Carnie Wilson Welcomes Daughter Luciana Bella

06/15/2009 at 01:35 PM ET
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Welcome Luciana Bella Bonfiglio! Carnie Wilson delivered her and husband Rob Bonfiglio‘s second daughter at 5:07 p.m. on Friday, June 12th in Los Angeles, Calif. Weighing in at 6 lbs., 5 oz and 19 inches long, baby Luciana joins big sister Lola Sofia, 4.

“Oh my God, Lola is over the moon about this,” Carnie said recently. “She says, ‘I love you, Luci,’ and kisses my tummy. I’m going to wrap a doll and have it at the hospital and give it to Lola from Luci. We’re ecstatic.”

After a reported c-section, The Newlywed Game host, 41, will go home on Tuesday. The couple announced the pregnancy in November, followed by the sex of the baby and planned name in January.

Source: Life & Style

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Helen on

Congrats to them. I can’t wait to see the baby!

Debbie on

I love Carnie, her down to earth character.
Congrats on your beautiful baby girl.
Gob Bless your family,,

Alecia on

Awe, congrats to the Bonfiglio family on the delivery of a healthy baby girl…Welcome to the world Luciana Bella!!!

alexa caitlyn on

Congratulations Luciana is a lovely name.

babyboopie on

Congratulations to Carnie, Rob and Lola on the birth of Lucy! Bet she is beautiful!

Sofie on

Congratulations. Love the name. I’m surprised they did a C-section though, due to her size and all the risks involved.

Courtney on

CONGRATS to her, I really love Carnie! Beautiful name, Lola must be so excited too…

Hope she has a quick recovery. I was much much larger with my son than Carnie was this time (as I weighed well over 100 pounds more than Carnie) and my C section was a breeze. I was up and back to work (and I do physical work) 8 days later…

Sanja on

Sofie -I read that they did the C-section BECAUSE of her size and the gastric bypass surgery. I’m not familiar with her medical history so have no idea if that’s true.

Mrs. R. on

It’s hard for me to get super excited because SO much information about this child was already planned ahead and announced of time: the name, the sex, the date the child was born. It’s still wonderful to hear it’s a healthy baby girl and that everyone is healthy and happy. I will look forward to a picture, but I really don’t understand why Carnie had to do SO many interviews about the baby ahead of time and give out SO much information… it really made it seem like the kid was born ages ago.

CTBmom on

Congrats to them. I know they are thrilled. I really like the name too. 🙂

eva on

I love the name Luciana!Lola and “Lucy” make a sweet duo for sisters.

Kelly on

Congrats to the family! I can’t wait to see the baby. She was born on my grandma’s birthday 🙂

Lacey on

I agree with Mrs R. I’m happy for them but I feel as if they pre-spoiled the exciting news by annoucing every detail. With my first we withheld the name til birth and when we have another, we’re going to stay quite on the gender and name. It’s made the birth even more exciting for our family.

gianna on

The name luciana is beautiful I love it. Her baby was small considering how large carnie got. But I often notice the moms who gain a lot often have 6 lb babies while the skinny petite women who gain 25lbs end up with a 9 lb baby

Sarah on

Welcome to the world, Luciana Bella Bonfligio!!! Such a beautiful name!! Congrats to Carnie and the family!!! 🙂

Anon on

Her baby was only 6lbs? I thought it’d be bigger, goes to show you can’t always tell, especially when you aren’t the doctor. I like the name Luciana, bella is okay. I don’t like names with similar endings. Like Monica-Asia or Skyler-Taylor. When I hear the name Luciana I think of a Tuscan Contessa. Its fierce. Ms. R you’re right on the money, but regardless I wish them a congrats.

Michelle on

I’ve been a fan of Carnie’s since her Wilson Phillips days. Congrats to her, Rob and Lola on their newest addition! I can’t wait to see a picture. 🙂

April on

I really like the name but I agree with the above posters, Carnie and Rob didn’t leave any fun surprises for us. All we were waiting for was for her to arrive. I like to have some suspense. Cannot wait to see a photo I bet she looks like Lola.

Kimber Christian on

Congrats to Carnie & Rob! I love the name they chose, very beautiful!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Beautiful name, prefer her full name to Lucy but all flows well and Lucy & Lola sounds very cute and mostly not cruel and ‘Hollywood’ type names! We found out the gender this time but didn’t tell anyone but immediate family, who wanted to know (gave them the option, parents, sisters etc), but not extended family or friends, so they had the surprise and we could have fun telling them, esp after having a little girl after a son, not that a 2nd son wouldn’t have been as fun of course, but a nice bonus having the opposite! We were open while preg however about her name (had a delivery surprise with son but as Freya’s our last did it out of curiosity, no pref, our family would be completed,two boys or one of each etc). A friend of ours had 2nd son & they did it diff in that they told everyone the gender (surprise 1st time like us) but kept Liam Jame’s name quiet til he arrived and that was nice surprise when we got the news from her partner, like her name choice too. I agree it’s nice to keep either the gender or at the least name a surprise for other people to find something other than the birthdate/time or birthweight out on the big day!

Sarah M. on

Sam and Freya’s mum – I love your daughter’s name. It’s not one you hear every day, but it’s not too out there, either. If you don’t mind my asking, what does it mean and where did you come across it?

