Hank Baskett: 'I Want a Boy'

06/16/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
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As they await the birth of their first child, Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett have already said that baby-on-the-way will be the first of several the couple plan to have. The 26-year-old Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver tells E!‘s Marc Malkin that he’d like their Christmas delivery to be a boy, so that there will be “someone to look out for the baby girl coming next.”

“I’ve always wanted, like, three. Well, at first I was like, I want two, but you say two and then there’s that ‘oops baby.’ So, now I’d like three.”

With plans to tie the knot on June 27th, Hank says he’s trying to shoulder as much of the load as possible. “You don’t want to be having a baby and have the wife all stressed,” he explains. “I am trying to take care of most of what I can …I want her to enjoy this wedding, because if she’s happy, I’m happy. That’s all that matters.” His level of involvement extends to Kendra’s prenatal care. Noting that “it takes two people to get pregnant,” Hank says he won’t assume a passive role over the next six months. “There’s going to be some things I can’t make, but I’m going to try my hardest to be at every appointment, at every meeting, everything.” With that said, Kendra, 24, is already earning high marks as a mom.

“She’s telling me what do about every little thing. She’s reading, and I’ve seen more baby television shows since she got pregnant than I have in my entire life. She’s studying up on everything, and that’s why I have to keep my game up, to keep up with her because she’s constantly testing me and asking me questions.”

From the sound of things, many of those tests have taken place over the phone. Hank is in Philadelphia preparing for the upcoming football season, while Kendra has thus far remained in California. “That’s one of the hardest things, to be across the country while she’s pregnant,” Hank admits. “I don’t want her in any way, shape or form to feel like she’s doing this by herself.” The couple make the most of the times when they are together, refusing to even let Kendra’s morning sickness stand in the way. “There have been a few times that I’ve held her hair,” Hank adds.

Source: E!

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Katie on

He seems like a great guy for her, and she sounds like she’s maturing and getting ready to be a mom. They’re adorable, and I am happy for them. They’ll be great parents!

Courtney on

This woman is a disaster. I’m really hoping not many young women look up to her. It will be interesting to see how she fares as a mother.

L on

How cute was that interview…he is such a nice guy & they seem to be so happy and excited about this baby!
I cant wait to see her belly grow!

crimpe on

Wow, rush things much? Hoping this one will be a boy so that he’ll look out for the next baby which will be a girl? Huh? Ah yes, we are in love, and pregnant, getting married, we shall have three children, la la la…I find them both to be very strange.

Daisy on

Always so judgemental on this site, why cant they just be excited & happy and looking forward to the future…get over yourselves & your negativity sheesh!

dee on

I was a third born oops baby! Ten year age difference between me and my next oldest sibling.

Sarah on

Why do people leave comments just to be negative?? This is supposed to be a positive site. You can’t base a persons mothering skills off of 30 minutes of tv. Imagine if we all had cameras on us and people assumed we would be bad parents without knowing us in real life.

I think hanks comment were very normal, lots of people want a boy first then a girl second. It won’t always work out that way but it’s not wrong to want it.

Courtney on

they look so happy together and like they’re gonna be great parents Kendra is gonna be one of those women who look even more beautiful pregnant

Angi on

For real on the negativity? Jeez! These people are happy, want this baby and seem to want only good things for it’s life. SO, let’s be joyous for them.

Judith on

This has got to be the best article I have read on this site. What a caring, concerned person Hank is towards Kendra. And that is wonderful Kendra is doing a lot of reading and watching those baby shows.. This baby, whether a boy or a girl, will certainly have wonderful, loving parents.

Becky on

Wow, no kidding?! Harsh much? They are very happy in love and now they are excited for the arival of their new baby. So what if he’s gushing?! They’re exstatic and at least they are bringing this baby into a happy, healthy, newlywed marriage. I say congrats! And he sounds like a WONDERFUL guy!

Lacey on

Negative comment are lame! I think Kendra and Hank are going to be fabulous parents and I think they make a wonderful couple. I would rather my parents be like them, young, fun and easygoing not nottight, and boring.

Di on

This is a celebrity blog site not a “positive” or “negative” website. I always find it interesting how people have no problem heaping praise on someone they do not know but criticism is bad or “negative”.

Kendra is a woman whose claim to fan is based on having very large fake breasts and nude photos in Playboy. The woman pretended to be the girlfriend to a man who was old enough to be her GRANDFATHER for money. I’m shocked as to how young is she given her extensive time at the Playboy mansion.

