Maya Rudolph Explains Theory Behind Belly Rubs

06/13/2009 at 09:00 AM ET

Dave Allocca/Startraks

Playing an expectant mom in Away We Go came naturally to Maya Rudolph, a soon-to-be mom-of-two in real life. It helped, however, that the film is directed by Sam Mendes, a celebrity dad in his own right. Maya credits the film with capturing the awkward moments of pregnancy “so well,” especially unsolicited belly rubs and observations from strangers. “It’s about people’s feeling of wanting to be connected,” she notes.

“It just doesn’t come out the way it’s supposed to: ‘Oh, God, you’re huge.’ I think the last person who wants to hear they’re huge is a pregnant lady.”

Maya tells USA Today that — like her character in the film — she “used to get the hands” on her belly while pregnant with daughter Pearl Bailey, 3 ½. What’s more, such oddities “don’t go away when you have a baby.” Living in Los Angeles, the 36-year-old actress says she’s encountered more than her fair share of “crunchy judge-y” moms who are all too happy to make their opinions known. “[They’ll ask], ‘What kind of diapers are you using? You’re not using gDiapers?” she says.

Maya’s second child with partner Paul Thomas Anderson, another delivery surprise, is due in early November. Away We Go is in theaters now.

Source: USA Today

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Nikka on

Well honestly thats not that bad asking her about G Diapers. my baby is due in three weeks and when I mention somewhere we’re going to use the Cloth diapers, everyone feels its their life mission to let me know how horrible those are, how they leak, how hard it will be to wash them, how much work it will be and that i should only use the disposable ones. At time when everyone goes organic and ecological (including all the people who frustrate me with the comments I just mentioned) one would think that people will applaud to someone’s effort to use the cloth diapers especially when they dont use them themselves (at least support others in their eco efforts if you cant do it yourself !!)

giftbox on

“crunchy judge-y [moms]”

ROFL… Oh, yeah. Familiar with that one.

Jeanne on

Nikka, I think that she, like you, is just tired of being questioned on what kind of diapers she’s using. There are places where people feel it’s their mission to tell you how horrible disposable diapers are and how good mommys should use cloth. I have a friend who lives in Oregon who has that problem, so many of the mothers are obnoxious about being all “green” and organic and they make her feel so guilty about not being as crunchy as they are.

There’s judgement on both sides of the issue, in Maya’s case she’s being judged for not using cloth. That’s it.

Amelia on

It is appalling to read about the scrutiny that moms receive from other mothers, you’d think that they would be the ones who would best understand the sensitivity of this situation. Unless this stranger is the one who is going to feed, change, and raise the child it is none of their damn business. They have zero right to make someone else feel guilty about their choices because in the end, it is not their cross to bear.

I give major props to any of the mothers on CBB who has had to deal with this without murdering anyone🙂

Sarah M. on

I don’t have children yet, but I do want them in the future. I just wish that I’ll be having them in a more open and supportive environment. It seems like, no matter what the issue is, all a mother gets from other mothers is criticism about doing this instead of that. What works for one family might not work for another.

The whole ‘strangers rubbing my belly would but me, though. I like my personal space!

Lauren on

“Living in Los Angeles, the 36-year-old actress says she’s encountered more than her fair share of “crunchy judge-y” moms who are all too happy to make their opinions known. “[They’ll ask], ‘What kind of diapers are you using? You’re not using gDiapers?” she says.”

Oh gee, where have I encountered these mommies before…? :p

michelle on

Some people (some, not all) have really taken the whole “green” idea too far. They do it to be cool and to get approval from others – not at all with the intention of reducing their carbon footprints on the world. I guess it is still a good thing, no matter what the reason, but every little bit helps. No one should be made to feel guilty for not be 100% crunchy. (I love that term).

Clare on

Well, nobody likes being accosted by strangers and questionned, told what to do or touched, but let’s not go singling out groups here! I love gDiapers and try to be green, but am not inclined to go up to strangers and ask why they’re not using them!

I’m a gMom and love my g’s, but like most of us know it’s a personal choice! Trust me, as a Mom of a redhead (who get’s way too many bizzarre comments and hands-on from strangers) and a Mom who couldn’t breastfeed, I know how hurtful and irritating it is when other tell you what they think.

Can we lay-off singling out gMoms, or Oregon Moms for that matter, and just say we don’t like the crack-pots that do go around telling people how to bring up their kids!

raebay on

What I think is really funny about this article is i would consider gdiapers to be the best of both worlds and the height of a non judgmental symbol for diapering, not an extreme!?!?

You can use them like a disposable and toss the inserts in the trash guilt free if you don’t want a hassle (since they decompose and have no plastic like a traditional disposable), flush or even put a cloth insert in them if you are having a particularly granola moment!

I think gdiapers are the happy medium and a symbol for the flexibility and cooperative support we all need to have with ourselves and each other as moms. There are some days I can handle having a little more “cruchy-ness” in my routine and others I just want to survive and get to the glass of wine after the little one is in bed.🙂

No judgment from this gdiapering mom…. but then again I’ve never had a stranger fondle my belly either (isn’t that just a myth these days?)- so maybe it’s just an LA thing.

Jaimey on

Just because someone is crunchy does not make one judge-y. Its unfortunate that often times they can go together but not always. I know a lot of lovely woman who will happily tell you all about their diaper choices and why and help you if you choose to go any of those routes but never have I or anyone I know been judged for choosing otherwise or changing what works for me.

I do use gdiapers, I do use cloth, I do use disposables. I am crunchy. I am judge-y sometimes. I am not perfect but noone is. I think everyone needs to do what works for them but also keep an eye on the future.

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