Exclusive: Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette Turns 4!

06/15/2009 at 05:00 PM ET

Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette, daughter of entertainer Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller, celebrated her fourth birthday in true princess style at the family’s Las Vegas home on June 7th. Surrounded by friends decked out in “royal attire” and other loved ones, Princess Moxie was surprised by a visit from “a real Cinderella” — one who had played the role at Walt Disney World — who entertained her guests with a reading of the Cinderella story, gave out tiaras, painted faces and led the kids in a treasure hunt and royal dancing in addition to a fashion show complete with a red carpet.

Christian Woodward – courtesy Jillette family for use on CBB

Moxie’s mother Emily tells Celebrity Baby Blog, “we talked about [the theme] for weeks… it was between a repeat of Nemo and Cinderella. I was pushing for Nemo because Penn is against princesses. He says a lot of people died to get away from royalty in power and we shouldn’t celebrate them. But in the end, Moxie won.”

Moxie’s little brother Zolten Penn — who celebrated a recent birthday himself, turning three on May 22nd — attended the party as well and took part on his own terms! Although the preschooler was happy to blow out a Z spelled out in candles on the cupcake cake, he refused to dress in a prince costume, telling Emily, “that’s not a fun thing to do, Mommy.”

Moxie’s favorite gift by far was a pink nightgown with a picture of Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty on the front that she has worn every night since the party. “I’ve had some pretty fantastic parties for the kids every year, but this is the first one that Moxie was really involved in the theme and decorations,” Emily notes. “I think it will be the first one she really remembers. ”

— Danielle

Click for three more exclusive photos!

Courtesy Jillette family for use on CBB  – Moxie poses with mom Emily while Penn poses with Cinderella!
Christian Woodward – courtesy Jillette family for use on CBB – Little brother Z watches as Moxie blows out the candles on her princess cake, “just for her,” as recommended by Cinderella.
Christian Woodward – courtesy Jillette family for use on CBB – The cake was made of 96 cupcakes, covered with frosting. Emily said, “I’ve tried all the fancy bakeries and when it comes right down to it, the whipped icing from the grocery store beats them all.”

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Angi on

How cute!

Mallory on

I’ve never seen her picture before, and she is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE, but my mind is slightly preoccupied thinking “Why do parents name their children such odd things?!” Like we haven’t all commented about this before.

eva on

Moxie looks so happy with cinderella,she’s cute. The anti-princess position is a little odd.I’m not crazy about Disney princesses in my kid’s life but this is the first time I read this argument.It’s a little extreme but what truly matters is that Moxie had a say on her party.BTW, Zolten Penn is a cool name,I thought they only had Moxie.

fuzibuni on

i dont think it’s odd to be anti-princess. in fact, i appreciate the fact that Penn even considered that position. I have to say I agree with him. The obsession with princesses has always sat wrong with me. But what are you going to do… little girls are really drawn to them. It makes sense that they want to be beautiful and wear frilly dresses. But if you think about it, the essence of princessdom is that they are prettier and more special than regular folks.

J. D. on

I know a lot of people think their names are weird but I really like them!

eva on

fuzibuni,I agree,I said I don’t like too much Disney princess in my girl’s life and I try to keep the fad under control by interesting her on other topics and characters.What I thought was a little odd was Penn’s rationale about royalty (real, historic royalty) oppressing the masses hence I oppose Disney princesses (which are fictional fairy tales based on folk tales).To me it’s apples and oranges.

terra on

I love this family! Moxie is getting to be such a grown up. And I don’t care what anyone else thinks, Moxie Crimefighter is the COOLEST name ever. That kid is going to be fierce! She’s already winning arguments against her daddy.

hkdiaz on

we’re not anti-princess in my family per se, but frankly, my daugter thinks princesses are stupid. The majority of them sit around waiting to be rescued my a handsome prince and my daughter prefers to do the saving! When she and her friends play, they’re always the princesses and she’s the superhero that saves the day!

Cortney on

I didn’t know their last name was Jillette I thought it was Jullette. Anyway, She is cute and how original to have a character come to your house and host a party rather then dragging 100 people to Disney or Chuck E Cheese or where ever! Good idea!

