As The World Turns' Maura West Welcomes Daughter Birdie

06/19/2009 at 08:00 AM ET

Mathew Imaging/FilmMagic

Actress Maura West‘s world has been turned pink! The As The World Turns star and her husband, actor Scott DeFreitas welcomed their fourth child together — and Maura’s fifth overall — on Tuesday, June 16th, a rep for CBS confirms to CBB. Daughter Birdie West DeFreitas came into the world at 5:33 p.m., weighing 7 lbs., 13 oz and measuring 20 inches long.

Baby girl joins Benjamin Crawford, 13, Maura’s son with ex-husband Jonathan Knight, Joseph Peter, 9, Katherine Marie, 7 Β½, and Basil John, 2.

The pregnancy was announced in January, with Maura’s co-star sharing that the expectant mama was “over the moon.”

— Anya

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Domonique on

I know the name Birdie is different, but Scott’s grandmother name was Birdie so she is named after her great grandmother, I met Maura in April, and she told me what she was having, she was very Tiny. I knew from the day this baby would be the smallest. SHe usually have big babies let’s see
Benjamin was 11lbs
Jospeh was 10lbs
Katherine was 8 lbs
Basil was 9 lbs
and of course baby Birdie is 7 lbs

brannon on

Love the name!

wowfornoobs on

I love the name Birdie πŸ™‚ I think it’s just so sweet! Someone else had a baby Birdie on CBB a while back…Birdie Leigh was her name. LOVE it!

jk on

I love the name! And, I love the date she was born…we share the same birthday!

Michelle on

I believe it was Busy Phillips who also has a daughter named Birdie. Not a huge fan of the name myself, but I think it’s very sweet that she’s named after her great-grandmother.

Love Maura on ATWT. Congrats to the whole family! πŸ™‚

Ruby on

jk – It was Busy Philips who called her baby Birdie Leigh, last August I think.

Domonique on

If you all don’t watch As The World Turns on CBS 1 pm Est and 2 pm WST time please watch it, Maura plays Carly Tenney, she is a mess. I love her she’s so talented

Colleen on

I love Maura! I remember when she was on Baby Story, was that really 9 years ago?! Congrats to Maura & Scott and the whole family! Birdie is a cute name.

Sandra on

Birdie West? Come on! Seriously? It would be fine as a nickname but really????

Hilda on

Birdie is cute…for a nickname, that is. I’m all for uniqueness,but,seriously?!? I can just imagine when she starts school! I wish ’em well, though.

Tina on

at first i thought it was really weird:S but then after i like it. Alabama and Birdie are cool names:) very unique i think.

mama2be on

I love the name Birdie! Why not right? There are already about 10,000 Avas, Ellas, Sophias and Isabellas. Time to change it up.

JMO on

Birdie reminds me of Sandra Bullock’s character in Hope Floats!! It’s cute but to me more of nickname/pet name πŸ™‚

Anne on

Another silly name that the child will be embarrassed about when she is older. Say “tweet tweet” as other kids will tease her.

Andrea on

Broke the biblical theme they had. I think it’s ridculous

Alice on

Eventually there will be a whole generation of children where many have unusual names and it won’t be such a big deal. This morning I spoke to a woman on the phone at work and she said her name was Trinity. Now I’ve heard that name before, and I actually think it is a pretty name, but I almost started laughing, which would have been rude. Thank goodness I managed to control myself.

JMO on

Looks like Ben, Joe and Kate dodged a bullet with the name game! LOL

Sam & Freya's Mum on

#14:, totally agree, poor girl, & also agree her other kids (as someone else said) and a lucky escape, IMO, long as they like it and baby girl is healthy though, but not a fan of Birdie on a child, maybe a pet, lol…

Mimi on

I have to assume that most posters on here live in lily white areas because if you’ve had experiences with other cultures and ways of life, you wouldn’t think naming a child Birdie is that weird nor would you choose to mock the child or predict that others would automatically mock the child. I’ve taught children named Dong, but most of you would snicker and tease those children because you were raised in sheltered, nondiverse worlds. Still it’s not really your fault for we are only what we know from experience and your experiences are less diverse and creative. Those kids named Dong weren’t made fun of because kids today (at least here in Indiana and maybe not where you live) are savvy about diversity. I wouldn’t name my own child Birdie or Bandit or Moxie, but I wouldn’t think less of a person who did and my children wouldn’t pick on a child because they had a less common name. That’s just us though.

