Ali Landry Talks About Her Traveling Trio

06/15/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
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Life for Ali Landry and 23-month-old daughter Estela Ines is all about one thing these days: the potty! “Our main thing right now is trying to get the child on the potty,” Ali laughingly told CBB during a recent Giggles and Hugs event. In an effort to keep her daughter still as the two play the waiting game, the model and actress pulls out all the stops — mainly stickers and books — staying hopeful that Estela will relax and go to the bathroom. When she does step up to the plate and produce results, that’s when the fun begins.

“Peepeeing on that potty, there’s a party in the house when that happens.”

With Father’s Day right around the corner, Ali may soon be handing off the potty training to her mother. “I’m going do something for my husband,” she says of her plans for the big day. Looking forward to packing Alejandro Gomez Monteverde‘s bags and surprising him with a trip for two to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Ali admits the irony of the situation. “I know, Father’s Day without a child, right?” she muses. “But, sometimes mom and dad need a little time alone.”

“And we’re going to Italy for the summer and Estela is going to be staying with my mother in Louisiana. We travel a lot.”

That said, Estela isn’t always left behind; The trio recently returned from a Bahamas vacation. Unfortunately, baby girl was less than thrilled with the beach scene. “At first she was really, really afraid,” Ali shares. Once her initial fears passed, there was no stopping the rambunctious toddler, who kept her mama constantly on her toes. “There’s no relaxing, and there is no laying down reading books, you’re chasing them absolutely everywhere,” she notes before recalling her former laid-back beach excursions. “Looking forward to those days again!”

Up next for Estela? Her second birthday! Already planning for the big day, Ali reveals that the family will celebrate the milestone at the Silver Spoon beach house in Miami. “We’re excited about that,” she says.

— Anya with reporting by Brett Malec

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Colleen on

I hope she didn’t mean to say that they’re going to Italy without their daughter for the entire summer! Unless they’re both going to be extremely busy working, but even then- couldn’t her mother tag along?

Georgia41 on

Wow!!! I don’t know what else to type……… I’m going go with that “if you have nothing nice to say (or in this case type), than don’t say anything at all”.

Melissa on

I thought I read that wrong too but it states she is going for the summer! I agree why can’t her Mom come along to help watch the baby?

jessie on

estela is adorable! i’ve heard of parents taking their kids on vacation and leaving the diapers at home to motivate them to use the potty more, so maybe they could do that. but then again, they aren’t taking her…

michelle on

I seriously doubt she is going on vacation for the entire summer. More than likely it is just a week or two. And I agree that parents do need some alone time without the kiddos every now and then. Makes for better, happier parents. And happy parents = happy kiddos.

What source were these quotes taken from? And what else did she say in the interview? That would probably shed some light on her travel plans. It’s onvious the interviewer asked about Estela since it notes she is not always left behind.

I wouldn’t jump to conclusions about her parenting skills based on a few short sentences that are certainly not the context of the entire interview.


A reporter for CBB/PEOPLE spoke to her at the event. That’s what she said in reply to a question about plans for the summer, but we didn’t ask her to elaborate.

— CBB Staff

jessicad on

Lots of kids stay with their grandparents for the entire summer, no big deal! I just got back from the beach and I was thinking the exact same thing, no time for relaxing and tanning!

Angela on

Hopefully her husband doesn’t read this blog as his surprise Father’s Day gift won’t be much of a surprise.

laura on

Doesn’t she have a live in nanny also?

Anon on

I don’t think its bad to leave a child with a grandparents for the summer. It can actually be really nice and my parents did it. I just think its a little early to be leaving her like that. Maybe the summer to ali means a month or something and not 3 months like it means to me(since i’m out of school may-sept).

Amandamay on

This isn’t a judgment – I just can’t imagine leaving my son with anyone for 2 or 3 months! Not my thing. A week or two maybe, but a whole summer, no.

Estela is sure a cutie!

TV on

I really don’t see the problem with leaving your child with the grandparents while you go on a vacation with your spouse. My cousin and her husband leave their two sons with my aunt for two weeks every summer just so they can get away and have their alone time. Later on in the summer they have another vacation with the boys. I don’t see anything wrong with them going away without their kids since they are being left in the hands of those who raised them. Now if Ali and her husband left Estela with somebody that wasn’t used to her and vice versa that would be a different story but since it’s grandma there shouldn’t be a problem. Besides sometimes leaving a child with the grandparents during potty training sometimes helps speed up the process. A good friend of mine left her son with her mom for a month while she had to go through some medical treatments and he was potty trained within two weeks of being there. Similar thing happened to my cousins’ little girl when they were away.

Alice on

Angela, I thought the same thing!! Dad better not check on CBB!

I don’t think the vacation is the whole summer, when I say “for the summer” I mean it’s my main/only summer vacation, not that I go the whole summer. I doubt Ali would leave Estela for several months!!

kris on

Of course she is also talking about 2 different vacations. She comments about potty training, and leaving her daughter with Grandma while she and her husband go to Mexico for Father’s Day. Then she answers the question asked about summer plans with the summer in Italy, daughter with Grandma quote. She may mean they are all going to Italy and Estela is also spending some time with Grandma this summer. It’s a disjointed answer.