Anon on

I think this princess thing must be relatively new because I was a young child in the 90’s and I don’t recall any of my friends or myself having this obsession. I did however, like that move a little princess. Mostly because it was a costume drama for children and had an indian guy with a monkey..but i digress.

mp on

I hated Moxie’s name when she was born and considered it child abuse, but now I’ve grown to like it a lot.

Colleen on

She is adorable & so is Zolten! Great photos. 🙂

Sammy-xx on

I really love the name Moxie, it’s cute and quirky and seems to suit her to a T. I also love Zolten, I love names with X,Z and V’s in them I’m not sure why.

I was never a Princessy kid either, I do get called Cinderella alot and have done sice I was very little becuase I love cleaning so much.

Moxie looks alot like Coco Arquette to me, beautiful girl.

LP on

I absolutely adore the names Moxie Crimefighter and Zolten Penn. Adorable, I love it!

JMO on

Anon your not alone I was born in the 80’s and princesses were not really a thing. I remember Ariel being the first animated character I liked and she wasn’t really a princess. But I was too busy playing with my Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle figurines….trust me I’m super girly now just wasn’t much as a kid lol.

And the girls that I babysit LOVE their princesses. And lets face it they know nothing more then they’re pretty girls in beautiful gowns. Why make them grow up too quickly with the stuff that’s non important to them in life?! Glad Moxie got her way!!

Robin on

I think this is the first pic I have seen of her! She is too cute! Glad she looks like mom!! I love her name too, so different…..at least she can say no one else has her name!!!

michelle on

I love the name Moxie. Not too fond of CrimeFighter, but hey….it’s unique just to her!

brannon on

moxie is really cute. a friend just had a baby named jaxie and it reminds me of that. a little off topic…but did jason lee ever release the name of their new little one?

Kenya on

I love the name Moxie, but can do without the rest of it. I don’t really care for whole princess thing as well or the pink obsession. I hope my future daughter is into other things.

Erika on

She’s very cute!! I love Cinderella.

I think the anti-princess thing is a bit weird too. Every little girl likes princesses. I LOVED them when I was little. To me it was feeling like a princess made me feel special, and every little girl wants to feel special. When I have children in the future, I want them to be into princesses. I will probably get my daughters into that early, because it is just so cute! 🙂

Mrs. R. on

It seems like a very Dad thing to be anti-princess. I’m a pretty anti-princess mom, but my daughter’s only 2.5, so I know I will relent in time, I just want to put it off as long as possible.

I remember thinking Moxie was a horrid name for a little girl, but seeing it on the birthday cake, it actually struck me as very sweet. It isn’t something I would ever choose, but I think if one of my students or daughter’s friends had it, I would think it was a fun name and probably feel like the name fit the child very well. Moxie’s not nearly as bad as Muffy or Buffy or Kitten, some of the mid-century names that were popular for a while.

Marissa on

Oh how I love her name! OH wait, maybe thats because I named my Chihuahua Moxie… Moxie Jade! I get lots of compliments on my dogs’ sassy yet adorable name! Happy Birthday to Moxie CrimeFighter!

Brooke on

I have totally come around to like the name Moxie…It suits her..She looks like a little spitfire.

Meg on

Aww, what a cute party. However I looked at this girls site and she hadn’t “played the part” – in fact, her bio says she was “too tall”. As a cast member I’m really uncomfortable that she would use what she learned at Disney to make a living somewhere else and now she’s gaining fame. I don’t know, I’m just really anal about people saying they are a certain character when they are or have been cast members at one point. It breaks the magic, you know? Even though kids aren’t on the site there is still a sort of magic about the whole thing.

DrSticky on

ROFL at the anti-princess stance. Poor guy, there he is having his photo with Cinderella. My two DDS (4 and 3.5) are princess obsessed despite us ensuring they are exposed to other role models. My main objection is the same as hkdiaz’s; the films aren’t too bad, but the accompanying spin-off merchandise encourages girls to sit around waiting for true love to ‘complete’ them etc, with self-worth measured by how beautiful you look on the outside. (I know this is not ALL they say in the merchandise, but these are the messages that resonate with me AND my kids, I think.)

Gwen on

I think it is beautiful that dad is there supporting his daughter’s interests, even if they don’t match his own. That’s love.

Alex on

To be fair, Moxie isn’t a bad name actually. Not to my taste at all, but it’s not an awful name. At least the ridiculous part is a middle name so Moxie doesn’t have to tell people if she doesn’t want to. Cute kid.

becky on

awwww whatta cutie (: i love her name aswell !!

momto3 on

moxie crimefighter? what kind of name is this? Moxie is cute, but don’t put it up against CrimeFighter.

