Britney and Boys: Across the Pond!

06/16/2009 at 08:00 AM ET

Charlie Purvey/Splash News Online

Cheers! Britney Spears and sons Jayden James, 2 ½, and Sean Preston, 3 ½, take time out from the pop star’s European tour to do some shopping at Hamleys Toy Shop in London on Monday.

Britney next hits the stage Wednesday in Manchester, England, before heading to Ireland and France with her re-mixed show.

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Andrea on

Get that binky outta his mouth

hayley on

she looks happy xx its nice to see her happy…i only wish good things for other mothers and their children xxxx

i hope they are all happy and healthy for a long time to come xxxx

Jase on

Lol here we go…..the next 50 comments will go something like this:

”why is jayden still using a pacifier!?”

”their clothes don’t even fit them!”

”why does she always only hold jayden?”

Just like a Circus the comments on Britney posts – no pun intended!

N on

Good to see her out and about with the boys, but for goodness sake, Jayden is too old to still have a plug in his mouth. As a 2 year old preschool teacher, I hate nothing more than a child who is fully capable of talking having a pacifier prohibiting proper speech development.

mamabear on

WOW! Britney looks great and so happy with her boys🙂

All the best to her!

Bella Mama on

look at his little belly! so cute!!

Shawna on

N – I think there are a lot more things to hate involving children than extended pacifier use. Like child abuse, neglect, and the like. I don’t understand getting so worked up because a child likes to suck on a pacifier. I know lots of kids that still do.

suz on

Jayden has been through alot in his young life. Let him have his pacifier. He has earned the right to hold onto some of his babyhood and to have something that makes him feel secure.

samantha on

And their clothes do fit them, but they are being carried and children’s clothes do have the tendency to ride up, just like adults do!

jessicad on

I hate nothing more than other mothers or women in general who think they know everything and judge other women for their parenting choices and every freaking thing they do. It’s her kid and he probably has 100 people taking his picture and screaming at him, if he wants a soothing mechanism let him have it!!!

samantha on

It’s funny, here you guys are complaining about how Jayden has a pacifier, but I bet none of you will say ANYTHING about the post that shows Suri Cruise still wearing DIAPERS, NO, NOT PULL-UPS, DIAPERS. Seriously, it’s not your child, so why complain about it? It’s not bothering you!!! Leave the poor kid alone…how would you like to be that little and have a million cameras in your face and people screaming your name….if it helps sooth him, who cares! Again, it’s not effecting you!! So relax!! Worry about yourself and your own family!!

Lee on

I agree with the above poster about Jayden’s pacifier. Both children have been through alot with their mom being sick and having their parents split up. I don’t think he’ll die from having the paci, and I’m sure if it causes any speech issues he have the therapy along side whatever else therapy they are probably already getting to deal with what just happened to them.

L on

Kingston always has his paci…isnt he already 3..!?

I dont agree with one past 2 at all…but on the other hand if that is what calms them down with a million strange screaming men around them for 30 seconds then oh well!

Abi on

I agree let him have his binky, my son is 3.5 and still has his, but only when sleeping. He has speech delay and sensory issues, and gets very attached to things. Its taken us this long to just get him to have it at night. My daughter on the other hand won’t take a binky…sigh. As long as those boys are being well taken care of, let them be. They will have a lot more uphill stuggles in the years to come.

meghan on

I had to click on the comments link just to see what people would attack Britney on this time. Thanks for not letting me down. You people are so judgemental!

jill on

Adorable! They look like they are having fun.

And yes, must everyone give advice about pacifiers? Jayden isn’t yet 3. Violet Affleck uses one and she’s almost four. Kingston uses one as well. Every kid is different.

