Molly Sims Puckers Up to Pregnant Heidi Klum!

06/17/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

An expectant Heidi Klum — and her baby girl — get a little love from pal Molly Sims during the CFDA Fashion Awards at New York’s Lincoln Center on Monday night.

Wearing a Michael Kors dress, the Project Runway host told E!, “I’m bigger than I should be, but I always gain 40-45 pounds, so I still have a ways to go.”

Heidi’s daughter, due in October, will be the fourth child for the model and husband Seal.

The couple have their name list narrowed down to five, Heidi says, and will wait until they meet their baby girl to make a final decision.

See pregnant Heidi strike a pose below!

Evan Agostini/Elevation

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Lee on

wow, she looks great!!

Lis on

Heidi is adorable😀
But on a side note, what the heck is Molly Sims wearing? LOL!

CTBmom on

Heidi is gorgeous, and pregnancy just seems to agree with her. She is the epitomy of pregnancy glow.

Brooklyn on

Heidi looks gorgeous!!!

stedine on

Molly Sims looks cute in her dress

TV on

Bigger than she should be. That seems a bit weird when you consider she’s barely showing as it is and she’s due in 3 1/2 months. I have a cousin that’s due three weeks after Heidi, also has the same build, and she has a slightly bigger belly than Heidi does right now. Doctor even told her that she’s a few pounds below of where she should be at this stage of pregnancy. Really trying hard not to bash on Heidi since she’s one of my faves but I find it ridiculous that she appears to be worried over how big she has gotten already.

lara x on

Heidi looks beautiful. If she were a more plus sized woman, people would be all over her for saying that she expects to gain 40-45 pounds because that is “normal” for her.

Stephanie on

She looks so beautiful…always does pregnant. I can’t wait to see this little girl (I didnt know it was a girl until I read this post), she’ll be beautiful!

MZ on

TV: how much a woman shows doesn’t necessarily correlate with weight gain. A lot of factors can influence how much a woman shows: her torso, how the baby is sitting, how she’s standing at the time and what she’s wearing.

i’m also surprised she says she’s weighing more than she should though, b/c i assumed (perhaps unfairly) that she’s under weight, being a model and all that, and 40 lbs is actually still a healthy weight gain for women who are underweight. i think it’s 25-35 lbs for normal weight and 35-40 or maybe even 45 for an underweight woman. for someone who is overweight it’s 15-20 or 25.

Helen on

i don’t know why but i have a feeling… Listen up people, i’m pretty sure that Heidi and Seal are going to name their daughter Hanna or maybe Anya well at least a name with lot’s of “A” in it… just a thought.
can’t wait until october to see if i’m right!

sara on

honestly i think she looks great and im sure its just the dress that she is wearing that is making her look smaller.. its not form fitting so she will look smaller.

Eric on

Wow, fourth baby? She looks amazing! I wonder what kind of program she is on to look like that. What a cute bump. I’m sure this girl will come out looking beautiful as well.

Erica on

If I looked anywhere near as stunning as Heidi does while pregnant, I would have babies every year. lol. I don’t know if anyone here has heard about the rude remarks Karl Lagerfield made about Heidi and Seal (individually or as a couple) but clearly the man is insane. She is definitely one of the most photogenic women I’ve ever seen, “supermodel” or not. And she’s nothing but lucky to have Seal, who by all means is a great father and husband. Thumbs up to this family.🙂

Sammy-xx on

Lis, Molly’s dress was actually very nice but scrunched up it doesnt look so good.

Heidi always looks great, pregnant or not. Grr.

Leni, Henry and Johan are all beautiful I cant wait to see this baby girl,

and it still makes me laugh when I think of Leni and Henry, I know it’s pronounced Lay-nee but I always get a giggle from it.

brook on

Helen…Oh, I hope not another Anya-those seem to be everywhere!!! I am sure they will come up with a beautiful name!

sage on

Heidi is so Beautiful can’t wait for her baby girl to arrive.

Patrick on

Great photos

Courtney on

I can’t wait either I kind of hope they Use Melissa or Shauna those don’t come up very often

FC on

She, and the baby, look great in the dress!🙂 No surprise, really, but I had to comment.😉

Johanna on

Since Leni, Henry and Johan are quite traditional old German names, I guess they will continue with that kind of choice.
Something like Lina, Anna, Hanna, Louise, Noa…

babyboopie on

No I have a feeling their girl will have a german name, like Ada or Jana!

Anon on

I’d say heidi i probably like 140-150lbs pre-pregnancy weight. I say that because Tyra banks has said she’s 161lbs and I know Gisele Bundchen is like 120-something. So she probably falls somewhere in the middle. Because shes so tall it doesn’t seem like that much of a weight gain. I’m just wondering where it all goes! We’ve seen her through 3 pregnancies now and she always looks so slender and beautiful.

cas on

she is beautiful

Lauren on

I worked this event and was standing right next to E!, so I heard everything Heidi said that is written here and then some from 5 feet away🙂. I remember definitely being surprised when she remarked how she’s larger than she should be, as I think this is the smallest she’s been while pregnant so far and her bump, while noticable, is definitely on the small side. She looks just right for being due in October. She said they’re waiting til “she pops out” to decide on one of the five names and pulled a little green pom pom ball out of her clutch that Leni had made for her. She was with Michael Kors at that point, who said Heidi is the epitome of a woman with a pregnant glow and bundles of energy. I’m a huge fan of Project Runway, so that was definitely the highlight of the night for me.

And for what it’s worth, Molly’s dress was definitely one of my favorites that night. It looked awesome in person.

Melanie on

I’d love to know what those five names are!

erin h on

Dear baby-to-be,

Your mom is gorgeous and your dad isn’t half bad either!

Jamie on

The thing I absolutely love about this family is how much Heidi and Seal are into each other, and how they always put each other first. The couple is the foundation of everything in a family, and I cannot see these two having marital problems for not having their priorities straight. Just love to see how much in love they are, love love love them!

gianna on

Molly looks gorgeous in the pics I saw. Anyway as for heidi, she has been showing a lot quicker this time around, than she was with henry and johan, but that is normal because not only is this her 4th kid, but it’s her 4th kid within 5 yrs. That takes a toll on even the best bodies and you tend to pop out sooner, the more pregnancies close together you have. Elisabeth hasselbeck seems much bigger this pregnancy, than her last 2 pregnancies also IMO. Heidi also said in intouch magazine she gets bigger with girl pregnancies than she does with boys, said she has love handles and looks further along with girl pregnancies she noticed. She said she is not worred because she will work out hard, and lose all the baby weight. I’m sure she will get her body back, she did it 3 times before. I think the baby’s name will be german like the other kids, and have a lot of middle names like them too. I’m curious to see if she looks more like henry or johan, or just totally different

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