Naomi Watts and Kai Reflect at the Western Wall

06/17/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

While visiting Jerusalem on Tuesday, Naomi Watts — carrying son Samuel Kai, 6 months — rests a hand on the Western Wall.

The family, including Liev Schreiber and 22-month-old son Sasha, are currently vacationing in Israel, where they were spotted planting trees earlier this week.

Bauer Griffin

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Sarah on

Finally a picture! He’s cute! Looks more like Liev.

Ryo on

Just as adorable as his big brother! But he looks completely different!

Fifi on

Oh my goodness, he’s adorable!!

ZBP on

He is so adorable. lol. this is the first time you actually see him. I love this family!

Christina Bledsoe on

Naomi’s kids are cute.

jenny on

Finally a clear pic of him!! I see a lot of his big brother in him…So sweet

Megan on

Oh my–this is the first real face shot we’ve had of Kai and my oh my he’s a GORGEOUS one–he’s simply delicious–he looks like big brother Sascha–but the thing i love about Naomi and Liev’s boys–they are the perfect combination of both of them–I see Naomi’s coloring in him but some of daddy’s features…beautiful–but with mom and dad, these boys were obviously going to be hit with the gorgeous stick!

Ally on

did Naomi and Liev get married? looks like she’s wearing a wedding band…

Nona on

what a sweetheart!!!!!! I love how he’s gumming that toy.

I hope to get a better glimpse of Samuel soon.

Nicole on

I’m a little disheartened that the paparazzi decided to photograph at the Western Wall. I feel like I’m peeking in on a moment I shouldn’t be.

That said, Kai is adorable – not Sasha adorable, mind you – but cute just the same.

kai on

ahhh, cute! so big already.

btw, is this a wedding ring on her finger?:)

Erin on

That is a very moving photo. I hope Liev was on hand to snap up a shot for the family. I just love how at peace they both seem!

jacky on

wow he is big for 6 months!

Natasha on

I can’t really tell who he looks like, but I’m thinking more like Liev?

Brooke on

I actually don’t think Kai looks anything like Sasha. I see Daddy in him more than Naomi.

Solène on

he doesn’t look like Sasha a lot, but he’s adorable as well! I can’t wait to see him as he grows up.

Amanda on

Nicole, I totally agree. I was thinking the same thing. At first it looked like a personal photo taken by someone she was with, but then I wondered how disgusting it must have been to have paparazzi at such a holy and meditative location. Quite honestly, taking any photographs there just feels wrong.

Judy on

Lovely family. Parents look so happy. Children are beautiful. Lucky them. All happiness to them.

Allison on

I agree. You wouldn’t let the paps into any other synaogue or church while services are going on, why is this any different? I’ve been there, and they DEFINITELY shouldn’t be in a place where men and women don’t even pray together because of religious regulations. Wonder how the Hasidic women felt about that…

I’ll get off my soapbox now. Kai looks chubbier than Sasha, both are cute.

CTBmom on

He is adorable….I think he is a combination of his parents, but favors his daddy more. too cute!

Lauren on

This is definitely a contender for the best shot I’ve ever seen on this site. At the same time, I’m stunned and sad that the paparazzi would follow them all the way to Israel. Kai’s gorgeous regardless, though I definitely wouldn’t say he looks just like Sasha. He’s got his own look for sure.

kate on

thought he was called “sammy” … when did they change to “kai”???

Pamela on

Aw! Sasha has more delicate features that Samuel-but both adorable!

Crystal on

Are they calling him Kai instead of Samuel? I ♥ the name Kai!!!

lina on

He is cute. But he is totally different of his brother. Is funny because sometimes Sasha looks tiny for his age but this baby is the other way around. He seems big for his age..

Jackie on

Oh, WHAT A HANDSOME LITTLE GUY! I totally LOVE this picture! I do see a little of Naomi and Sasha in little Samuel, but as far as I can tell, his looks are closer to Liev-not that there is anything wrong with that!🙂 Won’t their family pics be adorable-Sasha a clone of Mom and Sammy looks like Dad! Too cute!!
And I agree with whoever said that Sasha is small for his age, whereas Sam is big! It really doesn’t matter if they are small or big, as long as they are both healthy. Once again, congrats to both Naomi and Liev.

Shira on

I think theyre married..since her hat is covering up her hair LOL..that child is omgoshhhh adorable! just like his brother🙂

Heather on

I am really disappointed that the paparazzi would steal this moment from the family. While the baby is cute, I would imagine it was a private moment for Naomi. I know they’re celebrities but geesh you’d think there’d be an amount of respect.