Tina on

good way of saying that Mimi.

sat on

congrats, love the name.

Sarah M. on

There are 2 children that attend my church named ‘Duck’ and ‘Tree.’ They are Vietnamese, though, and attend the Vietnamese service held on Sunday afternoons. I’m not sure if they are common names in that culture, though.

Congrats on a healthy baby and best wishes to the entire family!

TracyG on

I love Maura! She’s one talented actress…she’s fabulous.

Sam and Freya’s mum: I would think that someone with a name for her daughter that is not common where I am from (I’ve never heard it before)would think twice about making fun of the name Birdie. You chose a “unique” “Different” name for your child, but Maura can’t do the same without being insulted? I think that’s called hypocrisy isn’t it???? If someone felt that YOUR daughter’s name was “weird” or “out there” would you really want them to say it about her? I think not….think about it.

Congrats to Maura and Scott! One of the few celeb couples that have made it so far….and I’m sure baby Birdie is gorgeous, just like her Mommy. πŸ™‚

Alison on

CONGRATS, Maura and family! Welcome to the world, Birdie!

I LOVE Maura West, she is talented and beautiful. The only reason I even bother to watch As the World Turns.

Birdie is a bit of an odd name, but as expected, it’s a family name, and that’s very important for Maura and Scott. I doubt they care that people think it’s weird – family trumps everything.

I wish them all the best! πŸ™‚

FC on

Congrats to Maura and Scott on little Birdieβ€”and that is no pun! Her name just reminds me of Sandra Bullock’s character’s name in Hope Floats, one of my favorite movies.

eternalcanadian on

Umm, Birdie? Isn’t that some kind of golf score? Oh well, chalk it up to yet another unique celebrity name. πŸ™‚

DeeDee on

I like the name Birdie – mostly because it’s a family name, and it’s different. I have a nephew named Jett, and he got the name simply because his parents thought it was a “cool” name for a boy… How sad for him that when he gets crap for his name he can’t even have a reason for his name being what it is…. I’m all for different names, even “noun” names, but with meaning. Too bad Joseph, Katherine and Benjamin have such common names.

jazzie on

Congratulations to two of my all time favorites, Scott and Maura. I have four children considered to be a lot by many family and friends, so I truly commend her/them for doing what they want regarding their family size, and especially the name for the baby. It is very nice to know she didn’t have to obtain permission from others to name her baby. My kids have names with meaning, not names picked from a hat, so I think it is her (and her husband’s) business. We named our kids what we wanted, and told people their names after the birth, not before like many people do.

I love the name “Birdie”! My favorite greataunt, my grandmother’s dear sister’s name is Birdie. If this baby is half as beautiful as my Aunt Birdie, she will do this beautiful name justice.

Again, I sincerely congratulate the parents and wish them continued love and happiness with their wonderful family!

Alesha on

I am so happy for her & the family, she is my favorite soap actress, CONGRATS!!!! I hope she wins the EMMY, too;)

Lucy Wyllie on

So happy for Maura and Scott…looking foward to Carly coming back….how can she do it with 5 kids………

Marinka on

Congrats to Maura, Scott & family πŸ™‚ Birdie is a cute name πŸ˜€ The only thing I’m sad about is that Maura will be off ATWT for a while again πŸ˜›

kelly on

I came up with the name Birdie one day on my own and was so proud of it. So I started googling and found these two celebs with this name. It was actually a somewhat common name in the late 1800’s and then again in the 1920’s -1940’s. I love it. This was all news to me. I thought I invented something on my own. After you say it a few times, and let it sit with you, it just starts to sound like a Florence, beatrice, or some other old name from way back then. It’s vintage, classy, cute, and “bird” is a cute nick name, or you could use “bea” or just go by the middle name if the kid finds it non-fitting. It’s been my #1 pick for about a year now, and I am 3 months pregnant. My husband is a little nervous making the step of “birdie” as the first name, but I really love and feel attached. Way to go soap star. I have “olive” as a family name but when i told a friend it was my #1 pick (before birdie) she totally snatched it and never discussed it with me, just named her girl Olive. LAME. I already have one friend trying to snatch Birdie from me. I told her paws off, no way.

Elisabeth on

It’s an unusual name, and she may likely face teasing, but there must be a reason they chose the name for this baby, so I wish them all well.

mrh1234 on

Hard to understand why it’s anyone’s business what people name their children, or why folks think it’s their right to critisize.