Kobe Bryant and Gianna: Sweet Success

06/17/2009 at 02:00 PM ET

Mwah! Kobe Bryant celebrates the Los Angeles Lakers NBA Finals win on Sunday by laying a smooch on daughter Gianna Maria-Onore, 3.

The festive family, including wife Vanessa and older daughter Natalia Diamante, 6 ½, cheered Kobe on in Lakers purple and gold, and later posed with the team’s trophy!

Ronald Martinez/Getty

See a photo of the whole family (plus the trophy) below!

Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty

Click here for yesterday’s cutie!

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Sammy-xx on

Ah I am a puddle right now, that is the cutest picture.

Beautiful Girls, so cute in their Lakers dresses.

Anon on

The littlest one has really interesting features.

Fitzi on

Aaaaw, they are adorable. I’ll have kids like that in a few years and after those pictures I really can’t wait!

sage on

Cuteness overload! I heard Kobe say that Gianna is a total daddy’s girl. So precious how Natalia looks so much like her dad.

Shelby on

Boo, GO MAGIC! Hah, while I have a strong distaste for Kobe and his actions, his girls are adorable and such a cute family picture!

LL65 on

Cute! Is that a real emerald bracelet?

Amanda on

Those girls look a lot alike – definitely take after daddy! How sweet =)

Deadra on

I agree with Shelby…not a fan of Kobe, nor am I a fan of his wife…but his girls are gorgeous…!

L on

Much dislike for both parents…but that does not matter…gorgeous girls though nonetheless!!

SportsFrog on

Hmmm. Wonder when they are going to announce Vanessa’s pregnancy. During the game on Sunday you could totally tell she had a little bump going on. Plus, Gianna kept rubbing her tummy when she wasn’t watching the game.

sage on

“LL65” I wonder if it’s a real one too lol wouldn’t be surprised. Also I forgot to add how Vanessa is beyond Beautiful

Dynasty on

Those little girls are so beautiful I’m an african american girl and I want to marry an Italian man when I get older and my little girls will probalby look somthing like that with the skin and hair.

Christina Bledsoe on

Wow, Kobe’s daughter is beautiful.

ZBP on

I ‘dislike’ Kobe with a firey passion, but his wife and daughters are beautiful. i wonder what his daughters will think of him when they really know what he did in his past.

Elle on

Wow Dynasty, that’s a really interesting comment to make. I love when people make intelligent comments.

jimmie on

Wonderful family, I am happy they are back united. If they stay together that happy, that’s their biggest win!

Ree on

They are a beautiful family, I love Kobe and the Lakers, and Kobe will explain to them when they are old enough to understand ,aand he will explain just like millions of other people that have cheated on their spouses, people need to let that go,Vanessa forgave him so
it doesn’t matter what the rest of think.

Dahlia on

Why are some of you saying you dislike Kobe? None of you know him personally.
Wow, some people are really illogical.

I love Kobe and his family and the Lakers. Hell yeah, we’re champions baby! I just got home from the parade.

momto3 on

I love how the little girl is touching her daddy’s face and his hand is touching hers.

Kenya on

I wonder if the girls speak Spanish as well.

I am not a fan of the halter dresses for little girls their age. The girls are definitely beautiful, I love their hair, and Kobe seems like a loving dad.

erin h on

Congrats Lakers!!! Kobe’s girls are gorgeous! His wife is beautiful too, I hear though not so much on the inside (where it really matters)!

gaia's mommadukes on

Loving kobe without knowing him his just as illogical as not disliking him. he and his wife have done enough in the public eye to warrant dislike. Anyway, I don’t like the halter top style on little girls either. I was looking at the dresses and wondering why I didn’t like them and I think that’s it.

Erica on

Dahlia, one could make the argument that loving Kobe Bryant is what’s illogical, but that would make as little sense as your comment did. Just because someone doesn’t share your opinion doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of rational thought, that’s awfully condescending.

Anyway, Kobe’s daughters are adorable. Natalia is growing up fast.

Katie on

I dislike Kobe & Vanessa, but their girls are too cute for words!

DJE on

Hope her parents blow up this photo and display it, so cute!!! What a beautiful child, her sister is cute too!!

J-Lin on

The girls are beautiful. Natalia looks like Kobe and Gianna looks like Vanessa. They remind me of Ming and Aoki Simmons.

Why do people feel the need to let everyone know whether or not they like Kobe and his wife? At the end of the day, it won’t stop this man from becoming the greatest basketball player of all time and raking in the big endorsement bucks while he’s at it. Trust me, Kobe and Vanessa aren’t losing any sleep at night over a random person’s taste for them.

