Jayden Federline's Tender Touch

06/17/2009 at 04:00 PM ET

How cute! Jayden James Federline, 2 ½, rests his hand on mom Britney Spears‘ leg as they enjoy a ride at the London Zoo on Tuesday.

The popstar and her boys Jayden and Sean Preston, 3 ½, spent some time in the UK during Britney’s Circus tour stops, visiting a toy store and Hyde Park in addition to the zoo.

Preston and Jayden are Britney’s sons with ex-husband Kevin Federline.

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Amanda on

Aww! What a sweet picture. Jayden is getting so big and cute. He really does look like Britney. How adorable =) You can tell they are close. Love it!

Marilyn on

That’s so darn cute! He’s adorable. And his little cousin Maddie (I think that’s her name) will be 1 yr. old this Friday! It’s hard to believe.

roxi on

This one is funny🙂

Sam on

He’s very sweet (so is the one ‘roxi’ posted). It’s a shame, though, that most pictures we see of Britney with her boys she is holding/sitting with Jayden and not Sean. Sean is not much older, just a babe too. Seems sad to me.

L on

Wow that is definitely Brits little mini-me!!
So glad she is in a wonderful place in her life now!

alana on

Britney looks so happy…little Jayden is adorable!

sage on

very cute looks like his grandmother he definitely favors the spears side of the family more then sean.

Ryo on

I love how Sean isn’t even being pictured and yet someone can still find time to go out of their way and mention how “sad” it is that she isn’t sitting with him! Because she has to sit with both of them 100% of the time or she’s a bad mother!

Elle on

Ok Jayden is officially the cutest celeb baby boy! I mean honestly there isn’t another boy that is as cute as this little guy. He is so sweet looking and I love his hairdo!

daze on

jayden looks so proud to have mommy by his side in the carousel! i wonder which one of the two enjoy it the most! lol
cutest celebrity baby boy, i agree with ‘elle’

Liliana on

It’s such a sweet photo of Britney and Jayden that people really have to go to great lengths to criticize the photo. Lucky enough, someone found a way to do it.

Jane on

I love the headline!! It really is such a tender touch.

Fifi on

that picture is too cute!

Christina Bledsoe on

I think Britney Spears’ kids are the cutest in Hollywood.

Sam on

“Ryo”, I didn’t say that Britney never sat with Sean, I said that “most pictures we see………”. AND I NEVER said Britney is a bad mother. I said that “most pictures we see……….”. You took the time out to reply to me because that’s what you felt like saying. Works for me too.

I repeat – most pictures we see of Britney with her adourable babies are Britney holding Jayden and someone else holding Sean. It’s simply the truth.

Julie on

When I saw that photo I couldn’t help but think that’s what really matters in life, not fame or concerts or controversy. Sitting right next to her is one of two biggest accomplishments!

Sam on

sweet sweet sweet – Jayden looks so happy and so does Britney.

i agree with sam though we do see many photos of Britney with Jayden James and not with Sean Preston Sean is always there he is just not in Britneys arms and Jayden is it’s not a reflection of Britney being a good or bad mother and it’s not a slam to this precious photo it’s an observation i agree with

Anna on

I think it’s nice that Jayden is a momma’s boy. Most parents seem to favor their oldest child, so I find it funny that when a celeb is seen holding her younger child more often, people say it’s “sad.”

Karen on

Such a sweet, sweet photo. I love seeing Britney with her sons and enjoying their company.

Perhaps Jayden is more sensitive or more attached to his mother than Sean and that is why it seems she is holding him more. Sean may be more independent and not as “needy”.

Jayden is definitely Brit’s mini-me.

samantha on

I find it sad also that she is always holding jayden. In Lynne spears book, through the storm, she says that Sean Preston is very sensitive and Jayden is very independent. That being said, I wonder if britney ever takes into consideration the way its making sean feel.

Jase on

As a big fan of Britney, I have to say I have more noticed how she only seems to be attention to Jayden from what we see. I kind of put it down to this; 2 months after Jayden’s birth she seperated from Kevin and that’s when things started to go bad for her mentally. I think she had so much lost time with Jayden during his infant years that she is working on their bond. If anyone recalls that during 2007 that everyone was saying the opposite of how she is only ever holding Sean, and not Jayden. That being said, Preston also has needs and has been through a lot too. This year I have only seen two times where she is holding Preston alone, and countless times of Jayden. I think she needs to pay equal attention to the boy of them, after all they are only one year apart.