Kat on

Those boy’s are SO super cute!! I love seeing Brit out and about with them!!! Seriously cute!!!! 🙂

brook on

Jase…I like the roundabout way you criticized Britney’s kids!!! I think you were the only one who mentioned anything about the clothes being too small and her holding him in this post!!

md on

Totally agree with Meghan! I too only clicked on here to see how many people would start bashing Britney because Jayden still has a paci and although I’m no huge fan I am going to defend her. My eldest son had his until a week before he turned 3 and he is actually very advanced in terms of speech and his teeth are also fine. We should not judge anyone’s kids, let alone those that live a very atypical life e.g. jayden, kingston. How can you say whether your kid would still be using a pacifier or not f they were living in hotel rooms and having flashbulbs in their faces everytime they’re out in public? I would bet anything that none of them still have a pacifier when they are in school so what does it matter now? Worry about your own kids and leave everyone else’s alone!

danielle630 on

A binky!! The horror! For goodness sake, get over it! He’s not your kid. Prohibiting proper speech development? Too old? Ummm, no. Her kid, her choice. Who are we to judge someone else’s child? He’s probably just perfect. None of us know her personally. Why not call it like it is – A happy momma photographed with her 2 beautiful little boys!

Em on

Doesn’t matter one iota whether Jayden has a dummy or not. Let’s just focus on what is important – 18months ago, this poor woman’s very public breakdown resulted in her children being taken away from her and everyone wondered whether she would recover. Here, and on numerous other photos of her that have been taken recently, she has looked well, happy and like she is enjoying every moment spent with her boys. Let’s just celebrate that.

SH on

He’s 2 1/2, not 5. Give the kid a break!

Brandi on

They are so adorable. Jayden looks so much like Britney as a child.

Some of you make this site really miserable to read now. I’m glad you are such perfect parents. There are ways to express your opinion, even if it is disagreeable, without being downright rude.

MZ on

Great picture! Glad Britney seems to be doing better.

alice jane on

I love seeing pictures of these kids! They both are adorable, and Britney looks really good. I saw another from this set on another site and you could see Britney a lot better and she looked really happy. It’s nice that her tour is doing so well but she gets to have her boys with her at the same time.

Emily on

Hey Samantha, what post of Suri are you talking about???

And I took my kiddos pacis from them at 1 and 2 because my older one would steal the baby’s….otherwise, they’d both still have theirs!!!!! Most days I wish I could give it back!

Delaina on

I saw the picture on yesterday and was just WAITING for it to be posted her so that people could start bashing Britney over Jayden still having a pacifier. I’m with everyone else – it’s not YOUR child, so who are you to judge? My daughter is almost 3 and she still has her paci. We are working with her constantly to help her understand that when she turns three, it’s going to magically float away and go help a tiny baby feel better. But right now – she’s not ready to get rid of it. We’ve moved into a new home, she’s trying to potty train and learn to sleep in a big girl bed all at the same time. The paci is the LEAST of my problems right now. That’s a lot for a small child to go through all at once and the only paparazzi my daughter has in her face all the time is her grandmother. I can’t imagine what Britney’s kids, or any celebrity kid goes through and neither can any poster here, so back off!

Kate on

He’s 2 1/2…lose the Paci!

brodget on

These comments take me back 11 years. My son was born with spina bifida(diagnosed in utero)at 36 weeks. 24 hours after birth he had his first surgery. My grandmother came to visit us in the hospital and when she saw her great-grandson the first thing she said was “get that thing out of his mouth” To this day it still bothers me and I regret not telling her to STFU. I still had not held him and his face was swollen because of the ivs in his head. He still had not had anything by mouth so he was starving and the binky was her only worry. He’s still a baby and maybe that’s his way of dealing with the crowds of people.

maribeth on

ohhh the pacifier comments. my nephew is 20 months & still has one & you know what? he’s gonna have it as long as he wants because, like his DOCTOR said, he’ll give it up when HE’S ready. while i never took one, both my brothers & my sister had one until they were three & they have wonderful speech & teeth. never ever had an issue. we really have no right to judge other people the way some of you do. brit loves her kids & they look like they are having a great time. i love this picture.

Di on

I’ve seen 1 comment about how Jayden should not be using a pacifier and about 20-25 comments criticizing anyone who dare say that Jayden should not be using a pacifier; emphasizing how people should stop judging Brit; arguing that Jayden should still be using a pacifier because he’s been through so much and a pacifier is the least of his problems.