Eliza on

What an absolutely gorgeous little boy! I agree with those who say he seems to look a bit more like his dad, while Sasha looks more like Naomi.

Am a bit sad to see the paparazzi being so close to them in such a holy place – it feels like invading a private moment, even more than usual.

Jamie on

CBB, I do agree–while it’s lovely to see Kai’s face (he is so gorgeous!!!) I do think this picture is too intrusive to post.

jessica on

naw he is so adorable. I can’t believe 6 months has gone past already?

does anyone know whether they call him Samuel or Kai ?

alice jane on

Is this (and the 3 others posted with Sasha) actually a paparazzi shot? This one just seems even closer than most paparazzi shots, and in the other post Liev and Naomi are posing for the camera in the first picture.

Kai is adorable though; he almost looks like he’s almost the same size as Sasha although of course I know that can’t be right! I guess it’s just because Naomi is pretty small that her boys look so big when she’s holding them!

Tamara on

i doubt this is a paparazzi shot, there are seperate sides for men and women and the western wall, so probably it’s just a woman who recognized her and took it, or it’s their shot. they are not so famous that paparazzi would follow them to israel, and not famous enough for israeli paparazzi. they have cute kids.

Sisa on

Is he called Kai now? I remember Liev referred to him as Sammy and then said that they weren’t sure whether to call him Samuel or Kai!

kai on

in case anyone cares, liev’s not wearing a wedding ring in the pics from yesterday. hm. these two are probably never going to tell us anyway.

ps. love the name kai! lol

Sarah M. on

Unless they changed it, they’re calling him ‘Sammy.’ That’s what they’ve called him in several interviews, at least.

He is precious! Just as cute as Sascha, but in a different way!!

Ryo on

I actually don’t think these are paparazzi shots – I think this is like what happens when celebs get their pics taken at Disneyland, where there’s an official photographer and they have permission because they are really close both in this pic and in yesterday’s.

Galia on

As strange as it might sound- for your information there are actually photographers in Israel too! yes israeli paparazi! They had a very low key holiday, they even dined at the hotel’s dinning room and were pretty much incognito. They even met the prime minister Shimon Peres!
kid is cute! and quite frankly I would’nt recognise her either if I’d bumped into her here…

April on

In regards to the name Naomi said on Ellen a few months ago that they were calling him Sammy (at that time) but were talking about changing it because they didn’t think it would work when he was older. And she said they had a hard time deciding between Samuel Kai and Kai Samuel. Liev has referred to him as Kai in several of his most recent interviews, so it’s fair to say they’ve made the switch.

Also these are not paparazzi pictures, they are traveling with a Jewish foundation group and the foundation is releasing the photos to the media every day. In my line of work I get them in my email as well.

That said Kai is adorable and has Sasha’s serious eyebrows/expression but looks a little more like Liev.

Lily on

As someone who is Jewish and lived in Israel, it makes me sad to know the paparazzi are taking photos at the Western Wall. It’s inappropriate and disrespectful.

Both their boys are beautiful and favour Naomi a lot.

nir on

AFAIK – there were no paparzzi images taken as we dont have any images of them in the local newspapers or TV – I only read a mention of their visit here saying it was a private one – I guess the local paparzzi acknowledged it and left them alone.

sam on

samuel looks completely different than alexander, and much cuter without thad sad expression🙂

pia on

i think this boy looks just like his mama. sasha looks like liev and this little lovely is all naomi…🙂 so adorable..
and yeah, i’d really hope it wasn’t a paparazzi at her shoulder in this holy place.. that would suck so badly it doesn’t bear thinking about.

ShiraB on

i totally agree with nicole and others that have writtten about the picture being taken by the paps at such a special place. it is one thing for another member of her party to snap the pic! however some mentioned that liev might have taken it but is not the case because men would not be allowed to enter onto the women’s side!!! that said kai/sammy or whatever they r calling him now is absolutely adorable and although he doesnt look like sasha you can tell they r brothers!!!! so cute!!! adorable family!!

Lis on

Wow. He is really, really cute. I mean really, REALLY cute!

Anybody else think it’s weird they “switched” what they’re calling him? It’s almost like changing his name… Dunno, maybe it’s just me😉

jessie on

he’s a cutie. it’s weird that people complain about not seeing a celebrity’s baby but when they finally see a pic, they complain about how they think the photo was taken. who knows who actually took the photo in the first place

sam on

lis, i don’t think this is weird since kai is his given name. i mean it’s not like naming kid alexander and calling him sasha all the time. THAT is like changing name

Karen on

Sasha is actually a diminutive form of Alexander so calling him Sasha is no different then calling him Alex, or calling Samual, Sammy.