That being said, that is one of the most adorable photos I have ever seen of her with Jayden. He is the spitting image of his mother, I don’t see Kevin in him at all.

Sam on

‘Anna’ it IS sad to see Britney always holding Jayden. These boys are only 1 year apart, both are babies and both need to be held equally by their mother – not one more then the other. This isn’t to say that Britney doesn’t hold Sean, just that almost every time they are photographed she is holding Jayden. I too wonder, (like ‘Samantha’ says), what must little Sean think of this? I also wonder what Jayden’s reaction is when Britney does hold Sean. Hmmmmm?

Anna on

Sam… I agree that attention should be given equally to children. What bothers me is that nobody complains when the McDermotts take Liam out alone and leave Stella behind. Nobody complains that Jennifer Garner is usually seen alone with Violet, not her younger baby. Nobody seems bothered that Gwen Stefani seems to favor Kingston. But when it’s the younger child that seems to be favored… people comment on how “sad” it is.

jill on

That’s so cute. He’s a real Mama’s boy, you can tell.

Quinlyn on

we don’t know their lives, only what the paparazzi tells us. how can we judge? i’m sure she loves and comforts both of her sons equally.

Sam on

Hi Anna. I think the difference is that all the families you mentioned have small babies (home napping?), though when these families have both their children out the pictures we see of them show the mother holding one or the other, not always the same one. It’s not that Britney is leaving Sean home, it’s that she is always carrying Jayden, while Sean is in someone else’s arms, whether that be the nanny, a grandparent or a friend. To me, there is a difference. Imagine how Sean might feel – because at 3 1/2 he does know the difference.

Please don’t forget that I have also mentioned that this is ONLY what we see in pictures and that the picture above is definitely a lovely picture.🙂

alice jane on

samantha, you said you wonder if Britney ever thinks about how her actions make Preston feel?? I don’t want to sound rude, but how on earth would any of us know how Preston feels? There could be any number of explainations as to why Britney seems to hold Jayden more, and one of them could be that she favors him, but there are also so many reasonable possibilities. I remember after Jayden was born and Britney didn’t let him be photographed until he was probably 9 or 10 months, and prior to that people insisted that she favored Preston because she would go out and about with him….. There just always has to be drama for some.

Jase on

I will just add that Kevin is always photographed holding Sean, and never Jayden. So I think it just comes down to as well that Sean is a Daddy’s boy and Jayden is a Mommy’s boy. Also all week in London she has been wearing a necklace that says ”SP” and not one of Jayden so I’m sure she loves her boys all the same🙂

Mrs. R. on

All I can think of when I see this picture is how resilient kids are. What those children have been through with their mother over the past 2 years, and how hard a time their mom was having for such a long time (essentially ALL of Jayden’s first year or more)…

It’s just lovely to see how things have normalized again with a tiny little boy loving his momma.

Alex on

It’s a cute photo, and wow does that child ever look like a Spears?! Both of them have been blessed with their mother’s looks, I don’t see a whole lot of Federline in either child.

Shannon on

I love how Britney seems to have really turned her life around, and now appears to be happy, healthy, and totally into caring for her 2 boys. These little guys have been through so much the last couple years, and it’s great to know their mother has taken such drastic steps to get herself better so they don’t have to grow up without her. They are 2 of the most adorable little boys I ahve ever seen, and I wish Britney, Kevin, Sean, and Jayden all the best!!

Lis on

I agree with Jase.

And did anyone ever think that maybe it’s Jayden who favors Britney and always wants to be held by her? And maybe Preston is just a little more laid back?

Sandra on

That is really adorable. They really need their mom, so it’s nice to see that she’s getting the help she needed to be there for the kids.

Tia on

Or maybe Jayden hates the media (because have you seen the other side of this pictures? madness!) and needs to be with his mother to calm down. Or maybe Preston is a “big boy” and doesn’t need to hold mommy’s hand. Or maybe, or maybe.

