Melissa Joan Hart Loves Showing Off Her Boys

06/15/2009 at 02:00 PM ET
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In a new interview with MomLogic, Melissa Joan Hart offers her observations on the growing public fascination with the children of celebrities. Joking that “babies are the new black,” the 33-year-old actress goes on to note that “for a while it was cool to carry your dog on the red carpet, and now it’s cool to bring your kid.” If she has any regrets about her own two sons — Mason, 3, and Braydon, 15 months — becoming public figures, it doesn’t show.

“I never knew who Paul Newman’s kids are but we all know who Suri Cruise is. I don’t know if the media needs more to write about, but I love sharing my kids with the world. I love showing them off a little!”

Life is moving fast for the family of four, which includes Melissa’s husband Mark Wilkerson. Between her acting career, her recent 42 lb.weightloss and her new candy store SweetHarts, Melissa is a busy working mom. Fortunately, the boys seem no worse the wear — but the same can’t always be said for their mom! “They’re very happy,” she shares. “They’re very laid-back and active … and amazing!” But “the changes happen day-to-day,” Melissa notes. “If I’m working and I get a call, I feel like “Ah, man!” Literally I miss a day and I miss so much. It’s amazing how quickly it happens.” Melissa relies on a nanny to fill in where needed, but she has “ground rules” that are strictly adhered to.

“My one thing is, don’t let a nanny raise the child…Our nanny has become a good friend. It’s really hard sometimes with the boundaries, exactly because I want to treat her like a friend, but that’s also why there are ground rules. We’ve only had one nanny, and she’s been with us since the second son was born.”

Click below for Melissa’s thoughts on a third child, and the importance of multitasking.

Even with the extra set of hands, Melissa admits that sometimes “the hardest part of it all is staying focused.”

“Let’s say you’re at the park with your kid and your friend’s kid. You lose focus and you don’t see your kid for a second and you panic! You think ‘Ohmigod, I’m not a good mom.'”

To that end, Melissa has learned that the key to motherhood is learning how to multitask and she has some creative solutions for everyday problems. “My kids love to be in my office with me so I keep a little basket of toys in there,” she shares. “They love to type on my computer and talk on the phone, so I got them an unplugged keyboard and old phone, put them on the ground, and let them bang away on them.” With so much on her plate, Melissa is still ready for more — kids, that is! Having grown up in a large family, she says three or four kids sounds ideal.

“I adore my boys to pieces! And if that’s all God grants me, I’m fine. But I know myself well enough to know that I’m going to want another baby. It’s not necessarily that I want girls. It’s because I just know I want more babies.”

Source: MomLogic

— Missy

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RS on

omg…awww i honestly adore her. she is such a good mom & her boys are too cute for words!

Nona on

ahh, thanks to melissa for making me feel not-so-guilty about enjoying seeing pictures of all the adorable celebrity kiddos out there. It’s refreshing to know that some parents don’t actually mind when other people want to witness the cuteness that is their offspring.

Both ends of the spectrum make sense to me, though… wanting to protect your kids’ identities, vs. wanting to show off their brilliance to everyone! It even makes sense to feel both ways at the same time.

Suzanne on

ADORABLE family!

Nikki on

Nona- I agree completely!

I just love this family, Melissa just seems so down to earth. She seems like she would be a great person to go to for advice and just a chat!

gianna on

this is why I don’t feel bad for pics of celebrity kids, so many of the parents love showing off their kids, as they should cause in melissa case her kids are gorgeous,she seems like a good mom and her boys are beautiful. I think she will have a 3rd boy in 2 yrs.

Chile on

I’m not sure why, maybe because she never mentioned it before, maybe because I just didn’t think she was that type of mom, but I never thought she had a nanny, and finding out that she does has made me respect her, but I don’t feel like she’s just another mom trying to get through it. I now see her as another celebrity with a nanny.

April on

She’s mentioned it before, she talked about it after Brady was born and she was going to film that movie last summer.

I guess I just don’t see the big deal with nannies. We have one, part-time, and we’re certainly not rich. It’s what works best for our family. I work second shift as an RN, and my husband doesn’t get home until 5 or 6, so we have a college student come from 2-6 Mon-Fri. We are going to lose Kaitlin next year when she graduates, but so far it’s been wonderful. We tried daycare for a year and it didn’t work out-my girls are shy and the group atmosphere was too much for them. Having them taken care of in our home and allowing them to form a close bond with one person has really been in their best interest.