Kendra maybe a wonderful mother. She maybe end up being a horrible mother. No one can honestly say that they would want their daughter to follow in Kendra’s footsteps-making a living off of their body; not a good example for children.

JMO on

Umm babies do not have to be “oops” babies lol. Although it’s funny when people say their kids were accidents….let’s not forget when your having sex despite what kind of protection you use there’s always the possibility!!!

scherriea on

i love hank & kendra..he seems to be so caring..from the tv show, it seems like she has “hit the lotto” with hank..i love responsible men!

T on

I think it is a sweet article. I have only seen her show once but they really are cute together. I don’t think it is any of our business to judge her on the choices she has made in her life regarding Playboy. It certainly isn’t my place. Best to them both!

ab on

hank’s comments are very sweet and it’s cute that they are both so excited!

Christina Bledsoe on

I think they make an adorable couple. I realize that Kendra is immature, but weren’t we all at 23? I think they are going to grow together to make a good husband and wife and good parents.

AC on

wow. surprisingly sweet and so gentlemanly. like it!

amber on

I love kendra and tivo her show………..I can not wait to see how she deals w/ being pregnant and I think hank is the sweetest man………they are both good for each other!

gaia's mommadukes on

I often wonder how I made it through life, without a big brother to protect me. I wonder how my daughter will ever manage.

Jacq on

She used to get on my nerves. But, they seem to be very in love. And, she is obviously thrilled about this baby. And, he sounds so attentive – love that!

Celebrities do tend to rush relationships – but, Kendra and Hank seem so genuine. I’m as shocked as anyone that I think they’re great together.

gaia's mommadukes on

Having got that little piece of sarcasm out the way, I just wanna say its impossible to judge someones parenting skills before the child is here. Yes she’s 23, that is quite young and yes she seems to have slow moments but good parenting isn’t rocket science. Parenting has nothing to do with career choices. Some people need to hop down off their high horse.

Ashley on

Gosh who cares if a couple wishes for a boy first and then a girl. Many people do just for the protecting big brother factor. My fiance and I are hoping for a 1 boy and 1 girl combination because we want the best of both worlds and the boy is especially special to carry on his family name since he is the last one to keep his name going.

People need to lighten up or CBB needs to strictly inforce their moderating!

Angi on

Di, I have never seen anything but negativity from you. Why do you come here if it makes you so unhappy?

Aniah on

I never got the “big brother being the protector” thing. I have a younger brother (by 7 years) and he is VERY protective of me and I’m the same for him. It’s the same way for my younger sister (by 11 years). I think that siblings no matter how old or young are naturally protective of each other.

Anywhoo…I can not wait to see this baby. I am not a fan of either but they seem so excited🙂

Dawn on

I’m rooting for these two! Kendra has really grown on me, and from the little I’ve seen of Hank on her show, he seems like a good, down-to-earth guy. I wish them all the best!

Lis on

I agree that their relationship has been somewhat of a whirlwind, but ya know, to each their own. Doesn’t make it right or wrong.

However, am I the only one who finds it odd that she hasn’t moved to Philly to be with her husband? Maybe her new show requires her to stay in LA, but really what is more important? Being with your soon-to-be husband and father of your child whilst starting a new married life together? Or staying in LA to be on a reality show? (which usually tend to ruin lives anyway…)

Just my thoughts.

J-Lin on

Di – I agree with you completely.

Kendra has been on TV for the past three years. I don’t claim to know everything about her, but from her comments and actions, she’s not the most mature. I’m very surprised she’s settling considering she went from her mom’s house to Hugh’s house, and now to Hank’s.

Angi – I don’t think Di is being negative, but rather realistic. Some people cheer you on no matter what, but others are there set you straight when your head comes out of the clouds. Where would the world be without both?

Erin on

Kendra and Hank seem happy together and joyous about the baby, why take shots at her for the Playboy stuff? Nobody gets on the site and slams Brooke Burke, Cindy Crawford, Angelina Jolie, etc. for “making money off of their bodies”. Hello, the site is about celebs – who by definition make money off their bodies! I’m happy to go at it over an issue, but I think I’m more grown up than to tsk-tsk people I don’t know, and to question their motives. That takes…well, you know.