Sarah M. on

Glad baby Lucy arrived safe and sound. I bet she’s beautiful! (Meant to add this in my previous comment 🙂 )

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Thanks Sarah J. I actually saw it a UK mag (Hello or OK, UK mags, ifyou’re familiar with them, not sure where you’re based?) about 4 or 5 years ago, before having our son and liked it as soon as I saw it in an article about some presenter over in UK – luckily hubby liked it. It’s a Nordic name, a goddess from Nordic mythology, goddess of love and fertility I think, and he also liked it as he’s into that side of things & had heard of it so was a good thing I suggested it – simply immediately liked the ring to it, being feminine, not too wayout or longwinded to spell (sometimes mispronounced however but nevermind), IMO anyway?! We had Maia or Mia in mind first time as well but Freya stuck as less common which appealed, that it was diff without being too strange, hopefully, and could picture it personally on someone older too. Her middle name’s Isabelle which she could always go by, or Izzy, if she prefers when she’s older…Am not girlie so was a surprisingly feminine name I guess. Have seen a poster Freya on this site since though,and other people with Freyas so may be becoming more known/used…? Also liked Neve/Niamh too.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

sorry, Sarah ‘M’, not ‘J’! Also, not sure why, the sound of it I guess, but I generally prefer girls’ names ending in an ‘a’ too – my friend has a Kayla and Olivia and said the same, obvously also a fan.

Sarah M. on

Sam and Freya’s mum – Thanks for the info. I gotta admit, when I first say her name, I didn’t really like it. But have grown to love it! I love the meaning of it, too.

As to Carnie and her family, does anyone remember/know how big Lola was when she was born? Was she on the smaller side, also?

Merrymum on

Sam and Freya’s mum, I remember that OK/HELLO issue!! I seem to recall the norwegian mother of Freya in question was on a show about vets, her partner was a very big burly guy and their daughter had red curly hair and freckles!! I thought at the time Freya was a beautiful name also. Neve/Niamh also gorgeous but if you spell it the gaelic way nobody can pronounce it right!!! I have heard them try, they say ‘Neem’. I personally love the name Roisin (irish name pronounced ‘Ro – Sharn’, but I live in Australia and just knew everybody would call my daughter ‘Roysen’ as in Raisin with an O!!!!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Thanks Merrymum, a fellow Downunder poster! Didn’t realise she had 3 kids, it says her oldest daughter’s a Freya as you say, lady’s called Trude Mostue, the Norwegian vet who was on UK vet programme, name Trude rang a bell for some reaason as used to watch it years ago, so Googled her. Last I read in one of those mags she was engaged or married (but says they’re sadly split), before she had her Freya. I was actually thinking of another UK presenter that we named our daughter after, called Donna Air, I actually had never heard of this person though & not sure what she was on tv wise, just liked her little girl’s name when I read it about 5 years ago. Googled her and she does have a daughter Freya as I had thought. Think it must be more popular being UK/Europe, & close to Scandinavia in particular & since it’s a Scandi name, makes a lot of sense. Over here generally more traditional British names are popular/common – emily, thomas, oliver, sophies etc, with NZ being part of Commonwealth so Scandinavian/european names not as used/popular here (at least there won’t be 4 or 5 in her class, but who knows in 4 years time, lol). But thanks for mentioning the tv vet, as wouldn’t have known otherwise & I’m nosey! Whereabouts in OZ are you based?

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Merrymum: forgot to ask, if you don’t mind, what your daughter’s name is?

Merrymum on

Hi Sam and Freya’s mum, I couldn’t remember that vets name, I used to watch the show on ABC at least 5 years ago, now you say Trude I totally remember, don’t know who Donna Air is though?? We are in the lovely city of Hobart, and as for my daughter, she ended up ‘Emerson Bridget’. It suits her very much but we call her Emmy most of the time.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Merrymum: another Antipodean (Kiwi/Aussie)!, with the spelling of ‘mUm’ in your post name, not ‘mOm’, the American/Canadian spelling! I haven’t been to Tasmania (have been to the usual places of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, popular here to visit I guess, and would like to make it to Perth and Tasmania in general one day) but hubby went there with his family years ago. Is it near Port Arthur? (I remember the tragic events there about 10 years or so ago now I guess?, not a nice memory, but do remember it being in Tasmania, that’s all, not that should taint somewhere long term either). What a pretty name, Emerson. No, I don’t really know who Donna Air is either or if she is still on telly in UK, just read about her in the Uk mag & her baby girl’s name, not sure why I remember her/presenter’s name tho’, but both her and baby Freya’s names stuck for some reason>>?!! We live in Wellington, NZ capital, near the habour.

Merrymum on

Sam and Freya’s mum; we have drifted way off the post topic here!! NZ is a beautiful country, both my parents are kiwi’s, mum from Devonport, Dad from Levin, but I have family all over – MT Maunganui, Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch. I love visiting, so beautiful, Hubby and I went there for honeymoon. Hobart is 90km from Port Arthur, was 1996 when the massacre happened there, so terrible but lovely memorial. Everyone thinks we named our Emerson after Teri Hatcher’s daughter, but actually I heard the name before that when I used to work in an art gallery and a regular client came in with her newborn boy/girl twins and told me their names were Finnigan and Emerson, I thought was so pretty. When our daughter was born, we had ruled out all the Irish girls names (hubby is Irish) for the reasons stated previously, so I mentioned Emerson and he loved it! We threw Bridget in as middle name to give a wee bit of Irish flavour! She is 3 now and I’ve only come across one other Emerson (they go to childcare together), so I hope the schools are not flooded with Emerson’s in a few years!! Hope it’s not to cold for you over in Wellington, it’s freezing here! 🙂

Merrymum on

Footnote: mUm sounds so much nicer than mOm!

Lola on

I love the name!! And I also loved that Ms. Wilson gave so much information from the beginning! I hate it when people say “oh we’re saving the name/sex as a surprise”. Of course it’s their choice, but I LOVE when we hear all the info as the pregnancy progresses. You feel as though you can’t wait to see this person you’ve been hearing everything about. Congrats to the new family!! Best wishes.