Momof3girls on

Not spending Father’s Day with your 2 year old!!! I think’s it’s really sad, she couldn’t pick another weekend?? A 2 year old is old enough to help Mommy make something for Daddy and make the day special, just like he should have done on Mother’s Day. Doesn’t she have a live in nanny too? This child has been part of their family for all of 2 years and they need all these getaways?? And she whines about not spending enough time on the beach, oh please!! What does she do, anyway?? I remember her from the doritos ads years ago!! I think she needs to become pals with Brooke Burke and they can whine about how tough they have it!!

Brandi on

momof3 you are coming off as very bitter and angry. I agree with her on both counts. I miss being able to go to the beach and read my book, which I find very relaxing. Luckily now my girls are 3 and 5 and like to play together alongside my chair most of the day at the beach and I can read again. My husband and I also go away for the weekend 3-4 times a year, usually for our birthdays and wedding anniversary and our parents watch the kids. It is SO important to keep your marriage a priority as well and many women tend to forget that.

Momof3girls on

Sorry if I come off as bitter and angry……….I’m neither one, thank you. All I am is a very happy very involved stay at home mom/student who makes my husband and my kids my priority. We’re planning quite a few family getaways this summer!!

Sharona on

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with weekends away throughout the year with just your husband, I agree that too often mother’s get so involved in just their children that their marriage/romance is just thrown by the wayside…and why do your young kids need to go to Mexico with you anyways? Family trips are great, but I don’t think something like Mexico is neccessary, we like to goto camping and things like that, that are more adventuresome and not just for relaxing (which is So nice to do too!)
It does sound like she is going to Italy for the entire summer, and I don’t think I could leave my babies for that long, but to each their own I suppose. Just seems like a bit of a long time for such a little girl to be away from her parents, but I loved spending time at my grandma/grandpa’s when I was young.
But kudos to her for starting the potty training now, I’m tired of seeing all these Big kids running around in diapers!
And yeah just out of curiousity, what is she working on these days? Anyone know? What does her husband do?

Brandi on

She’s on a show that starts later this month, relaunch of The Superstars:

David Charvet is on it too.

Sarah K. on

Hmmmm I’m a little conflicted on this one. (1) I hope her husband is ok with the fact that he won’t be able to spend Father’s Day with his baby. Estela is the reason why he gets to celebrate that day anyways. I think I would be upset if my husband took me away from my child on Mother’s Day. (2) I realize that Mom and Dad need time away but I hope it’s not for the whole summer. Spending an entire summer with grandparents is great- for school age kids. Wouldn’t a two year-old kinda forget her parents for anything longer than a month? At the very least she would have a harder time adjusting back to life with Mom and Dad. I don’t think I could be away from my kid for that long anyways.

Oh well, not my family

Lona on

Ugh I remember seeing a commercial for The Superstars…no offense, but these people are “Superstars”?? Sorry, but no. Lol, call me bitter I guess I’m just over the Dancing…Skating…doing a million different things with “stars”!!

Josie on

I applaud Ali for admitting that she needs a break sometimes and being intelligent enough to know that this does not mean that she is abandoning her child. I’m pretty sure Estela is smart enough to understand this too. I hope Ali is never guilted into dragging this child everywhere she goes and never having a real vacation with her hubby.

Momof3girls on

Doesn’t she get alot of breaks if she has a live in nanny?? Personally, my take on it is that she likes to dress this little girl up and have her picture taken. I said it before and I’ll say it again, the kid is not even 2 yet!! Why so many breaks??

Sarah M. on

TV – My cousin did the same thing! Her and her husband have 4 boys (ranging from 2-9.) The 2 year old is still in diapers. But when her older 3 were potty trained, it was her mom/my aunt that did it. My cousin and her husband went away for the weekend, 2-3 days tops, and when they came back, my aunt had the kid potty trained. (Of course there were accidents here and there, but the hardest part was done.) The 3rd had some issues for a while afterward, but the oldest 2 didn’t have any problem after the weekend. (To her credit, my aunt did raise 5 kids, and has worked with MANY children in a day care setting for at least 15 years. So she’s helped potty train numerous other children!)

I don’t think that they’ll be gone for the whole summer. I would think it’s more like a month, tops, but probably 2 weeks. That’s what I mean if I tell someone that I’m going somewhere for the summer.

annie on

ali is a dear friend of mine and this interview was completely taken out of context. she is only going out of town for one week and estela is going to stay with her grandmother. ali’s mother has been begging ali to let estela spend time with them in louisiana . estela does not get to see her grandparents very often because ali’s mother cares full time for her 80 year old mother and her 90 year old uncle in louisiana. ali’s entire family is in louisiana and although i believe ali visits there several times a year, they still cant’t get enough of there grandbaby. ali’s mother and her family there are so looking forward to estela spending time with them. i know ali is an amazing mother…her daughter is her life . i am shocked and saddened that you guys are so quick to judge someone you dont even know anything about.