Ashby Zubchevich Celebrates Her Second Birthday!

06/16/2009 at 04:00 PM ET

Jen Lowery/Startraks

Celebra-babies gathered Saturday at the Los Angeles home of Access Hollywood host Nancy O’Dell and her husband Keith Zubchevich, to celebrate the second birthday of their daughter Ashby Grace. According to mom and dad, the guest of honor is already quite the tomboy!

Even though she wore a pink dress to her Sesame Street-themed party — styled by Jennifer Sbranti of Hostess With the Mostess and featuring a candy buffet with treats from Sweet Factory — Ashby’s favorite toys are WWE action figures and a set of plastic golf-clubs according to Keith. “She could care less about dresses,” he reveals. “She doesn’t have one Barbie doll.”

She’s not afraid to stand up to her big brothers Tyler, 13, and Carson, 10, either! Keith jokingly adds,

“Her favorite thing to say now is, ‘Beat it, punk!'”

Ashby took a swing at T-ball early in the afternoon with family friend Benjamin Edward Sanov, the 4 ½-year-old son of The Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney. Proud moms Nancy and Alison, carrying 5-month-old daughter Megan Hope, watched over the game and shared a laugh when one wild swing sent the T flying into the air. Sam Sheen, 5, and Lola Rose Sheen, 4, were on hand with mom Denise Richards, as well as The SuperstarsAli Landry with 23-month-old daughter Estela Ines, The L Word’s Marlee Matlin with three of her four children and Marissa Jaret Winokur with her 10 ½-month-old son Zev Isaac. The 36-year-old Dance Your Ass Off host revealed that she’s in the process of shedding the 25 pounds of sympathy weight she gained both before and after Zev’s birth. “[It was] total stress,” Marissa explains. “You don’t actually have to carry the baby to gain weight.”

“When I wasn’t working, if I had an hour [and] my husband wasn’t home from work yet, I’d be like, oh, I’m gonna run on the treadmill. [But sometimes] you have an hour and the last thing you wanna do is get on a treadmill.”

Moms, dads and babies then retreated indoors for a performance by Bubble Mania that left everyone oohing and aahing, and later Ashby danced to a surprise concert from her “favorite children’s group” (according to mom Nancy!), The Jumpitz. Denise and her daughters grabbed a front-row seat for the show, sharing a couch with party-planner Jayneoni Moore while Nancy and Marlee grabbed seats on the ground. The Jumpitz performed several songs from their new DVD Celebrate Animals and sang a special rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ just for Ashby.

Ashby’s friends and family left the party toting SkipHop Doggy Zoo Packs filled with Thinkbaby sippy cups, items from Fisher Price, Lego, the “Your Baby Can Read” system, Plum Organics, Crayola, Motts and more.

Tyler and Carson are Keith’s children from a previous marriage; Ashby is the first child together for the couple, who will celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary later this month.

— Jessica Wedemeyer and Missy

See more photos below!

Gina Lee Photography

The birthday girl poses with The Jumpitz.

Gina Lee Photography
Gina Lee Photography

Yum! Nancy and Ashby look over the sugary spread.

The candy bar, designed by Jennifer Sbranti of Hostess With the Mostess and featuring candy by Sweet Factory.

Gina Lee Photography

Ashby takes a peek at her Jumpitz CD.

Gina Lee Photography

Denise helps Sam choose her sweet treats at the candy bar.

Gina Lee Photography
Gina Lee Photography

Ali Sweeney posed with Ben’s Skip Hop Doggy Zoo Pack.

Jen Lowery/Startraks

Ali and Estela stopped by the party.

Happy boy Zev snapped some photos with The Jumpitz!

Jen Lowery/Startraks

Zev wears Sweet Shoes in Black Xbones ($28).

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Showing 31 comments

Ashley on

Aww Zev is looking more and more like Marissa now as he gets older and WOW i had no idea Ashby was already 2!!!! Time flew by!! Estela and her mother are looking as beautiful as usual of course!


How fun!! Happy Birthday Ashby!

I love the way Estela and Ashby are dressed! Such classic babies!

michelle on

That seems like a much more reasonable hollywood baby birthday party. Still outrageous, but more intimate. I think Nancy is actually friends with these women and enjoys their company.

Beverley on

Yes, this party is a bit more reasonable, but it still seems like a corporately sponsored party for a baby whose parents could afford to pay for a nice party themselves. How about a company make a donation in a child’s name to a charity and then gets publicity that way instead. I would rather read that X company made a donation to Y charity in the name of Ashby than seeing all the stuff they gave to her parents for her party.

ang on

lovely pics.lola&sam sure are popular-i wish i got invited to as many parties as they do lol.i love that ashby is not into princesses-it’s a lot cheaper not for mum and dad not to be! some of those dolls cost a fortune,even in toy stores.she & estela are little stunners.

michelle on

I’m sure that I’m going to get people arguing with me because I know that it is innocently written, but I wish that parents wouldn’t find it “cute” when their children use socially inappropriate “catch phrases” (“beat it, punk”). It is only cute because a small child is saying it-people wouldn’t find it as cute when their 10 year old says it to their face or to others. The use of kind words to others is so important these days. I am speaking as an early childhood educator and as the mother of a 4 year old, so yes, I do have lots of experience being around small children and all that they say, which is why this is such an important topic to me.