A on

I don’t see what the problem is with liking princesses. If a boy likes GI Joes, are you going to not let him play with it because it’s associated to war? We all know what war does. What if your little girl likes to play dress up and have a fashion show? Are you not going to let her do that because we all know that models these days are the epitome of eating disorders and usually drug abuse? We can’t let them pretend to put on a show for entertainment purposes because the actors these days cannot get our of a car without flashing their goodies and most of them have a DUI on their record. That’s just ridiculous in my opinion. All children like to play fantasy games.. it’s what kids do. They have active imaginations and I don’t see the harm in letting them play and be children. They’re only young once and it won’t take long before that innocence and those active imaginations disappear and they’re having to worry about real things in life.

My daughter is only 1, but if she likes princesses when she’s a little older, then so be it. When I was little I used to run around pretending like I was She-Ra. It’s what kids do. People these days are in too much of a hurry to make their children grow up. It’s sickening.

lis on

I remember when Moxie was a baby, he was asked about her middle name in an interview. He said something to the effect of people take names too seriously, especially second names. And he thought it would be a point of humour when she was older. I do have to agree with him.

Mira on

What a dumb comment, A. Opposition to bad role models has nothing to do with wanting kids to grow up too fast. I just don’t want my boy to glorify war and if I had a girl I wouldn’t want her to think that being a woman means being a stupid, defenseless beauty. My kids pretendplay all they want… they just don’t pretend that they kill people.

Brigid on

I remember him saying that when she grew up, she could say that crimefighting was her middle name. Which I still think is a little silly, but it is kinda cute now that she’s 4.
Also, I think it’s really great that despite his opposition to princesses/royalty, he is supporting his daughter’s interests. It’s his role as a parent to make sure she gets the right message, and doesn’t feel that she needs to be a damsel in distress and wait for her prince charming to rescue her. These movies give little girls something to use when playing with dolls or with friends. Parents shape image and self-esteem.

Kelly on

Meg, I totally agree with you, I am going to be doing the College Program in August, and from talking to people who are down there now, I think she could get in loads of trouble if Disney caught onto her. Just from what she said in the bio section would probably have them flipping out. And yes, even though I will be seeing all the behind the scenes stuff, and I have some friends who are friends with characters, I do think it takes some of the magic out.

And on a side note, I was never into the princesses that much at all. I love the movies still, and actually like those more now that I am older, but yeah. They weren’t as popular when I was little. But honestly I think that is all the marketing thing on Disney’s part. Can’t blame them, just think how much money they make alone on the princess movies, memorabilia, etc.

A on

Mira, when I was little and pretended to be a princess, I wasn’t sitting around waiting for Prince Charming to come around.. I didn’t even care about the prince. It was all about the princess and their pretty dresses. Every little girl I know who likes princesses likes them because they’re pretty and they wear pretty dresses. “Stupid, defenseless beauty” is going a bit overboard. It’s only the adults who can see things on a more mature level like that. Kids don’t notice those kinds of things. The movies are about the story, and it’s not teaching kids to be stupid.

What if your child liked princesses, yet you disagree with it because of the reasons that you stated, and for what Penn said. How are you going to explain to her that she cannot like them because people died while trying to get away from that and that Cinderella is an idiot? Do you not think that’s going to spark some questions? Are you going to tell a 4 year old about the cruelty that past empires have put people through? Are you going to give her all the gory details? No child needs to know about that at that age, so yes, when you start giving them information like that you are trying to get them to grow up too fast. I don’t see the harm in letting them be kids and enjoying things that spark their interest.

Aubs on

Such a cute girl to be cursed with such a name.
Okay, Moxie is weird but still ok. We expect such names from celebrities but CrimeFighter?

Mary-Helen on

I don’t why little girls don’t just get to be little girls. Little boys get to have adventure games and GI Joe and toy guns and no one bats an eyelash but God forbid a little girl wants to wear a crown and a pretty dress, it’s an outrage!