So, 1 comment criticizing the pacifier and 25 people bashing the 1 person who is against the pacifier. Let’s get real, who is really being judgmental here. I feel that we have the same argument on this board. This is a blog not a photo gallery. If CBB did not want any comments then there would not be any comments sections.

In my opinion, Jayden is probably too old for a pacifier but I’m not going to go on a rant about it. Yes, Jayden is not my son and his use of pacifier has no effect on my life whatsoever but so what? I am entitled to express my opinion and since it has been approved by the moderators here, I would stress to the people who complain about people judging Brit they should stop judging others who hold a contrary opinion. Everyone to a certain extent is judgmental.

There is no need for me to judge Brit’s parenting, the family court judge has already done so by awarding Kevin sole legal and physial custody of the boys. That ruling is still in effect.

Mariel on




daze on

back to the topic : Sean and Jayden are cuties!!!(the cutest celebrity kids i think) and by the way Di, you’re right britney ex-husband has legal custody. but they are working things very slowly to give her more which is good IMO. Britney has the boys a little more than 50% of their time during the tour and after it will be 50/50.

and what a difference we can see between this moment and the time britney was at her lower point! the boys look so comfortable and happy with her now.

QT on

Preston’s belly looks so cute. JJ looks exactly like his mommy! I see zero Kevin in him. I don’t think him having a binky is a big deal. I don’t like that they look so girly. This purple & rinestone one along with his pink & lavender binky.

DI, there is more than 1 comment. WE ALL know how angry it makes you when people are not bashing Britney to death. She had a breakdown, she could not care for them Ms. Perfect. No that ruling is not still in effect. She spends a little more time with the her boys than Kevin does & the very same judge approved it, so chew on that.

You telling others not to judge is interesting, since you do it so much.

Di on

QT- You do not know me so grow up and back off. I thought I was on CBB and not a Brit fan site. Oh well.

I know exactly of what I am talking about. It is a FACT that Kevin still has LEGAL and PHYSICAL custody of the boys. TMZ posted a misleading story about Brit having the boys more than Kevin which was picked up by other media outlets. Kevin’s attorney clarified the situation on E! the same day. Here is a link to the video below. To quote Kaplan, “If the custodial time share was not 50/50 before the tour it certainly will not be 50/50 during the tour or afterwards”. Kaplan knows more than TMZ-tabloid website.

Kaplan reiterated that the order giving Kevin sole legal and physical custody of the boys is still in effect. All Brit has expanded SUPERVISED visitation meaning her father Jamie who is also her conservator because she is under a PERMANENT CONSERVATORSHIP must be present and Jamie is currently in London right now supervising his daughter who is incapable of running her own affairs. All of the agreements between Brit and Kevin concerning their children are signed by Jamie and Kevin.

Jamie has been a stabilizing influence in Brit’s life which is why Kevin feels comfortable allowing the boys more time with their mother but certainly not more than half. Also, someone under a conservatorship cannot get legal custody.

Angie on

QT: Actually Di is correct, Kevin does still have sole legal and physical custody. I think you’re confusing visitation with custody. Britney has been given more visitation than she previous had, but Kevin still retains sole legal and physical custody.

And Di was not telling other people not to judge others. She was pointing out that those who are lecturing others about juding are being judgemental themselves. In other words, the people who keep telling others on here that they shouldn’t judge celebrities almost always go on to judge other posters and say really rude things to them (like you just did with Di), without ever making any connection to the fact that they are doing the very thing they are lecturing others about.

Elle on

I think these boys are the cutest celeb babies around. Especially that Jayden…he is just a doll! I love his blonde bowl cut hairdo. Britney has some beautiful children. I’m happy to see her out with her boys and that she looks well. Good for her! She deserves some happiness and so do her children.

