Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise Do Matchy-Matchy

06/15/2009 at 12:30 PM ET
Owen Beiny/Agent 47/WENN

The Mommy and Me matchy-matchy thing has a tendency to go over-the-top if done too obviously, but of course, Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise get it right. While shopping at The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles on June 1st, along with comfy jersey dresses, the always-chic mom and daughter wore coordinating flats from the French company, Maloles.

Katie sported the Georges ballerina flat ($295-317) while Suri wore the mini version, the Petite Zoe ($128) from the Petite Maloles line. (Katie was later photographed wearing the shoes leaving a Hollywood dance studio.)

The unique style of Suri’s Petite Zoes was created when designer Maloles Miracosta-Antignac took the pleated effect from the sole of the traditional ballet slipper and moved it to the top, adding a ribbon closure and an ankle strap. The effect is refreshing and sophisticated.

The line was launched in 2004 with the signature ballerina flats and has since expanded to include a heels, boots, clutches and the children’s line.

Good luck finding Katie’s style though — we were unable to find them online!

— Danielle

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Alecia on

Awwww, such fashionistas!

Lis on

How freaking darling! Suri has got the best 3 year old style I have ever seen😀 I can’t get enough of her in her little dresses.

N on

Oh my gosh, I think we have actually seen Suri in the same dress twice… Isn’t this the one from Gap she wore a few weeks back🙂

Anyways… super cute!

Yes, this photo is from the same day.

– CBB Staff

jenny on

N, I believe you are right! She looks so much like her mommy!! Katie is a classic beauty. Very pretty girls..Is she wearing pink shoes with an orange dress?

Samantha on

I love Katie and Suri but reading this makes me feel a little ill. There are too many people starving and in pain in this world to be spending that much on shoes and dresses. Just my opinion.

Abi on

I’m in agreement about the cost. The dress Suri is wearing isn’t that expensive, but to put a $128 pair of shoes on a 3 year old what a total waste of money better spent elsewhere.

Kayla on

OMG!! How frigin adorable…Look at her dragging her bag…

holden on

They probably give a lot more to charity than the rest of us do. If there’s cash left over to spend on stuff like clothes and shoes, why not?

Suri looks precious! Katie, however, looks exhausted. I wonder if Suri is a really active child, she doesn’t seem like it from her pictures but her mom always looks so tired! Is she’s working? I’m not aware of any new projects she’s a part of (then again I’m not aware of all new movies coming up).

holden on

But I do agree that it’s a bit extravagant for a 3 year old. She’s going to grow out of those shoes in a flash.

noelle on

What’s $128,– when you’ve got $ 100.000.000,– on your bankaccount… I love Katie’s shoes… luckily they don’t sell them where I live. I don’t think I’d be able to resist….🙂

Sandra on

Suri looks exhausted!

Tess on

Perhaps I’m missing something, but how exactly do they match?

daze on

both mom and daughter look gorgeous! but i can’t think of any other kid that goes shopping THAT much! not the funniest thing for a 3 years old…

ErykaWynter on

“Good luck finding either style though — both are sold out online!” Hmmm…. what’s recession???

Shay on

Does this child wear anything but dresses? Cute but the shoes are ridiculous for a 3 year old!

Forever Moore on

Katie hardly smiles at all anymore…maybe she is annoyed by the paparazzi?

Danielle on

I don’t mind Katie…and Suri, she’s cute. Tom’s another story though… Anyways, tho I would normally be completely against spending obscene amounts of money on children when they grow out of clothes so quickly. This is a multi-million dollar family…$128 to them isn’t much so be it… I can’t say how I’d act unless I was in their position…

ab on

Must be nice to have access to all your husband’s millions and spend most of your time shopping for ridiculously expensive clothes and shoes with your daughter who will soon grow out of everything!

KiKi on

I just don’t like the pink and orange together.

VEO on

If I had money to splurge on my child, I would, but spending that much on a pair of shoes that will last six months at the most is money i could spend on something cuter and longer lasting.

How old is Katie? Since having Suri she seems to have aged sooo much.

Also, its interesting to see the two ends of the spectrum. Here we have the Cruises who spend thousands of dollars a year on their one daughter, and then we have the Jolie-Pitts who seem to use nothing but hand-me downs for Pax, Shiloh and Z.

Darna on

Kiki…Sometimes you just let your child choose what to wear and don’t complain. Allowing your child to express their creativity and make their own choices is important. Maybe that’s what happened here…

Sage on

There are so many Haters on here. It really bothers me that people criticize things that really don’t need to be criticized. It’s not your money she is spending and its not your child she is dressing so what is the big deal??? You act like she is the first celebrity to ever buy something expensive. When I say expensive I mean to those who couldn’t really afford to buy things like that on a regular basis. I don’t know if it’s just jealousy but it doesn’t seem right to me. It doesn’t make any of you people pointing the finger on how much she is spending Saints.

To *Ab* “Must be nice to have access to all your husband’s millions and spend most of your time shopping for ridiculously expensive clothes and shoes with your daughter who will soon grow out of everything!” That is such a snotty middle school thing to say and screams Jealousy and Envy to me.