Beaglie on

I am heartbroken that someone at the Wailing Wall would take a picture of somebody praying and sell it for a profit. It is such a holy place that anyone who goes there, celebrity or not, deserves a little respect and privacy to pray. I have been there before and I couldn’t imagine if I saw a celebrity that I would take a picture of them, let alone sell it to the press. They are a beautiful family and unless this picture came directly from them, I think that the whole situation around it is very sad.

mazzie on

same as sasha, kai has naomi’s colouring and liev’s features although in a totally different way to his big brother!!
how adorable!!

Anon on

To me he’s all Naomi.

sam on

karen,that’s not really true. alexander, alex and sasha is / can be different names. if you want to call kid sasha, you name him sasha, so than kid named alexander is called sasha for me it sounds like giving him different name and callind kai kai is absolutely normal🙂

JMO on

I never got why people go by their kids middle names. Shortening a name is different but if you wanted to call him Kai why not name him Kai?? And if he’s older and decides to change it that’s different. I would never decide to name my son James Christopher and proceed to call him Chris! But that’s just me.

BTW I’m with others who said these are NOT paparazzi style photos. First and foremost we’ve seen Liev go off on paparazzi I highly doubt they’d be allowing someone who had no permission to take these photos without hearing about a backlash! And to me from the other photos they look like they’ve perhaps given permission for the release of them. But I’m no expert either.

pia on

jessie – i don’t think anyone is complaining about seeing a photo of the baby, just if some paparazzi took a photo of them at the wailing wall, which is very sacred to those of us who are jewish, it would be wrong. no arguments. just wrong. however, if they were authorized to take photos, by naomi and liev, that’s a different matter entirely.

Daisy on

He looks nothing like his big brother…IMO…he is such a cutie though!!!

kim on

The other day I was in the apple store here in NYC and I was trying to push my stroller between this man kneeling with his child talking to a staffer and a wall. I thought the man was so rude kneeling right there – I said excuse me many times – and then just pushed my stroller through, slamming the man in the lower back (by mistake???) He turned around and it was Liev with Sasha!!! I was like “Soorry” – he smile and that was it. ha!

babyboopie on

Kai is absolutely beautiful, he looks like Sasha in the mouth but has Liev’s eyes! He is just as beautiful as his big brother is!

Marilyn on

I think Samuel looks like Liev and Sasha looks like Naomi.

gianna on

He is cute, and looks a bit like sasha

Helen on

can someone tell me what nationality Liev is. I know that the couple mostly lives in New York, and that Naomi is from Australia, but Schreiber is a german name and now here their are in Israel, so did Liev’s family came from eatern Europe ( like mine!!) to the states?
Sasha looks a lot like Noami but i think that he has this very cute european face…
And Samuel is a jewish name so…

MLS on

Oh wow…I was just there less than a week ago!

Lioness on

Helen, Liev is American, of mixed western and eastern European heritage. I suspect he is Jewish as well. I originally thought that he was Russian- Liev is a Russian name, and the shortening of Alexander to Sasha is also a Russian thing, but I was wrong, lol. Anyway, great-looking family, this is one of the few pics I’ve seen of Sasha smiling- how cute is he!! Though let’s face it, the kid is adorable no matter what face he’s making. I think Kai is all Liev, from what I’ve seen, but I’ve never seen a great shot of him.

actualsize on

Sam, in many parts of the world Sasha really is just a short form of Alexander, so they’re not giving him a different name. It’s no different than people called John being given the nickname Jack. Sounds weird, but that’s just the accepted nickname.

FC on

Kai is just as cute as his big bro, Sasha! He seems to take more after his mama to me right now.🙂

Benigna Marko on

What a cutie. I am sure he will break many hollywood baby girl’s hearts. Beautiful.

Holly on

It’s days like these when I wish I was the mother of Sasha and Kai… I never get tired of seeing them. Sasha has got fair skin, and I think that is so adorable. More pics of this family, anyone?

Emily on

This photo was not necessarily done by the paps but it would be extremely out of character for the schreibers to do it.I think it was a fellow tourist who then just sold it.

It was taken by the photographer for the Jewish National Fund, the group that they were touring with.

– CBB Staff

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