Di on

Thank you Angie so much. You get it. I do not hate Brit or bash her on this site. I made a short comment about the pacifier and about people who claim not to be judgmental judging me and others. I have never claimed to be non-judgmental. If I have an opinion I’m going to express it. I often speculate and sometimes I make assumptions based on the little facts that I know and I don’t apologize for it.

I do not know Brit. No one else knows Brit so all of our opinions are equally valid. The judge in her case knows Brit very well and stripped her of custody and even visitation, that is something that happened although people would like to forget. Has she gotten her life back on track? Certainly, but Brit is still under a permanent conservatorship with no end date in sight and I doubt that she will gain more time with the kids than she has right now as long as the conservatorship is in effect.

I remember last June or July when Jamie and Kevin agreed to Kevin maintaining sole legal/physical custody of the boys in exchange for increased visistation for Brit. I remember people saying back then that it was only temporary and once the conservatorship is lifted she’ll petition for joint legal and physical custody. That was 2008. It is now 2009 and nothing has changed. The court’s custody orders are still in place as Kaplan stated and Brit is still under a conservatorship.

Kat on

Holy crap people!!! All this negative back and forth bickering…can’t you just look at the picture and say something nice!?! People bashing Brit are just as bad as the people that are bashing those that are bashing Brit (confused?)…phew!! We all know this is a place for opinions, but some opinions (especially those that are negative toward or about young children) should just be kept to oneself!! This is a site about celeb kid’s, can’t we just comment on how great they are!?!

My head hurt’s now!!! Geez people!

Kat on

I made a comment earlier about these boy’s, but I feel the need to say it again…they are SO stinkin’ adorable!!! I am SO glad to see them hanging out with their Mama!! Sweet!!

galain on

Love that look on Jayden’s face! I’ve been to Hamleys just a few weeks ago (and going there this weekend) and it’s spectacular! Really kid-oriented, with lots of lights and toys… quite magical.

rhian on

I saw Britney this morning in Hyde Park, i live in London and the weather was beautiful so we popped over for a few hours and there she was with her adorable boys. At first i wasnt sure if it was her but then little Preston was running around and she called out for Preston to ‘come here please’ then i heard the american accent and of course Prestons name and i knew it was her! she is such a good mum playing with her boys who were accompanied by a nanny and a bodyguard and Preston kept asking her ‘mama, i want some gum!’ and britney kept saying ‘i dont have any gum, we’ll get ice cream soon’ awwww:)

Di on

To Kat- I have no intentions of keeping my opinions to myself.

CBB already has moderators in place so I really do not see the need for you or anyone else to police other people’s comments after they have already been approved. If I or someone else want to criticize something some celeb parent does or says, I am going to do it and if you do not like it avoid my comments. Brit is a public figure so she is always going to be under scrutiny, her kids unfortunately have no choice.

People have a tendency to focus on different things when they see a photo. If you want to say , “what a nice picture of Brit and the boys she is a such wonderful mother” -go ahead and do that but do not expect everyone else to make a similar observation.

Ana on

He’s 2 not 10! huh get a grip. The boys are so cute!

JMO on

okay forget the paci Rhian said Preston asked for gum, why do parents give their 2-3 year old’s gum? Ugh another major pet peeve of mine (along with soda)….lol.

But no need to start up another rant….maybe that can be topic for another day!!

Jayden and Seany P are adorable and Brit looks good!

Natasha on

Wow so much hate. Come on CBB, can you please make this a nicer place to be?

samantha on

This is where you see suri still wearing a diaper. Look at pictures 35 and 37 here

Sarah K. on

okay forget the paci Rhian said Preston asked for gum, why do parents give their 2-3 year old’s gum?

Oh please. Rhian also clearly said that Britney did not give him gum. What’s the issue? Preston has older siblings so I am sure he has seen his big sister chew gum and knows what it is. Just because he knows what it is and asks for it doesn’t mean he gets it.

I’m usually not a fan of pacis but I do understand that JJ has been through a lot for a child his age, so maybe he needs the extra security. He’s not my kid and he isn’t being abused or neglected. Pacifiers are definitely not the worst thing a parent can do to their child.