HeatherR on

Kendra and Hank’s relationship really parallels my own life. My husband and I met through work, had a whirlwind romance and were engaged three months later. Our wedding was planned for June 23rd and lo and behold I found out I was pregnant in April before the wedding. Like Kendra, I was just turning 24. And also like Kendra, I was due on Christmas Day!

So, reading her story has really hit home for me. My husband and I have been married for 8 years now and our beautiful son is 7 1/2 years old. It hasn’t always been easy but the love has always been there🙂

Anon on

Going by Kendra’s reality show, I don’t think she is the brightest bulb. However thats her reality show, that could just be a persona. Her happiness seems very very real and so does his. I tend to be kind of negative on this site only because I see and read some of those most asinine ideas and thoughts on here. However, I don’t come ON here with the intention of being negative. I really do wish them the best.

babyboopie on

Hey, Nicole Richie is a perfect example of how someone can turn their lives around for the better, so maybe Kendra will be every bit as a great mother as she is. She may not be the same person as she was before, like Jenna Jameson.

Di on

I would not describe myself as a negative person. I come to this site because I have an interest in celebrities. I visit CBB just like I visit MTV and EW. There are two kinds people who make comments. Those who say “Wow isn’t that a pretty picture” and “Good for them” and people like me who are sometimes critical. I do not say to others stop being so positive and cherry so people should not criticize me for being somewhat critical of the situation.

Also, I think there is big difference between posing nude in Playboy and being nude in a film which is something actresses like Nicole Kidman and Kate Winslet have done. In Playboy, nudity is the focus and in the movies, nudity is just one aspect of the character’s story and otherwise the character is fully clothed.

Victoriaaaaaaa on

I am so excited for them! They will be FANTASTIC parents!! I love Kendra…and Hank! Their show is so funny and I can’t wait to see their cute baby!🙂

J on

Well said Di, on all of your posts btw.

Erin on

Oh please, Di! Seriously, that’s all I can think of to say.

Daisy on

I have 5 older brothers and although the aim is always for a healthy, happy child I would be lying if I said I am not secretly hoping my first child will be a boy.
Even though it’s not always obvious that it’s going on it is nice to know that there are people looking out for you. That doesn’t mean that I don’t look out for my little sister, but it is still nice in my opinion to have older brothers.

michelle on

I really think some people just come here to be critical. I truly believe some women need to criticize other people’s parenting choices to validate their own. EVERY woman makes mistakes and EVERY women has superstar parent moments. NO ONE is a perfect parent.

What really gets to me are the same tired arguments over and over and over again. If you expressed your feelings on 30 other posts, we got the message, no need to keep hammering them home.

Angi on

Di, it is a CELEBRITY baby web site, not CNN. It doesn’t require or need major analyst.

MZ on

I love how excited Hank is! Too cute!

I agree with the poster who said siblings should be protective of each other, no matter the birth order. My brother is 2 years younger than me, but when I was getting picked on/physically hurt at school, he took care of the situation for me. Likewise, I’m protective of him.

KiKi on

I just don’t understand why successful men like this and Kim Kardashian’s man hook up with women like this. I mean my husband would be so embarassed if I had a sex video out or shared a man with 2 other women. My momwould killmy brother if he brought a girl like this home. I just don’t get it!

JMO on

I’d like to say that I have a brother 3 years older then me and he was truly never protective of me. As a kid he and his friends actually would gang up on me. Now that we are older I can’t really even think of times he stands up for me. So uh just cause the brother is older doesn’t mean he’s going to be a protector lol.

Anon on

at kiki

Reggie Bush seriously needs to wake up.

Mimi on

I have noticed how some celebrities are treated with kid gloves and anyone who says something negative is jumped on by the majority while other celebrites are fair game and never have a post without multiple negative comments. It’s not even based on lifestyle choices either. Julia Roberts was a “homewrecker” but no one cares and only cooes when she’s on the site. Yet, Tori Spelling is a bad person for doing the same thing. I’d understand if maybe every celebrity who acted in a certain way was treated in a certain way. It’ll be interesting to see if those people who feel Tori and Denise Richards exploit their kids will also turn on Kendra when her show “exploits” the baby?

Personally, I don’t know anything about Kendra more than what I’ve seen on the Soup. Dumb girl with annoying laugh who shared an old man with some other women. With that said, I hope she moves out East and makes a real go of it with this Hank guy because based on the post, he seems very devoted to her.

