Combi Twin Sport Stroller: Two Can Ride For The Weight Of One

06/18/2009 at 04:00 PM ET

The Combi Twin Sport stroller ($200) is a nice option for those who need a lightweight and portable stroller for two kids.

At only 22 pounds, the Twin Sport weighs less than many full-featured single strollers and it accommodates two kids up to 45 pounds each.

Assembly and Fold
The Twin Sport came together really in just a few minutes. The fold is just like the Combi single strollers. First they fold in half forward, then again lengthwise. The fold isn’t super tight. It’s a bit gangly with wheels sticking out. But it’s only about the size of a full-size single stroller and it’s really easy to fold. It stands and can be wheeled around while folded and it has a convenient carrying strap that doesn’t get in the way when you’re pushing.

Ride and Maneuverability
We find that you really get what you pay for in the maneuverability category, and lightweight strollers usually don’t handle as well as their heavier counterparts. The Twin Sport doesn’t have a particularly luxurious ride. There’s some flex to the frame, particularly when loaded with two wiggling toddlers, and there’s some wheel noise. Small, plastic wheels don’t do much for rough terrain but individual brakes do work well for the back wheels. The push bar is slick, hard plastic and it made me wish for some kind of texture for grip. I also tended to step on the center pair of back wheels from time to time. Still, my two boys, ages 1 and 3, rode comfortably and I wouldn’t hesitate to use this stroller on trips.

Seat and Recline
Both seats are well padded and recline quite far back with a Nylon strap and buckle system. They have 5-point safety harnesses and a fixed foot rest that was too high for my 3-year-old son. The passengers have flexible toddler bars and three cup holders.

Each sun shade has a pocket for parents’ stuff but there is no accessory bar or cup holder for parents. Two large baskets are bisected by a rod that’s part of the frame, but it really doesn’t affect their capacity much. Elastic mesh keeps belongings secure.

Sun Protection
Both children have individual, moderately sized sun shades that can be adjusted separately. Each has a small, mesh window with a Velcro closure.

Pros: The seats are well padded and the kids have three compartments for their snacks and drinks. At 22 pounds, it’s very light for a double stroller.

Cons: The ride can’t be described as smooth or quiet, but my kids didn’t complain. There is no parent cup holder.

Final Verdict: The Combi Twin Sport is ideal for travelers or for those who need an additional double stroller for Grandma’s house or Daddy’s car. I wouldn’t recommend it for everyday, hard use but it could go on vacation without any complaints.


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tara on

I don’t care for Combi strollers, especially the twin models. They don’t maneuver well and they are very frustrating. The review is pretty accurate, this is better for grandmas house, but why not go for a cheaper Chico or Jeep stroller for grandmas. The best double out there in my opinion is the Baby Jogger City Mini. Lightweight, easy to fold and super smooth. It may be larger than what some parents want, but I love this stroller and would buy it as a single if I needed one.

gina on

we have a combi twin sport stroller…it’s not the most amazing thing. it worked well when the twins were younger, but now, it just seems too small. and they’re only 13 months old! we prefer the kolcraft contours for the simple fact that the babies can face eachother! my sons love being able to talk and throw things at eachother 😉

Cece on

I LOVE this stroller. I used it when my son was a baby and my daughter a toddler, and even today, I took both my children (now 4 and five) out in the city. For a double stroller, it easily fits through doorways, and it’s nice as the canopy can go all the way down to protect against sun, napping or just for fun!

Kim on

I have the single stroller of this and I HATE IT!!! Its fine if you are going straight but the second you try to turn it its horrible!! It feels really stiff!

leah123 on

I absolutely love this stroller! I have twin toddlers who are pretty heavy and the bar handle makes it so easy to push compared to my previous stroller which had two handles. The cupholders are great for drinks or small snacks. My two complaints about it are the lack of storage space since the baskets are small and awkward to use (you really have to push things in far for them to stay put) and the fact that it does not handle bumps on sidewalks very well.

Sara on

I was looking at these online and I believe you can put the combi infant carseats in these also. I have the single and it is okay. I prefer my Maclaren for a lightweight stoller but it was super nice to be able to use it as a travel system. Elsewhere it says you can put two carseats in, has anyone done that or know for sure/.

pyjammy on

we have a slightly older model of this stroller for my triplets (the other rides in a single) and i love it. it’s so light, folds small, and has huge canopies. i only wish i had cupholders in mine!

CBB Kristen on

Sara, I wrote the review and spoke to the Combi representative today. She confirmed that the Combi Twin Sport only accommodates one infant seat.

Kiersten Wheelock on

I really want to get this stroller. I have a 20 month old and a baby due in March…the only thing stopping me is that I don’t know for sure if the infant car seat that we already own will hook into it. Does it have to be a Combi car seat to work?

Dan on

I have this stroller for my boy and girl twins. My wife has heart problems from the pregnancy and could not lift our first stroller (a Graco Duo glider @ 38 lbs). The Combi twin sport comes in at 22 lbs whic her doctor said she can safely lift. I found few strollers at such a low weight.

I don’t like it as much as a front and back stroller but it fits though standard doors. We choose this over models like the jeep stroller because it can accomodate the twins up to 55 lbs each versus 33 for the Jeep stroller. I hope they are not riding at 55 lbs however!

The lack of a cup holder can be remedied by purchasing a removable bar mounted cup holder (like munchkin makes) or by purchasing the optional combi “stroller pack” which is a small bag with c water bootle holder that is made to attach to the stroller. A hook for the diaper bag is a must because it isn’t going to fit around the wide handle bars or in the basket below.

Other reviewers have had issues manuveing this, but I have not, nor has my wife. I still utilize the Duo glider, but my wife loves and will not leave home without the Combi.

survey on

It’s Great. I want to have something like this if we have more baby. Love the style of it. Thanks