You act like Katie has never worked a day in her life and that she is only married to Tom because of his money. I mean God forbid she could be spending some of her own money *Gasp*

I think people need to understand they are MILLIONAIRES, they have money that many of you nay-sayers will never see in your life-time.But what people also forget is they donate to charity which alot of people who complain about so much suffering in the world don’t do at all.

Crystal on

I have a pair of Maloles and I ♥ them!!! I can’t wait to have a little girl so we can dress alike. Katie and Suri are too cute!!!

Rebecca on

Holden, do you remember the parable about the woman giving her only 2 coins into the offering, being seen more favorably than the rich man giving more than that? Who cares if they are giving millions of dollars when they’re spending obscene amounts of money on things like clothes? Don’t belittle other people’s charitable donations because they make less, and therefore can give less.

Rachael on

Dang! Cute shoes but rather pricey for me! Good for them, they can afford to spend $128 on shoes, I can buy 3-4 for that price… they’re comfortable and I wear them for years…

holden on

I know the story, and it’s very sweet and serves the purpose of the conversation – if you’re talking to a child. But truth is that nobody on here donates ALL of their money to charity, just a part. I am definitely not belittling other people’s charitable actions just because they don’t make as much as the Cruises, I’m simply saying that they DO donate more money to charity than the people that frequent this site, myself included. If you donated 10% of your income and they donated 10% of their income, their 10% will still be bigger than yours, that’s all I’m saying. Both donate all you can, I completely accept that and applaud everyone here who gives to charity. I know from experience that it is hard to put aside money for donations when you have a family to take care of.

If you have 100 dollars to spend on shoes for your child, will you really buy a pair that costs only 50? The Cruises probably have a ton of $$ to spend on Suri, so why shouldn’t they?
Besides, if she walked around in regularly priced shoes it would be a whole other drama. “God, this family makes millions! Couldn’t they spend a little more on poor Suri’s little shoes?!”

stedine on


ITA. There are some real bitter people on here always making negative statements because they are not afforded the opportunity to live such a lifestyle. They are always making negative comments and worrying about how other people spend their money on their children or how they are raising their children. I bet they would not like it if they were to be put out there and have every decision that they make in regards to their children be criticized for no other reason than pure jealousy.

TracyG on

I agree Sage…so sick of hearing the haters complain about every little thing this family does. It’s like people can’t wait to see a story on them, so they can nit pick. It’s sad really…

AB – Wow, so much hate for someone you don’t know. How do you know she’s spending Tom’s money? Katie made her own MILLIONS before she met and married Tom. Remember a little show called “Dawson’s Creek” by chance? If she is spending Tom’s money, I’m sure HE doesn’t care one whit as she is his wife! Your comment is out of line and reeks of envy.

I’m sure if Suri was in pants all the time, people would be on here complaining that “WHY is this child never in a dress..she’s a little girl after all.” Said it before, this family can’t win for trying. Why do you CARE if Suri is in a dress? Tom has said many times over that SURI loves dresses!

There are so many more things to worry about in life than what Katie is spending and what Suri is wearing….

Chris on

Suri looks kind of miserable. Like she’s all shopped out!

aroundthewaygirl on

Sanctimommies strike again. The man has been making 20 to 25 mil per picture for the last 15 or 20 years. Do you really think he or wife are going to be shopping in the 99 cent store? And last time I checked, most wives, even wives who work, spend their husband’s money. If you can’t or don’t spend $128 dollars and little girl’s shoes that’s your business. Stop minding Tom’s and Katie’s.

Katie and Suri are looking very cute and summery.

Cammie on

Suri’s outfit is precious! I love everything about it. I don’t get why people need tp comment on the prices of their clothes; OBVIOUSLY they can afford it. Also, other people suffering and poverty in the world have nothing at all to do with their shopping habits. They have the money, so why should they feel guilty about spending it? We don’t know how much money they may or may not donate to charities, so I don’t even know why that discussion has to come up here.

Ivey on

I’d really love to see a pic of them at the playground or on the beach, lordy if I were 3, and did that much shopping, I’d be bored to tears!

fuschia on

Shopping all the time with a 3 yr old? Mine would run screaming rather than spend a day at the Grove. Shes a Stepford Child poor dear.

Lee on

Maybe Suri enjoys shopping with her mom. Maybe she was at the playground earlier that day? Just because we don’t see the pictures doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Depending on if they are staying in an apartment or their house, she could have access to a playground in the backyard of her house, or one on the rooftop of a expensive high rise. Who knows. I think the only reason why either them are looking not so happy happy sunshine is that they have cameras in their face wherever they go. Would any of us love that kind of annoyance everytime we put a toe outside of our house?

Sarah M. on

TracyG – Tom said that when they do dress her in jeans, as soon as they turn around for a few seconds, she has re-dressed herself with a dress on! So she doesn’t like jeans. That’s fine.

She is a gorgeous child!

Chiara on

And last time I checked, most wives, even wives who work, spend their husband’s money.