Kinone on

Well, Tito Ortiz did not wake up because he married a porn star who made hard-core sex tapes for a living. Kendra is a nice fun girl and so is Kim Kardashian. Making a sex tape with your boyfriend is no big deal. Millions of women do it. My mom would kill my brother if he brought home a girl like Jenna Jameson.

Mary-Helen on

Aw…typical man wanting a little boy to rough and tumble with lol!

marlee on

Ummm… There are ways to avoid that “oops” baby…

Karen on

Wow. A lot of judgements being thrown around this post!

I am glad to see a young couple who care about each and are excited about being parents. Who are we to judge? There are tons of non-celebs out there who are terrible parents and/or have “pasts”.

I’m sure Kendra stayed in CA because she does have a career of her own. There’s probably a ton of wives of athletes who don’t travel with them. In any event, congrats to both of them.

Cheerleader on

If Nicole Richie can turn her life around so can Kendra. She lived in the playboy mansion but I doubt if she even had a sexual relationship with such an old man as Hef. Kendra was a party girl not a porn star so cut her some slack girls.

Liliana on

I still don’t see how the way she chooses to make a living has anything to do with her potential as a parent.

Playboy isn’t hardcore porn. Although the women are photographed naked, I believe it is done in a tasteful way. Besides, if people are going to throw stones at Kendra, they should also do the same for Brooke Burke, Gabrielle Reece, Denise Richards, Kristy Swanson, Tia Carrere, and Carnie Wilson- other celeb moms who’ve posed for the magazine.

Mommy Duty on

I imagine their baby will be beautiful. I can see a little boy, dark complexion with astonishing blue eyes. He’ll be a heart breaker. Kendra better get the shotgun now🙂

Sheri on

I never thought I would be one to watch her new show … but I must admit I have seen both episodes so far. I am very impressed with Hank! He seems like a very calming, responsible influence on Kendra and they are very sweet together. Sounds like she is rising to the occasion of impending motherhood and taking it seriously … so glad to see that! He truly seems like a wonderful guy ~ God bless their new family🙂

Molly Mae on

I like these two together. They’re very sweet. I get annoyed when people hate on Kendra (and other women in general) and say she won’t make a good mom. If everyone and their possible abilities as a parent were judged off of the immature things they did at 20 years old, I’m pretty sure ALL of you women would be in trouble. Myself included. Let’s give the girl a chance and the benefit of the doubt.

Jane on

I think that the couple already that the baby will be a boy.

becka on

I’m not saying anything about playboy here, but these two seem immature, clearly seeking fame and attention with their ongoing reality show etc. I’d give them a year or two.

Auntie on

That’s great. I hope they do have a boy so when he gets to high school and his friends are checking out naked pics of his mom he’ll be so proud.

Anon on

I didn’t know julia roberts was a home wrecker. Kim K. isn’t a bad person or anything like that..I just think she’s not very smart with very little personality. Her sisters outshine her when it comes to persona.

Amie on

With all due respect I don’t see why some people over the last few days have been saying “if Nicole Richie can turn her life around so can Kendra”. Ms. Richie abused drugs for years, went to rehab several times, and was arrested for a DUI. Kendra has just taken off her clothes for a magazine. She doesn’t need to “turn her life around”. She’s a fun loving kid at heart who I’m sure will be a great mom.

Amie on

BTW I don’t mean you Cheerleader. I’m talking about negative comments on a previous post.

April on

Aww!!!! I’m so happy for them. I love Kendra and he seems like such a sweetie.

D on

Michelle, I totally agree with you. Well said.

L on

Wow!!! If Hank is being honest and not just saying those things to look good then he is a great guy. I am almost a bit jealous of how devoted he is to her.
…I have been living with my four year long boyfriend for a year at his mom’s and am starting to go crazy. I don’t know how to get us out of there. It hurts me so bad that I can’t even get my man to give me something so basic and fundamental like my own place while other men are out there doing so much more for their girls.😦 It’s really the only problem we have. I get along with her great but I need my own place!!! (sorry needed to vent) Congrats to Kendra for finding such a good man!

Trina on

I was a bad teen, I was 19 with my first and 21 with my second. My husband and I have been together for almost 7 years. My point is no matter what your situation was you can be the best mom to your child and no one can tell you otherwise. We don’t all do the same things for our kids but that doesn’t make us bad moms. Hef helped kendra grow up. I love her. I know her and hank will be the best parents they can be and who are we to judge them? Let them be happy about such a wonderful event in their lives! Congrats kendra and hank!

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