Susan on

I know!! I was luck huh?! Still with a paci? But on the other hand, she looks great and they are adorable!

Hea on

Get a gip, people. Find something really upsetting and unsettling to bitch about instead. There\’s plenty of horrible things going on in this world so just pick your poison.

He\’s 2½ and he looks like he just woke up from a nap. Let him have his paci. Sean Preston doesn\’t have one so I\’m sure Jayden won\’t have his forever either. And remember, this is not a normal family situation. Normal families don\’t find themselves surrounded by a crowd of photogs when going out. If Jayden needs a little extra comfort, especially at those times, let him have it or stop watching pictures of him.

Noa on

U’re all wrong! The baby who has the pacifier is the bigger brother, the 3 and a half years old Sean Preston. Look closely to the picture again…..🙂 Anyway, my doughter is in the same age, and still has for the night, and it’s not a tragedy, I never saw a 20 years old hanging around with a pacifier……..
All the best for you,

Cammie on

It’s great to see her looking so much better, and saner that in years past! I hope that she gets the continued family and emotional support that she obviously has relied on to get to this point. And for the record, I am actually not a fan of her music, style of dressing, or some of her lifestyle choices, but can appreciate that she is a person with faults, like we all are. I wish her continued mental wellness and clarity, and as one human being to another, have compassion for her and all that has transpired. Some people on here yes, will always post in a way that displeases us, myself included, but I have learned to skip past those people’s posts. Some people see the glass half empty, some of us see if half full, and like to realize the positive in life. Great pic!

JMO on

Noa the one with the paci is Jayden not Sean!!

Samantha – As I’m surprised Suri who seems awfully intelligent is yet to be potty trained. Definately not uncommon at only just turning 3.

jenny on

Noa:Jayden is the one with the paci not the older sibling. Jayden has always had lighter hair that Sean preston. Jayden looks just like Brit. They all look happy, and I agree that it looks like he just woke up, which excuses the paci a little bit!

Mary-Helen on

Jayden has gone through alot in his little life, let him alone and let him have the sucky. I’m sure it’s just a comfort thing and considering the things he’s witnessed and had to go through, months without his mom, police, social workers, it’s nice to have that.

Either way, the boys are adorable and kudos to Briney for getting her life in order. I think she is doing a great job getting her life together and I think Kevin is being amazing for allowing her so much time with the boys considering the previous “unpleasantness”.

Katrina on

Sarah K. Says:
June 16th, 2009 at 9:52 pm

okay forget the paci Rhian said Preston asked for gum, why do parents give their 2-3 year old’s gum?

I started giving my kids gum once they turned 1 and a half, because we lived in Europe and had to do lots of constant traveling back and forth. A pack of gum can amuse a toddler for quite some time. I kept them with trident or other small sugar free gum. It made the plane ride easier, and it makes them not want sugar gum.

If it helps, I got this from when I was 6 months old and some lovely uncle gave me a stick of gum. My mother was not thrilled.

lis on

beautiful picture! you can see the anticipation on the boys’ faces…i love it!

JMO on

My orthodontist insisted that gum is not good for your jaw because of the constant chewing motion! So if it’s bad for me as an adult I wouldn’t want it to start young with my children. Besides the fact that they don’t need it (whether it’s sugarless or not) it’s 1. a choking hazard and 2. a complete mess if dropped on anything! My rule is you have to be atleast 6 to have it and even then there is no need to be chewing it unless absolutely necessary (i.e. plane rides, stinky breath, etc). But that’s JMO.

Sarah K. on

Katrina, that comment wasn’t mine. I was quoting JMO but forgot to put “” around it. I was defending Britney because she didn’t even give Preston gum. Sorry for the confusion.

DJE on

My oldest son had a suckie until he was 3 and a half. He slowly gave it up. He probably wouldn’t ave had it that long, but his younger brother had one. He is now 16 and a smart, loving, well adjusted teen, suckie past and all!!! These boys are so cute!!!

ShiMusic on

wow.. Jayden’s hair is just like Momma’s. They both are so adorable!

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