I mean really? I get people dislike Britney and find the need to criticize her parenting, I do. But this is just silly. You see some paparazzi shots that are probably 2 minutes of an ENTIRE day and you come to the conclusion that Britney ignores one child for the other? I have seen plenty of pictures of Britney holding Preston. I also remember when this entire conversation was reversed and people complained that she was apparently ignoring Jayden.

She is getting her life back on track and those boys look healthy and happy. That is really all that matters.

Mary-Helen on

Maybe Jayden is a Mommy’s Boy while Preston prefers to rough and tumble with his Dad? I know with my two girls, my eldest wanted to be with me all of the time during her toddler years, but my youngest wants to be with my husband constantly. She is just a Daddy’s girl. If we were photographed non-stop, you would see that in photos, he is usually carrying her or she is reaching for him, but that does not mean he favours her @ all, just that she prefers him to pick her up, push the stroller, etc. Meanwhile my eldest would be with me. I don’t think it’s really a “favourtism” thing.

Britney has come a long way, let’s just give her props for being able to enjoy an afternoon with the boys like this, when last year it would’ve been impossible.

Sara on

When I am out with my kids, my husband always takes our older one while I take the younger one. The older one is just to heavy for my to carry easily. Maybe that is what is happening?

Robin on

Oh my GOODNESS this is sooo cute! Jayden looks EXACTLY like Britney, and I think Preston looks mostly like Kevin. That being said, while I tend to agree with people who say Britney holds Jayden more than she holds Preston, from what I see that is the norm with moms- they usually hold the younger one. That being said, I remember a picture from Britney’s brother’s wedding where Britney was with both boys, I believe holding Jayden but had her arm around Preston too. She obviously loves both boys, and what we see in pictures are just little snippets of their lives. I think we should all be focusing on the fact that Britney seems to have completely turned her life around instead of focusing on which child she holds more. She now seems to be the Mommy those beautiful little boys deserve.

Millie on

Why is Sean referred to as Preston? And she couldn’t sit next to both boys, she had to sit next to one. How do u know Sean didn’t want to sit next to someone else, his Grandad perhaps, or a body guard. Maybe Sean doesnt mind at all.


They call him Preston.

— CBB Staff

gianna on

Jayden is gorgeous, totally britney’s mini me. Sean is so cute too, he is a nice mix of kevin and britney. I think the reason she carries jayden so much, is the first year of his life, she was not in a good state of mind and didn’t spend as much time with him, as she had when sean was first born. So I think she is trying to make up for loss times. Anyway at least she seems to be doing better, and her boys are the cutest kids.

Barbara on

QUOTE: How do u know Sean didn’t want to sit next to someone else, his Grandad perhaps, or a body guard. Maybe Sean doesnt mind at all.

Preston was on the same carousel. He was sitting on a horse with Britney’s brother, his uncle Bryan.

That photo is so cute. Really a tender touch!

karlee on

this is so adorable. both of her boys the sweetest little things ever!!!

Millie on

Thats what i mean Barbra, it may have been seans choice to not sit with britney, rather that Britneys ‘favouritism’.

olta on

this pictures is the most beautiful pictures that i’ve ever seen.I’m very happy that britney has the opportunity to stay with her boys[by the way they are very good-looking as their mother] and to give them all the love she has to.I wish she can stay with them forever.It doesn’t matter if she is holding only Jayden James and not Sean Preston in pictures because she loves them both.Good luck in your tour and in your life.

Mariel on

LOOK AT HIS LITTLE NOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lioness on

Awww, this is a really great pic of these two.

jbates on

ok because there is no picture of them means that she doesnt hold sean as much???? wow…….. who knows what happens when the cameras aren’t on britney…she probablys holds sean just as much its just that the camera’s dont take pictures of that

Q on

JJ is such a doll! There are pics & video of Preston getting attention from his mama, in the past & present.

Britney & the boys look so happy & content now. Their passports are really filling up. How great that they get to spend the summer traveling around the world, lucky kids.

Terri on

He really is Britney’s mini-me.

Tracie on

Why does it really matter who is sitting next to who??? Everyone is totally overlooking what this really is – a very sweet moment between a mommy and her baby. It does not mean she loves one more than the other, it is a picture. Leave it at that.

Julie on

Very cute. But I can’t help but think he resembles “Sid the Science Kid”, but with blonde hair.

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