The Princesses are fun. Both my daugthers love playing princesses and love wearing crowns and having adventures like Belle and Ariel where they fight mean witches and save their kingdoms. What’s the big deal? They never even reference waiting for a prince, they are either having tea or saving a kingdom. It just seems like too many people suck the fun out of everything for little girls. They can’t like pink, they can’t like baby dolls, they can’t enjoy princesses. They have to like sports and mud and “defy gender roles” while boys can do whatever they want.

Blackrose on

CrimeFighter?! are u serious! is this even legal!?

carla on

what were they thinking with that name? cute kid, jacked up future.

hkdiaz on

I don\’t think anyone bats an eyelash if a little girl likes princess stuff and a little boy likes GI Jo. But, have you ever tried to find spiderman underwear for little girls? Doesn\’t exist. My DD is an oddity because she likes all things superhero, has never had a Barbie, and could care less about princess stuff or pink. This is not because I don\’t let her have it, she just doesn\’t like it. Everyone thinks its cute she\’s a tom boy. But, imagine if a little boy wanted pink Barbie stuff! It wouldn\’t be so cute in many people\’s views.

Brandi on

The middle name is a joke, this is what Penn said about it, and I think it’s funny.

“I love the name Moxie, I love that’s it’s a purely American word, and those are rare, and I love that it stands for old fashioned spunk and energy. EZ pushed for her middle name, “CrimeFighter” because EZ doesn’t have a middle name and thinks middle names are stupid. So, it’s just a joke. When she gets pulled over by the police she can show her license and say, ‘We’re on the same side, officer, my middle name is CrimeFighter.’

Z’s name is special enough unless he moves to Hungary, where it’s a very common name. But “Z” seems to be what he’s called and maybe that’ll stick. Zolten is EZ’s maiden name and I like the respect that shows for her family, and I like that his name Zolten Jillette, is the two families together. “

daniela on

Joke or not – Crimefighter is an awful name! Its a joke that kid will have to live with for the rest of her life! Why not have used it as a nickname instead??? Moxie, on the other hand, is not great but much better than Crimefighter.

Katie on

My two cats are named Magoo and Moxie. Magoo was briefly named Piper but Magoo, or Mr. Magoo, just fit better. He’s a goofball. Moxie was a shelter cat who I planned on renaming Bella but she’s 100% Moxie. Prior to being the “mama” to two uniquely named “babies” I sort of cringed at such unconventional names. But now I feel like I can empathize. Even though I can’t explain WHY they are so perfect and I never planned on those names, those two were just meant to be Magoo and Moxie, not Piper and Bella. I’m sure the name Moxie CrimeFighter fits this little girl like a glove and I love the story behind both the Jillette children’s names (and the Rossdale boys, and Apple Martin, etc etc etc).

Alexie on

It’s is great an all that this little girl had her dream come true but I think it was entirely inappropriate that it is advertised that this “Cinderella” worked for the parks! It is totally uncalled for! Cast Members at the parks work VERY hard to keep the magic every day! There is only ONE Cinderella! The rest of us are only friends with Cinderella. It sickens all of us that people make there money off of our hard work! If you are going to do parties, fine! But never say that you worked for the parks and NEVER tell anyone that you are the “REAL” Cinderella!

Tara on

To everyone complaining about Moxie’s middle name CrimeFighter, how often do you actually use your middle name? Why does it matter what Moxie’s middle name is – whether it’s “CrimeFighter” or something vanilla like “Ava”? I think it’s cool that they gave her a funky middle name. It’s people like you, not the kids in her school, that will give her a hard time. I bet you ask any of the kids in her school what they think of her name and they’ll shrug or tell you it’s awesome.

Natalie on

I booked Robyn for a Princess Party for my 5 year old daughter 3 months ago! She was amazing and made my little girl’s dream come true.. We couldn’t affored a Disney World vacation, so I was happy to bring Snow White to my baby. I’m excited to see that even celebrities are booking her. She is a sweet, talented young woman and I wish her all the success in the world. On a side note, Moxie is also sooo cute!!

Anna on

I don’t see the problem with her saying she worked at Disney land. How is that destroying the magic, she is giving the magic to people that can’t or won’t go to Disneyland.

Megan on

I didn’t like Moxie’s name when she was born (in fact, I thought she was a boy) and I don’t like the name any more now. But boy, is Moxie a cutie. I can’t remember ever seeing a picture of her, and I had completely forgotten she had a little brother.

Regardless of her parents name-choice, it looks like Moxie is a lucky little girl who had an awesome birthday part