J-Lin on

Dyanasty – It’s 2009! Are you serious about marrying an Italian to get a certain skin complexion and hair type? You should know that as an African American, your skin and hair can come out from one extreme to the other despite your parents. If your banking on children looking like Kobe’s, you may be sorely disappointed.

Lis on

I think those girls look like TWINS! Seriously I have never seen siblings favor eachother so much (apart from being identical twins). Just one is smaller than the other.

And the are too cute, btw🙂

Sweet L on

I am not sold on Kobe either, but these pictures are worthy of celebration. Btw, Dynasty, regardless of complexion or hair texture, kids require the same time commitment and the same amount of patience. And, let us not forget $$$.

Sexual Assault Victim on

Kobe may play well on the court, but he never faced his sexual assault allegation in the real court…probably because there are no endorsements. Let’s all hail the manwho paid his way out of the legal, less profitable court to play in the big time. Let’s all praise Kobe, and forget the allegations of the victim. The innocent have nothing to fear. Money means more than justice? He should run for President…oh yeah, we’ve already had a criminal or two in that office.

Illinoisan on

Kobe’s wife Vanessa looks like a cousin or sister of Kim Kardashian, they are both gorgeous and look a lot alike! I am not a big Lakers fan but I love Phil Jackson and Pau Gasol, they both are awesome! Kobe and Vanessa’s daughters are adorable, love the names Natalia and Gianna!🙂

J-Lin on

Kobe was never convicted of anything. The prosecuter had a weak case. If anything, Kobe and his family was victimized by the media. I’m glad he was able to move and share a beautiful moment with his wife and children.

Ebonee on

Those girls are ADORABLE! They are going to be beautiful when they grow up! :o)

And I totally agree with J-Lin. My fiance and I are both dark skinned AA, and our son came out looking like he is half hispanic. He has light skin, reddish brown super curly hair and green/grey eyes. So ppl need to stop thinking the only way to have a “pretty” baby is to conceive with someone of a different race.

Dahlia on

I like Kobe because he’s the best player in the NBA on my favorite team. I think that’s a good enough reason to be a fan. However, what are any of your reasons to dislike him?

Is it because he cheated on his wife? Who cares? Are you the moral police? His wife clearly forgave him so maybe you should too.

He seems like a wonderful father, and he’s a nice guy. We’ve all made mistakes in the past, and don’t forget that he is still young. None of you have ever been in his shoes, its not that easy being in the public eye since you’re 17 years old and constantly being under pressure to be the best.

Think about it.

Dawn on

I wonder how all of your children would feel reading the general dislike for their parents in the comment section of a blog post? They are cute girls and it is a nice family picture. Leave it at that.

Maura on

This site is getting crazy with the comments.

State the basics: The kids are cute. Kobe seems like a good dad. Why bash him and his wife? He cheated on his wfe. The girl tried to get paid. The case was thrown out. Get over it. That was how long ago? His wife forgave him, and moved on. Do you have to sleep with him at night? No..So why does it bother you so much? People act like they are all high and mighty on this site. Get a grip ladies. Some have issues with their “halter” tops? Please! Don’t put you kids in those type of outfits then.



I feel the same way! It’s SAD……..

Anna on

I think some of you need to be reminded that in this country people are innocent until proven guilty. Our sympathies should lie just as much as the accused as with the accuser until we get more information. And for the record, Kobe didn’t not pay to get this case to go away. His accuser withdrew charges in favor of a civil lawsuit, which he did smartly settle because, unlike in a criminal court, you don’t need to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Anyway, cute girls but I really wish Vanessa would stop dressing them as tackily as she does herself. Granted, they look better here than they usually do but why is a three year old wearing dark red nail polish?

gianna on

Natalie looks exactly like kobe, and gianna looks a lot like Vanessa. I like the girls names. Vanessa looks older for 27, and her face looks different, like plastic looking. I think she is pregnant too.

kim on

Look at all of Vanessa’s “I’m sorry I cheated on you” jewelry! hahaha

Anon on


Anon on

and I don’t like kobe or his wife because they treated their housemaid badly and denied her health care.

Keedee on

Such a Beautiful family! I really wish there were more pictures posted of them.

Dynasty on

j-lin I know it’s 2009 and I know my children will be beautiful I know they won’t look like kobe’s kids they will look like my children just like I said with beautiful skin and hair because african ameican is dominent why do you think white women want babies with black men because that african american skin makes the child beaitful so stop hating.trust me I’m cofident my children will be gorgeous.thankyou

Bill on

Cute picture of a happy daddy, daughter, wife and family celebrating a great event together, laughing and smiling.

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