Amandamay on

Is it just me or does it seem like the same few moms and kids are at ALL of the photo ops? Ali Landry, Denise Richards, Alison Sweeney, Mellissa Joan Hart etc seem to be in every other post these days (At events with their kids being photographed) CBB seems to have the same 10 women and their kids in rotation.

Cute party – Over the top for my tastes, but everyone looks great!

Dana on

Can someone tell if Nancy did something different to herself? I didn’t recognize her in the 1st picture. She just looked so different, but in the picture with her daughter she looked adorable and her daughter is a cutie.

Doreen on

I know it’s shocking how Nancy looks in the 1st picture!! I too thought this doesn’t look like her.

Jennifer on

Ashby is such a cutie! Where does time go…I can’t believe she’s already two. Happy 2nd Birthday sweet girl!🙂

Estela is a beauty! And the way Ali dresses her is darling – so classic.

Jane on

I would love to see a picture of Ashby with Sam and Lola.

Amilyah on

Dana,I think Nancy is pregnant. The Baby bump watch is on!

french gigi on

marissa and zev totally steal the spotlight with those beautiful smiles!

aubrey mackenzie on

All I can say is Ashby is an adorable baby girl, lovely party.

aubrey mackenzie on

All I can say is Ashby is an adorable baby girl, lovely party.

aubrey mackenzie on

All I can say is Ashby is an adorable baby girl, lovely party.

Sarah M. on

Everyone knows how group pictures are. Maybe it was the 4th time they were trying to get a decent picture and she was thinking about what was left to do with the party.

MaryBeth – That is a GREAT suggestion. I understand why companies give the things they do to the celebrities, sponsor their parties and such. With the economy the way it is, though, the celebrities are the ones who can still really afford whatever they need, whenever they need it. A donation in the celebrities name (or their childs name) would mean a lot more to me!

Charlie on

Yeah, I actually spent the first couple of minutes wondering where Nancy was in the first photo…I wasn’t ’til I saw the others that I realised! Her eyes look smaller or something, I can’t put my finger on it…

Anyway, they all look so cute! Ashby and Estela are both really nicely dressed – I don’t think I’ve ever seen Estela in pants…

girlJordan on

Estela is the most beautiful child I have ever seen.

Lindsey on

Estella dresses exactly like my girls! The cute classic dresses from Kellys Kids and Bailey Brothers, and the big clipbows and bow headbands. Too Cute!

lola on

i totally didn’t recognize Nancy either. still have to do a double take when i look at the photos. her eyes look different, it’s like she has no eyebrows. she is normally a stunning woman, but here, she looks like a wax figure. she’s too young to have had work done although in hollywood???
cute babies all the way around though!

Tee on

Michelle, I agree with you. I don’t really see the point in waiting to teach a child what’s appropriate to say and what isn’t. That being said, Ashby is a beautiful little girl!

SH on

it looks to my like nancy doesn’t have as much makeup on as she does on tv. as far as the eyes…maybe she wears fake eyelashes on tv? can’t put my finger on it.

annie on

I agree with you Marybeth. I make a mental note not to patronize stores, companies, etc that I see engaging in this celebrity promotional “party” stuff. It just really turns me off.

Patrice on

That’s weird; supposedly they’re celebrating Ashby’s birthday, but she’s nowere in the picture!

Anna on

At least she was at the party. Tori threw a b-day party for her son, and he did not make it because he had a fever. Later she did something with the family at home for him. Why just not cancell? Because of all the free advertisment you are giving the sponsers of the party?

babyboopie on

AWWW I love those pictures of happy smiling faces, especially Zev! You can tell these celebrity mothers and babies are close friends!

Kat on

I just love Zev… always smiling… he reminds me so much of one of my sons, so I just had to give a shout out for that adorable boy.

Ashby reminds me of my daughter… tomboy meets girly girl and oh-so-serious, even on her birthday.

She’s adorable.

Shannon on

Okay I don’t even really know who ALi Landry is, but her daughter is ADORABLE! I LOVE the way she dresses her-always so classic and girlie and beautiful. She is the poster child for how to dress a little girl!

annie pons on

I think that Ali’s mother made this dress for Estela. I know that she took up sewing after Ali had Estela and she loves making clothes for her. I think i heard that Ali is coming out with a clothing line for children inspired by her mothers designs and her southern upbringing.

melisa on

my friend does those cupcakes🙂
she did a beautiful job if u guys have any questions where to go for those cupcakes ask me

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