Emily on

I don’t see why having a nanny makes you not a mum trying to get through it either. I had a nanny as a child as both my parents worked full time and it is what worked best for us. It made my parents no less parents and still doesn’t. We are not particularly rich either, and I think it is a bit rude to working mothers to say that kind of thing, they are still mum’s trying to get through it and it could be argued they have it harder and vice versa.

Sarah M. on

I guess I have the more unique view to the nanny issue, seeing as I am one. I love the kids to pieces, but would NEVER wish for them to think that I was their mother. The mother’s that I have worked with, and am working with now, hold a dear place in my heart. They are trusting me with their children, and to me there’s no greater trust than that! The kids I’ve nannied for call me ‘Sarah’. When they slip and call me mom, which happens sometimes, they are automatically gently corrected.

I LOVE Melissa! She seems like a great person, and like she adores her children!

Liliana on

I, too, have a part-time nanny and for my family, it’s what works the best. I’m in no way wealthy but I’m a single mother who works full-time, therefore; I can’t be with my children 24/7.

I think it’s wrong to judge Melissa based on the childcare she chooses for her children. Are there parents who use nannies as an excuse to not have the responsibility of caring for their children day in and day out? Absolutely. But that’s not the case with everyone and it’s not fair to look “down upon” families who do have outside help.

michelle on

With the right nanny, children get the best of both worlds.

I had a nanny growing up and I love her like she is part of my family. Not that she ever took the place of my mom – because she didn’t, we had a very different relationship. She was more like a favorite Aunt. Her name was Mary, but for some reason, I called her Nanny Mae. Not Nanny because that was her job, but Nanny because it is a term of affection. I grew up in Louisiana and we called our godmothers “Nanny” and our godfathers “Parrain”

Melissa on

Nona- I think that sometimes for celebs it’s more than protecting their kids identities, but simply about keeping them safe. the best example i can think of is the Affleck-Garner family, while they didnt necessarily show off Violet (or Serafina, for that matter) right away, there were still a lot of pictures of them as Violet got older. but as the paparazzi started getting more aggressive, they started getting more protective, which makes a lot of sense. the way melissa shows off her boys is mostly at events where pictures are taken professionally as opposed to the paparazzi following her incessantly to try and get pictures of her and her boys.

bubbs on

i have two kids and a PT nanny… BUT i can see why Chile’s feelings have changed after hearing that Melissa has a nanny. We are all mums, regardless of what childcare options we use, but not all of us are the exclusive or even primary caregivers to our children. When my first child was born i returned to work when he was 4 months old and the nanny left notes on friday keeping me up to date on his routine, how many solid meals he had, what foods he had tried etc etc. She was his primary caregiver and that was simply a fact. Sometimes i was jealous, sometimes i was relieved i didn’t have to spend my waking hours worrying about unsettled day sleeps or carrot puree and most of the time i was both. When i had my second son i decided i wanted to experience being the primary caregiver to my children and did not return to work until the youngest was 2 years old. And can I tell you – I was shocked at how difficult the job was!

Soooo what i am saying is that Melissa is just as much a mum with a nanny, but she is no longer “in the same job” as the average SAHM…. and so they may not feel that they relate to her as much.

Foosa on

I don’t know why everyone is assuming Melissa is a stay-at-home mom. She is working constantly, both in the home and out. Having a nanny is the best option for her because she can have someone care for the children and do a daily routine that she can do also on her days off. Melissa and Mark both work, so having a nanny would be the same as other parents using day-care. Only Melissa uses the Nanny as she NEEDS her (a few days a week), she’s not a live-in nanny.

Nina on

I just wanted to say a preschool in Santa Monica where my son goes had to go to city council to try and get boundaries for the paps because they were too aggressive with the kids….so not everyone likes pics of their kids.
And a big thank you to CBB for not posting pics of Jen and Ben with Violet at school! Hopefully others will follow and leave our preschool alone!

fuschia on

bubbs….amazingly well put.