera yet and are very busy exploring their world and checking everything out.

Shirelle on

Max is so cute!

Brady on

if he’s “special needs” then so is everyone in that picture, because no one seems focused on the camera.

Brady on

Chistina looks Hot!!!
Maxito is Cute.
Christina’s a good mom.
Beautiful Family

Nicole on

hes not special needs

Anon on

Thanks Mimi, I wanted to say something similar. Sometimes autism isn’t readily apparent.

Brooklyn on

He’s so cute!
I love Christina outfit!

crg on

I agree with the other poster who said have you seen his father? He looks the same way. He just looks like his dad, who I always thought was kind of goofy looking. However, I do finally see a bit of Christina in him in the picture where he is smiling.

Max on

Christina has a normal family
I think she’s a great mom.
no drugs, rehab, hospitalzations for her.
some how, she got it together.

gianna on

Mex looks exactly like his father, same nose, chin, and lips as his dad, only thing of christina I see are his blue eyes. He is all jordan.

Mary-Helen on

Maybe he looks “spacey” because it’s a candid photo and he’s just had a long day of arts and crafts fun and is tired. My daughters look kind of spaced out after a long day.

Rayan on

No I haven’t seen his father.

Sorry if I offended anyone. Just in every picture I’ve seen of Max (I haven’t seen alot) he always has that blank stare. So I wanted to know if maybe he was and I missed the interview where she said something.

He is a very cute little boy though!!

nonsinger3 on

Its good to see a picture of Christina and Max. Haven’t seen her around lately. Max is adorable; Christina looks happy and comfortable! Can’t wait to here the new album. However, I hope she doesn’t change her style of music too much. I don’t know too many artist where almost every song is good and not just a filler. Christina delivers good music.

Lorus on

Babies/toddlers come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. My two girls right from birth were VERY alert. Everyone would always comment about how they were so intense and it looked like they were just thinking about something big. The downside to having these intense babies is they rarely ever shut off. There were many times I wished I could have a “zoned out” baby that would fall asleep on their own at any point during the day. I’ve always loved pictures of babies who have fallen asleep in their highchairs/exersaucer/while playing on the floor. My kids? NEVER happened.

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