Wow. Just…wow. I have no say in how this particular celebrity couple spends their money, but you obviously don’t know the same wives I do.

Who needs feminism when you’ve got the internet?

Sophy on

If you see the whole set of these photos, Katie and Suri and smiling and laughing in many of them. So I think they are happy together and enjoying themselves for the most part =)

Holden – I agree with you, well said. Everyone divides their income up into portions for different parts of their lives (some goes to savings/retirement, some to education, some to travel expenses, some to charity, and some to current living expenses) and obviously Tom and Katie’s portions will be proportionately larger than ours. Therefore they can do BIG things within each of them, including charity, and including clothing.

Natasha on

Chiara, I don’t think that was meant to be a negative commment. I think her point was that when you’re married/in a relationship, you are probably spending not just your own money but your spouse’s too. Ever heard of a joint bank account?

Chiara on

Natasha — yes, I have heard of a joint bank account. And to me, that means it’s, you know, a joint thing, rather than “the husband’s” money.

cara on

ok people, don’t hate them because they’re beautiful. I mean – sure, nobody who makes us much as we ‘normal’ people do would spend so much on a 3-year olds shoes. But think about it, using some of your own logic – you give 10% of your savings to charity – so do they. That 10% happens to be more than yours. They keep 10% of their savings for shopping, so do you – just that even with your 10%, you wouldnt be able to afford the shoes. So don’t hate them cos they’re rich – technically they’re doing the same thing you are.

danigirl on

Wow. What a bunch of nitpickers. Even if it is a ridiculous amount of money for a pair of shoes, who cares? Its not like we were ever gonna see the money! “Quick! Somebody call a whaaambulance! Tom and Katie are spending their money and (some of) the folks that read CBB are outraged that CELEBRITIES are spending crazy amounts of money on their daughter and weeee want them to be like US!” Waaaaaa! Lol. You guys…

Natasha on

Chiara, well I guess we’re just interpreting what she’s saying in totally different ways.

stedine on

Anyone on here ever stop to think that the only time Paparazzi have a time to take pictures of her are when they are out shopping or going to dance class? They can’t go into their home and take pictures of her playing or to the Scientology facility where I bet Suri has many playmates (not that I approve of Scientology).

Jenny on

First time and cannot believe some of the ugly comments being made.

The Cruises are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.
If Suri wears a cheaper pair of shoes, Tom would be accused of penny pinching or alternatively, being extravagant if he spends alot. For goodness sake, such pettiness.

I saw a TV show recently where the female journalist said Tom was very careful (implying mean) with his money etc etc and then proceeded to say that he has several planes and spends more than a million dollars a year on fuel for them.

It is horses for courses people. We spend according to our standard of living. As someone sensibly mentioned here, the Cruises 10% and ours is still 10%. And it is ridiculous to expect anybody to not enjoy themselves or God forbid) even being percieved as enjoying themselves.


Abi on

Everyone has a right to an opinion, we can’t all agree. If Suri was 16 and had a $128 pair of shoes I could have cared less. My comment about spending that much on a pair of shoes for a 3 year old is just a waste of money. I am neither jealous or petty or envious. I love the things the Cruises dress Suri in and not everything is expensive, I believe that the dress cost $28 from the Gap. Why is it we can’t make comments without people being nasty?

SH on

Money doesn’t buy happiness.

Dee on

Shay– what’s wrong with a girl wearing dresses? Little girls are made for dresses.

I couldn’t spend $128 on a pair of shoes for myself never mind a kid. My kids destroy shoes like it’s cool.

mazzie on

katie always looks so wistful and sad… i loved joey potter back in my college days, she was so awesome and kick-ass… i can’t help but feel sorry for poor katie these days…
despite everything she has, beautiful daughter topping the list, she doesn’t look fulfilled!! unlike michelle williams who seems so centered, even after everything that’s happened in her life..

Desiree on

Does anyone else think that Katie looks like she may be sporting a baby bump?

sage on

“mazzie” maybe one of the reasons is I don’t think Michelle is followed all the time like Katie is or is criticized as much as Katie has/is. I bet Katie is probably think hmmm “What are these people going to point out or complain that I am doing wrong now,how they don’t like me or my husband that much,money spenders”I mean Tom’s money of course”,does Suri ever wear pants, cut her bangs, why is she never eating veggies geez and all I wanted to do was hangout with my daughter.

Yeah I feel sorry for her too.

Amber Joy on

Just out of curiousity, why is there sooo much criticism about Suri’s shoes costing $128, but a few posts earlier, Soleil Moon Frye’s 14 month old daughter has on $110 shoes… and not one comment says anything about them?

Lisa on

I totally think they’re grooming Suri Cruise to play Dora the Explorer in the movie version!

fuschia on

Suri never looks at her mother, she never seems to interact with her at all. Just seems a bit weird. She is always so distant looking. I like the fringe growing out on a more superficial note.

Cece on

What Katie spends on her clothes is her business – she can afford it. But my own opionion is the style of Suri’s dress would look better on a 16 year old as the off the shoulder look is a bit mature. Then again, I could be completely wrong…

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